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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

OASA Men's Intermediate B/C Eastern Provincial Championship

The Ontario Amateur Softball Association is pleased to announce the inaugural Intermediate B/C East Championship. The OASA will be running the eastern championship out of Grafton, hosted by Colborne Rutherflo.

The championship is a stepping stone to further expansion of this tournament across Ontario.
Intermediate B/C West Championship
Date: Aug 19-21st, 2016
Location: Grafton, Ontario
Cost $375 (Registration due June 15th)

Who can participate: This championship is set out for teams and players that are not associated with the ISC and/or Canadian Senior Menโ€™s Championships. Players on an ISC/Softball Canada Senior Menโ€™s roster and teams that will be attending the ISC World Tournament in Moline, Illinois or Senior Menโ€™s Canadians in St. John's Newfoundland are not eligible to participate.

Pitchers Ineligibility List: Pitchers on this list are ineligible to participate in the Intermediate Provincial Championship. To view the list please visit the OASA website www.oasa.ca.

The OASA Intermediate B/C Western Provincial tournament will be hold in Innerkip.

Any team interested in securing a spot in this tournament or have further questions about this tournament please contact OASA Vice Presidents Brad Thomson at OASAbradthomson@gmail.com or Jamie Simpson at simper7@sympatico.ca.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Valley A's seeking a pitcher

PITCHER NEEDED : Ottawa Valley Aโ€™s of the GOFL are looking for pitching help for the 2016 season. Our home games are Thursdays at 8:30 in Carp. If you are a Intermediate calibre pitcher and are interested contact Terry Boyd. Cell (613) 293-3628 or email terry.boyd@ ottawa.ca


Thursday, March 17, 2016

Williamsburg 13th Annual Casey at Bat Tournament

Williamsburg, ON - 13th Annual "Casey at Bat" Men's Fastball Tournament

May 27 - 29, 2016

$400.00 entry
unlimited defense
3 game guarantee
10 teams

Last year's results posted here.

Lyle Schell


Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"Learn to Coach" Clinic in Orleans, April 30

NCCP Learn to Coach Clinic in Orleans on April 30, 2016
For more information, please contact Richard Brown: 613-830-2928 or z28man@rogers.com.

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Caveman's love of the game

This story happened this summer - I meant to share it earlier, but just getting around to putting online now.

With the PanAm Games in Toronto this past summer, I took the opportunity to take in some games during the Men's Softball event in Ajax, about four hours from Fitzroy Harbour.

Mrs Fastball and I brought our two boys (Fitzroy Junior, 12 and the Caveman, 10) to the opening Sunday and the Monday of the event. Mrs Fastball and Fitzroy Junior watched most of the ball but did take some time out to visit downtown Toronto. However, Caveman and I watched every inning. It was an excellent venue where you could see the action up close and follow the movement of each pitch. Caveman was very excited to be watching the games, analyzing what pitches were thrown, questioning the managerial decisions, cheering for great plays and generally enjoying himself.

We met up with a lot of local folks also there to watch the ball. The players were very accessible - Caveman got a photo with his favourite Venezuelan pitcher, Ramon Jones.

The Monday night game between Canada and USA (3-2 for the host team) was an eight inning contest and might be the best fastpitch softball game I have ever seen in person with Sean Cleary going the distance. Following the game, we walked by several of the Canadian players. One of the guys, against whom I have played a few times and know a little, greeted me by name as we passed by. Caveman was incredulous - "A guy on Team Canada KNOWS YOU Daddy?!"

We had only planned on staying for two days, but when we ran into a member of the Softball Canada staff who happens to be a GOFL veteran, he offered us passes for a third full day of games and we decided to extend our stay.

After another full day of top flight fastball, it was time to leave Tuesday evening and return home to Fitzroy. As we walked from the field to the parking lot, Caveman started to sob. "I don't want to go, Daddy. Let's stay another day." The sobbing then turned to wailing as we drove out onto the highway. "Daddy, when are ever going to have a chance to watch softball like this again!". It was a good point, and I was very close to turning the car around to stay another night. However, we had committments at home to which we had to return. He cried himself to sleep, which was an unfortunate end to a great three days, but it was overall an excellent experience.

Fast forward a month to mid-August. It was time for the International Softball Congress World Tournament in Indiana, and I was attending as a coach for the Kanata Storm. Caveman asked several times if he could come with me - "I'll be good! I promise!" but at ten, I thought he was a bit young to bring along.

I did promise however to keep him up to date via text messages. After we won our first game at the ISCs, it set up a game against the Toronto Gators. Here is the actual exchange of messages with my wife, with his real name substituted with "Caveman":

Tell Caveman that tomorrow we play Toronto Gators. They have Sean Cleary from Team Canada and 6 guys from Team New Zealand

Caveman says you don't stand a chance and can you get him an autograph?

Haha tell Caveman thanks for his support

I wasn't sure about getting an autograph. I mean, I'm a big fan of Sean Cleary, he's a great pitcher and seems like a good guy. But I thought it might be a tad awkward for a grown man to ask for autograph. But Caveman was pretty insistent with a few different messages when he grabbed mom's phone.

Hi daddy it's Caveman can you actually get an autograph if possible hope you win love you

Hi DaD did you get a chance for an autograph, If not it's no biggy

Autograph yet ????

Hi DaaaaaaaaD autograph?

Through a couple of my Newfoundland connections, I ended up getting word that my young lad was looking for an autograph from a fellow pitcher. Not only did Cleary get an autograph to me, he signed an actual official ISF softball for him. To say Caveman was pleased with this gesture is an understatement.

Hi it's Caveman YOU ARE THE BEST is it on a Ball?

yes it is on a ball

Thx for the ball ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ wish i was there

When I got back from the ISCs, the first thing I was asked (before even 'how are you') was "Where is the ball, Daddy!?"  Shortly after I gave it to him, he disappeared off to the bathroom....with the softball with him. "I just don't want it out of my sight, Daddy."

For the next week or so, he kept it close in hand, tossing it up and down while sitting on the couch until Mrs Fastball finally told him enough, or he was going to wear off the autograph.

It currently sits on his dresser, in a place of honour, proudly displayed among his ball and hockey trophies. I think I can say confidently that this past summer was when the Caveman went from a kid who really liked softball to a kid that absolutely loves the game and can't wait to play and watch his favourite game this coming season.

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KJ's 100th win

Congratulations to Kyle Jamieson on picking up his 100th win as the head coach at Furman University in South Carolina. Info here.

KJ is a Stittsville native (some history here), a former GOFL player who has made a career in coaching NCAA women's softball.

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Men's Fastball tournament in Kingston - June 3-5

Men's Fastball Tournament June 3-5, 2016
Kingston, ON (Keeley Road diamonds)
Hosted by Limestone Umpire Association
contact: Brad Weese, lua.umpire@gmail.com / 613-484-0869
Proceeds from the tournament will be donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

The tournament goal is for 12 teams with an entry fee of $375 if received before April 1 and $425 if registration is received thereafter.  The entry fee will cover a 4 game guarantee as well. Based on the anticipated entries, prize payouts will be as follows:
1st Place - $1,300
2nd Place - $630
3rd Place - $270

There will be a Beer Garden at the event as well as a BBQ, and in the process of securing a pig roast for the event. LUA are also in negotiations with a couple of hotels in Kingston, to ensure that the out-of-town teams are able to have a comfortable and cost effective stay while they are here for the weekend.

Registration payment may be made via email/PayPal transfer to lua.umpire@gmail.com or via cheque, payable to:
Limestone Umpire Association
3920 Jamieson Road
Harrowsmith, Ontario
K0H 1V0