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Monday, August 17, 2015

Call for applications - House League Service Committee Chairperson

TORONTO, ONTARIO – Softball Ontario is now accepting applications for the House League Services Chairperson. 

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the House League Services Chairperson will oversee programs that assist Local Softball Associations better serve their community. The House League Services program includes:
  • School Programs – TRY, ACTIVE & DEVELOP Softball Kits designed for elementary – high school students.
  • SAFE Star – A rating system that is designed to promote best practices in softball association management and administration.
  • Get in the Game Symposium - A full day symposium to improve grassroots softball across the province and create networking and learning opportunities for Local Softball Associations/Leagues. 
  • Certified Softball Administrator Program (CSAP) – Several workshops to help and support local volunteers by providing training and best practices in a variety of important areas of association management and organizational development.
To help Softball Ontario run a successful program, we are looking for a Chairperson who will attend and chair all House League Services Committee meetings, oversee the operations of the program in conjunction with Softball Ontario's Program Coordinator and the House League Services Committee.  The Chairperson will ensure that assigned tasks are completed by the set deadlines.  Knowledge and local softball experience is a requirement.

  • Schedule, chair and establish agenda for meetings in conjunction with PC
  • Ensure minutes of meetings are recorded and produced
  • Have knowledge of and support Softball Ontario and related programs and promote the game of softball in general
  • Liaise with ball associations and any other interested organizations
  • Assist PC in preparing information packages and reports
  • Prepare or obtain articles for Softball Ontario’s Newsletter and other media
  • Communicate with Coaching Chairperson on any related activities
  • Submit reports to the Board of Directors’ meeting and attend all Board meetings to present motions, minutes, plans and budgets when required
  • Recruit and select new members with the PC and submit to Board of Directors for approval
  • Delegate and follow-up on tasks to committee members with the PC to ensure that all tasks are completed by the specified deadlines
  • Ensure planned and actual spending of monies in conjunction with PC are accurate and judicious (ie committee budget, Trillium grant, etc)
  • Promote and provide briefings and presentations to groups, ball associations, schools, parks and recreation department, etc
  • Work with committee to schedule and provide House League Services initiatives.
  • To review and revise the responsibilities of committee members once a year with the PC
  • Liaise with the PC and to a lesser extent the Executive Director by the most practical means (i.e. email, phone, meetings, etc)
  • Ensure Softball Ontario Chairperson is provided copies of minutes of meetings and is informed of all activities
  • Take part in Community Fun Team Events (minimum of one (1) per year)
  • Attend and take an active role in the yearly Get in The Game Symposium
To view the detailed job description, please click here.

How to Apply
All interested candidates are asked to apply in writing, expressing your interest in a cover letter along with a detailed resume outlining your experience qualifications for this position. Applications should be received by the Softball Ontario office no later than October 2, 2015, 4:30 pm.  

Email your resume to Joanna Stapleton at jstapleton@softballontario.ca or by fax (416) 426-7368 for consideration.

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