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Monday, August 20, 2012

OASA Men's B Championship Photo (warning: includes Caveman)

OK, one last thing on this past weekend - team photo with the pennant and plaque, plus Caveman story.

Back row: Charlie Ross, Cory Morrison, Kevin Shonfield, Steve Cavanagh, Paul Ceppi, Aaron Amo, Trevor Power, Adam Brown, Jason Smith.
Front row: Chico Ross Jr, Fitzroy Junior with arm around The Caveman, Dave Bahm, Neil Murphy, Jon Daley, Jeff Cavanagh and Lyle Schell.

You will notice Fitzroy Junior rocking the WC hat and t-shirt. The Caveman had a similar get up.......until about the third inning. All weekend long, the three boys (including Chico Jr) enjoyed being ball chasers for errant fly balls. They had a bit of a rivalry with the Sudbury kids chasing down the KMasters.

In one game on Saturday, Chico Jr was in a dead heat with a local and there might have been a slight 'unintentional' bump as they both went for the ball at the same time and the pudgy Sudbury kid went flying off his shoulder.

During the final game, the Caveman was in hot pursuit for a foul ball when he tripped and fell into the only puddle at the diamond left over from Saturday's rain delay, right behind our bench. Water and mud from head to toe all over his shirt, shorts and ball cap. Screaming and shouting ensued: "stupid puddle!!" Pretty much the entire WC Electric bench witnessed it. As Steve Cav remarked "I was trying not to laugh at him but it was pretty hard not to." Mrs Fastball, prepared mom that she is, had dry clothes on hand so he calmed down and managed to watch the rest of the game and pursue more foul balls.

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