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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quyon Flyers 6th annual playoff hockey pool

from Joe McCleary

The Quyon COMBAT Flyers will be holding their annual NHL Playoff hockey pool as a fundraiser for their upcoming season.

The format is to pick 12 forwards, 6 defencemen, and 2 goalies. Cost is $10 each. Contact Big Joe at jmccleary@combatsportsgroup.com for a copy of the entry form.

Prizes: 1st place - $500; 2nd Place - $100; 3rd Place - $50.

Deadline for entry: Before “puck drops” on first playoff game – NO EXCEPTIONS


Ottawa Blitz annual playoff hockey pool

from Derick Bulley

The Ottawa Blitz Men’s fastball team will be holding their annual NHL Playoff hockey pool as a fundraiser for their upcoming season.

The format : pick 9 forwards, 4 defencemen, and 1 goalie

Scoring: Forwards & Defence: 1pt for a goal, 1pt for an assist. Goalie: 1pt for a win, 1pt for a shutout

Cost: $10 each

Contact Bulley at dbulley@hotmail.com for a copy of the entry form.

Prizes: 1st place - $400; 2nd Place - $150; 3rd Place - $100.

Deadline: Before the start of the first playoff game


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GOFL Interview - George Findley

Next up in our continuing series of Fitzroy Fastball Interviews is with long time umpire George Findley. With all this years in the game I thought George would have some interesting insight - and indeed he does. Check out the interview below.

Q: When and how did you get your starting into officiating fastball?

Started umpiring Fastball in Renfrew 38 years ago. I umpired their industrial league (Tony Riches started pitching some years later as a Bantam, I think). Also umpired the Upper Ottawa Valley League (Cobden, Pembroke, Forrester’s Falls (Queensline), Renfrew, Micksburg, Eganville - Lennox Sterling was their pitcher before moving on to Ottawa to play with the Turpin Pontiacs as one of the best ss/2b to play the game in Sr. FP.)

Q: Did you play fastball at a competitive level? What position did you play?
Industrial League – Catcher mostly, some 2B and 3B.

Q: Was there another umpire that has had a significant impact on your softball career?

Jack Widenmaier - when I came to Ottawa. I learned a lot from him on the diamond- (game management and how to communicate with players and coaches.)

Our own Don Kennedy did my first evaluation as an umpire.

Numerous others, too many to mention, but they helped through evaluations at Provincials and Canadians and their encouragement.

Q: As someone who has umpired some pretty big games, what have been your most exciting assignments?

-2 Perfect games by Darren Zack with 20 K’s 1 game and 19 in the other.

Plate assignment in the following games:

-ISC World Qualifier Toronto Gators-Kemptville Thunder

-ISC Worlds- Kimberly Wisconsin –Undefeated game

Sr. Men’s Canadian Championship Final

Q: What is your biggest pet peeve an as official?

WOW – It would have to be that all those great players that I officiated are now out on the golf course instead of coaching and passing all their Fastpitch knowledge on to their children and their friends.

In Basketball, seeing coaches yell and scream at officials (telling them what calls they missed or should be making) when they should be coaching their team.

Q: Where is the favourite park to officiate in, and why?

St Thomas 1999 and 2005 - 5000 to 8000 fans every day (from 1st game 9:00 AM to last Game at night ending somewhere around midnight) at the Sr Men’s Championships. Love it when there are super crowds.

Q: Who was the best pitcher for whom you've called balls and strikes?

Toss up between Darren Zack (Big Z) and Brad Underwood (Undy). Although Michael White and Mike Piechnik (Peaches) were pretty awesome too.

Q: Who has the best eye as a hitter that you have ever seen at the plate?
I have three.
Brian Paton - Toronto Gators
Brad Underwood - Owen Sound
Lennox Sterling - Turpin

Q: I know catchers and umpires often have a close relationship. Who was the catcher that you had the most fun working with behind the dish?

There were so many great ones and I had a lot of fun working with them. Tim Wahl, Mark Sorenson, Randy Peck, Bruce Casselman, Chuck Hendricks

Q: Word is that you are a pretty good curler. Tell us a bit about your curling experiences. (For our American readers, here is a description of curling.)

Curled competitively since 1967 my last year of high school. Curled against Peewee Pickering and Garnet Campbell of Sask (who until recently) held the most appearances in the Brier. Terry Braunstein, Barry Fry and Don Duguid of Manitoba. Russ and Glen Howard, Wayne Middaugh, Peter Corner. Eddie Werenich, Neil Harrison, John Kawaja, All of these people won Canadians and Worlds. John Base former world Junior Champ. Kirk Ziola of Sask and Ont. Curled out of the Granite Curling Club Ottawa, Pembroke CC, Navy CC Ottawa, Rideau CC Ottawa and Renfrew CC.

Q: As someone with years of experience, what is the biggest change in the game that you have seen over the years in fastball?

Good question but I guess that would have to be the pitcher being allowed to leap.

Q: If you could change one thing about the GOFL or fastball in general, what would it be?

I would like to see most of the guys playing today , start to organize minor Fastpitch teams and coach them. The game needs it badly.

Q: What is one thing that most guys in the GOFL probably don’t know about you?
They probably don’t know that I do the accounting for Artistic Landscape Designs Ltd.

Thanks George, a good walk down memory lane with all those great stars of the past. And not just the curlers, the ball players too ha ha.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Mrs Fastball tells the kids that there was a death in the extended family. (She was 95.)

Mrs Fastball: "LR's mother died. When you see him, make sure you say sorry."

Caveman: "What?"

Mrs Fastball: "We feel bad for LR since his mom died, so next time you see him, say 'sorry LR'."

Caveman: "Why would we say sorry? Did we kill her?"


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Softball Canada to hold "Senior B" Nationals in 2011

from Mike Branchaud

2011 Senior Mens “B” Championship

Softball Canada is pleased to announce that we will add a Sr B / intermediate event to the 2011 Senior Men’s Canadian Fast Pitch Championship in Owen Sound, ON. With all Championships going to an open concept beginning in 2012, this pilot event will allow Softball Canada to gather further feedback and continue to make changes to the Canadian Championship structure to encourage more participation.

The goal of this Championship is to attract some teams from Provinces that may not have participated in the original format. This new format will provide Senior B, Intermediate, Tier 2 teams the chance to play in a Canadian Championship against teams at their own level.
• 8 team event split into 2 divisions of 4
• Each team plays 3 round robin games
• After round robin the top 2 teams from each group move into the Plate division and the bottom 2 go to the Bowl division
• Each division will then play a double elimination tournament
• Total games for the round robin is 12 plus 6 in each division of the playoffs for a total of 24
• Teams guaranteed minimum of 5 and maximum of 7 games each
• Play would begin Friday morning and conclude Sunday late afternoon
• Medals for top 3 finishers in Plate Division
• Trophy/plaque for Plate Champion and Bowl Champion
• Champion / Finalist prizes for Plate division
• Gift for each participant
• Scores/standings on tournament website
• Worth K-master optic balls supplied by SC
• Teams to declare their intent to participate through their Provincial Association by June 7th
• Registration fee of $500

• The events will follow Softball Canada SORs and rulebook
• $1000 hotel bond is also due at registration
• All registrations will be through the P/T associations


Thursday, March 24, 2011

This week's collection of miscellany

A few selected thoughts on relatively random items:

The readers have spoken: Over the last three days the votes have come in with 30 people suggesting that the Caveman original story was worthy of submission to the Softball Ontario contest and not one vote dissenting. I'll send it in and I'll let you know if I hear anything back.

Rules quiz: Mrs. Fastball's question about the Ryan Shannon shootout attempt in the Sens-Rangers game tonight (asked seriously): "Are they not allowed to raise the puck in a shootout?"

Friday night action: Speaking of hockey rules, I'll be enforcing some (or at least trying to) at Game 4 of the Rideau-St. Lawrence Junior B Conference Finals with the Athens Aeros visiting the Winchester Hawks at 8:15 with the home team up 2-1 in the best-of-seven. C'mon out and watch, Jr B hockey is great at playoff time. If you can't make it no worries - they are live streaming it online. (I'll be the slow old guy in the striped shirt.) The Hawks are managed by a familiar name to many GOFL'ers - "John Boy".
In the other series, the Metro-Valley Conference finals, the Clarence Castors are up 3-0 on the Renfrew Timberwolves. The game at the Ma-Te-Way Arena in the 'Frew starts at 8pm - if you can't make that one, it will be on "MyFM Radio" and you can listen live online to another name familiar to local fastballers - Larry Regan, former organizer of the Renfrew Merchants fastball team that used to play in the Upper Ottawa Valley league does the play by play.

Fitzroy Junior Hockey Update: Fitzroy Jr's West Carleton Novice team is currently in the Novice B Championship Final against, you guessed it, Edgy Jr's Carleton Place team. Loser leaves town grudge match on Thursday in CP - we'll let you know how things finish.

The Twitter: Originally, I thought it was kind of stupid. But actually I'm getting to like this Twitter thingy. Check it out and if you sign up follow Fitzroy Fastball.

A site to bookmark: If you haven't already, be sure to bookmark Fastpitch West and check it out regularly. Very professional layout, especially when compared to this ugly thing and it always has interesting articles from across the world of fastball, edited by Jim Flanagan out in sunny Cali. And I'm not just recommending it because he's giving this blog props!

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Minor softball sign up time - UPDATED again

Once again it's time for minor softball leagues conducting their annual registrations. Get yer kiddies signed up and get them hooked on fastball at a young age! Here are a few associations in our area.

West Carleton Minor Softball: Registration Sat March 26, 10am - Noon at Community Centres in Fitzroy Harbour, Carp, Dunrobin and Kinburn. If you missed it and want to sign up, contact fastball[at]fitzroyharbour.com and we'll get you in contact with the right person.

Kenmore Minor Softball: Registration March 22 and March 26 at the Kenmore Hall.

Stittsville Minor Softball: Register online

Kanata Minor Softball: Competitive only this year - they are asking house league players to go to Stittsville.

Orleans Minor Softball: Register online.

McNab / Braeside Minor Softball: Register forms online

Rideau Osgoode Minor Softball: Register online

Gloucester South Youth Softball: Register online.

Greely Minor Softball: Information online.

Richmond Munster Minor Softball: Information online.


Carlsbad Springs Minor Softball: Information online.

Lyn and District Minor Softball: Information online

Athens Minor Softball (not the one in Greece, the one near Brockville): Information online.

Parkwood Hills Minor Softball: Information online (ignore the Adult Slo-pitch)

Another update:

Shawville Recreation Association: Information online.

One more addition from up the valley:

Cobden Minor Ball has registration March 29th at the cobden arena from 6:30 - 8:00pm. Check out their website.

Augusta Minor Softball has a website - no registration information here though.

Any others I should know about in the area? Let me know at fastball[at]fitzroyharbour.com.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Softball Ontario looking for stories and a question for readers

Whaddya think loyal blog readers? Should I send them the first Caveman story:

Take the poll below and if I get enough support (I have a number in my head) I'm gonna send it in. Comments also welcome.



NORTH YORK, ON- Softball Ontario would like to share information about the Coaches Association of Ontario “Tell Your Story”: Inspire Others Contest. You Could Win $500 for your local softball association or your softball Team!

Ontario needs more coaches! Softball Coaches know what it takes to make a difference in the lives of young people and it’s time to share your story.

Let the Coaches Association of Ontario know about your coaching journey - how did you get started in Softball? What is your proudest softball coaching moment so far? Share your insight, passion, and enthusiasm for softball and coaching.

Here is how to enter the Tell Your Story: Inspire Other Contest:

1. View Contest Details

2. Be Creative!

3. Your story must be a Maximum of 500 words.

4. Submit your story by Wednesday, April 6, 2011 at 4:00 pm. Send your story to: ocw@coachesontario.ca

Top Finalists will be posted for voting during Ontario Coaches Week April 9-17th, 2011. The Winner will be announced on Tuesday, April 19th.

Finalists for the Tell Your Story: Inspire Others Contest will be selected on:

• How will the story inspires new coaches?

• Creativity

• How well it captures the true essence of coaching in Ontario

The Tell Your Story: Inspire Others Contest runs in conjunction with Ontario Coaches Week: Inspire Ontario: 1 Coach @ a Time!

Softball Ontario has partnered with the Coaches Association of Ontario and Richmond Hill Minor Softball Association to host a FREE National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Learn to Coach clinic in Richmond Hill on April 9, 2011 to celebrate Coaches Week! The Coaches Association of Ontario Coaches Week is a week long campaign that aims to recruit, develop and celebrate community coaches around the province.

Softball Ontario delivers the National Coaching Certification Program and Coach Education on behalf of Softball Canada and the Coaching Association of Canada in the Province of Ontario. If you have any questions regarding the Softball Ontario Coaches Program or the National Coaching Certification Program, please contact Steph Sutton via email at ssutton@softballontario.ca


Williamsburg 8th Annual Tournament

from Lyle Schell

Williamsburg's 8th Annual Fastball Tourney

May 27-29
Entry fee 350.00
1st place- 1200.00, 2nd 800.00, 3rd- 400.00
(prize money based on 12 teams)
3 games minimum

BBQ and refreshments, live entertainment

Call Lyle at 613-219-5367 or email cigars32@hotmail.com

Cheques payable to:
Williamsburg Fastball Tournament
12785 Froatburn Rd
Williamsburg On
K0C 2H0


Monday, March 21, 2011

Men's National Team 31-man roster posted

Softball Canada has posted the 31 man roster 2011 Senior Men`s National Team Athlete Pool. Watch for a more formal press release coming soon. Unfortunately no local representation, though Mathieu Roy from the Donnacona, QC Blue Sox who often play in our area was named.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Harbour Ball looking for players

Fitzroy Harbour Men's Fastball League is a league for men 16+ interested in playing recreational fastball in Fitzroy Harbour from May to September, one night a week on Wednesdays. All games at the Fitzroy Harbour Community Centre, with refreshments afterwards in the Hall. The league hosts a mid-season tournament in June and the season ends with playoffs and the annual banquet. No experience necessary - for more information, contact Brendan at 613-229-6838.


Friday, March 18, 2011

You always remember your first time

Through an extensive sponsorship with the Ottawa Senators, Fitzroy Junior, the Caveman and I attended the Sens 3-1 victory over the New Jersey Devils tonight at Scotiabank Place. It was the first ever live NHL game for the boys.

The sponsorship provided for excellent seats in Section 112 - let's just hope the lads don't think that's where they will be sitting in the future!

The evening was almost ruined when Fitzroy Junior came down with a fever this afternoon. (Sick during the March Break - obviously not faking!) Through the miracle of Tylenol he was able to fight through the adversity and attend the game.

Fun was had by all, with the whole evening make worthwhile by a) the Caveman's dancing at every whistle and b) Fitzroy Junior shouting as we left the arena "That was AWESOME."

(Thanks Joe.)

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

ISC Qualifiers update

2011 ISC World Tournament Qualifier Calendar

Note: Team officials are reminded that ALL teams must play in either a qualifier and/or an invitational in both June and July and that all OOR players must play in either a Qualifier or an invitational in both June and July with their current year team with exceptions where noted below.

Each team will be allowed one exception to the requirement that OOR players must play in either a qualifier or invitational in both June & July.

In addition, members of the New Zealand touring team are exempted from the requirement to play in either a qualifier or invitational in both June & July. Said players must only play in one month or the other.

US East Region – Bill Howell, VP – bhowell5@yahoo.com – 301-870-5049 – 8 Berths

Previously awarded:
1. PA Power
To be awarded

MAFTL Champion
Based on league standings. More info after MAFTL org meeting.

June 17 – 19, 2011
Boulevard Lounge Invitational – Midland, MI
Berths: 2-ISC World Tournament berths to highest finishing US East teams.
Contact: Kyle Beane – kbeane8@yahoo.com – 810-813-5178
Format: TBA
Entry fee: TBA

June 24-26, 2011
Port Huron, MI
Berths: 1 ISC berth to highest finishing Canada East team and 1 ISC berth to highest finishing US East team
Format: 3 or 4 game guarantee depending on # of teams – Pool winners advance to elimination round
Entry fee: $400US
Local Contact: Kurt Schieman – kschieman38@yahoo.com – 810-479-6415
UIC: Ted Germain – teddyump57@yahoo.com - 989-395-0466

July 15 - 17
Pete Schwab Memorial Qualifier - Frankenmuth, MI
Berth: 1-2012 World Tournament berth to highest finishing US East team.
Format: 3 game round-robin with single-elim playoff
Entry fee: $400
Contact: David Lach (lachdavid@gmail.com or 810-623-2276)
UIC: Mike Clark (umpyclark@charter.net)
ISC Rep: Lee Isenhart (isenhartlee_@hotmail.com)

July 22 – 24
Midland Explorer’s Qualifier – Midland, MI
Berth: 1-2012 World Tournament berth to highest finishing US East team.
Format: TBA
Entry fee: TBA
Contact: TBA
ISC Rep: Lee Isenhart

July 30-31
Erie Qualifier – Erie, PA
Berth – 1-2012 ISC berth to highest finishing US East team
Entry fee:
Contact: Bill Hillhouse – houseofpitching@yahoo.com – 814-392-3369 Cell
ISC Rep: Bill Hillhouse

Canada East Region – Blair Setford, VP – blairjs@rogers.com – 905-826-2697 – 15 Berths

Previously awarded:
1. Jarvis Travelers
2. Wellington Sox
3. Cobourg Force
4. Owen Sound Selects
5. Mitchell Mets
To be awarded

2011 Qualifiers for 2011 Berths
May 20-22
Capital City Shootout – Halifax, NS
Canada Games / CFB Windsor Park
Berths: 1 ISC berth to highest finishing Canada East team
Format: round robin
Entry Fee: $450
Local contact: Colin Strangward colinstrangward@eastlink.ca
UIC tbd

June 17-19
Canada East ISC Qualifier – Springfield, ON
Berths: 3 ISC berths to highest finishing Canada East teams
Format: double knockout
Entry Fee & Deadline: $375, payable to ISC Canada East – May 15, 2011 deadline
Local Contact: Mark McCallum nmmccallum@yahoo.ca Shaun Winship winship@me.com
ISC Contact & Rep: Blair Setford – blairjs@rogers.com
UIC: Peter Kluszczynski – kluzzy@sympatico.ca

June 24-26
Kitchener, ON Legends
Berths: 1 ISC berth to highest finishing Canada East team without a berth
Format: Pool play
Entry fee: tbd
Local Contact: Larry Lynch – LLynch@town.mapleton.on.ca
ISC Contact & Rep: Joe Todd – ftode739@rogers.com
UIC: Bruce Bierman - bierhawk@xplornet.com

June 24-26
Port Huron, MI
Berths: 1 ISC berth to highest finishing Canada East team, 1 ISC berth to highest finishing US East team
Format: 3 or 4 game guarantee depending on # of teams – Pool winners advance to elimination round
Entry fee: $400US
Local Contact: Kurt Schieman – kschieman38@yahoo.com
UIC: Ted Germaine – teddyump57@yahoo.com
ISC Rep: tbd

July 10
2011 ISC Travel League of Eastern Canada
Berths: 1 ISC berth to top league team without a berth as of July 10 league standings
Format: League play
Entry fee: Part of league entry fee
League contact: David Bakker - bakkers@teksavvy.com
UIC: Peter Kluszczynski - kluzzy@sympatico.ca
ISC Rep: Blair Setford - blairjs@rogers.com

Three 2011 berths still to be allocated

2011 Qualifiers for 2012 Berths

July 15-17
Tavistock Invitational
Location: Tavistock, Ontario
Format: round robin+single elimination playoffs
Entry fee: $500
Berths 1 for 2012 ISC World Tournament
Local contact: Dave Bailey - davebailey@baileyconstruction.ca
ISC Rep: Joe Todd – ftode739@rogers.com
UIC: Tim Whitelaw - happyump@hotmail.com

July 23-24
Travel League of Eastern Canada Playoff Tournament
Location: Owen Sound
Format: round robin
Entry fee: included in league entry fee
Berths: 1 for 2012 ISC World Tournament – league winner
League contact: David Bakker - bakkers@teksavvy.com
ISC Rep: Colin Smith - colin_smith@bell.net
UIC: Peter Kluszczynski - kluzzy@sympatico.ca

July 29-31
OASA Great Lakes Championship
Location: New Dundee
Format: tbd
Entry fee and initial roster deadline: $500 Cdn, payable to OASA by July 1, 2011
Berth: 1 for 2012 ISC World Tournament for top finishing Canada East team
OASA Contact: Roy Patenaude - lat@love-a-tree.com
ISC Contact: Joe Todd – ftode739@rogers.com
UIC: tbd

September 16-18
2011 Laverne Reichert Memorial Ontario Challenge Cup ISC Qualifier
Location: tbd
Berths: 1 for 2012 ISC World Tournament – affiliated Canada East league teams only
Format: Double-knockout
Entry fee and deadline: $275 CDN – August 31, 2011
Local contact: Dennis Dosman - dennisdosman@dosmanprinting.com
ISC Rep: Joe Todd – ftode739@rogers.com
UIC: tbd

US Central Region – Wayne Fisher, VP – wpfisher@mchsi.com – 319-351-1055 – 15 Berths

Previously awarded:
1. Quad City Sox (Host #1)
2. Albaugh, Inc. (Host #2)
3. New Image
4. Minnesota Angels
To be awarded:

May 6 – 8 – DeKalb Hustlehogs Qualifier – DeKalb, IL
Berth: ISC World Tournament berth to highest finishing US Central Team
Format: Round robin into single elimination
Entry fee: $230
Contact: Tom Crouch – tcro14@yahoo.com – 815-501-6186 Cell
UIC – Phil Garee – 630-301-1471 – pgaree@gmail.com
ISC Rep: Tom Crouch

May 27, 28 & 29 – Quad Cities Memorial Classic – Walcott, IA
Berth: 1-ISC berth to highest finishing US Central team
Format – Round robin into single elimination
Contact: Ron Foster – 563-650-2837 - poppafos@hotmail.com
Entry fee: $300
UIC: Cathy Creighton – 563-940-0164 – ccreig@aol.com
ISC Rep: Sean Marten – 563-391-8307 – ssmarten@aol.com

June 4 – 5
Randlett Park – Anadarko, OK – Heartland Festival
Berths: 1- ISC World Tournament berth to winner regardless of region
Format: Pool play into single game elimination- 3 or 4 game guarantee- $100.00 per win and $500.00 to winner of single game elimination tournament
Entry Fee: $300
Contact: Myles Stephenson-405-933-0334, myles.stephenson@gmail.com
ISC Rep: Russ Callahan-918-791-9898, sandracallahan@att.net

June 17 -25 (Two weekends)
Iowa Area ISC Qualifier – Walcott, IA
Berth: 1 – ISC World Tournament berth to highest finishing US Central team
Format: Double elimination
Entry fee: $100
Contact: Larry Koberg, 563-210-0935, lhkoberg@midamerican.com
ISC Rep: Wayne Fisher, 319-351-1055, wpfisher@mchsi.com
UIC: Keith Schmitz, 319-232-8649, kpls@mycidco.com

June 18 – 19
Holm Classic – Fargo, ND
Berth: 1-ISC World Tournament berth to highest finishing US Central team
Format: Round robin into single elimination – 4-game guarantee.
Entry fee: $400
Contact: Kyle Koterba 701-730-4689 kylekoterba@jk-engineers.com, Eric Lewis 507-382-2789 ekid20@gmail.com
ISC Rep: Jon Kegel - 701-238-2855 - mntwinsnut@hotmail.com
Note: Complimentary burger, brats and beverages to teams on Saturday night. Top two teams receive complimentary entry into 2012 Holm Classic.

June 24 – 26
Albaugh Inc. Tournament – Elkhart, IA
Format: Round robin format with seeded single elimination on Sunday.
8 teams with two pools of 4.
Berth: 1-ISC World Tournament berth to highest finishing US Central team.
Entry fee: $350 – Prize money determined by number of entries.
Contacts: Brian Lammers – lambonz11@hotmail.com – 402-560-6560
Tom Owen – owenthomasd@johndeere.com – 515-490-6248
UIC: Jason Smith – jsmith@japsolson.com - 612-306-9887

July 8 – 10 – Boys of Summer – Denmark, WI
Berth: 1-2012 ISC berth to championship team (from any region)
Format: Round robin into single elimination
Contact: Zak Flash – zakkflash@greenbaynet.com or Darren Derricks – 920-676-2448
Entry fee: $200
UIC: Hank St. Clair - 216-533-5209 – hstclair@ameritech.net
ISC Rep: Dean Oscar – 608-524-6990 H – doscar@ramchealth.org

US West Region – Chris Santos, VP – jcsantos25@msn.com – 303-419-7352 – 5 Berths
To be awarded:

May 14 – 15 – Silverhawks Invitational – Bakersfield, CA
Location: Patriots Park Complex
Berths: 1 World Tournament berth to highest finishing US West team
Entry fee: $450
Format: Pool play into single elimination
Contact: Chris McGehee - (661) 330-7114 - garageworks@bak.rr.com
UIC: Isaac Salcido - (661) 342-3343 - isalcido@taft.org
ISC Rep: Jim Flanagan – jim@fastpitchwest.com – 562-726-3004

May 27, 28 & 29 - Joe Santos Memorial Tournament – Pueblo, CO
Location: Joe Santos Field
Berths: 1 World Tournament berth to highest finishing US West team
Entry fee: $350
Format: Three game guarantee (format depends on number of teams)
Contact: Chris Santos 303-419-7352 or jcsantos25@msn.com
UIC: Benny "Ginger" Rendon 719-250-6608 or gingerrendom@hotmail.com
ISC Rep: Dick Mason - 303-734-4800 or dickm@hayniecpas.com

June 4-5, 2011 – 21st Annual Best of the West – Santa Barbara, CA
Location: Elings Park
Entry fee: $450 - April 1 entry deadline
Format: Round robin into single elimination - 4-game guarantee
Berth: 1-ISC World Tournament Berth to highest finishing US West team
Contact: Jim Flanagan - jim@fastpitchwest.com 562-726-3004
UIC: Clyde Bennett – clydebennett13@yahoo.com - 805-895-9007
ISC Rep: Jim Flanagan

June 18 & 19 – California Classic – San Diego/Poway, CA
Location: Sportsplex USA
Berths: 1 World Tournament berth to highest finishing US West team
Entry fee: $500
Format: Pool play into single elimination – 4-game guarantee
Contacts: Chris McGehee – 661-330-7114 – garageworks@bak.rr.com
Dave Weldin – 661-472-1716 - davidw@expressinsurance.com
UIC: Isaac Salcido - (661) 342-3343 or isalcido@taft.org
ISC Rep: Jim Flanagan – jim@fastpitchwest.com – 562-726-3004

Canada West Region – Todd McCabe, VP–todd_mccabe23@hotmail.com–780-748-7799 – 3 Berths

Previously awarded:
1. Saskatoon Diamondbacks
To be awarded:

International Region – Bill Hillhouse–houseofpitching@yahoo.com–814-392-3369 – 2 Berths

To be awarded:


OASA announces 2011 Men's Tournaments

The Ontario Amateur Softball Association is pleased to announce their 2011 tournaments leading to participation in the Softball Canada Canadian Championships.

Junior Men
July 1 - July 3
Owen Sound
Tournament Director: Brad Thomson thomson.brad@gmail.com
Teams competing for a berth to the Softball Canada Junior Men's Canadian Championship in Napanee.

Great Lakes Championship
July 29 - July 31
New Dundee (15 km from Kitchener)
Tournament Director: Roy Patenaude lat@love-a-tree.com
Teams competing for a berth to the 2012 ISC World Tournament plus entrance into Softball Canada's Senior B or Bowl Division of the Canadian Championship in Owen Sound September 2 - September 4.

Senior Men
July 29 - July 31
New Dundee
Tournament Director: Roy Patenaude lat@love-a-tree.com
Teams competing for a berth in Softball Canada's Senior A or Cup Division of the Canadian Championship in Owen Sound August 28 - September 4

For more information on these tournaments please contact Brad Thomson (519)-954-1269 or thomson.brad@gmail.com


It's official - "Johnny Leroux" arena in Stittsville

City names the Johnny Leroux Stittsville Community Arena

Today, the City of Ottawa formally recognized the many contributions of Stittsville resident John “Johnny” Leroux by naming the Stittsville arena the Johnny Leroux Stittsville Community Arena at a ceremony hosted by Mayor Jim Watson and Councillor Shad Qadri.

“Johnny Leroux’s passion and commitment to local sports is well-known and it’s my honour as Mayor to be a part of the ceremony to recognize him,” said Mayor Jim Watson.

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Johnny Leroux on many occasions at the Stittsville Arena and throughout the community. It’s fitting that an important piece of Stittsville will forever bear Johnny’s name,” said Stittsville Councillor Shad Qadri.

In 2002, City Council created a commemorative naming program to formally recognize individuals who give selfless, courageous or exceptional service to the residents of Ottawa, the Province of Ontario, or Canada. The program lets the City honour these individuals through the naming of municipal streets, parks and facilities.

Johnny Leroux is particularly well-known for his dedication to amateur and recreational sports, a passion that took root during his years in the armed forces. While working as a cook on the front lines of the Korean War, he made a name for himself as an athlete. In 1954, he was the undefeated Canadian Army Featherweight Boxing Champion, winning the Golden Glove competition in Montreal.

As a veteran, Johnny has been an active member of the Royal Canadian Legion. In particular, he has been a driving force behind the Stittsville Legion’s annual poppy campaign.

Johnny has been recognized by governments and organizations with numerous medals, awards, and accolades, including the Legionnaire of the Year Award and the Certificate of Merit from the Government of Canada for contributions to the community.

In Stittsville, Johnny has dedicated countless hours to men’s, women’s and children’s sports. He has served as an official, coach, timekeeper, and organizer of local hockey and softball. Notably, he founded and coached local old-timers hockey in Stittsville. His winning performances at the Can Am Series in Lake Placid earned him the reputation as being “the father of old-timer hockey in Stittsville.” Johnny has also dedicated his time and construction skills to building furniture that is sold to raise funds for local sports teams.

In recognition of Johnny’s contributions to his community and country, the City of Ottawa is renaming the facility commonly referred to as the “Stittsville Arena” as the “Johnny Leroux Stittsville Community Arena.”


Orleans Amateur Fastball Association recognized as "SAFE"

Softball Ontario announces the first SAFE Star Rated Softball Associations

TORONTO, ONTARIO – Softball Ontario is pleased to announce the first five (5) Softball Associations to become SAFE (Softball Association Fundamental Excellence) Star Rated Softball Associations! Announced at the 2011 Get In The Game Symposium on Saturday February 26, 2011, the five Softball Associations were recognized for their work towards creating a quality organization for the children within their communities.

The five (5) SAFE Star Rated Softball Associations include:

Topham Park Minor Softball League
Newmarket Minor Softball Association
Pickering Softball Association
Port Perry & District Minor Softball Association
Orleans Amateur Fastball Association

“Congratulations to our new SAFE Star Rated Softball Associations!” said Rory Quigley, Softball Ontario’s Participation Program Chairman, “Each of these Softball Associations can be proud of the efforts they have put into creating quality softball programs in their communities.”

Softball Ontario acknowledges SAFE Star Rated Softball Associations for their efforts in the four (4) Pillars of Excellence that make up the SAFE Star Program: Organizational Development, Volunteer Development, Long Term Player Development and Softball Ontario Participation. By achieving Softball Ontario’s standards in all four Pillars of Excellence, the Association’s commitment to ensuring a quality softball program within their community shines through.

Each Softball Association completed the nine steps outlined in the SAFE Start Application Form, including providing supporting documentation to outline the policies, procedures and programs that they have implemented to achieve their rating.

Details of each Softball Association’s SAFE Star Rating are available online at www.softballontario.ca and www.playsoftball.ca. If you would like to find out more information about the SAFE Star Ratings Program, or if you have any questions please contact Lisa Crompton at lcrompton@softballontario.ca or call 416-426-7150.

Softball Ontario is the governing body for the sport of softball in Ontario. Our goal is to promote and develop the sport of softball for its athletes, officials and volunteers by providing programs and services at all levels of competitions.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation is an agency of the Government of Ontario. Their mission is to build healthy and vibrant communities throughout Ontario by strengthening the capacity of the voluntary sector, through investments in community-based initiatives.


Thursday, March 03, 2011

It's your move

Fitzroy Fastball and the Caveman, as readers know, love fastball. But what even loyal readers may not know is that they also love charades.

Their affinity for these two things can be traced back to my mom, Nana Fastball. Nana was a "back catcher" (as she used to say) for the Scotiabankers in the Arnprior Ladies Industrial Softball League back in the 70s. Head teller at the Arnprior Bank of Nova Scotia by day, calling pitches at night with a mitt the size of a work glove. I used to go to the games and get pro tips as a young lad. (Grandpa Fastball wasn't much of a ball player - as the oldest of 14 brothers and sisters he had to focus more on his next meal rather than softball.)

Nana Fastball also had a brief TV career in the mid-60s. She made an appearance on the CTV show "It's Your Move", super cheesy show featuring people in leisure suits acting our charades. Check out this page for some sample shows (none of them featuring my mom unfortunately). She made the long drive to Montreal to try out for the show, and was in at least one episode. Her prize: a year's supply of Eskimo Pie (aka a cheque for 25 bucks).

Anyway, last night the lads want to play some charades, so Mrs Fastball and I indulge them in a quick game before bed. The first few the boys perform include "hockey", "golf". "T-ball" and "grocery shopping".

Then it's the Caveman's turn. "I have a good one!". He gyrates around for a minute or so, thrashing his arms all around, then looks at us expectantly. We have no clue. You can see the exasperation in his face. "Watch me! C'mon guess!" We throw out a few remote possibilities, but we don't get it. Finally we give up. With a shake of his head and a look that says "as if you people didn't get it", he tells us what he was acting out:

"Daddy, it was a monkey having a shower!"

Ah yes, of course, how did we not get that? I'm pretty sure that wasn't one of the correct answers on the 1965 episode of It's Your Move.

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Fenelon Falls Men's 5th Annual Fastpitch Tournament

Fenelon Falls Men's 5th Annual Fastpitch Tournament

On the weekend of August 26-28, The Fenelon Falls Men's league is holding its 5th Annual Open Tournament in Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada. The tournament consists of 12 teams and each team is guaranteed 4 games. There are cash prizes for first: $1200.00, second: $600.00, and third place: $400.00. Games are 1 hour and 30 minutes long, with the semi finals and finals a full seven innings. The tournament has been a tremendous success and has had many great teams participate over the last 4 years. We look forward to having many other great teams come and join us for a great weekend of ball. The tournament is a first come first serve basis at a cost of $ 400per team. A $ 100.00 non-refundable depoist is required by May 1, 2011 Any teams interested please contact Shannon Post at 705-341-8078 or heyu686@hotmail.com. I will be more than willing to give you any additional information you require.

Please send entry fee, team name, contact name, phone number, and mailing address to Shannon Post at 288 county rd. 8 Fenelon Falls, ON, K0M 1N0. All entered teams will receive a tournament package as soon as I have the required information. An e-mail address would be appreciated for further correspondence.