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Friday, June 01, 2012

Heard at Harbour Ball

The Fitzroy Harbour Men's Fastball League is a fun recreational fastball league that has really grown over the last few years to have 8 strong teams with lots of young players. With the youth movement in full swing, it means those of us born in the 70s (the EARLY 70s) feel a bit old.  Heard at Harbour Ball tonight:

Guy has a nice new Easton ball bag.
"Nice ball bag, where did you get it?"
"Not sure, my mom got it for me."

Shortly after.
"That's a nice ball bag you have over there." (As another guy takes his glove out of a yellow plastic Giant Tiger bag.)

"Who's the new guy?"
"Oh that's Troy.  He's my younger brother."
Turns out he's in Grade 12.

Sitting on the bench in the third with the aforementioned Troy and another guy who I know because he plays Junior B hockey. (First thing he said to me "Why did you give me all those penalties?") I do the math and realize that my age is older than both of them combined.

After the game having a beer with another one of the guys, one of my fishin' buddies.  He says "You know, I'm the second oldest on the team after you." He's 28.

Harbour Ball - good times, but sure makes a guy feel old.



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