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Friday, August 25, 2017

GOFL standings and playoff update

With the Micksburg vs Kars doubleheader split last night, we still don't know where six of the seven teams will finish in the standings.

The best of three games first round pairings are all still to be confirmed and hinge on what happens in the doubleheader on Monday night between I4C Victory and Micksburg up in the 'Burg. We do know however, that Kars will play Stittsville in the first round.


1st: West Carleton Electric 11-6-1 = 23 pts 
West Carleton finish first, since they have advantage on season series play with Micksburg if the Twins were to win out. This is the first time the Electric have finished first in the regular season standings in 14 years of GOFL play.

Kars Aces 11-7 = 22 pts 
The Aces will finish second or third depending on how Micksburg does on Monday - see below

Quyon Flyers 10-6-2 = 22 pts
Based on wins, the Flyers finish behind Kars. They will finish third or fourth. Their season series with Micksburg was 1-1-1, but the Twins would win tiebreaker based on head to head runs if they tie in the standings.

Micksburg Twins 9-6-1 = 19 pts
The defending champs could finish second, third or fourth depending on Monday's result.
If Micksburg sweeps I4C on Monday, Twins finish second, Kars gets third and Quyon fourth.
If Micksburg wins one and ties one, Twins finish third, Kars gets second and Quyon fourth.
If Micksburg doesn't win one of the games, they finish in fourth, Kars gets second and Quyon third.

Ottawa Valley As 6-11-1 = 13 pts
The Valley As will finish either fifth or sixth. If there is a tie with I4C in the standings, Valley As have the tiebreaker as the won the series series.

Stittsville 56ers 4-10-4 = 12 pts
The Sixers will finish either sixth or seventh - see below.

I4C Victory 5-10-1 = 11 pts
Victory could finish fifth, sixth or seventh depending on Monday's result.
If I4C sweeps Micksburg, or wins one and ties one, Victory finishes fifth, Valley finishes sixth and the 56ers get seventh.
If I4C splits a win apiece with Micksburg, ties both or loses one and ties one, Valley gets fifth, I4C finishes sixth and 56ers are seventh.
If I4C loses both to Micksburg, they finish seventh, Valley gets fifth and Stittsville is sixth.

So, while first is confirmed, 2nd through 4th are to be determined, as are 5th through 7th. An update will be provided immediately following the games in Micksburg on Monday.

Possible match ups:
Micksburg wins both on Monday
Micksburg (2nd) vs. I4C (7th); Kars (3rd) vs. Stittsville (6th); Quyon (4th) vs. Valley (5th)

Micksburg wins one, ties one on Monday
Kars (2nd) vs Stittsville (7th); Micksburg (3rd) vs I4C (6th); Quyon (4th) vs Valley (5th)

Micksburg and I4C split a win apiece on they tie both on Monday
Kars (2nd) vs Stittsville (7th); Quyon (3rd) vs I4C (6th); Micksburg (4th) vs Valley (5th)

I4C wins both or I4C wins one, ties one on Monday
Kars (2nd) vs Stittsville (7th); Quyon (3rd) vs Valley (6th); Micksburg (4th) vs I4C (5th)

Note: Kars and West Carleton had a suspended game July 18 with Aces leading 7-3 in the seventh when the lights went out. WC has conceded this game to Kars.



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