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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

NCCP "Advanced Hitting" Webinar

from Scott Searle

The National Coaching Certification Program is now asking coaches to participate in activities that enhance their coaching to reinforce “values of lifelong learning and sharing amongst the coaching community.” All coaches in all sports will be required to obtain Professional Development (PD) points. PD points can be earned through a multitude of activities that coaches already participate in, including: national and provincial sport organization conferences and workshops, eLearning modules, NCCP workshops, coach mentorship programs, and active coaching. In most cases coaches are already earning their required PD points.

For more information, you can check http://coach.ca/maintenance-of-certification-s16745 Softball coaches will need to obtain 20 points in a 5 year period.

The Softball Ontario Coaching Committee is committed to creating as many opportunities for coaches to obtain these points as possible.  We will plan coach development sessions that will be linked to PD points in conjunction with events that coaches already attend like symposiums, Canadian and International Championships and other events as often as possible.  We recognize that coaches are amazing people, who are taking time out of their busy lives to coach other peoples kids, and often paying money out of their own pocket to do so.  We recognize that coaches are busy, and often involved in other sports.  To help coaches obtain these points we are also planning a webinar series where coaches can obtain points from home.

If you have any questions, or concerns about this process please feel free to send me an email at Scottsearle@rogers.comAdditionally if you have any suggestions or requests for webinars, I would love to hear them.

Our first webinar is on “Advanced Hitting”.  We have organized a panel of some of Canada’s best coaches and hitters to share tips on hitting.  The panel is from 11-1 AM on Saturday, November 26th in Oakville Ontario.  If you can’t join us in person, please join us online and register at http://www.softballontario.ca/?lid=GA7QU-VS3KE-XV44T  Online participants also qualify for two PD points. 

I hope to see your name on the list! Our panel has:
  • 27 Years of National Team Experience
  • 13 Canadian Championship Gold Medals
  • 6 Canada Summer Games Appearances with 3 different provinces
  • 3 Pan-American Games Gold Medals
  • 2 WSBC World Championships
  • 1 Olympian


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Softball Canada age group changes

Word from the Softball Canada Annual General Meeting last week is that there will be some changes to age groupings starting in 2018.

Midget Boys will change from U18 to U19.

Junior Men will change from U21 to U23.

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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Stittsville coaching clinic

Stittsville minor softball is looking to host a "Competition Introduction" Softball Ontario training course. For coaches interested in getting certified to coach competitive minor softball, they can contact Kelly Daize to indicate their interest at kelly@stittsvillesoftball.org. They need 10 coaches to make it viable.

For info about the course, visit the Softball Ontario website.

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