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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ontario ISC II Pre-Season Rankings

The pre-season rankings are out for Ontario ISC II teams on the following websites: http://www.ghfl.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?t=371 and http://www.fastpitchwest.com/thedeuce .

Eastern Ontario was represented with Ottawa Team Easton coming in at #7, while Micksburg was tied at #8.

1. Elmira Cubs
2. Alvinston Indians
3. Port Elgin Blue Devils
4. Niagara Snappers
5. Bridgeport PROforma Braves
6. Elora Wellington Brewers
7. Ottawa Team Easton Thunder
T8. Micksburg Twins
T8. Tavistock Smully's Merchants
T10. Harriston Mercury's
T10. Toronto Champion Indians

Other Ontario teams receiving votes: Palermo Athletics, Waterdown Hammer, Shakespeare Falcons, Glencoe Astros

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

ISC II qualifier update

A couple of more teams have expressed interest in the ISC II Qualifier June 16-18 in Fitzroy Harbour. Some of the games will also be played in Stittsville due to the overwhelming response.

Here is the list of teams that we aware of that have either committed or indicated interest:
  1. Fitzroy Harbour WC Electric
  2. Ottawa Team Easton
  3. Stittsville 56ers
  4. Carp I4C Victory
  5. Ottawa Blitz
  6. Manotick Lomor Printers
  7. Blackburn Bombers
  8. Kingston Cowboys
  9. Micksburg Twins
  10. Quyon Flyers
  11. Ottawa Valley Raiders
  12. Waterdown Hammer
  13. Stouffville Mennos
  14. Hamilton Hawks
  15. Eastmain Fireballs
  16. Navan Rookies

Thursday, April 20, 2006

UOVMFL league 2006

The Upper Ottawa Valley Men's Fastball League looks like a go with four teams this summer: Micksburg Twins, Beachburg NRTco, Shawville Hursty's, Pontiac Royals.

The teams will also play an interlock game with Fitzroy Harbour WC Electric.

The UOVMFL will have a 13-game season.

Shawville home nights are Tuesdays, Micksburg and Beachburg will play Wednesdays, and Pontiac will play Thursdays out of Bryson, QC.

Add another couple of teams to the qualifier

Another two southern Ontario teams have shown interest in the ISC II Qualifier in Fitzroy Harbour:

Stouffville Mennos, who made the trip up last year to the Shawville tournament have already paid and indicated they are coming to the Fitzroy qualifier.

The Hamilton Hawks have also make inquiries about making the trip up to the Fitzroy tourney.

For local teams wanting to get in, send your cheque soon to ensure your spot.

New junior fastball league

A new junior league in the area (under 23) will hopefully provide some future fastballers for eastern Ontario teams.

The league includes teams in Fitzroy Harbour, McNab, Shawville, Micksburg and Eganville.

The teams will play on Wednesday and Sunday nights throughout the summer.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Fitzroy Harbour ISC II qualifier looking strong

It looks like a pretty good line up for the 2006 Eastern Ontario ISC II qualifier to be held in Fitzroy Harbour.

The following teams have either confirmed, have expressed interest in attending, or I heard through the rumour mill that they were coming.

Fitzroy Harbour WC Electric
Manotick Lomor Printers
Micksburg Twins
Carp I4C Victory
Ottawa Team Easton
Stittsville 56ers
Ottawa Blitz
Blackburn Bombers
Ottawa Valley Raiders
Kingston Cowboys
Quyon Flyers
Eastmain Fireballs
Waterdown Hammer

Looks like some very strong competition. We are going to cap the teams at 16.

If you are not playing in the tourney, come on out and enjoy the action. "Fitzroy Farmer Burgers" on the BBQ and the beer garden will be out in full force.

If you want more info, email fitzroyfastball@yahoo.ca or call 613-623-8867.

UOVMFL to meet

Apparently the UOVMFL is meeting tonight to discuss the 2006 season.....once we have the details on how the league will operate, we'll post them here.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Quyon Flyers website

The Quyon Flyers men's fastball team has launched a website http://www.geocities.com/quyonflyers.

Quyon will be playing in the RA League this summer.

ISC II qualifier in Innerkip is full

As per the GHFL discussion site at http://www.ghfl.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?t=361, the Innerkip ISC II qualifier is full with a team on the waiting list. If you want in the Fitzroy Harbour qualifier, enter soon to ensure your spot as teams from Southern Ontario may now be coming up to the eastern Qualifier.

For more info on the qualfier in Fitzroy Harbour on Jun 16-18, contact fitzroyfastball@yahoo.ca.

Al's Fastball site revamped

Visit the new revamped Al's Fastball site at www.alsfastball.com - also be sure to visit the news site at www.fastpitchwest.com/alsfastball .

Blitz tournament filling up

Looks like the Ottawa Blitz tournament at Carlington Park on July 21-23 is filling up nicely.

According to their web page, the following teams have confirmed entry: Ottawa Blitz, St-Leonard Express, Quyon Flyers, Manotick Lomor Printers, Newboro, Scarborough Wolverines, Carp I4C, and Blackburn Bombers. Ottawa Valley Raiders are likely in as well.

If you are interested in entering, contact Scott Dumouchel 613-721-3532.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Almost time for ball to start.....

....and yet no word from up the Valley on what is going on with the UOVMFL for the 2006 season. However they do traditionally get things going a little later up that way. Last year they had four teams: Micksburg, Beachburg, Campbell's Bay (now to be known as "Pontiac") and Shawville. Not sure what they will have for teams this season.

Micksburg is said to be getting their tournament team geared up for a serious run at the 2006 ISC II Tournament of Champions. With the Twins anticipated to pick up a couple of additional players from the Valley to add to their already strong team, they will definitely be a favourite at the Fitzroy qualifier.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

ISC II Qualifiers

Bob McGowan from the ISC recently gave me a call to let me know that the ISC II Qualifier in Innerkip, in the southwestern part of the province, is filling quickly. They are limiting both qualifiers to 16 teams. They anticipating filling the western qualifier within the next couple of weeks - following that, teams may choose to come to the Fitzroy Harbour qualfier.

So, if you are based in eastern Ontario or western Quebec and your team is serious about entering the qualifier in Fitzroy on June 16-18, you would be wise to soon send a cheque payable for $300 to "ISC II Ontario Qualifier", to the following address:

Bob McGowan
R.R. #1
Orangeville, Ontario
L9W 2Y8

You do not need to send your roster at this time - those will need to be supplied in early June.

Any questions, send me an email at fitzroyfastball@yahoo.ca.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Canada Day in Wasaga Beach

The Wyevale Tribe (10 minutes from Wasaga Beach) are hosting their annual tournament on Canada Day weekend. Note the posting below:

The Wyevale Grey Power Tribe fastball club with support from Apexia Voice and Data, G-Tel, and Leo Dubeau (Remax) is hosting it's annual men's fastball tournament.

Where: Elmvale, ON (25 min. North of Barrie, 10 min. East of Wasaga Beach)
When: Jun.30, Jul.1,2 2006 (Canada Day long weekend)
Number of teams: 12
Entry fee: $300
Prize Money: A Winner - $1000 (Based on 12 teams)
Pitcher eligibility: pitching is limited to ISCII caliber (based on rules set out by the ISC)
Format: Round-robin, teams guaranteed 3 games (7-innings or time limit)
Format details:
Teams will be grouped into four pools of three. Each team will play the other two teams in their pool. Then the top two teams from each pool will be seeded into a single elimination tournament to decide the A Champion. The bottom team in each pool will be seeded into their own single elimination tournament to determine the B Champion. Championship game is scheduled for 2:15 pm on Sunday.

There will be an outdoor Beer Gardens with great view of ball diamond. Accommodation available in Elmvale, Wasaga Beach, Midland and Barrie. If you have any questions please email me. If you would like to enter our tournament please send me an email stating so and also mail a post-dated cheque dated Jun.30/06 payable to "Tribe Fastball club" in the amount of $300 to:
Apexia Voice and Data
Attn: Shane Bywater
166 Bayfield St.
Barrie, ON L4M 3B5

Before your first game is played we will give your cheque back in return for $300 cash which will make it easier to pay prize money and umpire fees... and beer if we run short!