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Thursday, August 09, 2012

GOFL playoff picture gets clearer

With only two games remaining in the 63 game GOFL schedule, the playoff picture has become somewhat more clear. The only positions in dispute are first, second and third.

Current standings. Team with asterisks are done for the season:

1. Kars11-5-1 = 23 pts
2. Carp 10-6-1 = 21 pts
3. Quyon 9-6-2 = 20 pts
4. Barrhaven 7-8-3 = 17 pts *
5. Stittsville 6-9-2 = 14 pts
6. Ottawa Blitz 6-10-2 = 14 pts *
7. Fitzroy Harbour 6-11-1 = 13 pts *

The only games remaining are Carp at Quyon on Thursday August 9 and Kars vs Stittsville which likely will be played Tuesday August 14.

Scenarios are as follows:

- If Kars win or tie their remaining game against Stittsville they get first.
- If Carp beats Quyon and Kars loses to Stittsville, Carp gets first (based on tiebreaker).
- If Carp ties Quyon, Carp gets second and Quyon finishes third. Same result applies if Carp beats Quyon and Kars beats or ties Stittsville.
- If Carp loses to Quyon, Quyon gets second and Carp finishes third.
- Barrhaven is fourth no matter what.
- Stittsville is fifth no matter what - they hold the tiebreaker with the Blitz.
- Blitz is sixth no matter what, see above
- Fitzroy is seventh no matter what.



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