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Thursday, June 28, 2018

OASA U8 5 Pitch event

The OASA is hosting a U8 Softball Event in Grafton on August 11 weekend.

The rules that the OASA will use are the same as what many U8 leagues are using in their own home town. Here are the rules simplified:
1. Five pitch to each batter with a coach pitching to his/her own players.
2. Three outs per inning or 6 runs per inning.
3. No walks.
4. No extra bases on an overthrow.
5. No stealing; runner remains on the base until the ball passes the plate.
6. No infield fly rule.
7. An 11" Rawlings indoor soft ball is used.
8. Game times are limited to one hour and 15 minutes.
9. Sliding is permitted.
10. Coaches are encouraged to play all players as equally as possible.

Each team will play a couple of games of ball and participate in some fun events. We are hoping to have a dunk tank and a bouncy castle at the ball park or some fun skills events!

Please contact me if you are interested in having your team participate.

Karen Mills
OASA U8 Division Coordinator




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