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Friday, August 31, 2012

Elkland Labour Day Durk Sherman Tournament

The Elkland Labour Day Durk Sherman Classic tournament starts tonight (Friday) and runs through Monday September 3 in Elkland, PA.

There are 18 teams this year, including five from eastern Ontario: West Carleton Electric, Kars Aces, Carp I4C Victory, Orleans Rebels and Greenbush Generals.

The bracket has been released on Al's Fastball for the 60th Annual Durk Sherman Tournament. It's a modified double knockout with a three game guarantee.

Great ball, excellent venue, outstanding atmosphere, top notch chicken dinners, cheap pints = good times.

The Fitzroy Fastball media empire does not include any way to update the blog properly down there, but I am hopeful I will be able to provide some updates via Twitter from the @fitzroyfastball account using the hashtag #Elkand2012.

Once back, I will do my best to create the much anticipated "Memories of Elkland" post as I have done for the last five years I have attended.


I was talking to the boys telling them that I was off to visit my US American friends in Elkland this weekend. Since everytime he's in the USA mommy goes shopping, Caveman automatically asked if I would be hitting the malls while down there. I told him probably not, but that I might stop in at Dick's Sporting Goods on the way down for a quick look.

Caveman: "Oh Daddy, I like that store. Could you maybe get me a t-shirt from there? How about one that says 'I love Dicks', could you get me that, Daddy."

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