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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Local Men's Fastball leagues round up for the upcoming season (Updated again)

A brief round up of men's fastball leagues in eastern Ontario for the upcoming season.

Greater Ottawa Fastball League will have seven teams returning from last year, plus an eighth affiliated team from Kemptville playing a single game against each of the regular members.

Blackburn Men's Fastball League in the east end of Ottawa will have eight teams returning this season, and are still looking for a few more players.

Glen Cairn Men's Fastball League, which plays in Kanata in the west-end of Ottawa, has nine teams again this season. The Kars Juniors are no longer in the league, but the Osgoode U19 Midgets have joined. The Glen's tourney is slated for June 8-10 in Carp.

Fitzroy Harbour Men's Fastball League will once again have eight teams competing in "Harbour Ball". The Fitzroy tournament is pegged as June 22-24 in Fitzroy Harbour.

Carp Men's Fastball League continues with four teams, playing on Tuesday nights at the Carp Fairgrounds.

Shawville Men's Fastpitch League has expanded from four to five teams and has all teams sponsored this year. This West Quebec league will host their second tournament since the league was revived, with this year's edition planned for September 14-16.

North Leeds Men's Fastball League south of Ottawa has added a team in North Augusta and expanded from seven to eight teams.

Ashton Men's Fastball League will continue with four teams and play Thursday nights.

Micksburg Men's Fastball League was started up last season with four teams and it appears will continue again this year with the same number.

Bancroft Men's Fastball League re-formed last year after many years of being dormant. They had four teams in 2017 and hopefully will again this season. They were also talking about hosting a tournament with a date to be determined.

UPDATE #2: Kingston Men's Fastball League which was a merger of the old KMFL and Loughborough League is back this season after last year's success. Last year they had ten teams in two divisions. This season they will have an eight team league.

UPDATE #1: New Edinburgh Men's Fastball League at Stanley Park in downtown Ottawa, which is admittedly a bit of a mystery, had four teams last season. This season they are down to three teams, but will continue with league play on Wednesday nights.

There is also an "oldtimers" men's fastball league in the South Grenville area - anybody have any info on that league?

There is an eight team league in the southern suburbs of Ottawa, Barrhaven Men's Fastpitch Association that's been around since 2000. However, they use an orthodox pitching rule (i.e. no windmill) - not sure if we really should call them a fastball league or not.

Did I miss any local men's fastball leagues in the summary above? If so, let me and the blog readers know at fastball[at]fitzroyharbour.com.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stirling has a men’s league been running for about 15 years. Play at the historic Henry street ball diamond. Has had 4 teams and usually a midget team from the local area join every year Springbrook, Campbellford, Ivanhoe midgets have all had teams play over the years.

7:01 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the background on the Kemptville team?

9:04 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will there be any tournaments in Ottawa / Valley this year?

8:47 am  
Blogger fitzroyfastball said...

The 11th Annual Gil Read Memorial is a Men's Open tournament in Carp the last weekend of July:

Other men's tournaments in the area include:
Glen Cairn (in Carp) - June 8-10
Fitzroy Harbour - June 22-24
Shawville - Septemer 14-16

The OASA U16 Boys Bantam Elimination tournament is in McNab on June 29 - July 1.

11:41 pm  

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