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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Ontario Coaching Excellence Awards

For the past decade, with the help of many of you in every part of Ontario, we have been able to tell the story and celebrate a long list of incredible Ontario community sport coaches.  Once again, we are looking to celebrate coaches who stand out in their community for how well they lead in sport, inspire and deserve provincial recognition.  We are looking for Ontario coaches who embrace diversity, push the envelope and break through barriers; those unsung coaching heroes, men and women who continue to be great role model for citizenship and those who inspire and instill a life-long love of sport in their teams and athletes. 
Nominate them for an Ontario Coaching Excellence Award who should be celebrated as part of the 4th annual National Coaches Week celebration, September 22-30, 2018.  The Coaches Association of Ontario is accepting nominations up until June 28, 2018.    

More information is attached.   Please share this call for nominations with your community sport networks.
Coaches can be nominated in one of the following six categories:
-         Grassroots (1 male, 1 female)
o  Coaches recognized in this category are inspirational role models in the community who measure their daily success in the number of smiles achieved.
-         Good-to-Great (1 male, 1 female)
o  Coaches recognized in this category have a coaching focus on performance excellence and competing to win and achieving a higher level of success in competition over a period of time.
-         Trailblazer
o  The Trailblazer coach is an innovative out-of-the-box thinker who inspires others to follow and has made a difference in their sport or for their athletes
-         Everyone Matters
o  The “Everyone Matters” Award recipient has influenced the culture of their team, organization or community by embracing diversity.
-         Aboriginal Impact
o   The “Aboriginal Impact” Award recognizes a coach who has made a significant impact by advancing the Indigenous Sport system/community in Ontario.
-         Andy Higgins Lifetime Achievement Award
o  An outstanding coach who has made a significant contribution to coaching in Ontario over a long sustained period of time—20+ years. 

As mentioned above, nominations are due by June 28th, 2018. Nominations can be completed online at www.coachesontario.ca/awards or submitted via the attached form.

Contact: Brooke Leonardo at brooke@coachesontario.ca or call 416-426-7427

Thank you for helping recognize and celebrate the coaches all across Ontario!   As always, feel free to reach out to me with any Coaching related questions, or suggestions from your Region.

Yours in Coaching,

Susan Kitchen | Executive DirectorCoaches Association of Ontario
Suite 200A |  1 Concorde Gate | Toronto, ON M3C 3N6 | 416-426-7088



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