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Monday, October 30, 2017

Stittsville Bantam Girls Rep tryouts November 4-5

Bantam Rep Tryouts November 4th and 5th!
Updated Friday October 27, 2017 by Melanie Driver. 

Stittsville Minor Softball Association is proud to announce the upcoming
Girls Bantam Rep (Tier 2) Tryouts
Tryouts will take place on November 4, 2017 from 3 pm - 5 pm and November 5, 2017 from 4 pm – 6 pm at the Bell Sensplex Indoor Field in Kanata. 
This level of softball includes both game and practices in the Ottawa, as well as travel to Toronto, other Provinces, or may the USA for games and tournaments.  This team does not play house league and is intended to be the level beyond Selects in both competition and commitment.  Girls looking to tryout should be birth Year 2002 or 2003. 
We are also proud to announce the coach of the Bantam Rep team will be Dale Aiken.  Dale is a non-parent coach that is no stranger to fastpitch in Stittsville and Kanata.  He has been coaching for many years and is a Certified Level 3 Softball Instructor and Coach.   Dale was Assistant Coach in 2015 and 2016 to our own SMSA Midget Rep Team. 
If you have any questions about the tryout process, please email our competitive director Al Read at al@stittsvillesoftball.org
To register for the tryout, please also email Al Read at the above email address. In the email, include your daughter’s first and last name, birthdate, and parent phone number and email address for contact purposes.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Glen Cairn League announces award winners

from Eric Colvin, via Facebook

Glen Cairn Men's Fastball League award winners

The Martin Kamer Memorial Award for Sportsmanship goes to Tom Chambers, East Side Mario's
The Gil Read Memorial Award for the league's top hitter goes to Marcus Rice, Kars Junior Aces
The League Top Pitcher Award goes to Matt McKay, Upper Canada Elevators


Saturday, October 07, 2017

Highlights from the GOFL Championship

Highlights from the broadcast of the Greater Ottawa Fastball League championship final, courtesy of Your TV Ottawa Valley and Jamie Bramburger.


A few thoughts on the GOFL final

A few thoughts on the the Greater Ottawa Fastball League championship final last night in Micksburg.

- There was a great crowd on hand to watch. I got there an hour ahead, and there were already fans that had staked their claim to seats on the bleachers. While the majority were Micksburg supporters, there was also a good contingent of West Carleton fans that made the hour or so trek up the Valley to watch. I'd guesstimate around 200 fans onsite - great support for the GOFL.

- Having the local Your TV OV (Cogeco cable Pembroke / Ottawa Valley) on hand to broadcast the game was excellent. There was seven cameras and apparently they had replay capability too. Thanks to Jamie Bramburger for his continued support of men's fastball and setting this up.

- I've seen Corey Costello pitch some big games before and this was in my opinion one of his best in the last ten years, throwing perfect ball through five. Too bad it was against my team but it's great to see him in top form again.

- WC had a little BBQ with some refreshments post-game to cap off the season. Some of the Micksburg guys were nice enough to join us for a bit and invited us down to the clubhouse to join in their victory party. Battle on the field then drink together afterward - it's what fastpitch is all about.

- The Caveman took in the game and was a bit disappointed in the result. However, he was pretty excited afterward to get some pitching tips. The Caveman was a bit shy, which is a rare, but he worked up the nerve to ask Corey in the clubhouse how he threw his rise and drop. A pitching lesson ensued (while I held Corey's beer) showing his grip and form. Then, brother Chad (Corey's catcher) took the Caveman out to work on some practice pitches. And not a just a couple - they spent a good chunk of time throwing. What a great gesture for both guys to take time out of a championship celebration to help out a 12 year old kid improve his pitching!

- We left relatively early into the celebrations but apparently the Twins party went on well into the night. Word is that one particular Twins player had a wedding he had to get to in Windsor, with a very early morning flight to catch on Saturday at the Ottawa Airport over an hour and half from Micksburg - and he boarded the plane in full ball uniform!

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Micksburg wins third straight GOFL title, Costello throws perfect game

The Micksburg Twins won the Greater Ottawa Fastball League playoff title at home on Friday night, their second in a row and third in five years

Corey Costello was perfect over five innings, striking out 11, as the Twins defeated West Carleton Electric 7-0 in a run rule shortened game in front of a great crowd of approximately 200 and the TV cameras from local Pembroke cable station.

Andy Barber took the loss for West Carleton and relief from Steve Cavanagh.

Kyle Jackson had a three run homer, and Andrew McIntyre had two RBIs.

The Micksburg Twins and the I4C Consulting Trophy emblematic of GOFL supremacy.

Play by Play:

West Carleton starters: Kevin Shonfield catcher; Andy Barber pitcher; Jeff Cavanagh right field; Jeff Barber left field; Chris Costello third base; Jon Daley shortstop; Neil Murphy first base; Steve Cavanagh second base; Alex Boucaud centre field.

Micksburg starters: Andrew McIntrye second base; Jamey Mick first base; Joran Graham third base; Corey Costello pitcher; Kyle Jackson designated player; Chad Costello catcher; Scott Conroy right field; Matt McIntyre shortstop; Quinton Rook left field; Connor Moss centre field.

Top 1st inning: Shonfield struck out; A Barber struck out; J Cavanagh struck out. 0 runs 0 hits 0 errors 0 LOB

Bottom 1st inning: A McIntyre walked; Mick reached on fielder's choice, A McIntyre out ss to 2b; Mick advanced to second on passed ball, Mick advanced to third on wild pitch, Graham walked; Co Costello popped out to p; Jackson reached first on error to 2b, Mick scored, unearned, Graham advanced to third; Jackson advanced to second on wild pitch, Ch Costello struck out. 1 run 0 hits 1 error 2 LOB

Top 2nd inning: J Barber struck out; Costello struck out; Daley struck out. 0 runs 0 hits 0 errors 0 LOB

Bottom 2nd inning: Conroy struck out; M McIntyre singled; M McIntyre stole second, advanced third on passed ball, Rook struck out; A McIntyre singled, RBI, M McIntyre scored, earned. A McIntyre stole second, Mick grounded out 3b to 1b. 1 run 2 hits 0 errors 1 LOB

Top 3rd inning: Murphy popped out to ss; S Cavanagh struck out; Boucaud struck out. 0 runs 0 hits 0 errors 0 LOB

Bottom 3rd inning: Graham walked; Co Costello hit by pitch, Graham advanced to second. Jackson homered, 3 RBI, Graham scored earned, Co Costello scored earned, Jackson scored earned; Ch Costello popped out to ss; Conroy stuck out, put out c to 1b; M McIntyre walked; Rook singled, M McIntyre advanced to third, Rook advanced to second on throw; M McIntyre scored on wild pitch, earned, A McIntyre tripled, RBI, Rook scored, earned; Mick lined out to p. 5 runs 3 hits 0 errors 1 LOB

Top 4th inning: Shonfield grounded out 2b to 1b; A Barber flew out to lf; J Cavanagh struck out. 0 runs 0 hits 0 LOB

Bottom 4th inning: S Cavanagh to p, A Barber to lf, J Barber to 2b; Graham struck out; Co Costello lined out to 2b; Jackson struck out, put out c to 1b. 0 runs 0 hits 0 LOB

Top 5th inning: J Barber struck out; Costello grounded out p to 2b; Matt McKay ph for Daley, struck out. 0 runs 0 hits 0 LOB


Friday, October 06, 2017

Knights win Blackburn playoff final

The Knights won the Blackburn Men's Fastball League playoff championship final with a 2-1 victory on Thursday night. Jamie Blakely got the win while Andy Barber took the loss. Derek Martin had a two run homer for the Knights.


Thursday, October 05, 2017

GOFL Final game to be televised

As per Jamie Bramburger on Twitter, YourTV Ottawa Valley will be covering the Greater Ottawa Fastball League final game between West Carleton Electric and Micksburg Twins.

The game will be played Friday October 6 at 8 pm at the Micksburg diamond.


Glen Cairn League finals update: Upper Canada Elevators wins

Upper Canada Elevators won the Glen Cairn Men's Fastball League playoff finals two games to none over the Kars Aces Juniors with an 8-7 extra innings victory on Wednesday night.

Matt McKay was the winning pitcher for UCE, while Tyler Alexander took the loss for the Juniors.


Upper Canada Elevators won game one of the Glen Cairn Men's Fastball League finals on Monday night with a 5-4 victory over the Kars Aces Juniors.

UCE leads the best of three series 1-0 with game two coming up tonight (Weds Oct 4) at 8 pm at the AY Jackson diamond in Kanata.


Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Blackburn Finals - UPDATED

The Knights will play the Blue Jays in the Blackburn Men's Fastball League final.

The Knights only have to win once, while the Blue Jays need two wins in the double elim format to take the title.

UPDATE: The Blue Jays won 12-4 on Tuesday night to force a winner takes all game on Thursday at 7 pm at the Blackburn Arena.


Monday, October 02, 2017

West Carleton to play Micksburg in GOFL Final on Friday

The Micksburg Twins will host West Carleton Electric on Friday October 6 at 8 pm to determine the league playoff champion for 2017.

The Final Four teams in the Greater Ottawa Fastball League playoffs are now set. The teams will play in a double elimination format.

Game 1: Tuesday September 12 in Fitzroy Harbour, 8 pm
West Carleton Electric 6 Ottawa Valley As 3

Game 2: Thursday September 14 in Micksburg, 8 pm
Micksburg Twins 6 Kars Aces 2

Game 3: Monday September 18 in Fitzroy Harbour, 8 pm
Micksburg Twins 3 West Carleton Electric 0

Game 4: Wednesday September 20 in Manotick, 8 pm
Ottawa Valley As 6 Kars Aces 5 (Kars eliminated)

Game 5: Wednesday September 27 in Fitzroy Harbour, 8 pm
West Carleton Electric 1 Ottawa Valley As 0 (Valley eliminated)

FINAL (one game): Friday October 6 in Micksburg, 8 pm
West Carleton Electric vs Micksburg Twins


First round playoff results best of three)

Micksburg (2nd) vs. I4C (7th) - Micksburg wins series 2 games to 0
Game 1: Tuesday September 5 in Micksburg at 8 pm - Micksburg wins 3-0
Game 2: Monday September 11 in Manotick at 8 pm Micksburg wins 8-0

Kars (3rd) vs. Stittsville (6th) - Kars wins series 2 games to 0
Game 1: Wednesday August 30 in Manotick, 8 pm - Kars wins 3-1
Game 2: Wednesday September 6 in Stittsville, 9 pm - Kars wins 12-4

Quyon (4th) vs. Valley (5th) - Valley wins series 2 games to 1
Game 1: Thursday August 31 in Quyon, 8 pm - Valley wins 4-2
Game 2: Wednesday September 6 in Carp, 8 pm - Quyon wins 8-0
Game 3: Thursday September 7 in Quyon, 7:30 pm - Valley wins 5-4 (8 innings)

West Carleton (1st) - bye to Final Four