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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

It happened in Harbour Ball...

Regular readers may recall a Harbour Ball highlight from last year when there was a rare 8-6-2-2 double play in the men's rec league in Fitzroy Harbour.

Tonight was another interesting Harbour Ball play. Team Red (which features Fitzroy Fastball playing the three bag) was facing Team Beige in a important early season match up. Team Red had men on first and second when a hard hit ball went out to right-centre field.

Now, Harbour Ball doesn't have what you might call a strict uniform protocol. While the majority play in ball pants, you do see the odd guy in shorts, jogging pants, occasionally jeans, and tonight's subject in question, the dude running from second base, was wearing "tear away" wind pants.

So he's rounding third, heading full steam for home looking to score fairly easily. But as he starts toward the dish, the tear away pants start doing what they do best - tearing away. By the time he's halfway home his pants are around his knees and he's sort of hobbling towards the plate, where he's tagged out handily.

Hard to describe in writing, but trust me, fairly hilarious to witness in person.

(P.S. we ended up losing the game 9-8.)



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