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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Asthon Men's Fastball League playoff preview

from Eric Rosenquist

The four-team Ashton Men's Fastball League is set to begin playoffs this Thursday after a shortened regular season. Due to a large number of rain-outs and limited umpire availability for make-up games, the league shortened the regular season to 10 games from 15 to avoid having the schedule drag on into October.

Playoffs this year, like last year, are using a curling-style page playoff format where the top 2 teams get a double life to reach the A final.

The NAPA Shockers and the Ashton Farmers finished the regular season in first and second place respectively. They play at 9PM on Thursday with the winner advancing to the best of three A final in two weeks.

In the 7PM game on Thursday, the third place Ashton A's take on the fourth place Whitewater Brewers. The loser of that game goes to the B final.

Next week sees the loser of the Shockers / Farmers game playing the winner of the A's / Brewers game for the right to advance to the A final. The loser of that game plays in the B final.

All games take place at the ball diamond at Ashton Park just off Flewellyn Rd.



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