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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

GOFL finals game one postponed

Game one of the Greater Ottawa Fastball League was postponed on Tuesday night due to rain.

The series will get started Thursday night at 8 pm in Micksburg as as Twins face I4C Victory.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

GOFL Finals schedule set

The Greater Ottawa Fastball League final series is now set, between I4C Victory (4th place finishers) and the Micksburg Twins (2nd place finishers).

I4C Victory are defending GOFL playoff champions, having defeated the Twins last year in the final game of the tournament format used in 2014.

By mutual agreement of both teams, the Finals will be a best-of-three series with games as follows:

Game 1: Tuesday September 29 at 8 pm in Manotick
Game 2: Thursday October 1 at 8 pm in Micksburg
Game 3: Tuesday October 4 at 8 pm in Micksburg (if necessary)

I4C Victory reached the finals by defeating the Stittsville 56ers (2-0) and the Kars Aces (3-1). Micksburg is undefeated in the playoffs, getting by the Ottawa Valley As (2-0) and the Quyon Flyers (3-0).


Monday, September 21, 2015

I4C defeats Kars to advance to GOFL finals

I4C Victory defeated the Kars Aces 2-1 on Monday night to advance to the Greater Ottawa Fastball League finals against the Micksburg Twins.

I4C won the semi-final series three games to one over the Aces.

Andrew Putnam had the pitching win, striking out 14 and allowing five hits. Brad Porter took the loss allowing four hits.

I4C scored their first run when Kevin McGuire doubled, took third on a passed ball and scored on Joe Allan's sacrifice fly. Victory got another run when Don Cox hit a bunt single, moved to second on a passed ball and scored when Curt Scurr doubled.

Kars run came after Cory Morrison doubled and scored on a single by Chad Milne.

The schedule for the GOFL Final series will be published as soon as it is avaiable.


GOFL annual history lesson

As per the annual tradition, it is time for blog readers' annual history lesson now that our final teams have been determined.

The Greater Ottawa Fastball League and its predecessor, the Kemptville Men's Fastball League have been around since 2000.

Here are the past winners/finalists, as well as the league teams.

2000 Dolco defeated Macton (3-0)
2001 Macton defeated D.T.I. (3-1)
2002 Lomor defeated Macton (3-0)
2003 Team Easton defeated Macton (1 game final, 8 innings)
2004 Team Easton defeated West Carleton Electric (3-1)
2005 Team Easton defeated Stittsville (3-1)
2006 Team Easton defeated Stittsville (3-1)
2007 Team Easton defeated West Carleton Electric (3-0)
2008 Stittsville defeated Team Easton (3-1)
2009 Stittsville defeated Quyon (3-2)
2010 Kars defeated Quyon (2-0, series shortened to best of three)
2011 Kars defeated Quyon (FWS tournament format)
2012 Kars defeated Quyon (FWS tournament format)
2013 Micksburg defeated Kars (FWS tournament format)
2014 I4C Victory defeated Micksburg Twins (FWS tournament format)

2000 - 6 teams
Kemptville Macton Muckdogs
Kemptville D.T.I.
Stittsville 56ers
Kemptville Dolco Printing
Kemptville Thunder Juniors
Kanata Pirates Juniors

2001 - 5 teams
Kemptville Macton Muckdogs
Kemptville D.T.I.
Stittsville 56ers
Kemptville Dolco Printing
Kanata Pirates Juniors

2002 - 4 teams
Kemptville Macton Muckdogs
Kemptville Team Easton (formerly D.T.I.)
Stittsville 56ers
Kemptville Lomor Printers (formerly Dolco Printing)

2003 - 4 teams
Kemptville Macton Muckdogs
Kemptville Team Easton
Stittsville 56ers
Kemptville Lomor Printers

2004 - 5 teams
Kemptville Macton Muckdogs
Kanata Team Easton
Stittsville 56ers
Manotick Lomor Printers
Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric

2005 - 4 teams
Kanata Team Easton
Stittsville 56ers
Manotick Lomor Printers
Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric

2006 - 6 teams
Kanata Team Easton
Stittsville 56ers
Manotick Lomor Printers
Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Carp I4C Victory
Ottawa Blitz

2007 - 8 teams
Ottawa Team Easton
Stittsville 56ers
Manotick Lomor Printers
Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Carp I4C Victory
Ottawa Blitz
Quyon Combat Flyers
Orleans Gators

2008 - 9 teams
Ottawa Team Easton
Stittsville 56ers
Manotick Lomor Printers
Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Carp I4C Victory
Ottawa Blitz
Quyon Combat Flyers
Orleans Gators
Greely DNTW Eagles

2009 - 9 teams
Ottawa Team Easton
Stittsville 56ers
Manotick Lomor Printers
Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Carp I4C Victory
Ottawa Blitz
Quyon Combat Flyers
Orleans Gators
Greely DNTW Eagles

2010 - 8 teams
Kars Aces (formerly Team Easton)
Stittsville 56ers
Barrhaven Broadway Blues (formerly Lomor Printers)
Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Carp I4C Victory
Ottawa Blitz
Quyon Combat Flyers
North Gower Marlboroughs (formerly Greely Eagles)

2011 - 7 teams
Kars Aces
Stittsville 56ers
Barrhaven Broadway Blues
Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Carp I4C Victory
Ottawa Taylor's Blitz
Quyon Combat Flyers

2012 - 7 teams
Kars Aces
Stittsville 56ers
Barrhaven Broadway Blues
Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Carp I4C Victory
Ottawa Taylor's Blitz
Quyon Combat Flyers

2013 - 8 teams
Kars Aces
Stittsville 56ers
Barrhaven Broadway Blues
Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Carp I4C Victory
Manotick Taylor's Blitz (changed name to Manotick)
Quyon Flyers
Micksburg Twins

2014 - 7 teams
Kars Aces
Stittsville 56ers
Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
I4C Victory
Quyon Flyers
Micksburg Twins
Kanata Pirates

2015 - 7 teams
Kars Aces
Stittsville 56ers
Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
I4C Victory
Quyon Flyers
Micksburg Twins
Ottawa Valley As

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GOFL Playoff schedule - finals schedule to be determined


2nd Micksburg Twins vs 4th I4C Victory
Schedule to be determined


1st Kars Aces vs 4th I4C Victory (I4C wins 3-1) 
Game 1: Wednesday Sept 2 and Thursday Sept 10: I4C Victory 3 Kars 0
Game 2: Thursday September 10: Kars 10 I4C Victory 8
Game 3: Thursday September 17:  I4C Victory 1 Kars 0
Game 4: Monday September 21: I4C Victory 2 Kars 1

2nd Micksburg Twins vs 3rd Quyon Flyers (Micksburg wins 3-0)
Game 1: Tuesday September 8: Micksburg 4 Quyon 1
Game 2: Thursday September 10: Micksburg 4 Quyon 1
Game 3: Tuesday September 15: Micksburg 5 Quyon 2


2nd Micksburg Twins (11-5-2) vs 7th Ottawa Valley As (5-13) - Micksburg wins 2-0
Game 1: Monday August 24: Micksburg 9 Valley As 1
Game 2: Thursday August 27: Micksburg 9 Valley As 1

3rd Quyon Flyers (9-8-1) vs 6th West Carleton Electric (6-10-2) - Quyon wins 2-1
Game 1: Tuesday August 18: Quyon 3 West Carleton 1
Game 2: Monday August 24: West Carleton 2 Quyon 1
Game 3: Tuesday September 1: Quyon 14 West Carleton 3

4th I4C Victory (8-6-3) vs 5th Stittsville 56ers (7-11) - I4C wins 2-0
Game 1: Wednesday August 19: I4C Victory 1 Stittsville 0 (in Manotick)
Game 2: Wednesday August 26: I4C Victory 3 Stittsville 0 (in Stittsville)


Friday, September 18, 2015

Scott Searle receives inaugural OIWFA Outstanding Contribution Award

Congratulations to Scott Searle of Ottawa who has been recognized for his contribution to the Ontario Intrercollegiate Women's Fastpitch Association -  more on Al's Fastball.


Glen Cairn playoff finalists determined

The playoff finalists have been determined in the Glen Cairn Men's Fastball League.

The best of three series will see Laurysen Kitchens facing Upper Canada Elevators.  Game one is Monday at 7 pm at the AY Jackson diamonds in Kanata.

UCE won their semi-final series 2 games to 1 over Don Cherry's, while Laurysen swept East Side Mario's two games straight.


Steve Fitzsimmons achieves next level

Congratulations to local official Steve Fitzsimmons recently achieved his Level IV fastpitch umpire certification.


Harbour Ball wraps up for 2015

The eight team Fitzroy Harbour Men's Fastball League playoffs wrapped up last night with All in One Septic & Excavating winning the championship game 8-5 over Nixon Enterprises. Adam Rueckwald and Rory Burns combined for the pitching win while Ryley Burns and Andy Roper took the loss.

All in One also won the league tournament, while Shouldice Mechanical were regular season pennant winners. Murphy's Plumbing won the consolation bracket in the playoffs.


I4C Victory wins pitchers' duel 1-0 over Kars Aces

I4C Victory took a two games to one lead over the Kars Aces in the best-of-five Greater Ottawa Fastball League semi-finals with a 1-0 win on Thursday night.

Andrew Putnam had the win, allowing three hits in earning the shutout. Brad Porter took the loss, only giving up five hits.

Curtis Scurr scored the game's only run after hitting a single and scoring on Chris MacFarlane's triple.

Next game in the series is scheduled for Monday September 21 at 8 pm in Manotick.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Micksburg advances to GOFL finals

The Micksburg Twins advanced to the Greater Ottawa Fastball League playoff finals with a 5-2 win over the Quyon Flyers on Tuesday night. The win meant that that the Twins swept the best-of-five semi-finals.

Joran Graham had the win for Micksburg and hit a solo home run to help his cause. Corey Costello had a three run homer for the Twins. Trevor Lahey took the loss and had relief from Matt Greer.

info from Paul Griffith

The Micksburg Twins hosted the Quyon Flyers Tuesday night in Micksburg for game three of the Greater Ottawa Fastball League semi-finals. Both teams stuck with their starting pitchers from game two, Joran Graham for the home side and Trevor Lahey for the Flyers.

The visiting squad got on the board in the first when their lead off batter Dave  Hobbs drew a walk then advanced to second on an over throw, then to third,  eventually scoring with two outs in a passed ball making it 1-0. 

The home side answered back right away as their lead off batter Matt McIntyre got hit by pitch. He then moved over to second on a Jamey Mick single and came around to score on a Corey Costello double to right centre making the score 1-1.

Quyon got the lead back in the third as Matt Greer got a RBI single making the score 2-1.

The Twins again answered back in the bottom half as both Graham and Mick drew back to back walks to start the inning, bringing up Corey Costello who hit a deep home run to left centre giving the home side a 4-2 lead and his 4th RBI of the game.

Micksburg added to the lead in the 5th as Graham helped out his own cause with a solo homer in to left making the score 5-2 and chasing Lahey out of the game as Greer came in the game to pitch.

The Twins were able to retire the Flyers in the next innings making the final 5-2 and complete the three game sweep advancing to the GOFL finals.
Win-Joran Graham
Loss -Trevor Lehay relief Matt Greer 

Twins Hitting
Corey Costello 2-2 dbl HR 4RBI
Joran Graham 1-3 HR 2R 
Jamey Mick 1-2 R
Paul Griffith 1-2

Chad Costello 1-3 


Monday, September 14, 2015

Memories of Elkland 2015 (ninth annual edition)

As per previous years, below is the annual Memories of Elkland post with info and recollections of the 63rd Durk Sherman Classic held over Labour Day weekend in Elkland, Pennsylvania. Names are withheld to protect the guilty, where necessary.

This tournament is a great event, with excellent organization and held at a quality facility. It's the highlight of my season, going to what is now a familiar place to see some US American friends and enjoying a long weekend ball tournament.

Here are a few highlights of this year's event:

The results:
Same as the 2014 edition, this year's tournament had 14 teams registered. CPI were the winners, with Northeast Drillers finishing second. New York Bombers finished in third.

Amongst teams from eastern Ontario, Broker4Tickets finished 3-2, while West Carleton Electric were 1-2. Kingston Axemen made their first appearance and had a 2-2 record.

The surprise of the tournament had to be the excellent run of the Greenbush Generals, another eastern Ontario team with a long history of attending this tournament. Terry McCann's squad posted a 4-2 record, good enough for fourth place.

New this year was online statistics for the games, posted on Al's Fastball. Generally speaking, they weren't too bad - but they did miss a rare pinch hit RBI by a certain blogger who was displeased to see his batting stats incomplete.

The pitchers:
As usual, there was an assortment of pitchers at Elkland - from the local league variety to guys with national team experience.

CPI had Gregg Garrity and Miguel Turbi. Northeast Drillers pitchers were Juan Potolicchio and Caleb Keeshig. Andrew Phibbs threw for CPI. Blair Ezekiel was there for Elkland along with Brad Porter.

For the eastern Ontario teams, Patrice Leclair, Rob Schweyer and Neil Cooke pitched for Broker4Tickets. West Carleton had Andy Barber and Trevor Lahey. Kingston Axemen rode the arm of Jordan Macdonald the entire weekend. Greenbush had Adam Smith, Bill Carson and Luke Severson.

The super sub:
Interesting line up changes happen in Elkland on a fairly frequent basis. But, it would be tough to top the addition to the line up made in the NY Bombers - Jersey Shore Generals game. Jersey Shore only had nine guys, and when their centre fielder crashed into the outfield fence so hard he couldn't continue they had a problem since they didn't have any subs. Luckily, The Lip was keeping score. So, under a little known ESA rule, the scorekeeper was activated into the Generals line up and played first base in his jeans, do-rag and wife-beater. In case you have never heard of The Lip, you can learn more here.

The Elkland Softball Association Complex:
The ESA complex was as always in excellent condition for the weekend as Bill Sherman and crew had the place looking great. As every year, there were many dedicated volunteers working hard to keep things going. The outfield fence on the main diamond has also been redone with some new sponsors. This year, there was an addition of a brand new scoreboard, courtesy of the Moose, featuring a pitch speed radar. A great addition to the facility.

The chicken pit once again lived up to expectations. It's so tasty people come from long distances just to enjoy lunch. For instance, West Carleton had a gorilla all the way from Dunville, Newfoundland attend the tournament with them just to get a chicken. According to Google Maps, that's 3,096 km (1,924 miles)!

I was happy to see that the Canadian flag was still flying at the main field. I personally couriered a replacement Maple Leaf down to the ESA Complex to ensure that our flag would be kept in appropriate condition. In the spirit of the North American Free Trade Agreement, one twenty-four pack of Yuengling Beer was exchanged for the new flag.

Local tragedy:
Speaking of flags, they were at half mast around Elkland for the weekend. Sergeant Jack Snyder of the Elkland Police Department died in a motorcycle accident earlier in the week. During the games on Saturday, there was a loud procession of emergency vehicles around town sounding their sirens, and there was also a moment of silence held on Sunday for Sgt Snyder.

The weather:
Most years at this tournament, the weather is a roll of the dice. You could get three seasons in one day. However, the 2015 edition will be remembered for having pretty much perfect weather. Hot, sunny and with the exception of a little drizzle late on Sunday, no precipitation at all. It got a bit cool at night, but not as cold as previous years. No tarps to be pulled = happy ESA players!

The only real weather quirk was in the Sunday night game, when the fog rolled in. The fog was so thick, from my vantage point in the stands behind the first base bench, the shortstop was barely visible and you could have put three guys in left field and nobody would have noticed. But, the game got finished and nobody got hurt.

The locals:
It was good to see the regular assortment of locals. Our 'bat boy' from years gone by, Jesse, was there once again.

The volunteers work hard at the concession stands, keeping ball players and fans refreshed and it's good to see familiar faces back year after year helping out.

One local that was not there was Ugo the announcer. I am not sure of the circumstances, but I hope to see / hear him back on Field 1 for the 64th edition of the Durk Sherman Classic.

Base camp:
Since there are no motels in Elkland, most teams either stay in accommodations twenty minutes or farther away, while some camp at the park. The sites feature running water, and electrical hook ups. (Other kinds of hook ups, which of course do not happen in Elkland, will not be discussed on this site.)

West Carleton Electric traditionally sets up "base camp" at field to minimize the logistical complexities. Once again it was a great idea, and fun was had by all. For example, we had two Elkland rookies with us, and they were of course indoctrinated in the Beer Can Swim, first introduced to base camp in 2010.

Base camp this year had a visit from a seniors' touring group (aka two Trics' dads, one dad of a former Tric and another fan of the Trics). Average age, late 60s. They enjoyed themselves thoroughly in Elkland -  more on that below.

The only downside was the noisy LOUD GUY next door (see the 2014 Memories - same guy) who loved to shout ridiculous questions at the top of his lungs early in the morning ("PATTY - WHERE'S MY WALLET!? WHERE'S MY WALLET, PATTY!?") while playing a radio station featuring hits of the 80s. Just what every ball player wants to hear at 7:30 am after getting to bed at 3 am - the theme from Ghostbusters turned to 11.

While base camp members enjoyed a fine assortment of beer, we also upped our game with a fine after dinner appertif known as the Razz-Basco. The recipe: pour an ounce or so of vodka into a shot glass. Next, add raspberry syrup, which then sits on the bottom. Follow that with a dash of Tabasco sauce on top of the syrup. Drink up - surprisingly tasty!

By the way, to the guys that were camping over near the fence - not sure what team you were with - rookie mistake leaving your leftover pizza in plain sight as you went out to the Moose. Late night munchies are inevitable, and leaving your food out like that is just asking for vultures to appear. (Wasn't me, for the record.)

The Moose:
Purely in the interest of Blog Research, I was at the local Moose on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

As in previous years, it was a popular place for ballplayers to have a drink or three after their games were over. It's still a place to get a $2 beer, which to achieve in Canada would require a time machine back to the 80s. The Moose has a great vibe, lots of fun and familiar faces, swapping stories, talking about old times and plans for next year.

Friday we got to see a gorilla full spread-eagle across a pool table, which was quite a sight.

Saturday was definitely the busiest night, with the Moose packed solid, including some guys from la belle province experiencing all the place had to offer for the first time and taking full advantage. That night, one regular attendee to the tournament set up an "autograph station" at the bar, signing anything and everything, including every American bill in my wallet ("Don't bother giving me any of that Canadian money, I'm not signing that.") Saturday also saw the West Carleton Seniors Touring Group get ejected from the Moose, for reasons unknown. I don't know if I've ever seen anyone booted from the moose, but these four guys with combined age of about 250 made it happen!

On Sunday, the DJ was spinning some solid tunes and we got to see some slick moves from ball players, including one pitcher who was tearing up the floor with an interesting "chair dance" and generally entertaining all in attendance. (He may or may not have been briefly pants-less at one point as well.) There was also another player known more for his speed on the basepaths who was seen making some pretty quick decisions in the Moose as well.

Full credit to the two ladies on the Moose staff, they work hard - and they know their clientele. I went up to the bar on Friday night, and before I even got up to the rail, they had a Yuengling on the counter. I've been to Elkland every year since 2007, but that's only one weekend a year I'm in the place - granted, two or three times each year, but still. I guess I'm memorable.

Now, one time I did buy a $2 beer from those fine ladies with a $20 and got $8 change. I'm not sure whether it was an honest mistake or they figured I wouldn't notice given the length of time I'd been in the place. Anyway, I did notice, but figured what the heck, for all the hassle they had to put up with I could give them a $10 tip this once.

For all the conversations I had in the Moose over the weekend, one stands out. A guy introduced himself, and we chatted about a few guys we had both played ball with. Then he told me "Your blog is pretty much the reason why I came to this tournament for the first time." Nice to hear.

The conclusion:
As always, it was an outstanding venue, with some excellent softball games and a top notch host team that makes it happen.

I'm looking forward to the 64th edition of the Durk Sherman Classic, which will be my tenth trip to Elkland. The ninth was great, but the tenth should be epic. (Do the cool kids still say "epic" or am I dating myself?)

I have written it many times on this blog, and it bears repeating: if you love fastpitch softball, enjoy seeing old friends and making new ones, and you have never been to Elkland, make plans to go either as a player, coach or fan. It is really worth the trip.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Name that GOFLer contest is back

A few times in the past I have run a "name that GOFLer" contest. With nothing to do during today's rainy weather keeping me from cutting the grass, I thought I'd try another one.

Reminder - the "rules": This contest tests your knowledge of players in the Greater Ottawa Fastball League. See below for four sets of images, each representing an individual. If you know the real names of those represented below, put your answers in the comments and leave your name. Comments are moderated, so they answer won't appear immediately until I approve them.

First person to get all four correct receives a complementary Yuengling beer from Elkland smuggled back properly declared at the border last weekend.


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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Softball not the only summer past time for Fitzroy Junior and the Caveman

....from this week's West Carleton Review

Absent from the photo: Their husband / father who was putting clubs in the car.

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I4C Victory and Kars split first two games of semi-finals (WITH DETAILS)

In the continuation of the first game of the best-of-five Greater Ottawa Fastball League semi-final series on Thursday night, I4C Victory held on for a 3-0 win over the Kars Aces.

Andrew Putnam earned the pitching victory, while Brad Porter had the loss, with relief from Luke Severson.

The second game of the series immediately followed. Kars won that match 10-8 to tie the series at a game apiece.

Brad Porter had the win in relief of Luke Severson. Neil Cooke took the loss and had relief from Andrew Putnam. Chad Milne and Matt Alkerton had homeruns for Kars.

info from Chad Milne

Game 1:
In the continuation of game 1 from eight days earlier, Kars and I4C picked up the action in the bottom of the sixth with I4C leading 3-0 and Kars batting with none on, none out and a 1-2 count on the batter. After a one-pitch strikeout to start, consecutive singles by Kurtis Summers and Nick Ellis brought the tying run to the plate for Kars, but Andrew Putnam was able to induce a popout and get a strikeout to end the Kars' threat.

In the bottom of the seventh, Kars again brought the tying run to the plate with one out after Danny Powers reached base on an infield error and Matt Alkerton was hit by a pitch, but again Putnam ended the Kars' threat with two strikeouts, securing the 3-0 win for I4C and putting them ahead in the series 1-0.

Game 2:
In game 2, Luke Severson started for Kars while Neil Cooke started for I4C.

After a close game 1, I4C came out swinging, pounding the ball and sending nine batters to the plate en route to scoring five times in the bottom of the first inning.

Kars answered with four runs in the top of the third. With one out, Brad Pender singled, stole second and was brought home on a single by Ellis. This was Kars' first run in 10 innings of play in the series to that point. Ellis later moved into scoring position on a passed ball and was singled home by Cory Morrison. Chad Milne then hit a two-run homerun to right field to bring Kars to within one run at 5-4.

I4C added a single run off Brad Porter in the bottom half of the third inning to make the score 6-4. Porter had started the second inning in relief of Severson.

In the top of the fourth, Kars put up another four runs. Matt Alkerton homered leading of the inning. Porter then dropped a single in right field, but was erased on a fielder's choice when Matt McNish made a nice diving stop on a Brad Pender ground ball in the hole between first and second. Pender then advanced to second on a ground out and with two out, Ellis grounded a ball that the I4C first baseman Putnam fielded ranging far to his right. It was then a race to first base with both Ellis and Putnam sliding into the bag. Ellis reached just ahead of Putnam, allowing Pender to score all the way from second base on the play. Morrison then singled, moving Ellis to third. Milne followed with a walk on a 3-1 count. I4C did not agree with the ball four call and while discussions ensued, Ellis sneaked home from third base. Scott Marion then singled home Morrison with Kars' fourth run of the inning, making the score 8-6 Kars.

I4C tied the game 8-8 in the bottom of the fifth scoring two runs, but Kars took the lead back in the top of the sixth. Ellis led off with a walk against Putnam, who had come on to pitch in relief of Cooke to start the fifth inning. Morrison sacrificed Ellis to second and Milne drove him home with a single up the middle.

Kars added an insurance run in the seventh. Pender walked to lead off and immediately stole second. With one out, Pender took off for third base and made a nice slide to avoid the tag by the I4C third baseman. He later scored on a wild pitch, putting Kars ahead 10-8.

I4C did not go quietly in the bottom of the seventh, putting a couple runners on base, but Porter was able to secure the victory with a couple strikeouts and inducing a popout to end the game. The best-of-five series now tied 1-1.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Micksburg takes 2-0 lead in semi-final series (WITH DETAILS)

After winning game one at home 4-1, the Micksburg Twins were victorious by the same score in Greater Ottawa Fastball League semi-final playoff action Thursday night in game two in Quyon.

The home town Flyers had a 1-0 lead going into the seventh, but a grand slam by Scott Conroy put the Twins ahead.

Joran Graham had the pitching win for Micksburg, while Trevor Lahey took the loss.

info from Paul Griffith

The Micksburg Twins travelled across the border Thursday night to Quyon for game two of the Greater Ottawa Fastball League semi-finals.

Pitching match-ups were the same as game one: Joran Graham for the Twins and Trevor Lahey for the home side.

The Flyers took a early lead in the first as the lead off batter Dave Hobbs hit a ball between the outfielders making his way to third and scored on a passed ball making it 1-0.

Both teams struggled offensively as each pitcher settled in. At one point Graham retired 12 in a row all via strike outs.

With Quyon still leading 1-0 in the seventh, the visitors started things off with back to back singles by Jamey Mick and Corey Costello. With runners on the corners and none out, the Flyers elected to walk Chad Costello loading the bases. Then with one out, Scott Conroy took his second pitch he saw and drilled it on a line to left center clearing the fence for the grand slam and giving the Twins a 4-1 lead.

Graham was able to shut down the Flyers in the bottom half earning the win in an impressive outing, striking out 18 giving the Twins a 4-1 win and a 2-0 series lead in the best-of-five semi-final.

Game three is scheduled for Tuesday September 15 at 8 pm in Micksburg.

Win- Joran Graham 7ip 18k 3h 1bb
Loss-Trevor Lahey

Micksburg hitting
Jamey Mick 2-3 R
Corey Costello 1-3R
Quintan Rook 1-3
Scott Conroy 1-3 GS HR 4RBI

Quyon hitting
David Hobbs 1-3 R
Jordan Kearns 1-2
Nick Armitage 1-3
Matt Greer BB


Harbour Ball finalists determined

Fitzroy Harbour Men's Fastball League aka Harbour Ball finalists have been determined. All in One Septic & Excavating will face Nixon Enterprises in a best-of-three series starting on Tuesday at 7 pm.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Gloucester Heating takes BMFL championship

Gloucester Heating won the Blackburn Men's Fastball League championship on Tuesday night with a 4-3 victory over Goodfellows in the "if necessary" game of the double knockout playoffs.


Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Micksburg wins first game of semi-finals vs Quyon (WITH DETAILS)

The Micksburg Twins won the first game of their semi-final series 4-1 over the Quyon Flyers on Tuesday night play in the Greater Ottawa Fastball League.

Joran Graham had the win while Trevor Lahey took the loss.

Game two in the series is Thursday at 8 pm in Quyon.

info from Paul Griffith

The Quyon Flyers travelled up to Micksburg for game one of the Greater Ottawa Fastball League semi-finals on Tuesday night. Micksburg Twins started Joran Graham and the Flyers sent lefty Trevor Lahey.

The home side got on the board first as Joran Graham hit a hard single up the middle and then advanced to third on a Jamey Mick single. Next up Corey Costello followed suit and hit a single to left scoring Graham. Twins added one more run as Mick scored on a Chad Costello single. 

Micksburg added to their lead in the second as Kurt Levet drew a lead off walk and later scored on a Graham double giving the home side a 3-0 lead.

Quyon got on the board in the third as as Shawn LaFramboise hit a RBI double. That is all the visiting team was able to muster as Graham had a good start striking out 15 and allowing 5 hits . 

The Twins added one more run in the fourth on a Mick single giving them the 4-1 win and a 1-0 lead in the series.

Joran Graham- 7 ip 5H 15K 2BB 1ER

Micksburg Hitting
Joran Graham 3-3 2dbl RBI R
Jamey Mick 2-3 RBI R
Corey Costello 1-4 RBI
Chad Costello 1-3 RBI

Quyon Hitting
M. Greer 2-3, 2B, BB
S. Laframboise 1-4, 2B, RBI
T. Lahey 1-3, 2B
D. McCleary 1-3


Lyn Men win North Leeds League final

from Joe Murray

The Lyn Men's team is the playoff champion in the North Leeds Men's Fastball League, sweeping the final two games to none over the Lyn U18 team.


Loughborough league playoff finals between North Fred and Sydenham

from Jeff Hannah

The Loughborough Fastball League Finals have been set.

Both semi finals series went the distance with North Fred defeating Enterprise, and Sydenham defeating the Napanee Shoeless Joe's Juniors.

The Finals start tonight between Sydenham and North Fred at 8:30 pm in North Fredericksburg.


Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Become an NCCP Learning Facilitator/Evaluator with Softball Ontario!

TORONTO, ON - Softball Ontario announces the call for applications for Learning Facilitators for Softball Ontario National Coaching Certification Program clinic for the sport of Softball. Our clinic line-up includes Learn to Coach, Community Softball Coach and Competition-Introduction, Softball. The Learning Facilitator training will take place in 2016 February in Toronto, ON. Softball Ontario invites you to join us in this new and exciting step in the development of softball in Ontario through Competency Based Education training and the new NCCP.

Softball Ontario Learning Facilitator qualifications include:
  • Must be trained or certified in the NCCP context they are facilitating
  • Strong communication and administrative skills
  • A keen interest in Coach Development
  • An understanding of the NCCP Coaching Program specifically in Softball
  • Strong Leadership Skills
  • Coaching Experience is an asset
  • Teaching and facilitation experience in an adult education environment is considered an asset
  • Has post-secondary education degree is considered an asset
  • Have the ability to engage learners
  • Have the ability to demonstrate the use of technology
  • Must sign Softball Ontario’s Confidentiality Agreement
  • Must complete Softball Ontario Volunteer Application
 Responsibilities of a Softball Ontario Learning Facilitator:
  • To provide a report or to appear at all Softball Ontario Coaching Meeting when required
  • Receive and review all materials/minutes distributed by Softball Ontario
  • Do tasks as assigned by the Coaching Committee and/or Chairperson
  • Help Promote the Softball Ontario Coaching Program
  • Attend Learning Facilitator Training with Softball Ontario
  • Facilitate at NCCP Coaching Clinics for Softball Ontario
  • Commit to facilitate at a minimum of two (2) Learn to Coach Clinic or two (2) Keep Coaching Clinics or a Competition-Introduction, Softball Clinics between January and June 2016
  • Adhere to all Softball Ontario and Coaching Policies and Protocol
  • To annually evaluate the NCCP clinic form and provide recommendations to Softball Canada for improvement
The new NCCP has been offered to softball coaches in Ontario since 2005 and has trained over 1000 softball coaches which makes Ontario the leaders in Canada in coach education in the new NCCP in softball. Softball Ontario would like to invite you to attend the Learning Facilitator clinic free of charge to become one of our future Learning Facilitators/Evaluators. Travel (mileage) and accommodations will be provided by Softball Ontario who those who qualify under our current policies. Becoming a Softball Ontario Learning Facilitator is a great opportunity for you to improve softball in your area!

How to Apply to become Learning Facilitator with Softball Ontario?
Interested applications are encouraged to complete the application form below. Here is the link:

Send the Softball Ontario Learning Facilitator Application to the Softball Ontario office via fax to (416) 426-7368 or ssutton@softballontario.ca by December 1, 2015.

If you have any questions about Softball Ontario’s Coaching Clinics or the upcoming Learning Facilitator Training Clinic, contact Steph Sutton via telephone 416-426-7150 or via email ssutton@softballontario.ca.

Softball Ontario is looking forward to a great clinic season but we need your help to make it a success!


CPI wins Elkland Labour Day Durk Sherman Classic

CPI of Oswego, NY capped off a successful season by winning the Dark Sherman Classic in Elkland, PA on Labour Day weekend.

CPI won the 14 team event, taking down the Northeast Drillers 8-1 in the final, with Gregg Garrity getting the win and Juan Potolicchio taking the loss.

Greenbush Generals were the top Canadian team, finishing in the top 5. Kingston Axemen, Broker4Tickets had 2-2 records while West Carleton Electric were 1-2.

More to follow.


Thursday, September 03, 2015

Game one between Kars Aces and I4C Victory suspended in sixth inning

The Greater Ottawa Fastball League semi-final between Kars Aces and I4C Victory got started Wednesday night in Manotick, but game one did not get finished as lightning and rain suspended the things in the middle of the sixth.

At the time the umpires called it, I4C Victory was leading 3-0, with Kars coming to bat in the bottom of the sixth with their top of the order scheduled to appear.

Andrew Putnam was throwing for I4C and had allowed only one hit. Brad Porter had the ball for the Aces.

The game will be completed on Wednesday September 9 at 8 pm. Immediately following that, Game 2 of the series will start.

Game 3 is scheduled for Thursday September 10 at 8 pm in Manotick.


Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Four teams left in the Glen Cairn League playoffs

The semi-finalists have been determined in the Glen Cairn Men's Fastball League. First place Laurysen Kitchens will face off with East Side Mario's while Don Cherry's plays Upper Canada Elevators.


Trend Arlington league finals set

In the Trend Arlington Men's Fastball League playoffs, top seeded Durabuilt DCI defeated fourth seeded Hilti Construction in two games and second seeded That’s How We Roll defeated third seeded Whispers Pub in two games. The best of five finals start on Wednesday, 2 September at 8 pm between Durabuilt DCI and That’s How We Roll.


Softball Ontario seeks a chairman for its Coaches Committee

NORTH YORK, ONTARIO – Softball Ontario is now accepting applications for the position of its Coaching Committee Chairman.  The successful candidate will be an active part in Softball Ontario’s National Coaching Certification Program,which is an education opportunity for Coaches across Ontario to enhance their coach education.

To help Softball Ontario run a successful Coaching Program, we are looking for a Chairman who will take on the task of attending and chairing all the Coaching Committee meetings and overseeing operations in conjunction with committee members and the Softball Ontario staff member to ensure assigned tasks are completed by their deadlines. Knowledge and experience in coaching softball is a requirement.

Highlights of the qualifications and responsibilities of the Softball Ontario’s Coaches Committee Chairman include:

  • Strong communication and administrative skills
  • An excellent understanding of the National Coaching Certification Program
  • Must be "Trained" in Competition-Introduction, Softball or fully certified Level 2 in Softball
  • Must sign Softball Ontario Confidentiality Agreement
  • Must complete Softball Ontario Volunteer Application
  • To schedule, establish an agenda and chair committee meetings
  • To delegate duties as required to committee members and follow up on the completion of these duties
  • To communicate closely with Softball Ontario Technical Program Coordinator and Softball Ontario's Board of Directors
  • To determine the 2016 Softball Ontario’s Coaching Committee budget (with assistance of committee members)
  • To prepare and present the Coaching Program report to Softball Ontario Board of Directors at their January and October meetings
  • To organize and ensure the smooth running of Coach Instructor Training Clinic
  • To ensure the delivery of the National Coaching Certification Program
  • To oversee Coaches Symposium
How to Apply
All interested candidates are asked to apply in writing, expressing their interest along with a detailed resume outlining your softball, Coaching, Facilitating and professional background and qualifications for this position. Applications should be sent no later than Monday, November 2, 2015.

Email your resume to Steph Sutton at ssutton@softballontario.ca or fax it to (416) 426- 7368, for consideration.

Softball Ontario is the governing body for the sport of softball in Ontario. Our goal is to promote and develop the sport of softball for its athletes, officials and volunteers by providing programs and services at all levels of competitions.


GOFL Playoff Semi-Finals

The teams in the Greater Ottawa Fastball League semi-finals playoff series are now set.

The Quyon Flyers (3rd place) will take on the Micksburg Twins (2nd place) in one series. Game one of the series will be Tuesday September 8 at 8 pm in Micksburg. Game two will be Thursday September 10 at 8 pm in Quyon. Further games to be confirmed.

In the other series, the Kars Aces (1st place) will be facing I4C Victory (4th place). Game one is Wednesday September 2 at 8 pm, with subsequent games to be confirmed.

The GOFL semi-finals are best-of-five series.


Lyn Lightning Capture Silver in Eastern Canadian U16 Men's Fastpitch Championships

from Dave Kelly

The weather was perfect in St. Croix, Nova Scotia from August 27th-30th, but that didn't stop Lightning from striking.

The Lyn Lightning U16 Boy's fastpitch team travelled 14 hours to the small Maritime community of St. Croix (nestled along the coastline of the Bay of Fundy) as one of two representatives of the province of Ontario in the Eastern Canadian Fastpitch Championships. Nine teams in total competed in the championships including a Newfoundland squad who finished fourth in the recently completed Canadian National Championships in Saskatchewan and a Nova Scotian team that ended up in fifth at that same tournament.

As luck would have it, these two elite teams were Lyn's first opponents in pool play. In their first match on Thursday evening, the Lightning spotted the host team West Hants (Nova Scotia) Thunder a two run lead entering the bottom of the sixth inning. The Thunder include two players who were selected for All Canadian Awards in pitcher (Anthony Anderson) and shortstop (Brenden Walker). Although Anderson was able to stifle the Lyn bats until the fifth inning, eventually the electricity returned to the Lightning attack as they scored four runs on six sharply stroked hits including a game tying triple by shortstop James Martell followed closely by the game winning single by pinch hitter Matt Berry. The Lightning tacked on a insurance run when second basemen Austin Blanchard singled home Berry. Lyn starter (Michael Shane) closed the door in the top of the seventh and the game ended 4-2 in favour of the Lightning.

On Friday morning, the Lightning faced the heavily favoured Newfoundland #1 Eastbound Speedway (from Labrador). Unlike their first game of the tournament, the Lightning went to work early in this contest scoring two runs in the first and adding an additional two by the end of the third to take a 4-1 lead into the fifth. A crucial double play turned by the Lightning infield trounced a potential rally (and the spirit) of the Newfoundland team. The Lightning went on to add three more runs and finished with a 7-1 victory.

In their second pool match Friday night, the Lightning played the St. Andrews Chiefs (Antigonish County, Nova Scotia). Tom Hanna took the mound for the Lightning in this game, and kept the Chiefs guessing with his assortment of off speed pitches. The score remained tight (4-3) until the top of the fourth when the Lightning exploded for five runs in a bat around inning to take a commanding 9-3 lead. They tacked five more runs on the next inning and the game ended in a mercy, 14-3.

On Saturday morning, the Lightning faced the Taymouth Tigers (a settlement in central New Brunswick). Richard Carson, a left-handed pitcher from Hopeville that Lyn added to the team for this tournament was given the task of caging the Tigers and that he did. Carson threw a no-hitter in the 8-0 Lightning victory that ended in a mercy after the fifth inning. The Tigers had chances, as several runners reached the bases on walks and hit by pitches, but the Lightning defence turned three double plays that helped to corral any Tiger attacks.

With the victory, the Lightning finished first in their pool and awaited the first place team in the other pool for their second game Saturday evening. The winner of this match would move directly to the championship game on Sunday afternoon. The loser of this game would have to play their way into the championship.

As it turned out, the Colchester Royals (a community situated outside of Truro, Nova Scotia) would be the Lightning's competitor for this crucial game. Unlike the previous three games, the Lightning found themselves down three to the Royals at the end of the first inning. A couple of hard hit balls and some uncharacteristic sloppy defence helped to put Lyn into this deficit. Luckily, the Lightning bats were up to the task to help mount a comeback. Third baseman, Jack Wilson started the rally in the bottom of the second with a single that scored two runs to close the gap. In the third, catcher Connor Kelly lead off with a triple and scored on a Martell double to square the match at three. Martell would later score when designated hitter Ethan Jackson singled to right center and the Lightning captured their first lead. Later in the same inning Blanchard hit a fly ball to left field that was misplayed by the Royal outfielder that allowed two more Lightning players to come around and increased the lead to 6-3. Colchester, sensing the urgency of this match battled back with three runs in the top of the sixth to tie the game at six apiece. After shutting the Lightning down in the bottom of the sixth, controversy broke out in the top of the seventh. With two out and runners on first and second, the Royals tried a surprise delayed steal of third after a missed bunt attempt. Lightning catcher Kelly gunned a throw to shortstop Martell who was covering the bag and he managed to get the tag down on a very close call. The tense atmosphere of the game coupled with the controversy of the call lead to an emotional outburst from the Royals fans, coaches and players. Unfortunately, one of the players was ejected in the melee and having already used all of their substitutions, the Royals were down to eight players forcing them to disqualify the match. The chaotic end to the game meant that Lyn was awarded a direct entry into Sunday's championship.

In the championship game, Lyn would face their arch rival from Ontario, the Napanee Express. Napanee had lost to Colchester earlier in the tournament and finished second in their pool of teams. This meant the Express had to face the unenviable task of playing three games on Sunday to win the tournament. To their credit, Napanee put it all together when needed and earned their way to the final despite the odds stacked against them. This set up a final between the two Eastern Ontario representative teams that had split seven previous matches throughout the summer.

The Lightning sprinted out to an early 1-0 lead when Kelly scored from second on an error by the Express left fielder. Napanee answered quickly when right fielder Cam Ness crushed a homerun to center off Lightning starter Michael Shane. The Express added two more to their total in the third when third basemen Jason McCracken smashed a homerun off a light post in right center field. The Lightning were never able to mount any momentum against Napanee's ace pitcher Riley Manion (later named the tournament's top pitcher) and the Express finished with a 6-1 victory and claimed the gold medal.

In the award ceremony following the championship match, Lyn shortstop James Martell was honoured with the Most Valuable Player of the Tournament Award.

The Lyn Lightning left St. Croix with much more than a hard fought silver medal. They got the opportunity to play a sport they love, explore a beautiful part of our amazing country, but more importantly they solidified memories and friendships that should last them a lifetime.

The Lyn Lightning U16 Boy's Fastpitch team would like to thank all of our sponsors who generously donated to our dream of playing in this tournament and representing our province. Special thanks to Shelley Blanchard and Nichole Jackson for managing our finances and affairs, but most importantly a sincere, heartfelt thank you to our head coach, Mark Blanchard who's vision and passion lead to the creation of the Lyn Lightning rep team and pursuit of this entire Maritime endeavour. 

Front Row (left to right): Austin Johnson, Michael Shane, Ethan Jackson, Matt Berry, Tommy Smith
Back Row: Dave Kelly (assistant coach), Mark Blanchard (head coach), Austin Blanchard, Connor Kelly, Tom Hanna, Jack Wilson, Richard Carson, Tim Wilson (assistant coach), John Mather (assistant coach)


Lyn Seniors win game 1 in Leeds league final

The Lyn men's team defeated the Lyn U18 team 10-2 in game one of the North Leeds League best-of-three final last night. Game two is next Tuesday....not surprisingly, in Lyn.


Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Quyon advances to GOFL semi-finals

The Quyon Flyers won game three of their quarter-final series against West Carleton Electric in convincing fashion 14-3 to advance to the Greater Ottawa Fastball League semi-finals on Tuesday night.

Trevor Lahey earned the win while Andy Barber took the loss with relief from Steve Cavanagh and Jeff Barber.

The Flyers absolutely crushed the ball all game, with Joe McCleary leading the way with 8 RBIs.

Quyon got out to a 6-0 lead after the first inning. Dave Hobbs walked, Shawn Laframboise executed a perfect bunt single and Matt Greer walked to load the bases. Joe McCleary cleared the bases with a double and advanced to third when the ball was mishandled in the outfield. Dennis McCleary walked and moved to second on a wild pitch. Derick Bulley's double scored another two runs. After a pitching change, there was a pop up, followed by Randy Peck's single that scored the sixth run.

The home team added another four runs in the second inning. Laframboise singled, Greer singled and Big Joe hit a three run shot. Bulley scored later on in the inning on Steve McCord's double.

Three more runs were pushed across by the Flyers in the third. Dave Hobbs hit a solo shot to start. Then Joe McCleary hit another homer with Greer on to make it 13-0 after three complete.

The Electric got on the board in the fourth as Neil Murphy reached on an error, Shawn Rebertz singled and they were brought in on Jeff Barber's home run.

Quyon added an extra run in the fourth as Randy Peck scored on Dave Hobbs' triple.

With the win, the Flyer advance to the GOFL semi-finals versus Micksburg Twins.

Trevor Lahey WIN 5IP 3R 0ER 4H 7K 1BB

Dave Hobbs 2-3 HR 3B BB 2R 2RBI
Shawn Laframboise 2-2, 2R, SB
Matt Greer 1-1 BB 2R
Joe McCleary 3-3 2B 2HR 8RBI 3R
Dennis McCleary 1-1 2BB R
Derick Bulley 1-2, BB 2B R
Steve McCord 1-3 2B RBI
Randy Peck 2-3 R RBI

Andy Barber LOSS 0IP 5R 6ER 3H 0K 3BB
Steve Cavanagh 2IP 5R 4ER 6H 2K 0BB
Jeff Barber 2IP 4R 4ER 4H 4K 2BB

Andy Barber 1-2, BB
Neil Murphy R
Shawn Rebertz 1-2 R
Jeff Barber 2-2 2B HR 3RBI


GOFL playoffs continue

The first round of the Greater Ottawa Fastball League playoffs will wrap up on Tuesday September 1, as the Quyon Flyers host West Carleton Electric at 8 pm. The winner of this Game 3 on Tuesday will advance to the semi-finals, which are best-of-five. (Note: The Quyon Ferry normally closes at 10 pm, but the owner Don McColgan has indicated he will be offering trips at 10:30 pm and 11 pm so that players, fans and officials can return back to the Ontario side.)

If Quyon wins, the next round will be Quyon vs Micksburg and I4C Victory vs Kars.

If West Carleton wins, the next round will be West Carleton vs Kars and I4C Victory vs Micksburg.

Kars has home diamond time in Manotick on Wednesday September 2 at 8 pm to host Game 1 of their series, no matter who advances.

The Micksburg home game for Game 1 of their series is to be determined.


Blackburn League playoff update

The Blackburn Men's Fastball League is down to their final three teams.

The regular season first place finishers the Knights will play second seeded Goodfellows on Tuesday September 1 to see who makes it to the final.

Gloucester Heating, which finished fourth in the standings, is undefeated and awaits the winner.

Final game is Thursday September 3, with the if necessary game on Tuesday September 8.


North Leeds playoff finalists determined

The North Leeds league playoff finalists have been determined.

In the semi-finals, Lyn defeated Greenbush two games to one. The other semi-final saw Lyn U18 defeat Athens U21 two games to none.

This sets up a final between the two Lyn teams, with the first game on Tuesday September 1st, game two on Tuesday September 8th and the third game (if necessary) on Thursday September 10th.

Lyn and Lyn U18 finished 1-2 in the regular season standings.