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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

NHL Playoff Hockey Pool fundraiser

from Eric Rosenquist

The NHL Playoff Pool - "Procrastinator's Edition" is back for another year. Most pools set their deadline to be the drop of the puck on the first night of playoffs; this one lets you submit or revise your entry up until Saturday May 4th at noon Eastern time.

This year the proceeds are going to a joint cause. They'll help offset the expenses of the Carp I4C Victory GOFL team, plus they'll go towards travel expenses for a team comprised of several GOFL players that is attending the World Masters Games in Torino Italy this August.

Hedge your bets & create as many entries as you like, but make sure you arrange to send in $10 per entry. This is one of those “box pools” where you have 20 multiple choice boxes; sometimes guessing works out better than listening to the NHL “experts” – people who took a chance on 8th place LA last year ended up finishing at the top of the pool.

The payout is 35% of the take for first place and 15% for second place. Last year this pool had 420 entries, so if the numbers in 2013 are the same the winner will be collecting $1470!

The cutoff for entries is Saturday (May 4th) at noon Eastern time. Most of the series will have 1 or 2 games played by then, so save the confirmation emails you get from OfficePools in case you decide to revise your entries before the Saturday deadline.

Good luck to all, and please share this with anyone and everyone you think might be interested. Folks can send their entry fee electronically to kmcguire3 (at) hotmail (dot) com, or eric (at) rosenquist (dot) com. Contact either of those emails if you wish to mail a cheque and we'll send you the mailing address.

Entry form: http://www.officepools.com/pool/invites/pick/994ZGHZ

Standings: http://www.officepools.com/pool/auth/2012/playoff/Annual_NHL_Playoff_Pool/Fastball

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