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Monday, February 23, 2009

List o' qualifiers

from Al's Fastball

2009 Canada East ISC & ISC II Qualifier Tournaments

ISC Canada East VP Blair Setford is announcing the ISC and ISC II qualifier tournaments for 2009 in the Canada East Region, including several opportunities to qualify early for the 2010 ISC World Tournament and the 2010 ISC II Tournament of Champions.

For further information, please contact any of the listed ISC or local contacts.

World Tournament Qualifiers

June 5 – 7
Legends Tournament – Kitchener, ON
Berths: 1 ISC WT berth to highest finishing Canada East team (additional berths for Canada East teams may be available)
Format: Divisional
Entry Fee and deadline: Contact Larry Lynch
Local contact: Larry Lynch – Llynch@town..mapleton.on.ca
ISC Contact: Joe Todd – ftode739@rogers.com

June 26 – 28 (tentative dates)
Jarvis Gamblers Tournament – Jarvis, ON
Berths: 1 ISC WT berth to highest finishing Canada East team
Format: Divisional Round Robin
Entry fee: $500 to Jarvis Gamblers Fastball Club
Local contact: Pat Graham – pkgraham24@rogers..com – 519-442-5762
ISC contact: Blair Setford – blairjs@rogers.com – 905-826-2697
UIC: Ed Otterman – eotterman@cji.on.ca – 519-429-3223

ISC II Tournament of Champions Qualifiers

May 29 – 31
Atlantic Canada ISC II Qualifier (Tentative) – Stellarton, Nova Scotia
Berths: 1 ISC II ToC berth to winner, regardless of region
Format: TBD
Entry Fee and Deadline: TBD
Local Contact: Robert Bernard – robert.bernard@ns.sympatico.ca
ISC Contact: Blair Setford – blairjs@rogers.com – 905-826-2697

June 19 – 21
Eastern Ontario ISC II Qualifier – Ottawa, ON
Berths: 1 ISC II ToC berth to winner, regardless of region (additional berths may be available)
Format: Double-knockout
Entry Fee & Deadline: $350 CDN payable to ISC Canada East – May 15, 2009
Local Contact: Allan Read – aread@lwlaw.com
ISC Contact: Blair Setford – blairjs@rogers.com – 905-826-2697
UIC: Steve Bedard – sjbgolf@hotmail.com

June 19 – 21
Southwestern Ontario ISC II Qualifier – Innerkip, ON
Berths: 3 ISC II berths to top 3 teams, regardless of region (additional berths may be available)
Format: Double-knockout
Entry Fee & Deadline: $350 CDN payable to ISC Canada East – May 15, 2009
Local Contact: Tim Wright – twri7823@rogers.com
ISC Contact: Blair Setford – blairjs@rogers.com – 905-826-2697
UIC: Peter Kluszczynski – kluzzy@sympatico.ca

June 30
2009 Travel League of Eastern Canada
Berths: 1 ISC II berth to top ISC II team as of June 30 league standings
Format: League play
Entry fee: TBD as part of league entry fee
League contact: David Bakker – bakkers@teksavvy.com
UIC: Peter Kluszczynski – kluzzy@sympatico.ca
ISC Contact: Blair Setford – blairjs@rogers.com – 905-826-2697

July 3 - 5
Oswego CPI ISC II Qualifier – Oswego, NY (Joint Qualifier with US East)
Berths: 1 ISC II to highest finishing Canada East team
Format: Divisional
Entry Fee: Contact Mike Cutro or Charlie Walseman
Local contact: Charlie Walseman – Charlie_h_walseman@cargill.com
ISC Rep: Mike Cutro – cootie0604@yahoo.com

Note: Above tournament is a joint qualifier between US East and Canada East and each region will award 1 ISC II berth to highest finishing teams from their respective regions.

2009 Qualifiers for 2010 Berths

July 10-12, 2009
Northern Ontario ISC II Qualifier
Location: Aundeck Omni Kahning (formerly Sucker Creek) Manitoulin Island
Format: Double knockout
Entry fee and deadline: $350 Cdn, payable to ISC Canada East by June 26, 2009, entries capped at 8
Berth: 1 for 2010 ISC II ToC, reserved for Northern Ontario team
Local Contacts: Aaron Owl, fastpitchgamer@hotmail.com 705-368-0118 or 705-968-0323
ISC Contact: Blair Setford, blairjs@rogers.com– 905-826-2697
Umpire In Chief: TBD

July 24 – 26 (tentative dates, subject to change)
Travel League of Eastern Canada Playoff Tournament
Location: TBD
Format: Double-knockout
Entry fee: included in league entry fee
Berths: 1 2010 WT berth to winner; 1 2010 ISC II ToC berth to top finishing ISC II team
League contact: David Bakker – bakkers@teksavvy.com
ISC Rep: Blair Setford – blairjs@rogers.com – 905-826-2697
UIC: Peter Kluszczynski – kluzzy@sympatico.ca

September 18 – 20 – Stratford, ON
2009 Ontario Challenge Cup ISC II Qualifier
Berths: 1 2010 ISC II ToC berth to winner – Canada East teams only
Format: Double-knockout
Entry fee and deadline: $225 CDN payable to ISC Canada East – August 31, 2009
Local contact: Murray Patterson – murraypatterson@wightman.ca
ISC Rep: Joe Todd – ftode739@rogers.com

September 18 – 20 – McNab/Braeside, ON
2009 Ontario Challenge Cup East ISC II Qualifier
Berths: 1 2010 ISC II ToC berth to winner – Canada East teams only
Format: Double-knockout
Entry fee and deadline: $225 CDN payable to ISC Canada East – August 31, 2009
Local contact: Harold MacMillan – jh.mac@gozoom.ca
ISC contact: Blair Setford – blairjs@rogers.com – 905-826-2697
UIC: Sal Gara – sal.gara@sympatico.ca (tentative)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Old Time Softball

You know when you look at those old time fastball photos with the funny ball pants, puffy hats, wooden bats and tight shirts? You might think to yourself, "ah the good old days of ball".

Well, in this case, the guys themselves weren't so good. Check out this team and the team name on their shirts.

GCMFL Registration Dates

from the GCMFL

Registration for the 2009 season of the Glen Cairn Men’s Fastball League will be held on the following dates and times.

Monday March 2, 7-9PM @ the Kanata Sports Club
Sunday March 8, 7-9PM @ Local Heroes Kanata
Monday March 30, 7-9PM @ Broadway Bar & Grill, Stittsville

The Kanata Sports Club is upstairs at the Jack Charron Arena; 10 McKitrick Drive in Kanata.

Local Heroes Kanata is located at 4049 Carling Avenue just east of the Carling Ave / March Rd. intersection.

Broadway Bar & Grill Stittsville is located at 121 Main St. Stittsville.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

GOFL 2009 League Meeting Minutes

Sorry for the delay, blame it on the Fitzroy Harbour Winter Carnival festivities combined with a 24-hour flu...anyway here you go, let me know if any errors or omissions.

GOFL meeting, 2009

Greater Ottawa Fastball League organizing meeting February 11, 2009 at I4C Office in Kanata

Adam Brown (WC Electric)
Tony Riches (Manotick)
Dave Tubman (Easton)
Cory Morrison (Easton)
Sam Oliver (Stittsville)
Dan Bradley (Stittsville)
John Craig (Stittsville)
Will Mood (Blitz)
Andrew Bruce (Blitz)
Neil Cooke (I4C Victory)
Eric Rosenquist (I4C Victory)
Trevor Wood (I4C Victory)
Kenny Fleck (Quyon)
Jeff Langford (Orleans)
Shannon Borho (Greely)
Anil Hayne (Greely)
Dave Norris (Umpires)
Harry MacIntyre (Umpires)

- Dave Norris is League Umpire in Chief (UIC) as well as Deputy Zone UIC. Harry MacIntyre is Deputy League UIC, Dave Herbst is the Zone UIC, George Finlay is the assignor/treasurer, Greg Johnson is the local President and Garry Callahan is the local Secretary. Dave N and Harry also sit on the discipline committee.
- Dave is asking for each team to sign a “letter of understanding” with the terms and conditions for the officials.
- Once again the umpires noted their preference for doubleheaders as much as possible.
- Payment time frames: May 1st (50% of regular season fees), June 15th (50% of regular season fees), July 15th (playoff payment).
- George Findlay will schedule umpires and be the contact for rainouts and make up games. Any changes to the schedule to be communicated to George are the responsibility of the home team.
- Softball Canada rules in effect with ISC pitching rule.
- Illegal bat rule: bats need to have the ASA 2004 stamp to be permitted. The teams are to advise the umpire if they think an illegal bat is being used. Team reps agreed to monitor their own teams to ensure legal bats.
- Umpire fees were discussed in depth – the league agreed to submit a “counter proposal” to the umpire association. Sam Oliver agreed to create the proposal.

League Meeting:
- All nine teams from the 2008 season confirmed that they are returning.
- A tenth team from Kars had previously expressed interest in joining the league but notified the league they would not be joining.
- Home diamonds and nights are as follows, generally speaking:
o WC Electric: Fitzroy Harbour on Tuesday
o Manotick: Manotick on Wednesday
o Blitz: Manotick on Wednesday
o Stittsville: Stittsville on Wednesday
o Easton: Stittsville on Wednesday until after minor ball, then Tuesday
o Note: Sam following up to see if there is any possibility of having two time slots on Wednesday to facilitate double headers and will advise when the City lets him know
o I4C Victory: Carp on Thursday
o Quyon: Quyon on Tuesday
o Orleans: Orleans on Thursday
o Greely: Greely on Monday
o Teams were asked to forward any special scheduling requests to Adam (i.e. Greely wants to play in Kenmore once again on Canada Day)
- Doubleheaders will be scheduled whenever practical as per the request of the officials. Several teams indicated that they were willing to play home games at another diamond to facilitate doubleheader nights.
- Regular season will start the first week of May, running for 12 weeks.
- Teams will play an unbalanced schedule of 20 games, similar to last season. 18 games will be played during the regular season, with 2 games per team at the Showcase.
- Showcase is tentatively scheduled for the May 30 weekend in Fitzroy Harbour. WC Electric will also host a “kid’s clinic” similar to what Greely did in 2008. (Note May 30 weekend turns out to be the Williamsburg tourney weekend - new weekend for showcase TBD)- Adam will work on a draft schedule and circulate.
- Game cancellation: if a team needs to cancel a game (for any reason other than weather), 24 hours notice should be given to the opposing team’s representative. If a visiting team fails to show up with enough players or cancels too late to notify the umpires, then the visiting team will pay for the officials’ fees. If diamond fees are going to be charged to the home team, the offending team will have to pay for the make up diamond rental fee.
- Game reports can be sent to Adam the next day so the blog can be updated. Report should at a minimum include the score, the winning and losing pitcher and any home runs hit.
- Statistics: there was a problem last year with all teams submitting statistics. Sam will investigate a system where each team can enter statistics and report back to the league reps.
- For the regular season, each team is responsible for their own diamond fees, umpire costs, balls, etc.
- Regular season tie-breaking: 1) points (2 for a win, 1 for a tie) 2) wins 3) head-to-head 4) run differential in head to head 5) coin flip
- Playoff format will continue the same as last season:
o 9th vs. 8th play-in single game
o Quarter-finals: best of three, 1st vs. winner of play-in, 2nd vs. 7th, 3rd vs. 6th, 4th vs. 5th
o Semi-finals: best of five, Top remaining seed vs. Lowest remaining seed, 2nd remaining seed vs. 3rd remaining seed
o Finals: best of five, remaining two teams
- Playoff extra innings: if a playoff game is tied, the ‘international rule’ shall being in the 8th inning.
- The league will try a new format to share costs for the playoffs. The loser of the play-in game shall pay the costs of that game plus the $100 playoff winner fund fee. The remaining eight teams shall each pay a $250 playoff charge, of which $100 will be contributed to the playoff winner fund. The remaining money will be used to for the costs of the quarter-finals. For the semi-finals and finals, the teams in each series shall split the costs of diamonds and umpires.
- Playoff winner fund will continue to pay $600 to the winner and $300 to the finalist. The I4C Trophy will be awarded to the playoff champion.
- The Blitz, I4C, Quyon and WC Electric have all paid Stittsville. Orleans, Manotick and Greely still owe to their playoff fund from last year and should make arrangements to pay one of last year’s finalists.
- Tony will order the softballs for the league through Softball Canada. Each team to contact Tony with the number of softballs (in dozens) each team requires. Same model/colour to be used at last year.
- “8 man rule”: in order to continue to ensure minimal defaults (we had none in 2008), teams will be permitted to start games with 8 players. There will be no “auto-out”. If the ninth player shows up late (or a lucky fan is found), then the team can insert this player in the ninth position in the line-up. However, if a team has only 9 players and one is ejected, the team will then forfeit the game. If a team has 9 players, and there is an injury and the player cannot continue, the team may still play with 8, but then the auto-out will apply.
- “Mercy rule”: the league will have a mercy rule – the details will be confirmed through ‘negotiations’ with the umpires.
- “2 out catcher rule”: optional.
- “Discipline”: Same as last year: first ejection player at a minimum receives a “yellow card” – next ejection automatically results in one game suspension, minimum. Each ejection will result in an umpire’s report and a team’s report. Suspension could be given for any ejection depending on severity. In the past few years this has not been a problem with the GOFL and hopefully that will continue.
- There are no restrictions on team rosters (any player, junior, senior, etc. can play). Once a player participates in the league for one team, he cannot play for another team that season. Players must play at least one game in the regular season to be eligible for playoffs. An exception to these rules may be granted based on league approval.
- The teams agreed to participate once again the ISC II Home League program and send a team or teams to the Challenge Cup to be held in September 2009 in McNab. Teams will be offered the invite spots based on regular season standings. Winner gets a berth to the 2010 ToC.
- Trevor put forward the idea of starting an “all-star” game format, possibly involving the Loughborough League or some other inter-league format. Trevor to investigate and report back to the team reps.
- Adam brought forward the proposal from Len Burger to host an event in Chapeau, QC. The league is definitely interested in participating in some way and will be in contact with Lenny to discuss, possibly involving Trevor’s all-star suggestion.

ISC II eligiblity info and pitching list

Al's Fastball has some info with respect to eligibility for ISC II play in 2009 that is worth a read.

Williamsburg 2009 Tourney

from Lyle Schell

Spring is in the air again boys.

Williamsburg's 6th Annual Casey at Bat Fastball Tournament is upon us once again, and I want to thank all previous teams, players,coaches and sponsors for their support and efforts.

With the success of last years tournament I would book a spot early.

The tournament date is May 29,30,31st 2009.

$350.00 entry, prize money based on 12 teams.

1st place $1500.00, 2nd place 800.00, 3rd place 500.00

All players eligible, unlimited defense, 3 game minimum.

Awards for top hitter,pitcher,mvp, coach and of course, fan favorite.(this award does not always reflect your play)

Refreshments, BBQ, camping and hotel rooms available.

Contact Lyle Schell @ 613-535-1852 or email cigars32@hotmail.com

Cheques made out to : Williamsburg Fastball Tournament, 12785 Froatburn Rd, Williamsburg Ont, K0C 2H0

Trend-Arlington Men's Fastball League Registration for 2009

from Wynn Fenwick

I'm echoing everyone else's thoughts this weekend -- the days are getting longer, the sun melting snow even at -10c and spring will be here Real Soon Now!

TAMFL is doing something different this year - we're having a Registration Night, Monday 9 March 2009 at PJ Quigley’s, 7:30-10:30PM. Save $30 if you register on or before that night!

We'll be there to take your cheques or cash for $150 for this year's registration. We are shooting for 75 guys this year and we look good to be at 6 teams. After the 9th, it's $180.

All games will be Mondays, Wednesdays and likely Thursdays at the diamond on Bellman.

We are also considering the assembly of a tournament team roster to enter some of the local tournaments. So if you are interested please drop me a line so I can forward your interest to the guys interested in putting this together. The League stands behind the initiative also.

Individual registrations only please. Pairing requests are accepted and will be accommodated with best effort.

2009 Registration Fee Schedule
- Option 1 - if paid & registration delivered by November 30 2008 $130
- Option 2 - if paid & registered by Monday 9 March 2009 $150
- Option 3 - if paid or registered after 9 March 2009 $180
- Option 4 – Team Sponsorship add $400

www.tafastball.ca for more information

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blackburn Men's League update

from the Blackburn Men's Fastball League

While the snow is still falling and the light at the end of the tunnel is just as likely a train coming as it is warm sunlight, we can still look forward to eventually playing ball again.

The BMFL registration should now be on your radars. As per usual, we'll be holding two open registration nights on March 3rd (Wally's) and 4th (Blackburn Arms) between 7:00pm and 9:00pm. Cost this year will again be $225 per player. While we prefer you pay in full at registration, we can accept partial payments.

We have some changes in store for the 2009 season, including a new team (the Orléans Warriors). Combined with the loss of the Ed Taylor Team, we'll still be at eight teams.

Just a reminder for returnees that the deadline to register is actually Monday, April 6th at 7:00pm if you want to return to your former team. Any registrations made between then and the day of the draft (to be determined) will mean you go back into the draft. Registrations after the draft mean you go on the reserve list.

Still, while you have longer, it is still much better for the league if you can make it out one of the two nights in early March. Helps us for planning purposes to know how many are coming back, if any teams are in trouble, etc. So do your part!

Also, if you have no plans to return to the league this year, we'd appreciate a quick response to let us know. Doing so might also save you from getting further spam in the next few weeks.

We are always looking for new players, so please pass this along to anyone you know who might be interested.

Finally, if you are still reading this far down the list, the league has an URGENT call out to anyone who may like to take on the work of re-building our website. We are looking at contracting out the work, but if someone from the league is willing to step up and give us a reasonably professional looking website, let us know ASAP. Deadline to tell us is February 19, 2009. After that, we'll look at bringing someone in from the outside.

If you have any questions, you can contact your team rep (below) or call 613 295-9427 if you have any questions.

As a reminder, your team reps are:

Good Ol' Boys: Jean Tremblay (jean.tremblay[at]diebold.com)
Knights: Ryan Cox (rcox[at]connect.carleton.ca)
Exit A's: Will Mood (willmood[at]hotmail.com)
Guzzlers: Jason Smith (smithresidence[at]rogers.com)
Rogues: Matt Cox (roguematt[at]hotmail.com)
Stan's: Dennis Murphy (denmurphy[at]rogers.com)
Blues: Gary Larocque (gary.larocque[at]ontario.ca)
Warriors: Jerremy Grimes (grim0022[at]gmail.com)

Good news re: Laddy

Some good news re: Darren Ladouceur. Thanks to Sam Oliver for passing on this information, as I know a lot of ball players in the area are thinking about Darren and wishing him all the best.

I just wanted to let everyone know that Darren has regained consciousness. He knows who he is and recognizes friends and family members around him which are positive signs. He and Karen are en route to the Ottawa Civic hospital via ambulance where Darren will continue his recovery. All in all … great news!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

GOFL League Meeting 2009

Nine teams as well as the umpires were in attendance at the GOFL meeting last night. All teams from 2008 will be back for another season.

More info to follow when I get a chance to whip up the minutes.

Monday, February 09, 2009

GOFL Winter Meeting - Feb 11

The Greater Ottawa Fastball League winter meeting will be held Weds Feb 11 at 7 pm at the I4C offices on March Road in Kanata.

Full details to be published here following the meeting.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Grafton Tournaments

Grafton Spring Thing
May 22-24
Entry $375.00
3 games guaranteed

Grafton Jim Bradford Classic
June 12-14
Entry $450.00
4 game guaranteed

For info contact:
Steve Bedard

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Laddy update

The Ottawa Sun had an update today on Darren Ladouceur.

The Second Annual Gil Read Memorial Fastpitch Tournament

from Al Read

The Second Annual Gil Read Memorial Fastpitch Tournament


The Men’s Intermediate ISC II Tournament of Champions Eastern Ontario Qualifier


The First Annual Women’s Open

When: June 19th, 20th & 21st, 2009
Where: Carlington Park and Hampton Park, Ottawa

The 2009 Gil Read Memorial Tournament will feature the largest gathering of fastpitch players the Ottawa area has seen in many years. Both men and women will come together for three days, over five diamonds and showcase the game of fastpitch to fans of all ages.

The Men’s Tournament is open to all ISCII eligible players as per the ISC rules & guidelines. You can register by contacting Blair Setford of the ISC at blairjs@rogers.com. The women’s division is open and you can register by contacting Ottawa GG’s head coach Scott Searle at scottsearle@rogers.com. You can also contact the tournament director and organizer Al Read at aread@lwlaw.com or at 613-599-9600 ext 246.