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Monday, January 03, 2011

Pyjama Marathon

I was maxin' and relaxin' with the family over the Christmas / New Year's break as I took some time off during the two week school break.

The Caveman took relaxation to a whole new level. On Christmas Eve, we went next door to the home of the Skinny Family along with two other couples. It's an annual event - we get together to eat, have a few drinks and the traditional "one gift" opening for all the kids. Each year all of the 8 kids in attendance gets a new pair of pyjamas and the Caveman and Fitzroy Junior got a new pair of matching fuzzy PJs.

Caveman loves jammies. So much so, that he wore them for the next ten days straight. (Seriously.) Imagine it - going commando with no constricting underpants for a week and a half.

You see, a big treat for the lads on occasion during the summer or on a weekend is a "pyjama day". This is the rare day when we have nothing on the go and the boys spend the entire day in their sleepwear, running around the house.

Well, Caveman decided that he was going to have a pyjama marathon. Every day, we suggested he put on some clothes - and each day he politely declined. And we figured, what the heck, he's on holidays too. Once he put them on at Christmas Eve, he had 'em on straight through until he started school this morning.

Christmas Day at Grandma's - pyjamas. Boxing Day at Nana & Grandpa's - PJs. (Definition of Boxing Day for US readers.) The next day we played shinny hockey on the creek behind our house - he had the jammies on underneath his snow pants.

Later in the week, we went out on the Ottawa River near our house out to visit Uncle who was ice fishing. He took a break from ice fishing and towed the boys and cousins around on the ice on a sled behind the ATV. Lots of fun until the Caveman fell off - kinda. Fitzroy Junior, being a good brother, held on to his boot as best he could - dragging the Caveman through some standing water on top of the ice. Caveman was soaked to the skin. His Christmas Eve pyjamas were totally wet. He didn`t cry. He screamed. At the top of the lungs. For the entire duration as he was given a quick ATV ride back to the house. The pyjamas were off into the washing machine and Caveman was put in a hot bath. And of course when out of the bath, a back up pair of PJs were then put on.

The next few days included a New Year`s Eve road hockey game, some Xbox Kinnect sports action and a few games of Crazy Eights (his favourite), all with the back up PJs on.

Unfortunately for the Caveman, today being a school day, the underpants were taken out of the drawer for the first time in 10 days as well as a shirt and jeans, and the Pyjama Marathon was over.

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