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Monday, January 04, 2016

Caveman, 10 year old quote machine

For those of you that aren't on Twitter and/or don't follow me @fitzroyfastball, here are some recent notable Caveman quotes / stories.

Caveman is currently enjoying a career-best hockey season, lighting things up in the U10 Atom house league.    Back in mid-November, former NHLer Radek Bonk was out to one of the Caveman's hockey practice last night. Nice guy, great with the kids. Caveman asked him "Who's the biggest goon you played against?" (His answer: "Too many to name!")

At the end of November, as I was getting ready to leave on an annual football road trip with 20 other guys, Caveman asked me: "Daddy, have you ever CHUGGED a beer?"  (Answer: "Uh.....well, I guess so.")

About a month ago, I walked in on Caveman after his bath. He was standing in front of mirror, water dripping off him, buck naked, flexing his biceps in the mirror. He said "Oh hey Daddy", and just carried on about his business posing.

Caveman's hockey team did this pre-Christmas thing where each kid on the team got a blank sheet of paper and wrote down the best quality about each their teammates. Six of 12 kids noted for Caveman that he was a "good dancer", recognizing this goal scoring "celly" and pre-game moves in the dressing room to the blasting music. (He gets this talent from his mother, clearly.)

Caveman's hockey team recently competed in the Bell Capital Cup, finishing second in a 35-team tournament. Despite his reluctance at having his leisure time over the holidays impacted - he made a deal that he would play if he got to continue to wear his pajamas for the entire event which he did for all four days as part of his annual Pyjama Mararthon - he ended up playing the best hockey I have ever seen him play. In the quarter-finals, he scored the game winning goal on a breakaway in a 1-0 win. In the semi-finals he got "hustler of the game". The final was on the big stage at the Ottawa Senators' Canadian Tire Centre arena. Not quite all of the 18,500 seats were filled, but there was a good crowd to see a bunch of ten year olds play hockey. There was even some coverage on the local TV station (Caveman is #8 on the yellow team). His team lost 2-1 in overtime, but the Caveman did score his team's only goal and he was named "second star" of the game. All in all an incredible experience. Afterward, I asked him how he enjoyed it, and wasn't it worth giving up some of his Christmas holidays. His comment: "It was OK, but a bit of a hassle."

Caveman's Cousin Herb recently made a purchase with some Christmas money: a new hamster (named Hamilton) for $3. This pet is in addition to their current cat. Caveman's comment:  "Only 3 bucks? Why buy cat food? Just keep getting new hamsters."



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