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Thursday, August 22, 2019

GOFL standings & playoff update

The current standings for the Greater Ottawa Fastball League are as follows:

1. Kars Aces 11-3-1  - one game remaining vs. Quyon
2. Quyon Flyers 11-3-0 - games remaining vs Kars and Micksburg
3. Micksburg Twins 11-4 - one game remaining vs Quyon
4. Orleans Rebels 8-5-3
5. Ottawa Valley As 8-7-1
6. Stittsville 56ers 5-9-2
7. Kemptville Black Sox 4-10-2
8. I4C Victory 4-12-0
9. West Carleton Electric 3-12-1

The remaining games are Quyon vs Micksburg at 8:30 pm on Friday in Chapeau, Quebec and Quyon vs Kars on a date to be confirmed shortly. These games will determine the first, second and third seeds for the playoff series.

One series is determined - 4th place Orleans will play 5th place Valley.

The final three seeds are firmed up with Stittsville in 6th facing the 3rd seed, Kemptville in 7th facing the 2nd seed and with I4C beating West Carleton in the "play in" game, Victory will have the final seed and play whatever team ends up first.



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