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Friday, June 10, 2011

Somewhat regular assortment of miscellaneous fastball thoughts

Now for the Fitzroy Fastball semi-regular round up of fastball tidbits.

Tournament weekend
Some tournament action this weekend in fastball. The Jim Bradford memorial tournament is in Cobourg. Kars Aces will be in attendance at this 12 team affair.

Also on this weekend is the big Midget tourney in Waterloo. Ten teams at this one, including Sydenham which features Andy "The Android" Barber on the slab.

The most exciting tournament this weekend however will of course be the Fitzroy Harbour Men's Fastball League 8 team extravaganza held Friday and Saturday. It's a round robin tournament with all league teams participating. Go team Red! The ball is definitely improving in the FHMFL. On Wednesday, we had a game that ended in 75 minutes, with a 4-0 score and only one error. That was unheard of a few years ago. Of course we also had an 18-6 game that same night which featured 6 hit batters in one inning (you should see the bruise on my thigh), but the better games are getting more frequent.

Peterborough tournament cancelled
Word yesterday however on Al's Fastball that the Peterborough tournament in July has been cancelled. No word on why other than "circumstances beyond their control."

Caveman has found his position
The Caveman has definitely found his favourite spot defensively on the diamond. His season is going very well under the leadership of Coach Deb and Coach Mommy (aka Mrs Fastball). I've had to miss a few games coaching Fitzroy Junior, but every time I go he's playing a strong second base. He loves picking up the ground balls with a runner on first, stomping on second with both feet, and thrusting the softball up in the air a la Statue of Liberty for several seconds to let everyone know that yes indeed he has made an out. He basks in the cheers of the parents and has to be asked politely to return the ball to the pitcher.

Fitzroy Junior mites season
Fitzroy Junior's mites team under the tutelage of yours truly is enjoying an excellent season with a 7-3 record which includes two one-run losses. Fitzroy Junior has even pitched a few innings and recorded the first ever Ks in family history. It's amazing to watch the skill level progress from when I first started coaching this group when they were six year olds. Last week versus Dunrobin we had an inning where the putouts were 7-5 (double play) and 7-5. Think about it - that rarely happens in men's ball let alone mites. The first was a fly ball to deep left (well relatively deep), the left fielder made a nice catch and had the ball sense to throw it in to the third baseman to double off the runner that had taken off. The third out of the inning was a long bomb that went deep to left, the fielder chased it down, whipped it in to third and got the kid out trying to stretch his double into a triple. Exciting stuff. Also great was the last out of the game - a fading line drive to right field which Fitzroy Junior made a stretching catch to preserve the win. He was promptly mobbed by his teammates like they had won the Cup. Great stuff and fun to watch.

Gil Read Tournament
The Gil Read tourney is a great event, for an excellent cause, with a good track record, at a perfect venue and generous prize money. But for some reason, they are having trouble attracting teams from out of the area. I can't understand why. Would be nice to see some Southern or Central Ontario teams make the trip up here for a change.

GOFL standings
Great to see some parrty in the GOFL standings this year. After week 6, we have the following point totals: Quyon 9, Barrhaven 7, Fitzroy 6, Kars 6, Carp 6, Stittsville 6, Blitz 4. Looks like the salary cap is working!

Billy Dunlop dies
Former Arnprior Men's Fastball League pitcher Bill Dunlop died a couple of weeks ago. I played with Bill a couple of years in the AMFL and he was a pretty good town league chucker back in the day. When I played with him he would have been in his mid-30s, and let me tell you he seemed ancient, especially since he was prematurely grey. Suddenly, that doesn't seem so old anymore. Bill was only 55.

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