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Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Brewers win Shawville league playoff title (now with photo)

The Trudeau Collision Brewers defeated the Gannon / Blackburn Electric Bucks in the Shawville Men's Fastpitch League playoff final on Saturday evening by a score of 8-2 to earn the title.

Joran Graham earned the win while Gregg Garrity, in his second game of the day, took the loss.

The Brewers put up eight runs in the first inning, sending 12 men to the plate. Ryan McIntyre had a bases loaded double which cashed two, while Chris Hearty hit a grand slam to help the cause. For the remainder of the game, Garrity shut down the Brewers. However, the Bucks were only able to score two runs in the top of the second, led by hits from Jared Murray and Ron Laronde.

The Bucks advanced to the finals by defeating the Tubman Autobody Twins 6-3 in the semi-final earlier in the day. Garrity earned the win while Adam Rueckwald took the loss.

The Bucks were led by Murray and Chad Costello who both hit solo homers, as well as Laronde who had a sacrifice fly and a double to account for two RBIs.

Congratulations to the Shawville R.A., especially Matt Greer, for putting on successful and enjoyable two month men's fastpitch season despite the pandemic restrictions in west Quebec.



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