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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Bancroft tournament results

This past weekend, the Bancroft Men's Fastball League hosted a five team tournament at the diamond in Fort Stewart. Teams participating were three from the Bancroft league, one made up of players from the Fitzroy league, brought to you by Murphy's Plumbing (including me) and one composed of players from the Glen Cairn league.

Now, personally, I like to pride myself in having visited many small towns in this part of Ontario for fastball or hockey. However, Fort Stewart was a new place for me - in fact I can't say I'd ever heard of it previously.

In any event, the field was good, despite not having any lights, and the level of play was pretty decent. The tournament was "BYOB" and teams certainly took advantage of that.

I was perhaps most impressed with the one guy from the Bancroft Red team who used a mop bucket as a ball bag (true story, see below).

All teams played in each other in a round robin on Saturday and early Sunday, with the top two advancing to the final on Sunday afternoon. Some of the pitchers in attendance were Matt Leahy, Abe Leahy, Adam Reueckwald and Will Lowe.

The Maroon team from Bancroft, Fitzroy and the Glen team were all tied with 3-1 records. Based on plus/minus, the Fitzroy team was eliminated. Bancroft defeated the Glen 8-0 in the final.



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