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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

GOFL All-Star Teams announced

The GOFL is pleased to announce the league's all-star teams as voted on by each GOFL member teams. Each captain submitted their votes - teams could not vote for their own players.

Congratulations to each player recognized!

First Team All-Stars
Pitcher: Dan Konkle, Team Easton (unanimous selection)
Catcher: Todd Fraser, Team Easton
First Base: John Peck, Team Easton (unanimous selection)
Second Base: Kevin Chevrier, Team Easton
Third Base: Randy Peck, Team Easton (unanimous selection)
Shortstop: Michael Cavanagh, West Carleton Electric
Left Field: Ryan Bond, Stittville 56ers
Centre Field: Dan Jessiman, Stittsville 56ers
Right Field: Matt McNish, Carp I4C Victory
Designated Player: Mike Branchaud, Manotick Lomor Printers

Second Team All-Stars
Pitcher: Dan Bradley, Stittsville 56ers (unanimous selection)
Catcher: ShawnHoule, Carp I4C Victory
First Base: Scott Jessiman, Stittsville 56ers (unanimous selection)
Second Base: Scott Herriott, Stittsville 56ers
Third Base: John Craig, Stittsville 56ers
Shortstop: Kevin McGuire, Carp I4C Victory
Left Field: Kyle Gourgon, Carp I4C Victory
Centre Field: Dave Tubman, Team Easton
Right Field: Darren Featherstone, Stittsville 56ers
Designated Player: Scott Parsons, Stittsville 56ers


Anonymous TC said...

All-Star Bloggers to be announced later this week...

3:19 pm  
Blogger fitzroyfastball said...

Well we could have a vote from our major blogger contributors:

Pugger Williams
Shawn Laframboise
Tyler Cox
Sam Oliver

Feel free to voice your selection for All-Star Blogger

12:29 pm  
Anonymous TC said...

With 18,000+ hits, you take it!

8:37 pm  

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