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Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Long-time umpire Ted Metcalfe, dead at 67

Ted Metcalfe, a long-time fixture on local fastball diamonds for over 50 years has died. He was 67.

Teddy, originally from Almonte, officiated at the highest levels of men's fastball, with Softball Canada national assignments including Senior Men's Canadians, and other elite events like the Perth Shootout. If there was a big game in the playoffs or at local tournament, there was a good chance that Ted was umpiring the game.

Ted was also active on the administrative side of things, serving 8 years as the President of the Eastern Ontario Umpires Association and instructing at umpiring clinics throughout the area.

When I heard last night that Ted had died, word spread quickly amongst the local fastball community and many tributes have been posted on social media, or texted to me directly, some of which I have reproduced below.

Ball players and fans across eastern Ontario, west Quebec and up north in Cree territory all knew Teddy. Lots of people knew Teddy and Teddy knew lots of people; and if he didn't know you, he may have acted like he did!

Ted enjoyed the social aspect of the game and wasn't shy to chat with any and all people at the diamond. Ted loved a good story about the game "back in the day" and to recount the glory days of men's fastpitch.

Ted took the time to learn players' names, and learn about them as a person. Many times when I saw Ted, he'd ask me about Fitzroy Junior and the Caveman and how their seasons were going. Ted was an avid reader of this blog and always made sure to tell me his comments on the latest articles.

Teddy had a distinctive way of "running" onto the field and between bases.

Many pitchers and catchers wanted Teddy on the plate for a big game because they knew they'd get consistency when he was on the dish. And, if he was on the bases, whatever team was on the first base side was in for a night of running commentary from Ted!

Ted was a mentor to other officials and highly respected by his peers. I always have a rulebook at home, but whenever I had a rules question, I texted Ted because it was more interesting to hear him explain the rule and how it was applied then to try and figure it out from the book.

Ted was around the game so long, even when he was absent at times over the last few seasons, we always expected to have him resurface at the diamond.

Teddy didn't have a family in the traditional sense - his family was the officiating community, and I know guys like George, Peck, Andrew and Steve will feel his loss immensely.

The fastball community in the area will miss Ted Metcalfe, on and off the field.


  • Teddy was one of my favourite people in the sport and my favourite umpire! He was fair, consistent and would always tap me on the back when he missed a rare call!
  • He made it look so easy back there. Ill miss that strut coming down the hill in Micksburg!
  • He was a good one for sure, always liked seeing Teddy behind the plate.
  • He was a great guy, always fun to talk with and a good umpire.
  • A great umpire and an even better man. Always willing to chat on or off the field. He’d even offer his opinion on what my pitches were doing that game.
  • Always the coolest man in the park, he became well liked for his personality while his ability put him at the top of his field. Because he was a true fan of the sport, he treated players in recreational leagues with the same respect as when he worked his rightfully earned position in world class tournaments.
  • A very sad day for our softball community. A great person, well respected, personable and humble.
  • I will always remember his "YES. YOU. DID!" on a check swing.
  • Teddy was one of the best on and off the field. Having him behind the dish always made the game better.
  • He has been a fixture at local diamonds for as long as I can remember.
  • We will miss that waddle from first to second when he was on the bases!
  • My favourite umpire. Never lost his cool, admitted when he made a mistake but wouldn't do a makeup call.

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Anonymous Greg Beach said...

Excellent tribute to Ted.

Greg Beach (friend and fellow umpire)

12:04 pm  

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