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Sunday, March 07, 2021

A message from the Eastern Ontario Umpires Association

from Dave Herbst

I realize that softball in 2021 is not yet a known quantity, but I would appreciate you letting players in your league know that the Eastern Ontario Umpire Association is always welcoming new umpires in both Fast Pitch and Slo Pitch. It is a good way for older players to stay with the game, for younger players to learn the rules and for both to pick up a little extra money. Normally we would have Softball Ontario sanctioned clinics for umpires. Given Covid in our lives, this may not be possible this year. In that event, the EOUA would contact informal instruction for new umpires that would respect the integrity of Covid rules. In addition, we have some uniform components and equipment donated to us by umpires that would be available to assist new umpires in getting started.

While umpiring in the league in which you play is not possible, we umpire a number of leagues so there is ample opportunity.

Umpiring is fun, try it you'll like it.

Anyone interested, or with questions, should contact me.

David Herbst
Eastern Ontario Umpire Association



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