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Friday, May 01, 2020

Perth Shootout video from 1995

Seeing as there is no live fastball to watch, feel free to check out this YouTube video from the Perth Shootout in 1995, featuring the Canadian National Development Team vs New Zealand Black Sox.

Some interesting facts related to this video:

- The Perth Shootout was a major men's tournament in the early 1990s, with world class ISC teams from across North America participating each year. Even though Perth itself isn't considered a local 'hotbed' of fastball, they hosted an excellent event at a top notch facility with great crowds.

- Take note of the multitude of mullets on the players - many of us did sport this, at the time, very fashionable hair-do in the early 90s.

- The style of ball being played is also of its time. I won't give away the final score, but suffice it to say it was low-scoring, lots of small ball and slapping which was common in the 90s.

- The play-by-play man for the telecast is Claire Porter - father of GOFL pitcher Brad. The colour man is Ray Madden, a long time coach for fastball in Smiths Falls.

- Appearances in the video include local pitcher Troy McLean who was picked up by Team Canada for the weekend and Peter Peckett who is a top notch diamond announcer and scorekeeper from Perth who has also been extensively involved with the Central Canada Hockey League (formerly CJHL).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The catcher for the Canadian team is ISC Hall of Famer Sean O'Brien. He and his brother Rob once played junior fastball with the Stittsville 56ers.

3:27 pm  

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