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Thursday, September 16, 2021

GOFL pitching records

Records for all pitchers with appearances this year in the GOFL. If I am missing anyone let me know.

W: Wins
L: Losses
ND: Appearance but no decision
SV: Save

Brad Porter 7W 1L
Cory Alkerton 1W 1ND 1SV
Nick Ellis 1L 1SV
Gregg Garrity 1ND

Andy Barber 3W 3L 3ND
Jeff Barber 4L

Ben Broek 2W 3L 1ND
Adam Rueckwald 2W 2L 3ND 
Ryland Hill 1L

Adam Smith 4W
Luc D'Entremont 1W 4L
Ty Alexander 1L 1ND

Joran Graham 6W
Connor Brooks 1W
Noah Fleurie 3L 1ND
John Enright 2ND

West Carleton
Cory Baldwin 2W 4L 1ND
Trevor Lahey 1W 1L 2ND 1SV
Steve Cavanagh 1L 1ND
Matt Greer 1L 1ND
Gabe Brown 1ND



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