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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Elkland Moose Lodge wins the 10th Annual Gil Read

Elkland won the 10th Annual Gil Read Memorial Tournament with a 9-1 final win over Micksburg Twins. Great weather, good crowds and excellent softball made for a fantastic weekend.

Sunday pool play results:

9 am
West Carleton Electric 8 Ottawa Valley As 4
WP Matt McKay
LP Trevor Lahey relief by Ben Broek, Todd Wilson

9 am
Kanata Pirates 7 Elkland Moose Lodge 5
WP Kyle Olson in relief of Adam Smith
LP Dan Cevette

11 am
Broker4Tickets 7 Napanee Express 4
WP Cory Alkerton
LP Ian Wallwork

11 am
Goodfellow Fastpitch 7 Party Lake 5
WP Will Lowe
LP Jordan Macdonald in relief of Kyle Ainsley, Ryan Sharpe

Pool standings after round robin play
1. Elkland Moose Lodge 3-1
2. Broker4Tickets 3-1 (head to head)
3. Kanata Pirates 2-1-1
4. Pickering Panthers 1-2-1
5. Napanee Express 0-4

1. Micksburg Twins 3-0-1
2. West Carleton Electric 3-0-1 (run differential)
T3. Party Lake 1-3
T3. Ottawa Valley As 1-3
T3. Goodfellow Fastpitch 1-3

Semi Final Games

Micksburg Twins 3
Broker4Tickets 2
WP Joran Graham
LP Patrice Leclerc

Elkland Moose Lodge 7
West Carleton Electric 0
WP Bryan Newton
LP Andy Barber


Elkland Moose Lodge 9
Micksburg Twins 1
WP Bryan Newton
LP Joran Graham wih relief from Matt Greer
MVPs of final game - Brad Pender (Micks), Tyler Dudley (Elk)

Tournament MVP and winner of the Joel Langford Memorial Trophy
Justin Cevette, Elkland



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