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Monday, June 20, 2011

WC Minor Tournaments end the season

The West Carleton Minor Softball Association put on three tournaments this past Saturday to wrap things up at various levels.

In the nine-team Atom 5-pitch tourney (6-8 year olds), it was actually a "Fun Day" hosted by Kinburn. The Kinburn CA used their main diamond and also their new "mini-diamond" which was a hit with the players and coaches. Each team, including those from Fitzroy Harbour (3), Kinburn (2), Carp (3) and Dunrobin played two games, just for fun. Caveman enjoyed himself thoroughly and there are reports of a nice force out at third base on defense and a hitting streak on offense.

Fitzroy Harbour was host to the eight-team Mites tournament (9-10 year olds) with Carp (3), Fitzroy Harbour (2), Kinburn (2) and Dunrobin represented with squads. The team used the classic "A-side/B-side" draw. Fitzroy Junior's team won their first two games against Kinburn 1 and Kinburn 2, before running into Carp 3 in the final. Carp 3 completed their undefeated season (15-0) with a 15-10 win in the A-final. Fitzroy Junior did well defensively in the title game, pitching a great inning and making a couple nice defensive plays in the infield. I think the pressure got to him a bit hitting with the big crowd of moms, dads, and grandparents on hand as he froze a couple of times to watch strike three. Carp 2 defeated Carp 1 in the B-final. In a game that set the schedule back a bit, isntead of the normal 5 inning game, one of the B semi-finals between Carp 2 and Fitzroy 2 went 9 innings and took three hours to play!

At the six-team Squirt-Peewee Boys (11-14 year olds) event in Carp it was a round robin format. Kinburn 1, Kinburn 2 and Fitzroy all went 2-0, while Dunrobin 1, Dunrobin 2, and Carp were winless. Based on the tiebreaking process, the Kinburn teams faced off in the championship game and Fitzroy took third.

Congratulations to all teams and organizers on a great day and successful season.

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