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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

GOFL standings and possible outcomes

Current standings for the GOFL as of Tuesday:

Carp 10-6-1 = 21 pts
Kars 9-3 = 18 pts
Quyon 8-6-1 = 17 pts
Barrhaven 7-7-1 = 15 pts
Fitzroy Harbour 6-10-1 = 13 pts
Ottawa Blitz 5-9-2 = 12 pts
Stittsville 5-9-2 = 12 pts

Carp I4C Victory could finish first, second or third. Carp has one game left against Quyon. If Carp and Kars tie in points, Carp has the tie-breaker in head to head action, however Quyon has the tie-breaker in head to head action between the Flyers and I4C.

Kars Aces could finish first, second, third or fourth. Kars has two games against each of Barrhaven, Blitz and Stittsville. Kars holds the head to head tie-breaker against Quyon and Carp. Kars won their only meeting so far this year against Barrhaven, but have two games remaining to determine who would hold the head to head tie-breaker.

Quyon Combat Flyers could finish first, second, third or fourth. Quyon has a game against Carp and a game against Fitzroy Harbour remaining. Quyon has the tie-breaker against Carp but does not have the tie-breaker against Kars or Barrhaven if they end up tied on points.

Barrhaven Broadway Blues could finish in any position from first to seventh! They have games remaining against Kars (2) and Quyon. They could fall as far as seventh if the Blitz, Stittsville and Fitzroy Harbour win all of their remaining games and the Blues don't win anymore games.  However, the Blues could get first if they win their remaining games, Quyon beats Carp in their remaining game, and Kars loses their five of their six remaining matches.

Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric, Stittsville 56ers and Ottawa Taylor's Blitz will all finish somewhere between fourth to seventh. Fitzroy has one game remaining against Quyon, while both the 56ers and the Blitz have two games left against Kars.


New York Gremlins win the ASA Majors, Mathieu Roy named MVP

The Gil wasn't the only big tourney this weekend, as the ASA Major event was held in Ashland, Ohio.

The New York Gremlins were champions defeating Hill United in the final.

Congratulations to Mathieu Roy of the Gremlins (also of the Donnacona Blue Sox) on being named MVP of the event. Details here on Fastpitch West.


Monday, July 30, 2012

GOFL Make up games

There are nine games to be made up in the Greater Ottawa Fastball League schedule based on rain outs and cancellations. Games this week appear to have been scheduled as follows. I will post updated information as soon as I receive it.

Wednesday August 1 in Manotick
Kars Aces vs Ottawa Taylor's Blitz at 7pm
Barrhaven Broadway Blues vs Kars Aces at 9pm

Thursday August 2 in Fitzroy Harbour
Quyon Combat Flyers vs West Carleton Electric at 8pm


Candid photo from the Gil Read Beer Tent......

Photo credit Eric Rosenquist

Tyler Nystedt of Stittsville 56ers threw out Brad Pender of the Kars Aces stealing on the weekend, a rare occurence. They discuss this fact in the beer tent on Sunday afternoon.

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Toronto Gators win 5th Annual Gil Read Memorial Tournament

Sorry for the delay, was away all day today.....but the results were posted to Twitter so you should follow me there!

Congratulations on the Toronto Gators on their win at the 9-team Gil Read Memorial Tournament in Carp this past weekend. Gregg Garrity of the Gators was named tournament MVP. 

Congrats as well to the Read family on another excellent event. Great ball, great beer tent, great weather, well organized - an all around success.

Final order of finish:
1. Toronto Gators 6-0
2. Kars Aces 4-2-1
T3. Elkland Thunderbellies 3-3
T3. Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric 3-2
T5. Stittsville 56ers 2-3
T5. Ottawa Taylor's Blitz 2-3
7. Carp I4C Victory 1-2-1
8. Chisasibi Comets 1-3
9. Cornwall Pickups 0-4

Results below:

Friday night

Kars, ON Aces 10
Fitzroy Harbour, ON West Carleton Electric 1
WP: Steve Price with relief from Brad Porter
LP: Steve Cavanagh with relief from Jason Smith.

Ottawa, ON Taylor's Blitz 11
Chisasibi, QC Comets 2
WP: Will Lowe
LP: Lloyd Matthew with relief from Robert Rupert

Stittsville, ON 56ers 2
Carp, ON I4C Victory 1
WP: Cody Price
LP: Kyle Crawford


Toronto, ON Gators 6
Kars 3
WP: Justin Schofield save by Donnelly Archibald
LP: Brad Porter relief by Cory Alkerton

Chisasibi 11
Cornwall, ON Pickups 8
WP: Lloyd Matthew
LP: Chris Nicholls

Elkland, PA Thunderbellys 5
Carp 4
WP: Ryan Cummings, Save Jamie Thompson
LP: Neil Cooke relief by Kyle Crawford

West Carleton Electric 2
Stittsville 0
WP: Jason Smith
LP: Darren Featherstone

Toronto 6
Ottawa 0
WP: Andrew Putnam relief by Greg Garrity
LP: Shannon Borho

Kars 4
Chisasibi 0
WP: Cory Alkerton
LP: Robert Rupert with relief from Lloyd Matthew

Carp 10
Cornwall 3
WP: Kyle Crawford in relief of Ian Wallwork

Toronto 7
Stittsville 0
WP: Donnelly Archibald with relief from Andrew Putnam
LP: Trevor Scott with relief by Darren Featherstone

Elkland 9
Ottawa 1
WP: Jamie Thompson
LP: Chris van Volkenburg with relief by Shannon Borho

West Carleton Electric 6
Chisasibi 2
WP: Andy Barber
LP: Lloyd Matthew relief by Robert Rupert

Stittsville 10
Cornwall 3
WP: Cody Price with relief from Darren Featherstone, Adam Smith
LP: Herb Seguin with relief from Kevin Wells

Kars 2
Carp 2
Corey Costello (Kars)
Neil Cooke (Carp)

West Carleton Electric 8
Elkland 6
WP: Jason Smith
LP: Bill Sherman with relief from Ryan Cummings


Ottawa Blitz 12
Cornwall 3
WP Will Lowe relief by Derek Bergeron, Chris van Volkenberg
LP Andrew Fortier relief by Kevin Wells

Toronto 7
Elkland 4
WP Andrew Putnam relief by Gregg Garrity
LP Ryan Cummings relief by Bill Sherman

Standings and seeding after the round robin

1. Toronto 4-0
2. West Carleton 3-1
3. Elkland 3-1
4. Kars 2-1-1
5. Stittsville 2-2
6. Ottawa 2-2
7. Carp 1-2-1
8. Chisasibi 1-3
9. Cornwall 0-4


Elkland 11
Ottawa Blitz 3
WP Jamie Thompson
LP Shannon Borho relief from Chris van Volkenberg

Kars 2
Stittsville 1
WP Brad Porter in relief of Steve Price
LP Darren Featherstone
walkoff RBI single Chad Milne


Kars 7
West Carleton 0
WP Corey Costello
LP Steve Cavanagh relief by Jason Smith, Andy Barber

Toronto 3
Elkland 2
WP Gregg Garrity, Save Justin Schofield
LP Jamie Thompson relief Ryan Cummings

Toronto Gators 8
Kars Aces 4
WP: Gregg Garrity in relief of Justin Schofield
LP: Brad Porter with relief from Cory Alkerton
Gregg Garrity of Toronto tournament MVP


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Saturday at the Gil Read

Unofficial results from Saturday at the Gil Read Memorial Tournament in Carp.

Toronto Gators 6
Kars Aces 3
WP Justin Schofield save by Donnelly Archibald
LP Brad Porter relief by Cory Alkerton

Chisasibi Comets 11
Cornwall 8
WP Lloyd Matthew
LP Chris Nicholls

Elkland 5
Carp 4
WP Ryan Cummings, Save Jamie Thompson
LP Neil Cooke relief by Kyle Crawford

West Carleton Electric 2
Stittsville 0
WP Jason Smith
LP Darren Featherstone

Toronto 6
Ottawa Blitz 0
WP Andrew Putnam relief by Greg Garrity
LP Shannon Borho

Kars 4
Chisasibi 0
WP Cory Alkerton
 LP Robert Rupert with relief from Lloyd Matthew
Carp 10
Cornwall 3
WP Kyle Crawford in relief of Ian Wallwork 
Toronto 7
Stittsville 0
WP Donnelly Archibald with relief from Andrew Putnam
LP Trevor Scott with relief by Darren Featherstone
Elkland 9
Ottawa 1
WP Jamie Thompson
LP Chris van Volkenburg with relief by Shannon Borho 
West Carleton Electric 6
Chisasibi 2
WP Andy Barber
LP Lloyd Matthew relief by Robert Rupert  
Stittsville 10
Cornwall 3
WP Cody Price with relief from Darren Featherstone, Adam Smith
LP Herb Seguin with relief from Kevin Wells
Kars 2
Carp 2
Corey Costello (Kars)
Neil Cooke (Carp)
West Carleton Electric 8
Elkland 6
WP Jason Smith
LP Bill Sherman with relief from Ryan Cummings
Standings with two games in round robin to play at 9am (Elkland vs Toronto, Cornwall vs Ottawa Blitz)
Toronto 3-0
West Carleton Electric 3-1
Kars 2-1-1

Elkland 2-1
Stittsville 2-2
Carp 1-2-1
Ottawa Blitz 1-2
Chisasibi 1-3
Cornwall 0-3

Sunday schedule

11am 3rd seed vs 6 seed   /   4th seed vs 5th seed
1 pm semi-finals
3:30pm finals


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Friday night at the Gil Read

Friday night results at the Gil Read Memorial Tournament in Carp. Remember, get the results as they come in through Twitter http://twitter.com/fitzroyfastball.

Kars Aces 10 Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric 1
Steve Price had the win, going four innings, while Brad Porter finished the fifth and final inning. Steve Cavanagh took the loss and had relief from Jason Smith.

Ottawa Taylor's Blitz 11 Chisasibi Comets 2
Will Lowe was the winning pitcher, while Lloyd Matthew took the loss and had relief from Robert Rupert. Jon Ferguson hit a grand slam for the Blitz to end the game by the mercy rule in the fifth.

Stittsville 56ers 2 Carp I4C Victory 1
Cody Price suited up for Stittsville in this one and earned the win. Kyle Crawford took the loss for Carp. Scott Parson's solo homerun in the fourth proved to be the game winner.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Carp comes back to beat Blitz (early Weds game)

from Marcel Mondoux

The early game in Manotick had Carp in town to face Taylor's Blitz in the second game of their home and home series. Neil Cooke toed the rubber for Carp and went the distance while he was opposed by Shannon Borho who was relieved by Jamie Blakely in the sixth.

The Blitz opened the scoring in the bottom half of the inning as leadoff hitter Marcel Mondoux singled and was moved to second on a bunt single by Derek Bergeron. Mondoux was out on the next play due to a force out but Bergeron scored off a hit by the next batter, Andrew Bruce to put the home side up one.

For Carp, their runs came in the top of the fifth inning when Tony MacDonald led off with a walk and was moved to second on a single by Joel Langford. MacDonald was out on the next play due to a force out, as well, but a single by the next hitter, Matt McNish, scored Langford. Bobby Jack Hart and Shawn Simzer both followed up with back to back singles which scored McNish to put Carp up 2-1.

The Blitz pushed four runs across in their half of the inning when Adam Grier singled with one out and was moved to third on Mondoux's single. Bergeron knocked Grier in to tie the game and have runners on the corners. Jon Ferguson then hit a sac fly to left field to score Mondoux. Tony Searle followed up with his first homerun of the season, scoring Bergeron also to put the Blitz up 5-2.

Jamie Blakely came in, in the top of the sixth to attempt to shut the door but Carp was ready for the test as they answered back with four runs of their own. With one out, Adam Purdy, Tony MacDonald and Joel Langford all hit singles with Langford scoring MacDonald. An error on the next play scored two more for Carp which brought up McNish to hit an RBI double to put Carp in the lead 6-5.

Cooke finished the next six Blitz batters in order to preserve the win.

Editor's note: For Caveman's Choice, Carp nominated Marcel Mondoux for his strong game at the plate, while the Blitz suggested Joel Langford for his performance - so they will share the honours!

Carp lines:
Langford - 3/4 2R
McNish - 3/4 R 2B
Hart - 1/4
Simzer - 1/2 BB CI
Purdy - 1/3 R BB
MacDonald - 2/3 R BB

Cooke - CGW 7IP 5R 5ER 9H 7K

Blitz lines:
Borho - 5IP 2R 2ER 7H 2K 3BB
Blakely - L 2IP 4R 2ER 4H K BB

Mondoux - 3/4 R SB
Bergeron - 2/4 2R RBI SB
Searle - 1/3 R HR 2RBI
Bruce - 1/3 RBI
Blakely - 1/3 2B
Grier - 1/3 R


Thursday, July 26, 2012

From puck to pitchers mound

Interesting article in the Belleville Intelligencer about a pitcher that will be at the Gil Read this weekend:



Caveman the shopper

Caveman was down in northern New York with Mrs Fastball. They were doing a little shopping near a suburban mega mall with all kinds of big box stores.

Caveman starts laughing uncontrollably. "Mommy, I can't believe it they called their store a bad word!"

Never thought of that before as I was browsing at Dick's every time I'm down there.


GOFL remaining games

The original schedule is now completed, leaving make up games only to complete. Here are the nine games in the GOFL that need to be played - no dates yet, but they will be published as soon as available.

Stittsville at Kars
Stittsville at Kars
Kars at Blitz
Blitz at Kars
Barrhaven at Kars
Barrhaven at Kars
Carp at Quyon
Barrhaven at Quyon
Quyon at Fitzroy


Blues blank Carp on Wednesday night

Info from Eric Rosenquist

Barrhaven Broadway Blues defeated Carp in the nightcap 7-0 in five innings in the late game in Manotick on Wednesday. Chad Hargrove threw very well to earn the win for the Blues, while Cody Price took the loss for Carp. Mike Branchaud had a homer for the Blues. Hargrove gets Caveman's Choice as player of the game for his complete game shutout.


Gil Read results

Results from the Gil Read Memorial Tournament will be posted as soon as I find out about them on Twitter, from my @fitzroyfastball account. Sign up to get real time updates! I will be using #GilRead2012 as the hashtag. The Blog will be updated as well, but that will be on a less frequent basis.


Gil Read Memorial Tournament - revised schedule

With a team dropping, the Gil Read Memorial Tournament is now a nine-team event to be held in Carp this weekend. Top six seeded teams make it to the playoff round on Sunday with the finals at 3:30pm. Here is the revised schedule:

Diamond 1
Friday 7pm Kars Aces vs Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Friday 9pm Carp I4C Victory vs. Stittsville 56er's

Saturday 9am Toronto Gators vs. Kars Aces
Saturday 11am Elkland Thunderbellies vs. Carp I4C Victory
Saturday 1pm Toronto Gators vs. Ottawa Taylor's Blitz
Saturday 3pm Carp I4C Victory vs. Cornwall Pick Up's
Saturday 5pm Elkland Thunderbellies vs. Ottawa Taylor's Blitz
Saturday 7pm Cornwall Pick Up's vs. Stittsville 56er's
Saturday 9pm Elkland Thunderbellies vs. Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric

Sunday 9am Toronto Gators vs. Elkland Thunderbellies

Sunday 11am seed #3 vs Seed #6
Sunday 1pm Seed #1 vs lowest seed remaining
Sunday 3:30pm Finals

Diamond 2

Friday 8pm Chisasibi Comets vs Ottawa Taylor's Blitz

Saturday 10am Chisasibi Comets vs. Cornwall Pick Up's
Saturday 12pm Stittsville 56er's vs. Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Saturday 2pm Kars Aces vs. Chisasibi Comets
Saturday 4pm Toronto Gators vs. Stittsville 56er's
Saturday 6pm Chisasibi Comets vs. Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Saturday 8pm Carp I4C Victory vs. Kars Aces

Sunday 9am Ottawa Taylor's Blitz vs. Cornwall Pick Up's
Sunday 11am seed #4 vs Seed #5
Sunday 1pm Seed #2 vs highest seed remaining


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quyon wins shootout in Stittsville

from Moe Laframboise

The Quyon Combat Flyers won a 14-11 game in Stittsville on Wednesday night over the 56ers. Joran Graham earned the win with relief from Matt Greer. Darren Featherstone took the loss and had relief from Adam Smith. There were six homers in this one: Greer and Steve McCord (2) for Quyon, Featherstone, Smith and Scott Parsons for Stittsville.

Caveman's Choice for this two bombs plus a nice defensive play at short to start a double play is Steve McCord.


Kars wins two vs WC Electric

Two well-played games of fastpitch softball last night in Fitzroy Harbour as Kars was "home" to West Carleton Electric.

Kars Aces 4 West Carleton Electric 1

Corey Costello earned the win for Kars while "US American" guest Bill Sherman of Elkland threw well in a losing cause for West Carleton.

Fitzroy lead off the game with Andy Barber doubling, taking third on the fake bunt/steal and scoring on Neil Murphy's RBI single.

Kars scored two in the bottom of the second. Chad Milne ripped a double down the first base line then scored on Chad Costello's high flying homer to centre.

The Aces scored two more in the fifth when Chad Milne walked and scored on Cory Alkerton's two run homer over the monster in right field.

Fitzroy had chances to score but couldn't cash. Jeff Barber and Derek Barber walked with one out but Costello induced a pop up and got strikeout to end the inning. In the seventh, Dave Bahm hit a pinch hit single and Grant Sherman singled. With Trevor Barton and Charlie Ross in to run there were none out and men on first and second, but Costello s4truck out the next batter and then got a double play to end the game.

For his complete game win and 16K performance, Corey Costello was the Caveman's Choice as player of the game.

Corey Costello 7IP 1R 1ER 6H 16K 2BB 1HBP

Chad Milne 1-2, BB, 2R, 2B
Chad Costello 1-3, HR, 2RBI, R
Cory Alkerton 1-3, HR, 2RBI, R
Danny Powers 1-1, 2BB
Kevin Chevrier 3-3

Bill Sherman 6IP 4R 4ER 7H 10K 4BB

Andy Barber 1-3, 2B, SB, R, HBP
Jeff Barber 1-2, BB
Neil Murphy 1-3, RBI
Jeff Cavanagh 1-3
Dave Bahm 1-1
Grant Sherman 1-3

Kars Aces 4 West Carleton Electric 3

In a very tight game, Kars prevailed with some seventh inning dramatics. Corey Costello got the start and went for three innings before giving way to Brad Porter who took the win in relief. Steve Cavanagh threw very well taking the loss for Fitzroy.

Andy Barber started off the game with a well struck solo homer to stake out an early 1-0 lead for West Carleton.

Kars evened things in the second. Chad Costello singled. With Cory Alkerton in to run on the "two out catcher", he took second on a passed ball and scored on Dave Tubman's RBI single to tie it.

In the third, the Aces took the lead on a Corey Costello solo homer which essentially was a slap bunt hit with such power it went about 240 feet over the fence.

Fitzroy ralled in the fifth. Dave Bahm lead off with a walk. After two strikeouts, Charlie Ross came into run for Bahm on "two out catcher" and took second and third on wild pitches. Ross scored on Andy Barber's RBI single. The ball took a wild hop in the outfield and made it to the fence, putting Barber on third. He then scored from there on Jon Daley's infield single to put the 'Trics up 3-2.

Kars looked like the were going to rally in the sixth, after Chad Costello singled with one out, but an inning-ending 3-6-4 double play got Cavanagh out of the jam. Meanwhile, Porter was throwing well, striking out five batters in the last two innings.

The Aces won the game in the bottom of the seventh in dramatic fashion. Dave Tubman singled to lead off, but was put out at second as Nick Ellis reached on a fielder's choice. After a strikeout, Brad Pender hit a two run walk off homer to left field for the win and to earn Caveman's Choice as player of the game.

Corey Costello 3IP 1R 1ER 3H 3K 0BB
Brad Porter WIN 4IP 2R 1ER 2H 10K 1BB

Brad Pender 1-4, HR 2RBI R
Corey Costello 1-3, HR RBI R
Chad Milne 1-3
Chad Costello 2-3, R
Dave Tubman 2-3, RBI
Nick Ellis 1-3, R

Steve Cavanagh LOSS 6.2IP 4R 4ER 8H 8K 1BB

Andy Barber 3-3, HR 2RBI 2R
Trevor Barton 1-2
Jon Daley 1-1, RBI


Blitz - Carp 8-8 tie last week; the details

from Marcel Mondoux

Thursday night at the fairgrounds in Carp, I4C Victory stormed back from an 8-0 deficit, scoring all of their runs in the fourth inning to tie the Blitz 8-8.

Cody Price and Shannon Borho started for their respective squads while Neil Cooke and Derick Bulley came in for relief to score the tie.

The Blitz started their scoring in the second inning when four straight Blitz batters reached on singles, scoring three (Ryan Mitts, Borho, Russ Mitchel - RBI, Taiki Nishimura - 2RBI). They then led off the third again with four straight runners to score three more to go up 6-0 (Bulley - 1B, Tony Searle - RBI 3B, Jon Ferguson - ROE, Mitts - 2RBI). Two more runs were added in the top of the fourth after Cooke came in to relieve Price due to an injury, when Derek Bergeron got on with a single followed by a BB to Bulley. Searle scored Bergeron on a single while Bulley scored via a Ferguson SAC to end up with an eight run lead after three and one half innings.

On the other end of the spectrum, Borho started the game pitching for the first time since June 6th and threw exceptionally well striking out five in his first three innings of work. The third time through the lineup for Carp though, proved to be enough to get their bats going. Carp led off the bottom of the inning reaching base on consecutive errors followed by 6 straight hits (Tony MacDonald - 1B, Adam Fleming - 2B, Adam Purdy - 1B, Neil Cooke - 1B, Eric Rosenquist - 1B, Ryan Chatten - 1B). Bulley came in to relieve Borho prior to the at bat with Chatten. An error on the infield allowed two more runs to score before Bulley was able to end the threat. At the end of four, the score was tied 8-8. That ended up being the final score as Cooke and Bulley settled in the rest of the way. Cooke retired the final six Blitz batters on strikes allowing only one hit.

Blitz lines:
Borho - 3IP 6H 5R 4ER 5K
Bulley - T 4IP 3H 3R 0ER 1BB 1IBB 2K

Bergeron - 1/4 R
Bulley - 2/3 - 2R BB
Searle - 2/4 R 3B 2RBI
Ferguson - 1/3 R SAC RBI
Mitts - 2/4 R 2RBI
Borho - 1/3 R SAC
Mitchel - 1/4 R RBI
Nishimura - 1/2 @RBI
Mondoux - 1/1

Carp lines:
Price - 3IP 8H 6R 5ER 3K
Cooke - T 4IP 4H 2R 2ER BB 9K

Langford - 2/4 R (2)2B ROE
Medaglia - 2/4 R
MacDonald - 1/3 R SAC
Fleming - 2/3 R (2)2B IBB
Purdy - 1/4 R
Cooke - 1/3 R BB
Rosenquist - 1/3 R
Chatten - 1/3 R


Monday, July 23, 2012

GOFL Week 11

We are now down to the final regularly scheduled week of Greater Ottawa Fastball League games before the make up games are booked in. The following are scheduled:

Tuesday night is a doubleheader with Kars Aces (7-3) vs West Carleton Electric (6-8-1). The venue for the game is now Fitzroy Harbour. Game times are 7pm and 9pm.

Wednesday night sees the Quyon Combat Flyers (9-5-1) in to the Grove to play the Stittsville 56ers (5-8-2) at 8:30pm. The doubleheader in Manotick sees Carp I4C Victory (9-5-1) in for two games, at 7pm versus Ottawa Taylor's Blitz (5-8-2) and 9pm against Barrhaven Broadway Blues (6-7-1).

The Thursday night match up in Quyon has Barrhaven making the trip across the River to play the Flyers in an 8pm start.


GOFL Standings

Going into Week 11 it continues to be a log jam in the GOFL standings. All teams have played 14 or 15 of their regular season 18 games except for Kars who only have ten:

Carp 9-5-1 = 19 pts
Quyon 7-6-1 = 15 pts
Kars 7-3 = 14 pts
Barrhaven 6-7-1 = 13 pts
Fitzroy 6-8-1 = 13 pts
Stittsville 5-8-2 = 12 pts
Blitz 5-8-2 = 12 pts


Pitcher(s) wanted for Gil Read Tournament

Due to some injuries, a team is need of pitching help for the Gil Read Tournament this weekend July 27 - 29 in Carp. Pitchers interested please contact Al Read as soon as possible at aread@solowaywright.com or Luc at allyson13@globetrotter.net.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Quyon sweeps double header over 56ers

From Shawn Laframboise

Quyon 6 Stittsville 2

WP Joran Graham with 7IP, 6H, 2ER, BB, 15Ks
LP Trevor Scott with 6IP, 10H, 6R, 5ER, 3BBs, 2Ks

Quyon scored 4 in the 1st on a walk by Dennis McCleary, sac bunt by Shawn Laframboise, single by Matt Greer a 2RBI triple by Joran Graham, a misplayed grounder to short, and RBI single by Steve McCord, a bunt single by Tim Craig and an RBI fielder's choice for Luke Young.

Joe McCleary hit a solo bomb to lead off the 3rd inning.

Laframboise reached on a fielder's choice in the 4th and scored on a double from Greer.

The 56ers scored two in the 6th and started to rally. Featherstone started with a one out double followed by a Johnny Craig single, Scott Herriot RBI single and a Dan Jessiman RBI single. Graham got out of the jam with 2 K’s.

For his strong performance pitching and hitting, Joran Graham gets Caveman's Choice for player of the game.

Quyon 8 Stittsville 5
WP Joran Graham in relief of Matt Greer
LP Darren Featherstone

Stittsville jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the 1st. yan Bond ripped a single and scored on a Scott Herriot double. Scott Jessiman reached on error and Herriott scored.
Quyon put 4 on the board in the bottom of 1. Dennis McCleary doubled, Laframboise walked, Greer sac bunt, Joran Graham 2RBI single, Nick Armitage RBI triple.

In the 3rd inning for Stittsville, Herriot reached on a fielder's choice and scored on Scott Jessiman's RBI single. Graham entered the game to pitch with 1 out in the 3rd.

Quyon put up 4 more in the 3rd. Greer and Graham both walked, Armitage hit an RBI double, McCord 2RBI double, and Young RBI double.

Stittsville's 5th inning, Bond leads off with a double, advances to 3rd on a passed ball, and tags up and scores on Dan Jessiman’s line drive to center after a nice diving catch by Dennis McCleary.

Herriot added a solo homer in the top of the seventh.

Nick Armitage gets the nod as Caveman's Choice for game 2, going two for three with a double, triple and two RBIs.


Thursday night GOFL roundup

Ottawa Taylor's Blitz 8 Carp I4C Victory 8
Carp came back from a 8-0 deficit to tie the game. Cody Price and Neil Cooke threw for Carp, Shannon Borho and Derick Bulley threw for the Blitz. Joel Langford had three doubles for Carp to earn the Caveman's Choice award in this one.

Quyon Combat Flyers 6 Stittsville 56ers 2
Joran Graham had the win while Trevor Scott took the loss.

Quyon Combat Flyers 8 Stittsville 56ers 5
 Joran Graham earned the win in relief of Matt Greer. Darren Featherstone took the loss.

more to follow


Thursday, July 19, 2012

West Carleton wins both in doubleheader in Manotick

In a reversal from the previous visit this year, West Carleton Electric swept both games of a doubleheader in Manotick with a 7-5 win over Barrhaven Broadway Blues and a 13-4 defeat of Ottawa Taylor's Blitz.

West Carleton 7 Barrhaven 5

Andy Barber was the winning pitcher for the 'Trics in the first game of the night, while Trevor Lahey took the loss in relief of Jason Smith for the Blues.

West Carleton put up two in the top of the first. Andy Barber doubled to start things. Jon Daley reached on an infield single and stole second uncontestedly. A single by Neil Murphy scored both men.

Barrhaven responded right away however in bottom of one. Aaron Amo walked to lead off. Amo took second on a passed ball, then stole third and scored when the ball was overthrown. Chad Hargrove doubled with one out and Trevor Power's two out double scored Hargrove to tie it. The Blues went ahead 3-2 when Steve Edgerton's ground rule double bounced out over the centrefield fence.

Fitzroy tied it up in the second. Jeff Cavanagh led off with a single. Steve Cavanagh then doubled to put Cavanaghs on second and third. A sacrifice fly to right by Andy Barber scored the older Cav, as Hargrove made a very nice catch on the play.

The next scoring happened in the top of the fifth. Andy Barber doubled to start things off. Daley sac bunted Barber to third. A high fly ball to left appeared to be going foul, but drifted back and landed fair to score Andy on what would have been a sacrifice fly and put Derek Barber on third. A single by Murphy gave him his third RBI on the night and the 'Trics were up 5-3. After a misplayed bunt put Jeff Barber on base, the Blues brought in Lahey who struck the next two out to end the threat.

Barrhaven once again came back to tie it at 5. Amo walked for the third time of the night (he ended the game with four) to start things. With one out, Hargrove singled, and while Amo advanced to third, the throw was bobbled and Hargrove took second. A single by Power drove both runners.

West Carleton got the winning runs in the top of the seventh. Daley singled to start. Derek Barber's sac bunt was thrown into right field, allowing Daley to score all the way from first. A walk to Murphy put two on and none out. Lahey got the next two batters out, but Troy Wilson into pinch hit reached on an infield single deep to short and cashed Barber. That was it for scoring and the game ended 7-5 for the 'Trics.

For his pitching performance and strong night at the plate, Andy Barber won Caveman's Choice as player of the game.

Andy Barber WP 7IP 5R 4ER 6H 9K 4BB

Andy Barber 2-3, 2x2B, 2R, Sac Fly, RBI
Jon Daley 2-3, 2R, SB, Sac Bunt
Derek Barber 2R, 2 ROE, RBI
Neil Murphy 2-3, 3RBI, BB
Jeff Barber 1-4
Troy Wilson 1-1, RBI
Jeff Cavanagh 1-4, R
Steve Cavanagh 1-3, 2B

Jason Smith ND 4.1IP 5R 4ER 8H 7K 0BB
Trevor Lahey LP 2.2IP 2R 0ER 2H 3K 1BB

Aaron Amo 4BB 2R SB
Chad Hargrove 2-4, 2R
Trevor Power 2-3, 3RBI, R
Steve Edgerton 2-3, RBI

West Carleton 13 Blitz 4

The second game of the night saw West Carleton prevail in 5 innings over the Blitz by a score of 13-4.

Steve Cavanagh went the distance for Fitzroy while the Blitz used four arms: Jamie Blakely who started, followed by Derick Bulley, Guy Tremblay and Shannon Borho.

Both teams started their scoring in the second inning.  West Carleton got one in the top of the frame. Neil Murphy lead off with a single but was put out at second when Jeff Barber got on on the fielder's choice. Troy Wilson then singled and Matt Bowman walked to load the bases. Dave Bahm looked to have a single up the middle, but Marcel Mondoux made a nice play to get the out at second, which allowed Barber to score the games first run.

The Blitzos answered back right away. Jon Ferguson reached on a misplayed grounder. When Tony Searle sac bunted, the throw was errant and two men were on with none out. Another misplayed grounder allowed Ferguson to score and none were out. A strike out made one, then an interference call on a play at short was a second out and another strike out left things tied at 1.

The game broke open in the third. Andy Barber lead off with a walk. Blakely had a minor injury and came off the slab, moving to right field and bringing in Bulley to pitch. Jon Daley then reached on a bobbled bunt and Murphy hit an infield single with one out to load the bases. Jeff Barber's drive up the middle scored his brother and Daley, and when the ball was misplayed an alert Murphy also scored. Then with two out Bowman singled and Bahm's first homer of the year made it 7-1.

In the fourth, the Blitz brought in Guy Tremblay to throw. Andy Barber once again lead off the inning, this time walking. Jon Daley doubled to put runners on second and third. With one out, the Blitz got Barber in a pickle on Murphy's grounder, but an errant throw allowed him to score. Jeff Barber then hit a monstrous home run deep to centre. Troy Wilson then doubled and he was scored on a Bowman homer. After a single by Bahm, Borho came in to pitch for the Blitz and got them out of the inning.

The bottom of the fourth saw one of the more interesting put outs of the year in GOFL play. Searle was hit by a pitch to start the inning. Will Mood then ripped one down the first base line, narrowly missing the baserunner and essentially going through the glove of first baseman Murphy. Searle, thinking the ball was caught, stayed on first, but it had gone out to right fielder Andy Barber who tossed the ball to second for the rare 3-9-6 grounder put out. Mood later scored on a Ryan Mitts single to make the tally 13-2.

Bulley's homer in the fifth got two more back for the Blitz as the game ended 13-4.

For his big game at the plate, Jeff Barber was named Caveman's Choice as player of the game.

Steve Cavanagh WP 5IP 4R 3ER 5H 3K 0BB 1HBP

Andy Barber 3BB, 2R
Jon Daley 1-4, ROE, 2R, 2B
Neil Murphy 2-4, 2R
Jeff Barber 3-4, 2B, 3B, HR, FC, 4R, 5RBI
Troy Wilson 2-4, 2B, R
Matt Bowman 2-2, BB, HR, 2R, 2RBI
Dave Bahm 2-3, 3RBI, HR

Jamie Blakely LP 2IP 1R 2ER 2H 0K 2BB
Derick Bulley 1IP 6R 2ER 4H 1K 0BB
Guy Tremblay 0.1IP 6R 6ER 5H 1K 1BB
Shannon Borho 1.2IP 0R 0ER 1H 2K 1BB

Marcel Mondoux 2-3, 2SB, R
Derick Bulley 1-3, HR 2RBI R
Will Mood 1-2, R
Ryan Mitts 1-1, RBI


Stittsvile wins 7-5 over Carp

from John Craig

In GOFL action Wednesday night at the Grove, the Stittsville 56ers beat Carp I4C Victory 7-5.

Darren Featherstone had the complete game win, while Ryan Chatten took the loss with relief from Cody Price.

For Carp, Shawn Simzer singled in the top of one and stole second. Joel Langford singled to left and Simzer tried to score but Ryan Bond threw a strike to the plate, 1 out. Singles followed by Matt McNish and Bobby Jack Hart scoring Langford to put Carp up 1-0.

In the bottom of the frame, Featherstone lead off with a triple for Stittsville and stayed stranded.

Both teams cruised along pretty cleanly until the 4th.

In the top of the fourth there was a single by Hart but he was caught trying to steal 2nd. Following a single by Tony MacDonald, Matt Medaglia hit a two run bomb to make it 3-0.

For Stittsville in the bottom of the fourth Scott Herriot and Bond walked, after which Dan Bradley launched a screaming line drive well over left field fence to tie things up at 3.
In the bottom of the fifth, John Craig lead off triple. Three consecutive walks to Herriot, Scott Jessiman and Bond scored Craig. Bradley's single scored two more and Bond later scored on Trevor Scott's fielder's choice to make it 7-3.

Carp made things close in the top of the sixth. MacDonald walked and Eric Rosenquist went in to run. An errant pick off attempt ended up scoring Rosenquist. A solo homer by Adam Purdy to right then made it 7-5 for the 56ers.

In the top of the seventh Carp threatened with a two out triple by Al Read but that was all Carp could muster and the game ended 7-5 for Stittsville.

For his big night at the plate (HR, 5RBI), Danny Bradley is the Caveman's Choice for player of the game.


GOFL standings tighten up

With last night's results the GOFL standings just got a whole lot tighter:

Carp 9-5 = 18 pts
Kars 7-3 = 14 pts

Barrhaven 6-7-1 = 13 pts
Fitzroy 6-8-1 = 13 pts

Stittsville 5-6-2 = 12 pts
Quyon 5-6-1 = 11 pts
Blitz 5-8-1 = 11 pts

Lots of possible changes in the standings before the playoffs start.


Wednesday night GOFL roundup

More to come on all of these, but here is your Wednesday night scores and highlights in GOFL play.

Stittsville 56ers 7 Carp I4C Victory 5
Darren Featherstone earned the win. Ryan Chatten took the loss and had relief from Cody Price. Dan Bradley of Stittsville took the Caveman's Choice as player of the game with a three run homer and two RBI single on the night.

Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric 7 Barrhaven Broadway Blues 5
Andy Barber had the win for the Electric. Trevor Lahey took the loss, relieving Jason Smith. Trevor Power had three RBIs for the Blues. Neil Murphy had three RBIs for Fitzroy. Andy Barber also did well at the plate, going 2-3 with a sac fly, two doubles and scored two runs to earn Caveman's Choice as player of the game.

Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric 13 Ottawa Taylor's Blitz 4Steve Cavanagh went the distance (5 innings) for the victory, while the Blitz started Jamie Blakely and used Derick Bulley, Guy Tremblay and Shannon Borho in relief. Bulley had a two run home for the Blitzos. Matt Bowman and Dave Bahm both had two run shots for West Carleton. Jeff Barber hit a monster bomb, tacked on a double and triple and scored three runs and drove in five to earn the Caveman's Choice as player of  the game in this one.


Carp wins title - Tournament wrap up from Au Sable

Thanks to Eric Rosenquist for this account of the Au Sable 50th Annual Tournament

Au Sable Forks' 50th annual fastpitch tournament featured fireworks on Friday night and home-run bombs on Sunday.

The I4C Victory squad from Carp, Ontario went to Au Sable last weekend hoping they could improve on their runner-up finish in last year's edition of the fastball tournament. With 2012 marking the 50th anniversary of the event, all of the teams attending wanted to see their name on the championship trophy.

I4C got off to a good start in their first game of the tournament - a 9:30 AM tilt against the scrappy Quebec Jr team. Carp scored 2 in the top of the first inning courtesy of a Bruce Hackett single that knocked in Scott Herriot and Kristian Knapp. They added to the lead in the third, getting a run via a Matt McNish single that scored Cory Morrison, followed by a Hackett two-run home run. Quebec chipped away at Carp starter Neil Cooke and narrowed the lead to 5-3 after four innings. The teams traded runs in the 5th, then Carp tacked on a couple of insurance runs in the 6th via a pair of solo home runs by Kevin McGuire and Eric Colvin. Cooke shut down the Quebec hitters in the bottom of the 6th (round-robin games are 6 innings) to make the final 8-4 Carp.

Game #2 for Carp was against the Mountain Brook Lodge Blitz at 12:30 PM. Carp went with Stittsville 56er Trevor Scott as their pitcher while the Blitz countered with Chris Van Valkenburg. Both pitchers threw well, keeping the game scoreless until the bottom of the third when Carp scored two runs courtesy of a Scott Herriot home run with Matt Medaglia on base. Carp added a run in the fourth via a Bruce Hackett solo home run and another in the fifth when Herriot doubled and then alertly scored all the way from 2nd base on a passed ball when he noticed no one covering home plate. Scott and catcher Derek Barber kept the Blitz hitters off balance throughout the game, mixing change-ups with rise balls effectively enough to avoid any sustained rallies by the good hitting Blitz lineup. Final score 4-0 Carp.

The third game on Saturday was a match between the 3-0 CPI Classics and the 2-0 Victory. CPI handed the ball to ISC Hall of Fame pitcher Paul Algar while Carp countered with Neil Cooke. Carp trailed early in this game as CPI put 3 runs on the board in the top of the 2nd. Carp got one back in their half of the 2nd when Kevin McGuire singled, advanced to 2nd on a passed ball, and scored on Derek Barber's two-out single. Carp narrowed the lead to 3-2 in the bottom of the third via a Matt McNish solo home run, but CPI got that run back with a solo shot of their own in the top of the 4th. Carp kept the pressure on CPI by making it 4-3 after four complete as Barber singled and then scored on a Bobby-Jack Hart single to left field. After surviving a leadoff double in the top of the fifth and stranding the runner at 3rd, Carp took control in the bottom of the frame. Kristian Knapp led off the inning with a double, then scored on a one-out Matt McNish double. McNish scored a few pitches later when Cory Morrison hit a triple to the corner. That was it for pitcher Paul Algar, as CPI elected to bring in Miguel Turbi to end the threat. Carp managed to get an insurance run off a Turbi wild pitch that allowed Morrison to score from third. Cooke and catcher Bobby-Jack Hart retired the CPI side in order in the top of the sixth to make the final 6-4 Carp.

The final round-robin game for Carp was a 9AM start on Sunday morning versus Gordon Oil. The early morning sun was hot, but so were the Carp bats as they managed a 5-4 win behind the pitching and 2 RBIs of Duane Bromley. Carp took a 1-0 lead in the first inning when Shawn Simzer singled, advanced to third on a Matt McNish single, then scored on a Bruce Hackett sac-fly. Gordon Oil scored 2 of their own in the top of the second courtesy of four singles, but Bromley got a much needed strikeout to end the threat and strand a pair of runners. Carp retook the lead with pair of single runs in the second and third innings. Carp catcher Al Read lead off the bottom of the second with a single, was bunted to second by Adam Fleming, and scored on a Bromley single up the middle. In the third, McNish and Hackett hit back-to-back doubles to make the score 3-2 Carp. Gordon Oil reclaimed the lead with a pair of runs via a solo home run, a single, stolen base, passed ball, and a fielder's choice. Carp went ahead to stay in the bottom of the fifth when Tony MacDonald reached on a fielder's choice and scored on Adam Fleming's RBI single. Fleming scored the game winning run when Eric Colvin and Duane Bromley followed with singles of their own to make the final score 5-4.

Carp ended the round-robin portion of the tournament with a 4-0 record and first place in the "B" pool. CPI was 3-1 to claim second place in the pool, with Donnacona (4-0) and Knoxville (3-0) advancing from the "A" pool.

The first semi-final between CPI and Donnacona saw the sun give way to dark clouds and then rain, but it didn't phase either squad as they played a nine inning gem. Paul Algar started for CPI and eventually gave way to Miguel Turbi, who in turn handed the ball back to Algar in the 9th inning with runners on base. Francis Leclair went the distance for Donnacona and earned the win in a 2-1 nail-biter.

Just after semi final #1 ended, the rain came down hard and it poured for 15-20 minutes. For a while it looked like the rest of the day might be a wash out, but the rain let up enough that the Au Sable volunteers were able to work on the field and get it back into great shape. The weather ranged from light drizzle to steady rain the rest of the day and evening; it was a nuisance, but not enough to warrant cancelling an excellent tourney.

The second semi-final between Knoxville and Carp got underway a few hours late thanks to the combination of extra innings and weather delays, but for the many fans who remained at the ball park, it was worth the wait and they were treated to another extra-inning gem. Neil Cooke got the starting assignment for Carp, with Gregg Garrity countering for Knoxville. Knoxville opened the scoring in the top of the second when Charlie Waltzman tripled and came home on a one out single. Waltzman briefly got caught in a run-down between 3rd and home since he had to tag up in case the shallow liner was caught. The Carp bench thought third baseman Kevin McGuire tagged Waltzman on the backside just before he dove for home plate, but the umpire didn't see it that way and Knoxville had the lead 1-0. Carp tied the game in their half of the second in a less controversial fashion via a Matt McNish solo home run. The third and fourth innings were scoreless, with both teams threatening and both pitchers working out of jams via their defence and some well-time strikeouts. Knoxville reclaimed the lead in the fifth when Steve Price hit a towering home run to right center, but Carp responded and tied the game at 2 courtesy of a two-out rally. Dan Loney singled, stole second, then came in to score on a Kristian Knapp single. Knapp advanced to second and then third on a pair of wild pitches that contributed to a Scott Herriot walk, giving Carp runners on the corners with two out. Knoxville elected to make a pitching change at that point, bringing Cody Price in to face his GOFL teammate Matt McNish. Price won the battle by getting McNish to fly out to left and end the threat.

The sixth and seventh innings remained scoreless, though not without some drama. In the bottom of the 7th with the score tied 2-2, Price got into a jam when Loney singled, then Knapp and Herriot drew walks to load the bases with no one out. With McNish at the plate and the infield drawn in, Price got a ground-ball to short and a force-out at home as Loney slid into the Knoxville catcher. Price then struck out the red-hot Bruce Hackett and made a game-saving play to snag a ground-ball up the middle off the bat of Cory Morrison and end the inning, sending the game into extra innings.

Au Sable tournament rules are for two normal extra innings, after which the international tie breaker rule kicks in and all subsequent innings start with a runner at second base.

Cooke retired the heart of the Knoxville order on three straight strikeouts in the top of the eighth, turning things over to the Carp hitters. Kevin McGuire and Derek Barber led off the inning with back to back walks, prompting Knoxville to put Jordan MacDonald in to pitch. MacDonald walked Carp catcher Bobby-Jack Hart, loading the bases with no one out. With the infield drawn in, Dan Loney promptly singled up the middle to score McGuire from third, giving Carp a 3-2 extra-innings victory.

After a short break to groom the diamond and perform a ceremonial first pitch, the final got underway between Donnacona and Carp - the same two teams that met in last year's final. Both winning pitchers from the semi-final games kept going, with Francis Leclair starting for Donnacona and Neil Cooke for Carp. Donnacona got off to a good start, scoring 3 in the top of the first inning all with two out. After a fly out and a ground out, Patrice Leclerc hit a line drive up the middle that bounced off Cooke's right toe for an infield hit. Trying to work through a sore toe, Cooke walked the next two batters and then gave up a 2-strike single to Leclair that scored two runs. That was followed by a single that scored JD Doucet and put Donnacona up 3-0 after half an inning. Carp fought back however, getting a run back quickly courtesy of a Dan Loney leadoff home run. Carp narrowed the deficit to 3-2 in the bottom of the second when Cory Morrison reached on an error and then scored on a two-out RBI single from Carp catcher Bobby-Jack Hart. The pitchers then settled in and worked through the rain and pain to keep the score at 3-2 through four innings.

In the top of the fifth, Donnacona looked to have taken control of the game when third baseman Matt Greer hit a no-doubt two-run homer to the parking lot beyond the left-centre fence. They added some insurance when Leclerc singled and came home a few batters later on a dropped third strike. With the game now 6-2 and Cooke's toe thought to be broken, Trevor Scott warmed up while Carp batted in the bottom of the fifth. Carp second baseman Kristian Knapp ignited a two-out rally with a single. Short stop Scott Herriot followed that with a single of his own putting runners on the corners, then Matt McNish showed great patience at the plate to draw a walk and load the bases. Carp first baseman Bruce Hackett stepped into the batter's box and a few pitches later, the game was tied as Hackett hit a grand slam to right field. The dramatic hit energized the Carp bench and inspired Cooke to head back to the pitching rubber for the 6th inning.

Donnacona catcher Joe McCleary greeted Cooke with a single and then gave way to a pinch runner. A sacrifice bunt moved the runner into scoring position, and the move paid off as the next batter stroked a single that scored the run from second to give Donnacona a 7-6 lead. Upset at blowing the lead, Cooke signaled to the bench, and manager Eric Rosenquist called time to confer with his pitcher to decide if he should keep going or hand the ball over to Trevor Scott. The time-out proved to be serendipitous for Carp as an astute fan pointed out to the Carp bench that the Donnacona runner had missed third base while rounding for home. Carp appealed to the base umpire and he concurred, calling the runner out and leaving the score 6-6 with two out. Cooke continued pitching and retired the next batter on a ground ball to third base to end the frame.

Leclair pitched a 1-2-3 sixth and Cooke retired Donnacona in the top of the 7th on a pair of fly balls, a walk, and a strike out.

With one out in the bottom of the seventh inning, Scott Herriot drew his second walk of the day, bringing Carp centre fielder Matt McNish to the plate. McNish ended the tournament in style, smashing a towering home run shot to left-center and prompting the Carp bench to empty onto the field to greet him at home plate.

Final score, Carp I4C Victory 8, Donnacona Blue Sox 6.

Great stuff Eric, thanks for documenting the results.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

5th Annual Gil Read Memorial Tournament Schedule

The schedule for the 5th Annual Gil Read Memorial tournament has been announced, with games from July 27 to July 29.

Group A

Carp, ON I4C Victory
Stittsville, ON 56ers
Fitzroy Harbour,ON West Carleton Electric
Chisasibi, QC Comets
Toronto, ON Gators

Group B

Ottawa, ON Taylor's Blitz
Kars, ON Aces
Elkland, PA Thunderbellys
Cornwall, ON Pick Up's
Donnacona, QC Blue Sox

Diamond 1

Friday 7pm Kars Aces vs. Ottawa Taylor's Blitz
Friday 9pm Carp I4C Victory vs. Stittsville 56ers

Saturday 9am Donnacona Blue Sox vs. Elkland Thunderbellys
Saturday 11am Toronto Gators vs. Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Saturday 1pm Ottawa Taylor's Blitz vs. Donnacona Blue Sox
Saturday 3pm Toronto Gators vs. Stittsville 56ers
Saturday 5pm Kars Aces vs. Elkland Thunderbellies
Saturday 7pm Ottawa Taylors Blitz vs. Cornwall Pick Up's
Saturday 9pm Carp I4C Victory vs. Toronto Gators

Sunday 9am Stittsville 56er's vs. Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Sunday 11am Cornwall Pick Up's vs. Donnacona Blue Sox

Sunday 1pm Winner of A vs. 2nd place B
Sunday 3/3:30 FINALS

Diamond 2

Friday 8pm Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric vs. Chisasibi Comets

Saturday 10am Cornwall Pick Up's vs. Kars Aces
Saturday 12pm Carp I4C Victory vs. Chisasibi Comets
Saturday 2pm Elkland Thunderbellies vs. Cornwall Pick Up's
Saturday 4pm Carp I4C Victory vs. Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Saturday 6pm Stittsville 56ers vs. Chisasibi Comets
Saturday 8pm Donnacona Blue Sox vs. Kars Aces

Sunday 9am Ottawa Taylor's Blitz vs. Elkland Thunderbellies
Sunday 11am Toronto Gators vs. Chisasibi Comets

Sunday 1pm Winner of B vs. 2nd place A


Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Week 10 schedule is in a bit adjusted from the original schedule.

UPDATE: Tonight's (Tuesday July 17) doubleheader planned for North Gower between the Barrhaven Broadway Blues and the Kars Aces has been postponed. Updated times to follow.

On Wednesday, Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric (4-8-1) is in to Manotick for a 7pm game against the Barrhaven Broadway Blues (6-6-1) and 9pm versus Ottawa Taylor's Blitz (5-7-1). UPDATE 2: The Wednesday game scheduled in Stittsville will now feature the Stittsville 56ers (4-6-2) hosting Carp I4C Victory (9-4) at 8:30 in a make up game from June 6.  The Kars / Stittsvile game originally scheduled will be made up at a later time.
For Thursday, Stittsville will be in Quyon to face the Combat Flyers (5-6-1) in a 7pm & 9pm doubleheader. The game in Carp will see the Taylor's Blitz facing I4C Victory at 8:30pm.

Quyon was scheduled to be in Fitzroy Harbour on Friday night, but that's not going to happen either. This game will be rescheduled.

Kars (7-3) does not have a game this week with the changes to the schedule.


Teddy off to the Junior Canadians

If you see Ted Metcalfe officiating at a local softball diamond in the next few weeks, be sure to congratulate him on his assignment to umpire at the 2012 Canadian Junior Men’s Championship (U21) in Owen Sound from August 6-11.

I am sure Teddy will do the Eastern Ontario Umpires Association proud with his work at the Nationals.  And if he doesn't, he will George Findlay to answer to, as George will be there as Deputy Umpire in Chief.

Congrats to both.

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Gil Read Memorial Tournament update

Looks like the Gil Read Memorial Tournament has 10 teams attending for the July 27 - 29 event. Five local teams: Carp I4C Victory, Kars Aces, Ottawa Taylor's Blitz, Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric, and Stittsville-Glen Cairn (a bit of a combination team). There are five teams travelling from out of town: Donnacona, QC Blue Sox; Elkland, PA Thunderbellys, Toronto Gators, Cornwall and the Cree Nation of Chisasibi, QC.


Wednesday doubleheader in Manotick - now with both game stories

from Marcel Mondoux

Wednesday night in Manotick sported the the two teams, Ottawa Taylor's Blitz and Barrhaven Broadway Blues, that share the diamond at Centennial Park in two "home and home" games.

Barrhaven 8 Blitz 2
Starting pitchers for game 1 had the visiting Blitz team go with Derick Bulley while the home team Blues countered with Trevor Lahey was was relieved in the sixth by Jason Smith.

Lahey retired the side in the first with 2 k's and a popout giving the Blues a quick turnaround to get their sticks going. Bulley retired the first batter on strikes before Kevin Shonfield singled and moved to second via a walk to Aaron Amo. Bulley was then able to retire the next two batters on a flyout and a groundout. 0-0.

In the top of the second, the Blitz managed a hit and stolen base by Andrew Bruce but was stranded as Lahey got a looking strikeout and infield groundout. In the bottom half, after a groundout, Lindsay Medynski and Mike Branchaud hit back to back singles and were scored by Kevin Williams two batters later giving the Blues the edge early. 2-0 Blues.

The Blitz cut the lead down to one in the third as Derek Bergeron led off with an infield single followed by an errant throw to first allowing him to reach second base safely. Taiki Nishimura sac bunted Bergeron over to third and was scored on a sac fly by Marcel Mondoux. Bottom third had Bulley retire 3 of 4 batters in the inning on 2 k's while stranding Steve Edgerton on second via his single and passed ball. 2-1 Blues.

Forward to the fifth when Mondoux reached base with a single and a stole second to bring up Bulley to score him on a two out single to tie the game at 2. The Blues respoded with 2 in the bottom half when Chad Hargrove and Jordan Adams singled to set up a 2 run single off the bat of Medynski putting the Blues up 2. 4-2 Blues.

Jason Smith entered the game in the top of the sixth inning, relieving Lahey. Aside from a walk to Ryan Mitts, Smith went unscaved allowing the Blues to tack on some more runs in their stick half. Jason Smith (not the pitcher) led off the inning with a single and moved to second as Williams walked. After getting the next 2 batters out, Hargrove stepped in at the plate to provide a big 3 run HR off the glove of the Blitz left fielder and over the fence. Edgerton came up next and hit a double and was scored by Medynski's single. 8-2 Blues.

Smith finished the Blitz off in the top of the 7th to earn himself the save. 8-2 Blues.

Lindsay Medynski gets the Caveman's Choice as player of the game for his big 4-4 night at the plate.

Blitz lines:

Marcel Mondoux - 1/3 R RBI SB SAC
Jamie Blakely - 2/4
Derick Bulley - 1/4 RBI
Andrew Bruce - 1/2 SB BB
Derek Bergeron - 1/3 R

Derick Bulley - L 6IP 8R 7ER 15H 2BB 8K

Blues lines:

Kevin Williams - 2/3 R 2RBI BB
Kevin Shonfield - 1/4
Chad Hargrove - 2/4 2R HR 3RBI
Steven Edgerton - 2/4 R 2B
Jordan Adams - 2/4 R
Lindsay Medynski- 4/4 R 3RBI
Mike Branchaud - 1/3 SAC
Jason Smith - 1/3

Trevor Lahey - W 5IP 2R 2ER 5H BB 3K
Jason Smith - SV 2IP 0R 0ER H BB 3K

Blitz 1 Barrhaven 0

Game 2 showed a bit more of a pitching duel as the visiting team threw Chad Hargrove countered by the home team going with Jamie Blakely. Both starters went the distance.

Blakely started the game off retiring the first nine Blues batters in order until Aaron Amo led off the fourth with a single. Joe Allen put down a sac bunt to advance Amo to second but was left stranded.

For the Hargrove over the same amount of innings only allowed 3 hits. Two off the bat of leadoff hitter Marcel Mondoux and a single by Tony Searle. Both runners were left stranded during their time(s) on base.

The top of the fifth inning showed some excitement in the game. Lindsay Medynski led off and continued his hot night with a single and moved to second on a single by Steve Edgerton. Blakely proceeded to walk Jordan Adams on a lenghty at bat to load the bases. A line out to the second baseman and a quick flip to first completed a needed double play for the Blitz. Blakely was able to retire the next batter on strikes to end the inning.

Mondoux led off the top of the sixth with a single and moved to second by stealing the bag. Two batters later, Derick Bulley came in clutch by stroking an RBI single to give the Blitz the only run of the game.

Blakely completed the game by retiring the side in order to give the Blitz a much needed win.

Hats off to both starting pitchers who allowed only eight hits during the game.

For his CGW, Jamie Blakely earns the Caveman's Choice as player of the game.

Blues lines:
Aaron Amo - 1/3
Lindsay Medynski - 1/3
Steve Edgerton - 1/3

Chad Hargrove - CGL 6IP 5H 1R 1ER 0BB 7K

Blitz lines:
Marcel Mondoux - 3/3 R SB
Derick Bulley - 1/3 RBI
Tony Searle - 1/3

Jamie Blakely - CGW 7IP 3H 0R 0ER 2BB 3K


Carp I4C Victory wins the 50th Annual Au Sable tournament

Carp I4C Victory were the champions at the 50th Annual Au Sable Folks Tournament, beating the Donnacona Blue Sox in the bottom of the 7th the final game. Some great coverage here.

UPDATE - a few more details with info from Eric Rosenquist:

Both semi-finals went to extras. Donnacona needed 9 innings to get past CPI and I4C Victory beat Knoxville in a rain soaked 8 inning semi.

Carp then beat Donnacona in the rain to take the title and finish 6-0. Donnacona was up 6-2 in the 5th when Bruce Hackett hit a grand slam to tie it. I4C won in the bottom of the 7th via a 2-run Matt McNish no doubt homer to left that ended up in the road beyond the diamond.

more to follow


Friday, July 13, 2012

Au Sable Forks 50th Annual Tournament

Good luck to all teams participating in the 10-team Au Sable Forks, NY tournament this weekend. There are three GOFL teams attending (Carp, Barrhaven, Blitz). As the 50th Annual event, there are some big plans.


A good week

I've been having a pretty good week. Fitzroy Junior's mite select team won both of their games this week and the Caveman got to play in both. WC Electric won both games this week. The previous weekend I got to be a small part of the Elkland Thunderbellys team that won the Lackawanna Tournament. Even my Harbour Ball team, good old Al's Corner Store, which previously hadn't won a game all season were victorious on Wednesday.

But the following exchange this morning made me pretty happy too:

I was entering some info from last night's GOFL scoresheet and Fitzroy Junior and the Caveman came over to take a look.

Caveman: "What do these numbers mean? Like 1 dash 3? And F9?"

So I explained how every position had a number and that's how you keep track of what players made the outs.

Caveman: "Oh I see, pitcher is 'one', right, daddy?"  He found a little key at the top of the score book page. But then Fitzroy Junior was confused.

Fitzroy Jr:  "But Daddy, there is a "10" on here. You are only allowed nine players on the field."

Me: "Well, that's for slo-pitch. You can have an extra player out in the outfield for slo-pitch."

Fitzory Jr: "What's slo-pitch?"

Caveman: "Yeah, what's slo-pitch? Why would you ever pitch slow, Daddy?"

Not only had they never heard of it, they both decided that slo-pitch was a dumb idea!

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Carp wins 11-6 at Stittsville with some details

Carp I4C Victory won 11-6 over the Stittsville 56ers in GOFL play on Wednesday night at the Grove.

Neil Cooke had the win in relief of Cody Price. Darren Featherstone took the loss.

Carp put up five runs in the first as the first five men to the plate scored. Dan Loney lead off with a homer. Then Kevin McGuire singled and Joel Langford walked. They were plated on Matt McNish's homer run shot. A solo homer by Shawn Simzer put I4C up early 5-0.

The 56ers responded in bottom of the first. Ryan Bond singled, Darren Featherstone singled, Dan Jessiman walked, then Scott Jessiman drew a bases loaded walk. Dan Bradley's sac fly scored Featherstone and a fielder's choice by Trevor Scott scored Jess Jr to make it 5-3 for Carp.

Back to back doubles in the second by Langford and McNish made the score 6-3.

Stittsville tied things at 6 in the bottom of the second. Darren Ladouceur lead off with a walk. Bond doubled, and Laddy scored on Featherstone's single. Dan Jessiman walked and Scott Jessiman singled to score Bond. When Bradley reached on a fielder's choice, Featherstone scored to tie the game at 6.

Carp made a pitching change, taking out Price and putting in Cooke.

In the third, Loney lead off the inning with a solo homer. McGuire tripled, Langford walked, and both scored on McNish's triple to make it 9-6 for Carp.

I4C added two more in the fifth. Bobby Jack Hart lead off the inning with a single, and Loney's third homerun of the game made it 11-6.

Matt McNish of Carp went 5 for 5 and hit for the cycle, earning the Caveman's Choice honours as player of the game.


Quyon doubles Carp 4-2

from Eric Rosenquist

Quyon defeated Carp 4-2 on Thursday night in Quyon. Joran Graham got the win while Duane Bromley took the loss.

Carp jumped out to a 1-0 lead in the top of the first when Kevin McGuire hit a single advanced to second on a mishandled grounder off the bat of Matt McNish, took 3rd on a passed ball, and eventually scored on a wild pitch.

Quyon answered with a pair of runs in the bottom of the second. Matt Greer led off the inning with a double, was bunted to third by Nick Armitage, then driven in by a Tim Craig triple. Craig scored on Earl Kearns' double, but then Carp got out of trouble with a double play from a line drive to short that doubled off Kearns.

Carp responded with a run in the top of the 3rd to tie the game at 2. Right fielder Ryan Clare drew a leadoff walk, took 2nd and then 3rd on a couple of wild pitches, then was driven in by a one-out double by Kevin McGuire.

Quyon quickly regained the lead, scoring a single in the bottom of the frame when lead off hitter Dennis McCleary hit a single and was driven in two batters later by brother Joe.

Quyon added an insurance run in the bottom of the 6th when Nick Armitage was hit by a pitch, advanced to third on a Tim Craig single, and eventually scored on a Shawn Laframboise infield chopper that the shortstop couldn't corral in time to get the out at the plate.

Carp threatened to tie the game in the top of the 7th when Matt Medaglia and Duane Bromley both reached base, but Graham got a pair of strikeouts to end the threat and the game.

Caveman's Choice for player of the game was Joran Graham who the pitching win with 17 strikeouts, allowing only one earned run and was 1-3 at the plate.

Final score 4-2 Quyon.

J Graham - W 2R 1ER 17K
D Bromley - L 4R 3ER 3K

Tim Craig (Quyon) was 3 for 3 with a triple.


West Carleton Electric wins 9-2 over Stittsville

At the annual Harbour Days game in Fitzroy Harbour, West Carleton Electric defeated an undermanned Stittsville 56ers squad 9-2 in six innings in front of a nice sized crowd.

Steve Cavanagh had the win, while Darren Featherstone took the loss.

West Carleton opened the scoring in the bottom of the first on a solo home run by Jeff Barber.

The 56ers responded with two runs in the top of the third. With one out, John Craig hit his second single of  the game. Dan Bradley walked. Both runners advanced 60ft on a wild pitch. Scott Parsons double scored both to put the visitors up 2-1.

The lead was short-lived as Fitzroy tied it up. Charlie Ross singled but was put out on Andy Barber's fielder's choice. A ground out advanced Barber to second, and Derek Barber's single tied things at 2-2.

West Carleton made it 4-2 in the bottom of the fifth. Jason Armstrong singled, then scored on Andy Barber's two run homer.

The game ended when WC Electric scored five in the sixth inning. Troy Wilson lead off with a single to celebrate his birthday and moved to third on Jeff Barber's single. Barber took second uncontestedly, and both Wilson and Barber scored on Jeff Cavanagh's pinch hit two run single.After a line drive out to short, a ground ball advanced Cavanagh to second. Andy Barber walked, and misplayed grounder put Jon Daley on and scored Jeff Cavanagh. Derek Barber's two run single then ended the game at 9-2.\

For his strong night at the plate, Andy Barber receives the Caveman's Choice award for player of the game.

Thanks to John Craig and the 56ers for making the trip to Fitzroy Harbour despite being short players.

Steve Cavanagh WP 6IP 2R 2ER 5H 4K 2BB

Andy Barber 2-3, 2B, 3R, HR, 2RBI, BB
Jon Daley 1-4, 2B, R, SB
Derek Barber 2-4, 3RBI
Troy Wilson 1-3, R
Jeff Barber 2-3, RBI, 2R, HR, SB
Jeff Cavanagh 1-1, R, 2RBI
Jason Armstrong 1-2, R
Charlie Ross 1-3

Darren Featherstone LP 5.2IP 9R 7ER 11H 4K 1BB

John Craig 2-3, R
Dan Bradley 1-2, B, R
Scott Parsons 1-3, 2RBI, 2B
Jason Cope 1-3


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Junior B provincials

Good luck to the two eastern Ontario teams in the Junior B provincials this weekend in Bracebridge. There are four teams participating, including Greenbush and Sydenham.

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Overheard in Harbour Ball

Actual conversation in Fitzroy Harbour Men's Fastball League play tonight:

Catcher: "So, what do you want for signals?"

Pitcher: "Let's do the normal ones - three knuckleball, two change up, one I just throw it to your glove."


Barrhaven and Blitz split doubleheader in Manotick

from @ottawablitz
Ottawa Taylor's Blitz and Barrhaven Broadway Blues split their doubleheader in Manotick on Wednesday night.

Barrhaven won the first game 8-2. Trevor Lahey had the win, with relief from Jason Smith. Derick Bulley was the losing pitcher for the Blitz.

In the nightcap, the Blitz shut out the Blues 1-0, with Jamie Blakely earning the win and Chad Hargrove taking the loss.

Caveman's Choice for player of the game were Lindsay Medynski in game one and Blakely in game two.

more to follow


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

West Carleton Electric wins 6-3 at home over the Blues UPDATED

West Carleton Electric ended their losing streak on Tuesday night in Fitzroy Harbour with a 6-3 win over the visiting Barrhaven Broadway Blues.

Both pitchers went the distance as Andy Barber earned the win and Paul Ceppi took the loss.

The first three innings were scoreless until the home team scored first in the bottom of the fourth. Derek Barber lead off with a single and took second and third on wild pitches. Troy Wilson scored Barber on an RBI single.

The fifth was an ugly inning for both teams. In the Barrhaven half of the frame, Kevin Williams hit a two-out single. Don Cox then hit a very high infield pop up that did not get caught putting men on first and second. Steve Edgerton drove in Williams to tie the game. A passed ball then a subsequent over throw attempt to throw out the runner allowed Cox to score, and a single by Trevor Power scored Edgerton to make it 3-1 for the Blues.

West Carleton was able to take the lead in the bottom of the fifth, also taking advantage of some miscues. Steve Cavanagh lead off with a misplayed grounder and made it to second base. Mitch Taylor doubled to score Cavanagh. Jon Daley hit an infield single to put men on the corners, then Daley took second uncontestedly. A misplayed fly ball hit by Derek Barber scored Taylor and Daley. Neil Murphy then singled to score Barber and make it 5-3 for the home team.

Steve Cavanagh hit a solo shot in the sixth to round out the scoring.

With the pitching win and no earned runs allowed, Andy Barber takes the Caveman's Choice as player of the game.
Andy Barber WP 7IP 3R 0ER 7H 12K 1BB

Andy Barber 1-4, SB
Jon Daley 1-4, SB, R
Derek Barber 1-3, ROE, 2R
Neil Murphy 1-2, RBI
Troy Wilson 2-3, RBI
Dave Bahm 1-3. 2B
Steve Cavanagh 1-3, ROE, 2R, HR, RBI
Mitch Taylor 1-3, R, RBI

Paul Ceppi LP 6IP 3ER 9H 4K 0BB

Kevin Williams 2-4, R
Don Cox 1-3, Sac, R
Steve Edgerton 1-2, BB, RBI, R
Trevor Power 1-3, RBI
Jordan Adams 1-3
Jason W Smith 1-3


Kars sweeps doubleheader over Quyon - with some details

info from Cory Morrison

The Kars Aces swept a Tuesday night doubleheader in North Gower, winning game one 6-1 and game two 7-2.

Kars 6 Quyon 1

Cory Costello had the win while Joran Graham took the loss. Brad Porter threw 2 innings of relief.

Quyon took the lead in the top of 4th as Joe McCleary doubled into the right field corner, advanced to 3rd on a passed ball and scored on a Nick Armitage sac fly.

Kars answered back in the bottom of 4 as Chad Costello hit a 2-run shot to opposite field. Kars added another in the 6th on a Nick Ellis shallow fly ball that eluded the outfielders then Christian Knapp lofted a single over second base that cleared the bases when the right fielder rolled his ankle trying to make a play.

Chad Costello was the Caveman's Choice as Player of the Game going 2/2 with a 2run HR

Kars 7 Quyon 2

Steve Price had the win in relief of Brad Porter while Matt Greer took the loss.

Quyon was up 2-1 after 4. Nick Armitage hit a solo shot for the Flyers. Aces runs included a Steve Price 2 RBI single in the 5th and Brad Pender's 3-run shot in the 6th.

Pender earned the nod as Caveman's Choice for Player of the Game.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

GOFLers join Parry Island Hawks for ISCs

With Donnacona not attending the ISC World Tournament, the Parry Island Hawks have picked up Matt Greer and Joe McCleary of the GOFL's Quyon Flyers for the tournament. Check out the announcement here.

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Monday, July 09, 2012

GOFL Week 9

Week 9 of the Greater Ottawa Fastball League schedule has eight games on tap.

Tuesday night in North Gower is a doubleheader between Quyon Combat Flyers (4-4-1) and the Kars Aces (5-3) with games at 7pm and 9pm. Also that night the Barrhaven Broadway Blues (5-4-1) will be in Fitzroy to face West Carleton Electric (2-8-1) at 8:30pm.

The Wednesday night doubleheader in Manotick sees the Blues and the Ottawa's Taylor's Blitz (4-6-1)  tangle in two games at 7pm and 9pm, with each team being home for one of the matches. That same night sees Carp I4C Victory (8-3) into the Grove to play the Stittsville 56ers (4-4-2) at 8:30pm.
Thursday night has the Victory travel to Quyon to face the Flyers at 8pm. This game was originally a doubleheader, but will now be one game with the second game to be made up at a later date.

Thursday will also see the 56ers play WC Electric in Fitzroy for the annual "Harbour Days" game as part of that community event. In order to allow the Caveman and Fitzroy Junior attend, start time is moved up to 8pm.

This coming weekend, several GOFL teams / players will be attending the 50th Annual Au Sable Forks tournament which promises to be a good time for all.


Elkland Thunderbellys win Lackawanna tournament

The Elkland Thunderbellys won the 8-team Mickey Brennan Memorial Tournament in Lackawanna, NY (near Buffalo) this past weekend, going 4-1. Tyrone McKinney led the team with three pitching victories and hit three home runs in the first game of the tournament. Bill Sherman also had a win on the slab. Grant Sherman and Dan Cevette both hit two homers on the weekend. The Thunderbellys next action will be the Gil Read Memorial Tournament in Carp at the end of July.

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Friday, July 06, 2012

Carp wins both in doubleheader over Kars - with details

from Eric Rosenquist

I4C Victory took both games of a double-header against Kars on Thursday night at the Carp Fairgrounds.

Neil Cooke had the complete-game 4-2 win in game #1, giving up five hits and striking out 13 Kars batters. Cory Alkerton took the loss for Kars with three innings of relief from Brad Porter.

Carp got off to a quick start, scoring two runs in the bottom of the first courtesy of a single by leadoff hitter Dan Loney and a grounder off the bat of Joel Langford that eluded the shortstop. A one-out single by Carp CF Matt McNish drove in both runners. Carp added another run in the bottom of the second. DP Matt Medaglia walked, was bunted to 2nd by 3B Eric Colvin, then scored on a Dan Loney single. The lead increased to 4-0 in the bottom of the 3rd when Matt McNish hit a solo HR for his 3rd RBI of the night.

Kars got on the board in the top of the 5th when Brad Pender hit his league-leading 6th home-run - a one-out solo shot. Kars added another run in the top of the 7th via another solo home-run, this time a leadoff HR from Kars 2B Scott Marion. Cooke shut Kars down after that, getting two strikeouts and a fly ball out to end the game.

In the 9PM game, Carp prevailed 6-3 with Cody Price going the distance for Carp and scattering 8 hits over 7 innings. Brad Porter took the loss for Kars with 3⅔ innings of relief from Steve Price.

As in the first game, Carp scored in their first at-bat when leadoff hitter Dan Loney stroked a double. Loney scored from second with two out when a throw to first went off-line and allowed Matt McNish to reach base on an infield grounder.

Kars answered right away, putting up two runs in the top of the second courtesy of a leadoff Dave Tubman home run and a bases loaded walk to Kristian Knapp that plated Scott Marion. Marion and Chad Costello had each hit singles with one out, and the bases were loaded with two out when Brad Pender was hit by a pitch.

Carp went ahead to stay in the bottom of the third, scoring four runs in the inning. Adam Fleming took over in RF for Dan Loney and started the inning with a single. Joel Langford followed with a single of his own, and #3 hitter Shawn Simzer reached base on a dropped third strike to load the bases. Matt McNish continued to swing a hot bat, hitting a single that scored Fleming and Langford. With two on and nobody out, Tony MacDonald executed a sac bunt to move both runners into scoring position. Kars made a pitching change at that point, replacing starter Brad Porter with veteran lefty Steve Price. Carp SS Kevin McGuire greeted Price with a single that scored Simzer and moved McNish to third. A few pitches later, McNish took home on a ball that went to the backstop, giving Carp a 5-2 lead. Price got Kars out of the inning with a strikeout and a fly ball.

Carp tacked on an insurance run in the bottom of the fifth when McNish led off the inning and was hit by a pitch. McNish advanced to second on a passed ball, then advanced to third when Tony MacDonald reached on a dropped third strike. McNish scored two batters latter when an infield single by Matt Medaglia was misplayed. Price stranded Carp runners MacDonald and Medaglia by getting a strikeout and a ground out to end the inning.

Kars closed the gap to 6-3 in the top of the 7th. Cory Alkerton pinch hit for Brad Pender to lead off the inning and gave Kars a baserunner with a single. Kevin Chevrier pinch hit for Kars 2B Kristian Knapp and looked like he had a hit up the middle as well, but Carp pitcher Cody Price made a nice play to field the ball and start a 1-6-3 double-play. The double play turned out to be key as the next batter, Kars RF Cory Morrison, hit a triple and was then knocked home by a Steve Price single. Cody Price cut the Kars rally short however, getting the next batter to ground out to end the game.

Both winning pitchers had strong performances (Cooke in game 1, Cody Price in game 2) and they earn the Caveman's Choice honours.


Thursday, July 05, 2012

Quyon wins 6-1 over WC Electric

The Quyon Combat Flyers won 6-1 over West Carleton Electric in GOFL play on Thursday night on the Quebec side.

Joran Graham had the win for Quyon while Steve Cavanagh took the loss for West Carleton.

Fitzroy got on the board in the first inning. Andy Barber walked with one out, took second on a wild pitch and third on a passed ball, scoring on Neil Murphy's RBI single.

Quyon responded right away with two in the bottom of the first frame. Dennis McCleary reached base on an error, took second on a passed ball and scored on Matt Greer's RBI double. Greer then took third on a passed ball. After a walk to Joran Graham put runners on the corners, Nick Armitage's fly to right would have scored Greer on the sac fly, but the ball was dropped as the fielder lost the ball in the sun. Cavanagh was able to get out of the inning without further damage to make the score 2-1 for the home team.

The fourth inning broke things open for the Flyers. With one out, Tim Craig reached on a bunt single and took second on a passed ball. Jordan Kearns walked, but was put out a fielder's choice at second to put Dennis McCleary on first and Craig on third. Curtis Daley's off hand drive to right scored Craig. Then Matt Greer's three run bomb made the game 6-1.

Graham settled in and retired the next nine out of ten batters to finish the game.

For his hot night at the plate and outstanding game defensively at shortstop, Matt Greer earns the Caveman's Choice as player of the game.

Joran Graham WP 7IP 1R 1ER 2H 3BB 8K 1HBP

Dennis McCleary 2R
Curtis Daley 1-4 RBI, R
Matt Greer 2-3, 2B, HR, 4RBI
Nick Armitage RBI
Steve McCord 1-3
Luke Young 1-3
Tim Craig 1-3, R

Steve Cavanagh LP 6IP 6R 4ER 6H 2BB 8K

Andy Barber BB, R
Neil Murphy 1-3, RBI
Jeff Barber 1-3


Stittsville shuts out Blitz 6-0 with details

from Marcel Mondoux

Wednesday night in the Grove pitted Ottawa Taylor's Blitz and Stittsville 56er's for their final meeting in the regular season. Jamie Blakely and Darren Featherstone started for their respective squads.

Stittsville began their scoring in the first inning. After a flyout, John Craig walked followed by three straight singles off the bats off Scott Herriot, Dan Jessiman (RBI) and Scott Jessiman (RBI) scoring Craig and Herriot. Dan Bradley drove in the 56er's final run of the inning two batters later scoring D Jessiman giving them a three run lead after one.

In the bottom of the second, the 56er's added two more. The first batter was retired on strikes bringing up the top of their order. Featherstone walked and scored on a misplayed infield fly ball which was then thrown away at first scoring Featherstone from first and putting Craig on third. Herriot then scored Craig on the next at bat with a sac fly to center.

Stittsville threatened again in the third but were unable to score any with the bases loaded. Blakely induced a ground ball to short which resulted in a fielder's choice.

In the fifth inning, the 56ers pushed across another run and had a chance to end the game in a mercy. Another ground ball was induced to short with the bases loaded which was nicely scooped by the Blitz first baseman.

The end result was a convincing 6-0 win for Stittsville and a great pitching performance by their pitcher, Featherstone, who pitched seven strong innings aloowing one hit, four walks and striking out eleven Blitz batters. By his performance, Featherstone earns tle Caveman's choice as player of the game.

Blitz lines:
Tony Searle - 1/3 3B
Jon Ferguson BB
Andrew Bruce- 2BB
Derek Bergeron - BB
Jamie Blakely - L 5IP 6R 5ER 8H 7BB 7K
Derick Bulley - 1IP 0R 0ER

56er lines:
Darren Featherstone - 1/3 R 2B BB RBI
John Craig - 2R 2BB
Scott Herriot - 1/1 R 2BB RBI SACFLY
Dan Jessiman - 1/3 R RBI
Scott Jessiman - 2/3 BB RBI
Dan Bradley - 2/4 R RBI
Adam Smith - 1/3 2B
Darren Featherstone - W 7IP 0R 0ER 1H 4BB 11K


Barrhaven beats Quyon 3-2 - with details

info from Moe Laframboise and Trevor Power

The Barrhaven Broadway Blues beat the Quyon Combat Flyers 3-2 in GOFL action Wednesday night in Manotick. Trevor Lahey had the win, with Jason Smith earning the save. Matt Greer took the loss, while Joran Graham saw action in relief.

Steve Edgerton hit a bases-loaded double to left-center in the first inning to score all three Barrhaven runs.

Greer hit a solo homer in the fourth to get Quyon on the board.

The Flyers rallied in the seventh. Nick Armitage walked and Steve McCord singled. With one out, Curtis Daley hit an RBI single to make it 3-2. When Jordan Kearns walked to load the bases, Jason Smith come in on relief for the Blues. Smith induced a pop up and game ending strike out to see the win.
Lahey was the Caveman's Choice for player of the game, with 6 1/3IP, 2ER, 5H, 6K, 2BB.


Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Lackawanna, NY tourney draw

The draw for the Mickey Brennan Memorial in Lackawanna, NY is now posted. There are 8 teams in a round robin format, including the Elkland ESA Thunderbellys, who will have a couple of guest 'stars' from the GOFL playing.


Stittsville wins 9-0 in Fitzroy

The Stittsville 56ers won 9-0 in five innings in Fitzroy Harbour on Tuesday night.

Darren Featherstone had the win for the 56ers while Jeff Barber took the loss.

The 56ers scored three in the first. Featherstone reached on an error and moved to second on a sac bunt. Scott Herriot's triple to left just about decapitated the leftfielder to put him on third and score Feathers. Subsequent singles by Dan Jessiman and Trevor Scott made it 3-0.

In the third, Featherstone led off with a home run. After a walk to John Craig and a double by Scott Herriott, an RBI single from Jessiman and a sac fly by Tyler Nystedt doubled the lead to 6-0.

Stittsville's last three runs all came in the fourth. Darren Ladouceur walked and Featherstone hit a two run shot. Later in the inning, Jessiman hit an offhand double to left to score Herriott who had reached on a fielder's choice.

For his complete game win and two homeruns, Darren Featherstone is the Caveman's Choice as player of the game.

Darren Featherstone WP 5IP 0R 0ER 2H 7K 0BB 1HBP
2-3, 2HR, 3RBI 3R

Scott Herriot 2-3, 3R, RBI, 3B, 2B
Dan Jessiman 3-3, R, 3RBI, 2B
Trevor Scott 1-3, RBI
Tyler Nystedt Sac Fly RBI

Jeff Barber LP 5IP 9R 8ER 9H 5K 2BB

Derek Barber 1-2, 2B
Jeff Cavanagh 1-2


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

GOFL Week 8

Hard to believe we are at Week 8 already in the Greater Ottawa Fastball League season, but here we be.

Six games are on tap this week:

Tonight at 8:30pm sees the Stittsville 56ers (2-4-2) face West Carleton Electric (2-6-1) in Fitzroy Harbour.

Only one game in Manotick on Wednesday has the Quyon Combat Flyers (3-3-1)facing the Barrhaven Broadway Blues (4-4-1) at 7pm. That same night at 8:30pm in the Grove has the Ottawa Taylor's Blitz (4-5-1) at the Stittsville 56ers.

Thursday night in Quyon sees the Electric cross over on the boat to face the Flyers at 8pm, while Carp hosts a 7pm/9pm doubleheader between Carp I4C Victory (6-3) and the Kars Aces (5-1).


Au Sable tourney update

from Tom O'Neill

50th Annual Au Sable Forks, NY Fast Pitch Tournament July 13-15th. Ten teams from United States and Canada competing for $2000 top prize. This year being our 50th we will have an old timers game on Friday between United States and Canada. Live music and fireworks display after the 9pm game. Hope to see everyone in the Forks! For more information and the schedule visit our website.

Good luck to the teams participating, including Ottawa Taylor's Blitz, Barrhaven Broadway Blues, Carp I4C Victory, Team Quebec and Donnacona Blue Sox.


Sunday, July 01, 2012

Teacher's pet

Mrs Fastball is a grade eight English teacher. At the end of the year, she received nice written notes from her students. This one in particular I think really demonstrates her effectiveness in her role - copied verbatim:

Mrs [Fastball],
You definately will be missed. You were such a great english teacher. I enjoyed being in your class TWICE a day. You absolutley is the best. Have a good summer. Love Rylie.