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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Become an NCCP Learning Facilitator/Evaluator with Softball Ontario!

TORONTO, ON - Softball Ontario announces the call for applications for Learning Facilitators for Softball Ontario National Coaching Certification Program clinic for the sport of Softball. Our clinic line-up includes Learn to Coach, Community Softball Coach and Competition-Introduction, Softball. The Learning Facilitator training will take place in 2016 February in Toronto, ON. Softball Ontario invites you to join us in this new and exciting step in the development of softball in Ontario through Competency Based Education training and the new NCCP.

Softball Ontario Learning Facilitator qualifications include:
  • Must be trained or certified in the NCCP context they are facilitating
  • Strong communication and administrative skills
  • A keen interest in Coach Development
  • An understanding of the NCCP Coaching Program specifically in Softball
  • Strong Leadership Skills
  • Coaching Experience is an asset
  • Teaching and facilitation experience in an adult education environment is considered an asset
  • Has post-secondary education degree is considered an asset
  • Have the ability to engage learners
  • Have the ability to demonstrate the use of technology
  • Must sign Softball Ontario’s Confidentiality Agreement
  • Must complete Softball Ontario Volunteer Application
 Responsibilities of a Softball Ontario Learning Facilitator:
  • To provide a report or to appear at all Softball Ontario Coaching Meeting when required
  • Receive and review all materials/minutes distributed by Softball Ontario
  • Do tasks as assigned by the Coaching Committee and/or Chairperson
  • Help Promote the Softball Ontario Coaching Program
  • Attend Learning Facilitator Training with Softball Ontario
  • Facilitate at NCCP Coaching Clinics for Softball Ontario
  • Commit to facilitate at a minimum of two (2) Learn to Coach Clinic or two (2) Keep Coaching Clinics or a Competition-Introduction, Softball Clinics between January and June 2016
  • Adhere to all Softball Ontario and Coaching Policies and Protocol
  • To annually evaluate the NCCP clinic form and provide recommendations to Softball Canada for improvement
The new NCCP has been offered to softball coaches in Ontario since 2005 and has trained over 1000 softball coaches which makes Ontario the leaders in Canada in coach education in the new NCCP in softball. Softball Ontario would like to invite you to attend the Learning Facilitator clinic free of charge to become one of our future Learning Facilitators/Evaluators. Travel (mileage) and accommodations will be provided by Softball Ontario who those who qualify under our current policies. Becoming a Softball Ontario Learning Facilitator is a great opportunity for you to improve softball in your area!

How to Apply to become Learning Facilitator with Softball Ontario?
Interested applications are encouraged to complete the application form below. Here is the link:

Send the Softball Ontario Learning Facilitator Application to the Softball Ontario office via fax to (416) 426-7368 or ssutton@softballontario.ca by December 1, 2015.

If you have any questions about Softball Ontario’s Coaching Clinics or the upcoming Learning Facilitator Training Clinic, contact Steph Sutton via telephone 416-426-7150 or via email ssutton@softballontario.ca.

Softball Ontario is looking forward to a great clinic season but we need your help to make it a success!



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