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Friday, July 13, 2012

A good week

I've been having a pretty good week. Fitzroy Junior's mite select team won both of their games this week and the Caveman got to play in both. WC Electric won both games this week. The previous weekend I got to be a small part of the Elkland Thunderbellys team that won the Lackawanna Tournament. Even my Harbour Ball team, good old Al's Corner Store, which previously hadn't won a game all season were victorious on Wednesday.

But the following exchange this morning made me pretty happy too:

I was entering some info from last night's GOFL scoresheet and Fitzroy Junior and the Caveman came over to take a look.

Caveman: "What do these numbers mean? Like 1 dash 3? And F9?"

So I explained how every position had a number and that's how you keep track of what players made the outs.

Caveman: "Oh I see, pitcher is 'one', right, daddy?"  He found a little key at the top of the score book page. But then Fitzroy Junior was confused.

Fitzroy Jr:  "But Daddy, there is a "10" on here. You are only allowed nine players on the field."

Me: "Well, that's for slo-pitch. You can have an extra player out in the outfield for slo-pitch."

Fitzory Jr: "What's slo-pitch?"

Caveman: "Yeah, what's slo-pitch? Why would you ever pitch slow, Daddy?"

Not only had they never heard of it, they both decided that slo-pitch was a dumb idea!

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