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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween pro tips

Just in case you weren't sure how much candy to give away, be sure to check out the Fitzroy Fastball Halloween etiquette from last year.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

GOFL All Stars for 2012 announced (finally)

The Greater Ottawa Fastball League All Stars have been announced for the 2012 season, based on voting by representatives of each team. Each club provided their "ranked" voting for each position and could not vote for their own team.

Congratulations to everyone on the list below.

1st Team
Pitcher: Joran Graham, Quyon Combat Flyers
Catcher: Derek Barber, Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
First Base: Steve McCord, Quyon Combat Flyers
Second Base: Kristian Knapp, Kars Aces
Third Base: Chad Milne, Kars Aces
Shortstop: Matt Greer, Quyon Combat Flyers
Outfielders: Brad Pender, Kars Aces (unanimous selection); Matt McNish, Carp I4C Victory; Dan Jessiman, Stittsville 56ers
Designated Player: TIE - Cory Alkerton, Kars Aces and Andy Barber, Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Utility: Shawn Laframboise, Quyon Combat Flyers

2nd Team
Pitcher: Brad Porter, Kars Aces
Catcher: Joe McCleary, Quyon Combat Flyers
First Base: Chad Hargrove, Barrhaven Broadway Blues
Second Base: Steve Edgerton, Barrhaven Broadway Blues
Third Base: Nick Armitage, Quyon Combat Flyers
Shortstop: Scott Herriot, Stittsville 56ers
Outfielders: Dan Loney, Carp I4C Victory; Cory Morrison, Kars Aces; Marcel Mondoux, Ottawa Taylor's Blitz
Designated Player: see 1st team
Utility: Kevin Shonfield, Barrhaven Broadway Blues


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Caveman, literal thinker

At Fitzroy Junior's hockey game last night in Manotick. Caveman comes along for fan support.

Caveman: "Daddy, with this score they will win for sure!"

Other nearby hockey dad: "Not for sure, the other team could come back! Never say never!"

Caveman: "People say 'never say never' but they say 'never' twice in that sentence!"


Gee-Gees earn silver at OIWFA championships

Championship Weekend - October 19 to 21st London, ON

The University of Ottawa Women’s Fastball team travelled to London this past weekend to take on their fellow playoff contenders in the OIWFA Championships hosted by Western Mustangs.

Ottawa 3 Brock 0

In their first game on Friday night against third place Brock they were able to make it only through four innings until the rain forced them to call the game until the following morning. Saturday morning they picked the game up in the fourth inning, scoreless for both teams until the Gee-Gees’ bats started picking up and they were able to generate three runs for the win against Brock. For the third time this season the Gee-Gees shut Brock out now allowing them to score a run.

Ottawa 4 Guelph 1

For their second game of the day the Gee-Gees faced the Guelph Gryphons, a team who they split with during the regular season after having a poor showing in their second game. However with pitcher Jean Cardona taking the mound again, the Gee-Gees were able to hold Guelph to only one run, while the Gee-Gees generating some momentum and scored four for the win.

Ottawa 5 Waterloo 0

In their next game the Gee-Gees took on Waterloo who they had also split with during the regular season and had lost out on the bronze medal to in the Championships last year. The Gee-Gees therefore made sure to take control of the game and with the pitching abilities of Baylie Gigolyk and great defense they were able to shut Waterloo out. The Gees turned on the bats again and ran up the score 5-0 for the win. This win clinched first place in their pool for the Gee-Gees and put them straight into the semi-final game on Sunday.

Semi Finals: Ottawa 5 Waterloo 3

On Sunday it turned out the Gee-Gees had to face Waterloo again in the semi finals and although it was a very good game, the Gees were able to come out on top winning 5-3. The game remained very close for most of the game; the Gee-Gees were able to score 3 early with clutch hitting by much of the order. However as the game progressed Waterloo worked their way back one run at a time, eventually tying the game at 3. They were kept from scoring many more by the two diving catches of left-fielder Steph Miller at key points in the game. Late in the game with runners in scoring position, a bunt by the Gees caught the Waterloo defense off guard and a wild throw to first base allowed the Gee-Gees to take the lead, which they were able to hold onto.

Final: Western 9 Ottawa 4 (9 innings)

The Gees therefore advanced to the gold medal game against Western, the one-two teams from the season facing each other as it should be. Jean Cardona threw again for the Gees in the gold medal game, her fourth start of the tournament. The Gee-Gees came out strong off their semi-final win, however the Mustangs were able to score a run early. They held onto their lead for only a couple of innings until the Gee-Gees clutch offense came through with well-timed hits from all over the order. The ladies were able to score 3 against the Western defense and going into the sixth inning they were up 3-1 on Western. Unfortunately the Western hitters came out swinging and were able to tie up the game 3-3 and it would stay that way for the remainder of seven innings. In the top of the eighth, with the Western runner on second as per the International tie-breaker rules, the Gees intentionally walked Western’s first batter to cause the force play. After a strike-out, and two fly-outs by Western, the game was in the Gees hands in the bottom of the eighth for the win. Unfortunately for the uOttawa ladies they were unable to execute and cash in the run which led to the top of the ninth. Western came out strong and were hitting all over the diamond, cashing in multiple runs, leaving the score at 9-3 going into the bottom of the ninth. The Gee-Gees were able to cash in one run however it was not enough and Western took the gold. The Gee-Gees fought hard the whole season and especially in this game and there was never a doubt that they deserved to be there. The Gee-Gees look forward to challenging for gold again next year!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gee-Gees go 3 and 1 this past weekend

from Andrea Nelson

October 13th vs Guelph Gryphons

The University of Ottawa Gee-Gees travelled to Guelph this past weekend where they faced the Guelph Gryphons. With rain and plummeting temperatures the weather conditions for Saturday’s games were not ideal, however the Gee-Gees pulled through to dominate early as their bats once again exploded to have multiple multi-run innings, generating 10 runs in total and mercying the Gryphons after only five innings. Defensively the Gee-Gees once again held on strong only giving up two runs, along with excellent pitching from Jean Cardona to secure the win. The second game of the day was not on the Gee-Gees side. Starting pitcher Baylie Gigolyk started off strong but unfortunately the Gryphons were able to hit her more and more as the game went on. With some gapper hits by the Gryphons and some errors in the field, the game quickly fell in favour of Guelph, as they ended up scoring 8 runs to Ottawa’s 1 for the win. Michelle Miller came into the game in the last inning and was able to shut things down against Guelph however unfortunately the damage was already done.

October 14th vs Toronto Varsity Blues
Sunday started off better for the Gee-Gees as they left their loss to Guelph on Saturday behind and started off the first game against U of T with a bang as Baylie Gigolyk went long in her first at bat for her first homerun of the season. The Gee-Gees bats stayed relatively quiet for the majority of the game, however with Jean Cardona dominated the Toronto hitters, Ottawa was able to hold onto the game for a 3-0 win. The second game was similar to the first as there was once again great pitching by the Ottawa Gee-Gees to shut out Toronto for the second game in a row and clutch defensive plays made. The Gee-Gees bats were still not as active as they typically are however with great base-running and timely hitting they were able to generate two runs. Holding off Toronto with their defence, the ladies took the second game for the win at a 2-0 final score.


GOFL All Stars coming..... but results of "All-Star Dad" voting are in

Voting is now complete for the Greater Ottawa Fastball League all-star teams for 2012. I will do the high powered math and post the results shortly.

In other news, I am disappointed to report that I am no longer an "all-star Dad" in the view of my two boys.

Fitzroy Junior has a favourite uncle, who he calls simply "Uncle". Just "Uncle". It was one of the first words he ever spoke at about ten months of age (he was an early talker, unlike the Caveman who just grunted until he was almost two). He has always admired Mrs Fastball's brother. He's a firefighter, which of course is cool - just ask half of the Stittsville 56ers. And like most firefighters, he has all the toys: four wheeler, fishing boat, snowmobile, lots of guns, bows, and of course a motorcycle. Recently, Uncle took Fitzroy Junior on his first ride on the crotch rocket Suzuki around the village of Fitzroy. Pretty exciting stuff for a ten-year old.

Me: "So, I hear you went on a motorcylce ride with Uncle."

Fitzroy Jr: "Yes, it was cool. We went 80 miles an hour!"

Me (shocked): "What? 80 miles an hour!?"

Fitzroy Jr: "Ummm, it might have been kilometres an hour."

Me (relieved): "Oh, OK. So you liked it? You weren't worried?"

Fitzroy Jr: "I wasn't scared at all! If you were driving, Daddy, I probably would have been scared, but not with Uncle, he's a good driver!"


As far as the Caveman is concerned, as mentioned earlier this month, he is beginning his novice hockey career and is very excited about playing real games. Unfortunately there was a small hiccup in hockey debut.

The morning of his first ever game, he was dressed in his equipment and ready to go early and kept asking to leave. He was so excited and bouncing up and down, eager to play. Grandma, Nana, Grandpa all were going to be there.

So we packed up the family in the car and headed out to Carleton Place for the big game. Fitzroy to CP is about 40 minutes or so, but we left lots of time and got there fairly early.

We went into the rink and there wasn't anyone from the team there yet. Seemed a bit strange. Went to find a dressing room, but none was available for his team. Checked over on the second arena to make sure that the game wasn't over there. Then....as time was getting short, checked online - the game was in Carp, not Carleton Place!

Daddy had read the schedule wrong. Caveman's team was playing against Carleton Place, but it was in Carp.

Rush back to the car, pack up the stuff and start driving to Carp. Covered the 35km in about 16 minutes.

Needless to say Caveman was NOT pleased with Daddy. There was barely suppressed rage, small tiny tears beading down his cheeks, and a look of genuine despair.

Disappointing your kid really sucks. And this was probably the most he was ever disappointed in me.

Thankfully, we had got to the wrong rink early (at Caveman's insistence) so he only missed half of the first period at the correct rink.  Also good news is that we are back on speaking terms - but I hope I don't screw up again, at least in the near future.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fundraiser in memory of former fastball Lennox Sterling

Lennox Sterling was a top hitter for the Ottawa Turpin Pontiacs back in the 80's. There recently was a golf fundraiser in his memory. Thanks to TC for the info.
'Holes for Hospice' tournament raises $53,000
Posted Sep 20, 2012 By John Curry - Stittsville/Richmond EMC

A hospice in the west end of Ottawa is a little closer to reality thanks to the second annual Lennox Sterling Memorial "Holes for Hospice" golf tournament last Friday, Sept. 14.

The tournament raised $53,000 for the Friends of Hospice Ottawa's capital campaign to establish a hospice facility in the west end of the city. With over $47,000 raised by the inaugural tournament last year, over $100,000 has now been raised for the capital campaign over just two years. The dream of a hospice in the west end is slowly being realized.

"Your support today has brought us one step closer to making that dream a reality," Friends of Hospice Ottawa Board member and tournament co-chair Kathleen Sterling of Richmond told the golfers in her remarks at the closing dinner at the Loch March Golf and Country Club in West Carleton.

She told the golfers that it was the loving care which her husband Lennox received in his final days at the Hospice at Maycourt and the love and understanding which she and all her family received while there that showed her the value of hospice care for those suffering from a life threatening illness.

In deciding on a way to honour Lennox and with the help of family and friends, especially tournament co-chair Ian McLaren, a longtime friend of Lennox's, this Lennox Sterling Memorial "Holes for Hospice" golf tournament was organized last year to help raise funds for a new hospice in the west end. The second edition of the tournament was held last Friday, Sept. 14 and next year's tournament is already scheduled for Friday, Sept. 13.

In her remarks at the tournament dinner, Ms. Sterling noted that while there currently is no hospice facility in the west end of Ottawa, there is a proven need for 26 hospice beds. She said that the Friends of Hospice Ottawa's campaign committee, on which Mr. McLaren sits, is currently actively pursing a site for such a west end hospice facility.

In his remarks at the tournament dinner, Chris Warburton, chair of the Board of Directors of Friends of Hospice Ottawa, thanked all of the golfers and volunteers for their efforts in helping the dream of a hospice in Ottawa west come closer to reality. He noted that raising $100,000 with the two tournaments to date has been an amazing achievement.

This year's tournament did not have the best of weather, with rain happening on and off through much of the afternoon before it began raining steadily about 5 p.m. But the wet weather did not dampen the spirit of the golfers and their commitment to ensuring that this second annual Lennox Sterling Memorial "Holes for Hospice" golf tournament was another success.

That's why a silent auction and raffle draw at the dinner generated even more funds for the cause. Silent auction items included tickets to Ottawa Senators games, a limited edition print of the Parliament Buildings, a walleye fishing adventure, an overnight stay at the Brookstreet Hotel and a gift certificate for the Barley Mow.

Prizes in the post-dinner raffle draw were a leather couch and ottoman, a golf travel bag, a drill saw and a spa experience.

And the golfing action had a variety of winners - not just the winning foursome with its ten-under winning score but also prize winners in various on-course contests like closest to the pin, longest drive and "hockey glove" shot and pre-course activities like the putting and chipping contests. And while there were no winners, there were hole-in-one contests including one for a car from Myers.

Tournament co-chair Ian McLaren praised the individuals and corporations for their sponsorship of the tournament, calling their efforts "unbelievable" and awesome in support of the event. Both lunch and dinner had sponsors as did each golf hole, the power carts and pre-dinner cocktails.

In addition, each golfer received a prize, with all the prizes donated.

Among those who helped organize this year's tournament, helping the co-chairs Ian McLaren and Kathleen Sterling, were Tom Band, Allan Brayton, Dan O'Grady, Huntley Ryan, Bruce Martin and Wayne Jennings.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Minor hockey season begins

Good luck to everyone participating at the Fall Ball tournament this weekend. I will be taking a pass as I will be a the rink all weekend.

Fitzroy Junior begins the Atom season in beautiful downtown Lanark on Friday night. On the way to his practice earlier this week, Caveman asked Fitzroy Junior who the best player on his team was. "I don't want to brag, but me."  (Uh..... no it's not, but good that he has some self-confidence this year.)

The Caveman starts his season on Sunday afternoon in Carleton Place. He is very excited for his first "real" hockey game as he begins his Novice career.

"Is it a real game, Daddy?"

"Yes, Caveman."

"Will we wear our jerseys, Daddy?"

"Yes, Caveman."

"Will everyone have a number, Daddy?"

"Yes, Caveman."

"Will we keep score, Daddy?"

"Yes, Caveman."

"Is there a scoreboard, Daddy?"

"Yes, Caveman."

"Will there be referees, Daddy?"

"Yes, Caveman."

I anticipate a fairly in depth play by play recap on the way home afterward.

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Fulcrum article on GeeGees Fastball

Women’s softball team promotes community awareness

Emily Glass
Fulcrum Contributor

THE UNIVERSITY OF Ottawa women’s softball team has been taking advantage of their home games to promote awareness for local causes. This is an annual project for the softball team, who pick a new social cause to promote each season. In previous years they have supported causes that raise awareness of breast cancer, mental health, and child soldiers in Uganda.

This year the team decided to promote the Youth Services Bureau, an Ontario organization that takes a collaborative approach to youth issues like homelessness, mental health, criminal justice, and employment.

Last weekend the team purchased and wore “Toques for Homeless Youth.” The money raised by the toques goes directly towards the Raising the Roof campaign, which works to lower homelessness through proactive community solutions. Scott Searle, head coach of the softball team, was inspired to take on social programming to give something back to the community.

“The UOttawa [softball] team recognizes their good fortune to be able to play a sport at a high level and are proud to help raise money and awareness for people who are not so lucky,” he explained.

A second initiative taken on by the team is the rainbow-coloured “acceptance bracelet,” worn in memory of Ottawa youth Jamie Hubley. Hubley committed suicide last year after struggling with depression and loneliness. He was also bullied for being the only openly gay teenager in his high school. Hubley’s parents—his father is Allan Hubley, an Ottawa city councillor—have recently joined the Youth Services Bureau (YSB) of Ottawa to help support mental health services. The rainbow bracelets, created by the YSB, are being sold by the team to keep acceptance in our hearts and on our wrists.

Grace Lonergan, second-year sociology student and catcher on the softball team, said these sorts of initiatives are important to her experience as a Gee-Gee.

“Each season that I play I look forward to participating in a new program as a part of our team responsibility. Once I am done playing with the Gee-Gees, I am confident that these experiences will encourage me to remain involved in community programs.”

Both Lonergan and her teammate Jean Cardona are proud of their team’s work and see opportunities for all Gee-Gees teams to become involved in community awareness through the attention that sports teams get on campus.

“It would be nice to see each one of the teams take on a social program … there are enough programs to be involved in,” said Lonergan. “It is a great way as citizens to be involved in our community, and it would be nice to think all the Gee-Gees teams could make a difference.”

Cardona is the team’s pitcher and shortstop, and a second-year psychology major. She sees the popularity of sports as an avenue for raising awareness.

“Sports are popular to the public, and by using this popularity as an advantage, sports teams can get the word out about certain [issues] that need to be addressed. Other Gee-Gee teams should absolutely think about [getting involved] because then problems in the community can be made known and [teams can] help in having a positive impact for change.”


Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Gee-Gees go 3-1 on the weekend

from Andrea Nelson

The uOttawa Gee-Gees had another fantastic weekend of play at home, coming out 3-1 at the end. Friday night they took on Queen’s and got ahead of them quickly with the bats in the first game. The power of the Gee-Gees offense produced multiple multi-run innings, and the defense wasn’t very busy as Jean Cardona dominated on the mound once again. The ladies wrapped it up early and mercied Queen’s in a 9-0 victory.

Their second game of the night was again dominated by pitching and offense on the Gee-Gees side. Baylie Gigolyk demonstrated her strength on the mound and came out with one of her best showings of the season so far. After allowing Queen’s one run, the Gee-Gees settled down to allow nothing else and they again finished early beating Queen’s 8-1.

In their second day of play against York, Jean Cardona started things off strong on the mound for the Gee-Gees in the first game. Having steady control of the York offense, the ladies only allowed one run against them early in the game and after that shut down York completely. The bats stayed alive for the Gee-Gees from the day before, again having more than one mult-run inning. The ladies won handily in a 9-1 decision.

The second game proved to be much closer than the first as the York Lions’ bats came alive. The Gee-Gees were not able to find the timely hitting they have been having so much of in recent games, however Taylor Rogalsky did rip a 2-run homerun for the Gee-Gees (her third of the year) in a burst of offense. Unfortunately the Gee-Gees offense could not match York and they fell to the Lions 6-4.


Fall Ball update

from Derek Martin

The Fall Ball Classic is just days away, with games beginning Friday night at 7pm in Blackburn Hamlet.

There will be two games played on Friday night then a full day of ball on Saturday so come out and enjoy some great ball one last time this year. There will be food and drinks (including beer) on site.

Goodluck to everyone and hope to see you out at the diamonds,


Saturday, October 06, 2012

Cobourg tournament back for 2013

from Steve Bedard

Jim Bradford - Neil Cane Invitational

June 7-9 Cobourg, Ont. Legion Fields
They say go big or go home - Two Tournaments in one.

An Open invitational plus a Masters, Intermediate B and C and junior tournament

For the Open
Entry is $500.00
Guaranteed 4 games
There will be an A side plus and a B side
Hopefully the best 8 to 10 teams from ISC Worlds. An e-mail will go out to the invited teams.

Legion Fields has three beautiful diamonds with a pavilion in between them looking out on each.

There will be a bar and food available, plus we will have announcers and ISC umpires brought in.

The Masters, Intermediate B and C, junior side
Entry is $400.00
Guaranteed 4 games
Looking for 8 to 12 teams

Please mark this on your calendar for 2013.

That's June 7-9, 2013 Cobourg Legion Fields.

Watch for future progress on Al's Fastball (and the blog) for motels and guaranteed prize money and other important facts.

Contact Steve at sjbgolf@hotmail.com or or sjbgolf@sympatico.ca for more information.


Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Fall Ball Tournament schedule

from Derek Martin


Mean Green


Friday, Oct. 12


Saturday, Oct. 13


Sunday Oct. 14

10am: 1st pool A vs 2nd pool B (ARENA)
12pm: 1st pool B vs 2nd pool A (ARENA)

Games will be played at the Blackburn Arena Diamond and Tauvette Park....both fields are located in Blackburn Hamlet



UOttawa Women's fastball results

from Andrea Nelson

The University of Ottawa Women’s softball team has made a habit of using their home games to promoting awareness of social causes in the Ottawa area. In the past they have raised money and awareness for child soldiers in Uganda, Breast Cancer, Canadian troops fighting overseas and Mental Health Awareness. This year the team picked the Youth Services Bureau. The YSB is the only organization in Ontario that takes a collaborative approach to youth homelessness, youth mental health, youth criminal justice, and youth employment issues.

The team decided to select two causes and this weekend and will be wearing special “Toques for Homeless Youth”.  Each Gee-Gee is wearing a toque and the money from that purchase goes to build sustainable housing for homeless youth in Canada. 1 out of 3 homeless people are between 16 and 24, and the average life expectancy for a person living in a shelter is 39 years. The UOttawa team recoginzes their good fortune to be able to play a sport at a high level and are proud to help raise money and awareness for people who are not so lucky. It costs between $30,000 and $40,000 a year to house someone in a shelter and the money raised from the sales of toques goes directly towards proactive solutions to help curb youth homelessness. Raising the Roof provides strong and effective national leadership on long-term solutions to homelessness through partnership and collaboration with diverse stakeholders, investment in local communities, and public education.

The team is also wearing “Acceptance Bracelets” in memory of Jamie Hubley. Jamie Hubley was an Ottawa teenager who committed suicide last year. Jamie struggled with depression and loneliness -- and from the bullying that came with being the only openly gay teen in his Ottawa-area high school. But Jamie’s parents, Wendy and Allan, have joined with the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa to help other youth by raising money to support mental health services. In his memory, we ask those of us moved by Jamie’s death to keep “acceptance” in our hearts, and on our wrists. Rainbow-coloured wrist bands emblazoned with the word Acceptance are being sold for $2.00. The wristbands serve as a reminder that young people like Jamie need the understanding and support from their wider community in order to survive, and thrive. At the request of the Hubley family, funds raised will support the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa Mental Health Walk-in Clinic to ensure timely and accessible mental health services for other young people.

September 26th

uOttawa v. Carleton

The Gee-Gees started off their six game weekend with a bang as their bats exploded against the Carleton Ravens on Friday night. With more than one bat-around inning for Ottawa they were able to overtake the Ravens 26-2. In the second game Ottawa kept the bats going as they took the win at 15-0. With great defence and a fantastic effort by starting pitcher for both games, Michelle Miller, the Gee-Gees were able to sweep their first two games of the weekend.

September 27thth

uOttawa v. Brock

The second set of games for the weekend brought the Gee-Gees even more success as they took both games 3-0. Jean Cardona pitched the first game and clearly dominated the Brock hitters throughout the entirety of the game, throwing a shut out (the Gee-Gee’s second of the weekend). Because of the stellar defence of the infield and outfield, timely hitting and heads-up base-running this first game of the day was definitely one of the Gee-Gees best showings of the season to this point. The second game of the day was again a great demonstration of the Gee-Gees all-around talent. Once again a great game was pitched by Baylie Gigolyk, leading the Gees to their third shut-out in a row, while the girls made use of their power hitting as well as bunting to edge ahead of Brock by three runs for the win.

September 28th

uOttawa v. McMaster

The Gee-Gees came into Sunday feeling great, going 4-0 so far in their weekend, and their exceptional play did not stop there! The focus of Sunday’s first game was the Gee-Gees ace Jean Cardona, who until the fifth inning had retired all consecutive batters for McMaster. Going into the 5th inning the Gees were up 9-0 on McMaster, all knowing that this would be the last inning and wondering if Jean could make the perfect game. Unfortunately in the top of fifth inning a wide throw was made on a bunt play by the Gee-Gees and the perfect game was lost however Jean still came away with a no-hitter which is an amazing feat in itself. The Gee-Gees clinched the perfect record for the weekend going 6-0 with their 8-1 win against McMaster in the second game. Michelle Miller threw yet another great game of the weekend, keeping the Mac hitters at bay, while the Gees own hitting was highlighted by heads-up base running and a homerun from power-hitter Taylor Rogalsky, her second on the season.

The Gee-Gees showed great determination and skill over the weekend, and definitely showed their potential for the rest of the season. Over the course of the weekend the Gee-Gees scored a total of 64 runs and only allowed 3 against them, which is quite obviously a testament to great hitting and great pitching. After their undefeated weekend they now sit in second place behind Western.

(See previous story for info on the Gee-Gees games this upcoming Thanksgiving weekend.)


Tuesday, October 02, 2012

U Ottawa women's fastball this weekend

from Paul Sauve

The U Ottawa Gee Gees look to head back into the women's fastball Championship Weekend being held in London on October 19-21.

Only the top 8 teams from the regular season will qualify. The Gee Gees will be there for sure as they are sitting in 2nd spot right now behind Western. They went 6-0 this past weekend to move them up to 2nd spot.

The York Lions are just behind Ottawa, so those should be great games as well this weekend. Queens is always a strong team and well coached. They are also getting some help from an ex-Gee Gee standout player/pitcher Jillian Taylor from Orleans who is now living in Kingston.

Queens and York's other games this weekend will be against Carleton on the opposite days.

Ottawa plays host to Queens & York in Stittsville at the Alexander Grove Park beside the rink.

Friday Night at 5:00pm vs Queens Golden Gaels
Friday Night at 7:00pm vs Queens Golden Gaels
Saturday at 2:00pm vsYork Lions
Saturday at 4:00pm vs York Lions