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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blitz - Carp 8-8 tie last week; the details

from Marcel Mondoux

Thursday night at the fairgrounds in Carp, I4C Victory stormed back from an 8-0 deficit, scoring all of their runs in the fourth inning to tie the Blitz 8-8.

Cody Price and Shannon Borho started for their respective squads while Neil Cooke and Derick Bulley came in for relief to score the tie.

The Blitz started their scoring in the second inning when four straight Blitz batters reached on singles, scoring three (Ryan Mitts, Borho, Russ Mitchel - RBI, Taiki Nishimura - 2RBI). They then led off the third again with four straight runners to score three more to go up 6-0 (Bulley - 1B, Tony Searle - RBI 3B, Jon Ferguson - ROE, Mitts - 2RBI). Two more runs were added in the top of the fourth after Cooke came in to relieve Price due to an injury, when Derek Bergeron got on with a single followed by a BB to Bulley. Searle scored Bergeron on a single while Bulley scored via a Ferguson SAC to end up with an eight run lead after three and one half innings.

On the other end of the spectrum, Borho started the game pitching for the first time since June 6th and threw exceptionally well striking out five in his first three innings of work. The third time through the lineup for Carp though, proved to be enough to get their bats going. Carp led off the bottom of the inning reaching base on consecutive errors followed by 6 straight hits (Tony MacDonald - 1B, Adam Fleming - 2B, Adam Purdy - 1B, Neil Cooke - 1B, Eric Rosenquist - 1B, Ryan Chatten - 1B). Bulley came in to relieve Borho prior to the at bat with Chatten. An error on the infield allowed two more runs to score before Bulley was able to end the threat. At the end of four, the score was tied 8-8. That ended up being the final score as Cooke and Bulley settled in the rest of the way. Cooke retired the final six Blitz batters on strikes allowing only one hit.

Blitz lines:
Borho - 3IP 6H 5R 4ER 5K
Bulley - T 4IP 3H 3R 0ER 1BB 1IBB 2K

Bergeron - 1/4 R
Bulley - 2/3 - 2R BB
Searle - 2/4 R 3B 2RBI
Ferguson - 1/3 R SAC RBI
Mitts - 2/4 R 2RBI
Borho - 1/3 R SAC
Mitchel - 1/4 R RBI
Nishimura - 1/2 @RBI
Mondoux - 1/1

Carp lines:
Price - 3IP 8H 6R 5ER 3K
Cooke - T 4IP 4H 2R 2ER BB 9K

Langford - 2/4 R (2)2B ROE
Medaglia - 2/4 R
MacDonald - 1/3 R SAC
Fleming - 2/3 R (2)2B IBB
Purdy - 1/4 R
Cooke - 1/3 R BB
Rosenquist - 1/3 R
Chatten - 1/3 R



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