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Monday, July 30, 2012

Toronto Gators win 5th Annual Gil Read Memorial Tournament

Sorry for the delay, was away all day today.....but the results were posted to Twitter so you should follow me there!

Congratulations on the Toronto Gators on their win at the 9-team Gil Read Memorial Tournament in Carp this past weekend. Gregg Garrity of the Gators was named tournament MVP. 

Congrats as well to the Read family on another excellent event. Great ball, great beer tent, great weather, well organized - an all around success.

Final order of finish:
1. Toronto Gators 6-0
2. Kars Aces 4-2-1
T3. Elkland Thunderbellies 3-3
T3. Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric 3-2
T5. Stittsville 56ers 2-3
T5. Ottawa Taylor's Blitz 2-3
7. Carp I4C Victory 1-2-1
8. Chisasibi Comets 1-3
9. Cornwall Pickups 0-4

Results below:

Friday night

Kars, ON Aces 10
Fitzroy Harbour, ON West Carleton Electric 1
WP: Steve Price with relief from Brad Porter
LP: Steve Cavanagh with relief from Jason Smith.

Ottawa, ON Taylor's Blitz 11
Chisasibi, QC Comets 2
WP: Will Lowe
LP: Lloyd Matthew with relief from Robert Rupert

Stittsville, ON 56ers 2
Carp, ON I4C Victory 1
WP: Cody Price
LP: Kyle Crawford


Toronto, ON Gators 6
Kars 3
WP: Justin Schofield save by Donnelly Archibald
LP: Brad Porter relief by Cory Alkerton

Chisasibi 11
Cornwall, ON Pickups 8
WP: Lloyd Matthew
LP: Chris Nicholls

Elkland, PA Thunderbellys 5
Carp 4
WP: Ryan Cummings, Save Jamie Thompson
LP: Neil Cooke relief by Kyle Crawford

West Carleton Electric 2
Stittsville 0
WP: Jason Smith
LP: Darren Featherstone

Toronto 6
Ottawa 0
WP: Andrew Putnam relief by Greg Garrity
LP: Shannon Borho

Kars 4
Chisasibi 0
WP: Cory Alkerton
LP: Robert Rupert with relief from Lloyd Matthew

Carp 10
Cornwall 3
WP: Kyle Crawford in relief of Ian Wallwork

Toronto 7
Stittsville 0
WP: Donnelly Archibald with relief from Andrew Putnam
LP: Trevor Scott with relief by Darren Featherstone

Elkland 9
Ottawa 1
WP: Jamie Thompson
LP: Chris van Volkenburg with relief by Shannon Borho

West Carleton Electric 6
Chisasibi 2
WP: Andy Barber
LP: Lloyd Matthew relief by Robert Rupert

Stittsville 10
Cornwall 3
WP: Cody Price with relief from Darren Featherstone, Adam Smith
LP: Herb Seguin with relief from Kevin Wells

Kars 2
Carp 2
Corey Costello (Kars)
Neil Cooke (Carp)

West Carleton Electric 8
Elkland 6
WP: Jason Smith
LP: Bill Sherman with relief from Ryan Cummings


Ottawa Blitz 12
Cornwall 3
WP Will Lowe relief by Derek Bergeron, Chris van Volkenberg
LP Andrew Fortier relief by Kevin Wells

Toronto 7
Elkland 4
WP Andrew Putnam relief by Gregg Garrity
LP Ryan Cummings relief by Bill Sherman

Standings and seeding after the round robin

1. Toronto 4-0
2. West Carleton 3-1
3. Elkland 3-1
4. Kars 2-1-1
5. Stittsville 2-2
6. Ottawa 2-2
7. Carp 1-2-1
8. Chisasibi 1-3
9. Cornwall 0-4


Elkland 11
Ottawa Blitz 3
WP Jamie Thompson
LP Shannon Borho relief from Chris van Volkenberg

Kars 2
Stittsville 1
WP Brad Porter in relief of Steve Price
LP Darren Featherstone
walkoff RBI single Chad Milne


Kars 7
West Carleton 0
WP Corey Costello
LP Steve Cavanagh relief by Jason Smith, Andy Barber

Toronto 3
Elkland 2
WP Gregg Garrity, Save Justin Schofield
LP Jamie Thompson relief Ryan Cummings

Toronto Gators 8
Kars Aces 4
WP: Gregg Garrity in relief of Justin Schofield
LP: Brad Porter with relief from Cory Alkerton
Gregg Garrity of Toronto tournament MVP



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