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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

West Carleton comes back to defeat Kars 6-5

West Carleton Electric came back from a 4-0 deficit to defeat the Kars Aces 6-5 in Greater Ottawa Fastball League play on Tuesday night in Fitzroy Harbour.

Andy Barber got the win, while Luke Severson took the loss.

The Aces got on the board in the first with a solo home run from Nick Ellis.

Kars added to the lead, scoring three in the top of the third. With one out, Severson doubled down the left field line, then scored on Brad Pender's double. After a line out, a pop fly from the bat of Ian King was misplayed, allowing Pender to score. King then scored on Jordan Shipclark's double to make it 4-0 for the Aces.

West Carleton finally responded in the fifth, scoring six runs. Alex Boucaud and Adam Brown both singled to start the inning. After a fly out, Andy Barber reached on a dropped fly ball to load the bases. Jeff Cavanagh walked to score a run, followed by a Mike Cavanagh single which drove in another. Chris Costello's grand slam then made the game 6-4 for WC.

The Aces started a rally in the top of the seventh. After a strike out, Pender singled and Ellis walked. Both men advanced 60 feet on a wild pitch and Pender subsequently scored on another WP. However, two strikeouts ended the game and the Trics held on for the 6-5 victory.

Andy Barber WIN 7IP 4R 2ER 9H 10K 1BB

Andy Barber 1-4, R
Jeff Cavanagh 2BB, R, RBI
Mike Cavanagh 2-4, R, RBI
Chris Costello 2-4, R, HR, 4RBI
Alex Boucaud 1-3, R
Adam Brown 1-3, R

Luke Severson LOSS 6IP 6R 5ER 7H 4K 3BB 1HBP

Brad Pender 2-4, 2R, RBI
Nick Ellis 1-3, HR, RBI, BB, R
Ian King 1-3, R
Jordan Shipclark 1-4, 2B, RBI
Matt Alkerton 2-3
Chad Milne 1-3
Luke Severson 1-3, 2B, R


Monday, July 30, 2018

Elkland wins 11th annual Gil Read Memorial Tournament

Elkland Beverage Co. won the 11th annual Gil Read Memorial Tournament this past weekend in Carp for the second year in a row.

The Pennsylvania-based team defeated the Micksburg Twins 3-0 in Sunday's final.

Joran Graham of the Twins was named the Joel Langford Memorial trophy winner as the most valuable player of the event.

Results: (if there are any corrections to be made, let me know at fastball[at]fitzroyharbour.com)

Update - corrections as they come in noted with asterisks.

Friday 7 pm
Ottawa Valley As 8
Ashton Heavy Sluggers 1
WP: Ben Broek
LP: Matt McKay relief Steve Cavanagh

Friday 8 pm
Micksburg Twins 1
West Carleton Electric 0
WP: Joran Graham (14K)
LP: Jay Selu (13K)

Friday 9 pm
Kanata Pirates 4
Durham Diamondbacks 4
Pitchers: Brad Porter (Kanata), Ben Hodgins (Durham)

Saturday 9 am
Kingston Axemen 9
Goodfellow's Fastpitch 1
WP: Mitch Hardy
LP: Will Lowe

Saturday 10 am
Fenelon Falls The Lakes 2
Kanata Pirates 2
Pitchers: Abe Leahy (Fenelon), Kyle Olson (Kanata)

Saturday 11 am
Elkland Beverage Co. 3
West Carleton Electric 0
WP: Kyle Linton
LP: Jay Selu

Saturday Noon
Ottawa Valley As 5
Micksburg Twins 1
WP: Trevor Lahey *
LP: Cory Alkerton

Saturday 1 pm
Durham Diamondbacks 8
Goodfellow's Fastpitch 1
WP: Matt Davis
LP: Shannon Borho

Saturday 2 pm
Fenelon Falls The Lakes 4
Kingston Axemen 2
WP: Abe Leahy
LP: Jordan MacDonald *

Saturday 3 pm
Elkland Beverage Co. 14
Ashton Heavy Sluggers 2
WP: Dan Cevette
LP: Matt McKay

Saturday 4 pm
West Carleton Electric 4
Ottawa Valley As 0
WP: Andy Barber
LP: Ben Broek

Saturday 5 pm
Kingston Axemen 10
Kanata Pirates 0
WP: Mitch Hardy
LP: Luc D'Entremont

Saturday 6 pm
Micksburg Twins 8
Ashton Heavy Sluggers 1
WP: Cory Alkerton
LP: Steve Cavanagh

Saturday 7 pm
Elkland Beverage Co. 10
Ottawa Valley As 3
WP: Gregg Garrity
LP: Trevor Lahey

Saturday 8 pm
Goodfellow's Fastpitch 3
Kanata Pirates 0
WP: Will Lowe
LP: Kyle Olson

Saturday 9 pm
Durham Diamondbacks 3
Fenelon Falls The Lakes 1
WP: Ben Hodgins
LP: Luke Leahy

Sunday 9 am
West Carleton Electric 8
Ashton Heavy Sluggers 1
WP: Andy Barber
LP: Steve Cavanagh

Sunday 9 am
Kingston Axemen 3
Durham Diamondbacks 1
WP: Mitch Hardy
LP: Matt Davis

Sunday 11 am
Fenelon Falls The Lakes 2
Goodfellow's Fastpitch 0
WP: Luke Leahy
LP: Shannon Borho

Sunday 11 am
Micksburg Twins 3
Elkland Beverage Co. 1
WP: Joran Graham
LP: Dan Cevette

Round Robin standings.
1. Micksburg 3-1
2. Elkland 3-1
3. West Carleton 2-2
4. Ottawa Valley 2-2
5. Ashton 0-4

1. Kingston 3-1
2. Durham 2-1-1
3. Fenelon Falls 2-1-1 (lost to Durham)
4. Goodfellow's 1-3
5. Kanata 0-2-2

Semi-Final #1
Micksburg Twins 4
Durham Diamondbacks 0
WP: Joran Graham
LP: Ben Hodgins

Semi-Final #2
Elkland Beverage Co. 6
Kingston Axemen 1
WP: Kyle Linton
LP: Jordan MacDonald

Elkland Beverage Co. 3
Micksburg Twins 0
WP: Gregg Garrity
LP: Joran Graham


Westport wins silver at U14 Provincial B Tournament

The Westport Storm U14 boys team went 3-2 and claimed silver this past weekend at the Ontario Amateur Softball Association Provincial B Tournament in Simcoe this past weekend.

Westport defeated Stouffville, Dutton and New Hamburg to earn a place in the Final. However, New Hamburg come up the losers' side to defeat the Storm twice to take the title of the double knockout event.

The Caveman plays on this team, as well as three other boys from West Carleton minor softball.

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday night at the Gil Read Memorial tournament in Carp

I wasn't able to attend as the Caveman is away at his provincials, but my sources inform me of the following results.

Friday 7 pm
Ottawa Valley As 8
Ashton Heavy Sluggers 1
WP: Ben Broek
LP: Matt McKay relief Steve Cavanagh

Friday 8 pm
Micksburg Twins 1
West Carleton Electric 0
WP: Joran Graham (14K)
LP: Jay Selu (13K)

Friday 9 pm
Kanata Pirates 4
Durham Diamondbacks 4
Pitchers: Brad Porter (Kanata), Ben Hodgins (Durham)


Thursday in the GOFL

The Greater Ottawa Fastball League game in Quyon on Thursday was postponed due to the weather but a game was played in Carp.

The Stittsville 56ers lost to the Ottawa Valley As 4-1 in a game interupted a few times by the weather. Only six complete were played but enough to count. Kyle Olson took the loss while Adam Rueckwald earned the win.


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

GOFL Week #12

Here is the line up of games for Week 12 of the Greater Ottawa Fastball League season - weather permitting:

In Manotick:
Kars Aces vs. I4C Victory Wed, July 25th 7:00 PM
Ottawa Valley A's vs. Kars Aces Wed, July 25th 9:00 PM
UPDATE: The field in Manotick is too wet to play on, tonight's games are cancelled.

In Quyon:
Micksburg Twins vs. Quyon Flyers Thu, July 26th 8:00 PM

In Carp:
Stittsville 56ers vs. Ottawa Valley A's Thu, July 26th 8:30 PM


Monday, July 23, 2018

West Carleton named "co-champions" at rain-shortened Masters Provincials

West Carleton Electric Masters 40+ team, made up of a core group of players from the WC team in the Greater Ottawa Fastball League plus some other GOFL "old timers", had a good showing at the Ontario Amateur Softball Association provincials in Cambridge.

The team defeated the Petersburg As on Saturday morning by a score of 4-0. Corey Costello had the win for WC, throwing a one-hitter with ten strikeouts. Mike Crawford threw for the As.

The second game of the day saw West Carleton beat the Waterdown Hammer 4-3. Martin Mauviel, a pick up from the Kitchener Fastball League had the win for the Electric, with Costello getting the save. Neil McDonald and Doug Hoffman threw for the Hammer. Mike Cavanagh played some fantastic defense for the Trics in this one.

The final game of Saturday had West Carleton narrowly losing 4-3 to the Wellington Sox. Costello took the loss, while Mel Ross earned the win. This game had an exciting end with the Sox up 4-1 in the seventh. After key hits from Jamey Mick and Jon Daley, Trevor Barton doubled to make it 4-3. With two out Costello came to bat and mashed a ball about 290 feet - unfortunately, the fences were 300 feet at the complex and the centrefielder caught the ball to end the game.

With a 2-1 record, the Electric were scheduled for a fourth round robin game against St. Thomas on Sunday morning, followed by playoffs. However, a major storm came through the area and the remainder of the event was cancelled. The tournament director named both West Carleton and Wellington (each two wins, one loss) as co-champions of the Masters A title.

Back row: Scott Jessiman, Neil Murphy, Jeff Cavanagh, Corey Costello, Kevin Humphries, Chad Milne, Adam Brown
Front row: Jamey Mick, Cory Morrison, Jon Daley, Martin Mauviel, Mike Cavanagh, Shawn Rebertz, Trevor Barton

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Friday, July 20, 2018

Thursday night in the GOFL

There were two doubleheaders in the Greater Ottawa Fastball League on Thursday night with both games split between the participants.

Game 1: Stittsville 56ers 10 Micksburg Twins 6
Game 2: Micksburg Twins 8 Stittsville 56ers 4

Up the Valley in Micksburg, the Stittsville 56ers won the first game with Luc D'Entremont earning the win and Matt McIntyre taking the loss with relief from Brendan Hennessy. Dan Jessiman had a grand slam for the 56ers while Jared Steege hit one out for the Twins.

In the second game, the hometown Twins won 8-4 with Hennessy getting the win with help in relief from Corey Costello. Kyle Olson took the loss. Steege had another homer for Micksburg, as did Quinton Rook.

Game 1: Quyon Flyers 11 West Carleton Electric 8
Game 2: West Carleton Electric 12 Quyon Flyers 5

On the Quebec side of the river, the Quyon Flyers took the first match 11-8 over West Carleton. Trevor Lahey had the win while Steve Cavanagh took the loss with relief from Andy Barber. Todd Hearty had a homer and a total of five runs batted in for Quyon. Chris Costello, Adam Brown, and Steve Cavanagh all had home runs for Fitzroy. Lane McMurtry had a spectacular leaping catch to end a WC rally in the seventh inning.

The second game saw West Carleton jump out to a 6-0 lead and end up with a 12-5 victory. Barber went the distance for WC while Hearty threw for the Flyers. Jeff Cavanagh hit one out for WC, as did Shawn Rebertz who had a grand slam in the seventh. Trevor Barton scored four times for the visitors. Hearty had another homer for Quyon in this one.


Thursday, July 19, 2018

Valley As defeat I4C

The Ottawa Valley As defeated I4C Victory in the second game of the Greater Ottawa Fastball League doubleheader in Manotick on Wednesday.

Ben Broek had the win for the As, while Ty Alexander took the loss in relief of Matt McNish. Dave Baird had a solo homerun in the top of the sixth proving to be the winning run.


Aces edge I4C

The Kars Aces edged I4C Victory in Greater Ottawa Fastball League play on Wednesday night in Manotick by a score of 4-3.

Brad Porter picked up the win on the slab while Matt McNish took the loss.


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

GOFL Week #11

The Greater Ottawa Fastball League has six games on the schedule for week 11.

On Wednesday there are two games in Manotick, with the Kars Aces (7-3-2) playing I4C Victory (5-5-2) at 7 pm, followed by the Ottawa Valley As in to play Victory at 9 pm.

Thursday sees a doubleheader in Quyon, with West Carleton Electric (6-5-2) to play the Flyers (5-2-2) at 7 pm and 9 pm, and the Stittsville 56ers (4-7-2) up in Micksburg to play the Twins (5-5-2) also for a 7 pm and 9 pm double dip.

The Kemptville Black Sox were supposed to play the As on Thursday, but that game is postponed.


Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Two local teams to compete at OASA Provincials this weekend

West Carleton Electric will be competing at the Ontario Amateur Softball Association 40+ Masters provincial tournament in Cambridge this coming weekend, July 21-22. There are five teams participating. The team will have seven roster regulars from the 'Trics GOFL squad, with some additions from other league teams.

The Ottawa Spiders will also be competing at the four team 50+ Legends provincials in Cambridge this same weekend with many local players participating.

For information on both tournaments, visit https://oasa.ca/tournament/40-masters-a/.

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11th Annual Gil Read Memorial Tournament schedule

The schedule for the 11th Annual Gil Read Memorial tournament in Carp has been announced. The event will be held July 27-29 with ten teams participating.

Participating teams this year:
West Carleton Electric: Fitzroy Harbour, ON
Ottawa Valley As: Carp, ON
Goodfellows Fastpitch: Kemptville, ON
Ashton Sluggers: Ashton, ON
Micksburg Twins: Micksburg, ON
Kanata Pirates: Kanata, ON
ESA Beverage: Elkland, PA
Durham Diamondbacks: Durham Region, ON
Fenelon Falls The Lakes: Fenelon Falls, ON
Kingston Axemen: Kingston, ON


Friday, July 13, 2018

Micksburg 7 Valley As 6 - game story

from Scott Conroy

Thursday night in GOFL action saw the Micksburg Twins travel to Carp to face the red hot Ottawa Valley A’s who were 3-1 in their last 4. Micksburg was looking to get back in the win column having gone 0-3-1 in their last 4.

Adam Rueckwald had the start for the A’s and Matt Mcintyre countered for the Twins. First pitch was slated and thrown at 8pm, a ball in which Twins leadoff hitter Andrew Mcintyre took to center field to start the game 1-0. In the bottom half, Mcintyre escaped the inning after a lead-off single from Ben Wade who was later thrown out attempting a steal.

The A’s were able to take the lead in the bottom half of the second. Ryley Burns took the first pitch he saw for a solo shot. Kyle Couvieau reached and then scored on a Ben Broek double. Broek then scored on a fielder’s choice to make it a 3-1 score.

Micksburg came back to tie the game in the fourth. Corey Costello and Quinton Rook each singled before a 3 run home run for Jared Steege.

The fifth inning starting similar to the first as Andrew Mcintyre hit his second solo shot of the night, that just made it past centre fielder Ben Wade who nearly missed it while scaling the fence. Twins hurler, Matt Mcintyre helped his own cause after that with a double. That saw Broek enter the game to chuck for the A’s. Jamey Mick singled in Mcintyre. Pinch runner Joe Mick scored on a Scott Conroy sac fly.

The bottom of the seventh gave the fans that stuck around a great finish. The inning started with a score of  7-4 for the Twins. Couiveau was hit by pitch to lead off the inning. A groundball by Gavan Boyd was over thrown to allow Couvieau to score to make the game 7-5. With one out a fly ball hit to right left the runner at third. Wade then hit a ball to left that cleared the fence to make it a 7-6 game. A single and a pop up to second ended the game with a 7-6 final for Micksburg.


Team Canada Juniors perfect after round robin at Worlds

Team Canada U19 Junior national team went undefeated in the round robin, including beating #1 New Zealand, at the World Baseball Softball Confederation world championship in Prince Albert, SK over the last week.

Next for the team is a playoff game against Australia today at 8 pm Central time.

Scott Searle of Ottawa is Team Leader for the squad.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Kars wins in Quyon

The Kars Aces won 5-3 on the road against the Quyon Flyers in Greater Ottawa Fastball League action on Thursday night.

Cory Alkerton had the win for the Aces. Matt Greer took the loss for the Flyers, in relief of Trevor Lahey.

Alkerton helped his cause with a homerun, as did Cory Morrison for the visitors.


Micksburg edges Valley

The Micksburg Twins edged the Ottawa Valley As 7-6 in Greater Ottawa Fastball League play on Thursday night in Carp.

Matt McIntyre earned his first career pitching win for the Twins. Adam Rueckwald took the loss and had relief from Ben Broek.

Andrew McIntyre and Jared Steege both had homeruns for Micksburg while Ryley Burns and Ben Wade hit one out for Valley.


Wednesday night in the GOFL

Kars Aces 4 Stittsville 56ers 1

At the Grove, Kars won 4-1 over Stittsville. Luke Severson earned the win while Kyle Olson took the loss.

I4C Victory 5 West Carleton Electric 4 (Game 1)

In the first game of the doubleheader at Manotick, I4C walked it off in the bottom of the seventh on a Ryan Clare 2 RBI single. Matt McNish got the win, while Andy Barber was tagged with the loss. Chris MacFarlane hit a homer for Victory.

West Carleton Electric 13 I4C Victory 4 (Game 2)

The Trics bounced back with a win in the night cap. Steve Cavanagh was the winning pitcher while Ty Alexander took the loss.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

GOFL Week #10

It is week ten in the Greater Ottawa Fastball League and there are five games on the schedule.

Tonight (Wednesday), West Carleton Electric (5-4-2) is in for a doubleheader at 7 pm and 9 pm in Manotick against I4C Victory (4-4-2). Also tonight is Stittsville 56ers (4-6-2) hosting the Kars Aces (5-3-2) at 9 pm in the Grove.

Thursday has the Aces in to Quyon to play the Flyers (5-1-2) at 8 pm, while the Micksburg Twins (4-5-2) travel to Carp to play the Ottawa Valley As (3-7-2) at 8 pm. The neutral site game in Carp on Thursday between Micksburg and Kemptville Black Sox affiliated team has been postponed.


Monday, July 09, 2018

Kingston Axemen finish second at the Au Sable tournament

The Kingston Axemen finished second at the 56th Annual Au Sable Forks, NY men's fastpitch tournament this past weekend. The Axemen lost 3-2 in 10 innings to the Olean Yardbirds.

Broker4Tickets from Ottawa also attended the tournament and had two wins, a loss and a tie in round robin play but failed to advance to the playoff round.


Friday, July 06, 2018

West Carleton Electric wins Harbour Days game 3-2 over Valley As

West Carleton Electric won 3-2 over the Ottawa Valley As in Greater Ottawa Fastball League play at the annual "Harbour Days".

Steve Cavanagh earned the win, with the save from Andy Barber. Ben Broek took the loss.

The Electric got on the board in the bottom of the first inning. Andy Barber hit a fly ball that was misplayed and got to second base. Shawn Rebertz drove him in with an RBI single.

Valley tied the game in the top of the third. Shane Boyd singled, moved to second on a sac bunt by Lindsay Medynski, and scored when Jackson Vance hit a hard ball to the right side of the infield.

West Carleton took the lead in the fourth. And Barber lead off with a single. After an out, Chris Costello singled to put two on. Following a pop up, Jeff Barber was hit by a pitch to load the bases. Neil Murphy's pop up to right field dropped in, scoring two.

The As scored a run in the fifth. Gavan Boyd drove an off hand double to right and was replaced by Dave Baird as a pinch runner. Shane Boyd then hit an RBI single to make the game 3-2.

West Carleton held on the win in front of the home crowd (estimates from Mrs Fastball are approximately 100 attendees).


Steve Cavanagh WIN 4IP 1R 1ER 4H 0BB 0K
Andy Barber SAVE 3IP 1R 1ER 2H 0BB 5K

Andy Barber 1-3, 2R
Jeff Cavanagh 1-3, 2B
Chris Costello 1-3, R
Shawn Rebertz 1-3, RBI
Jon Daley 1-1, BB


Ben Broek LOSS 6IP 3R 0ER 5H 1BB 1HBP 9K

Ben Wade 1-3, 2B
Clayton Vance 2-3, SB
Gavan Boyd 1-2, 2B, R
Shane Boyd 2-2, R, RBI


Thursday, July 05, 2018

Wednesday night in the GOFL

In Stittsville, the host 56ers defeated the visiting Micksburg Twins by a score of 5-2. Kyle Olson had the win while Corey Costello took the loss.

In Manotick, I4C Victory and the Kars Aces played to a 1-1 tie. Brad Porter threw for Kars while Matt McNish had the ball for I4C.


Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Fitzroy Junior's team wins U16 gold

Fitzroy Junior's U16 house league team won the title in the local league which features six teams (Fitzroy, Carp, McNab 1, McNab 2, Kinburn and Stittsville).

The Fitzroy Bantams went undefeated, 15-0-1 on the season and finished with the title win 11-6 over McNab 1 tonight.

Back row: Coach, The Cheese, ConMan, Kier-Bot, I-Man, Hop
Middle row: Fitzroy Junior, Rookie, Jake, Lefty, Nicky, Dilly, Coach #2
Front row: Coleman Stove, Spence

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GOFL week #9

Greater Ottawa Fastball League week nine has four games on the intinerary.

The Kars Aces (5-3-1) host I4C Victory (4-4-1) at the Manotick diamond on Wednesday at 8 pm. Also on Wednesday, at 9 pm, the Stittsville 56ers (3-6-2) host the Micksburg Twins (4-4-2).

On Thursday, the 56ers travel to Quyon to face the Flyers (5-1-2) at 8 pm. As well that evening, the Ottawa Valley As (3-6-0) are in Fitzroy Harbour as part of the Harbour Days celebrations playing West Carleton Electric (4-4-2).


2018 Ontario Challenge Cup in Innerkip Sept 14-16

from Blair Setford

We are pleased to announce that the 2018 Ontario Challenge Cup (#2018OCC) will be held in Innerkip, Ontario on the weekend of September 14-16.

All men's fastball leagues across Ontario, and into both Manitoba and Quebec, are invited to send a representative to #2018OCC. We are asking for affiliation confirmation now. Deadline for entry fee as final confirmation will be August 27.

The tournament will be a double knockout with a single championship game. The winner will receive a paid berth to the 2019 ISC World Tournament in Denmark, Wisconsin, being hosted by the Circle Tap Dukes fastpitch club.

Entry fee is $385. Our preferred method of payment is via Interac E-Transfer.

Players on teams that qualify in advance for the 2019 ISC World Tournament (ie teams that win either the ISC World Tournament or the ISC II Championship) are not eligible for #2018OCC unless they leave that team.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We wish the best to all teams on the remainder of their seasons, look forward to a highly successful ISC World Tournament in Kitchener and another competitive season-ending #2018OCC.


Blair, Joe & Kyle