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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Caveman had a good Saturday

Think you had a good weekend? Well, I daresay it wasn't as good as the Caveman's. His Saturday was pretty spectacular.

8:30 am: Breakfast: bacon. 'Nuff said.

11:00 am: Novice hockey game in Osgoode.

11:20 am: Caveman scores his first ever "real" goal in hockey, banging in a rebound. Big celly - stick pointed skyward like a rifle, leg pump, big hug for his line-mates. (It's a family tradition for the first goal to take a while to score.)

11:50 am: West Carleton defeats Osgoode 9-1. Not only did he score his first ever goal (and add two assists) this is the first game of hockey in which he has ever been on the winning side. Last year, his West Carleton team did not win a single game for the entire first half of the season. (Unlike his softball team which rarely lost.) While they did win in the second half, Caveman missed that part of the season with a broken arm. We don't like to talk about that.

11:55 am: Post game celebration in the dressing room for the kids. Coach asks for a moment - announces that Caveman has earned Warrior of the Game for his performance and presents him with the game puck.

12:30 pm: We go for pizza to celebrate and the Caveman demolishes two large pieces of "grease wheel". He loves his pizza.

2:00 pm: We arrive home and Cousin Herb is there and staying for a sleepover. A good friend of Caveman's, Cousin Herb is the son of his cool Uncle. (While they are close, Cousin Herb is decidedly different than the Caveman - his interests are more Minecraft and dinosaurs. Herb couldn't care less about hockey. Herb does give softball a try - but really his heart isn't into it, despite Caveman's frequent verbal encouragement. You would be more likely to see Herb running the bases pretending he is a Tyrannosaurus rex, instead of like the Caveman with his hard "spikes up" slide he likes to do at third no matter if there is a play or not.)

5:00 pm: It's a big night in Fitzroy - the annual Children's Halloween Party at the Community Centre. Caveman loves Halloween. He dresses this year as "Mini Elvis" (photos to follow). Fitzroy Junior is Sherlock Holmes and Cousin Herb is a Minecraft character.

7:00 pm: Off we go to the Halloween Party - on the menu, besides various candy: hotdogs. Caveman's favourite food. (We made him have an apple too.)

7:30 pm: Magic show. Guess who gets to go on stage and participate? Caveman wows the crowd as the magician's assistant and takes a bow.

8 pm: Party starts to wrap up and they announce the winner of the "Guess the Weight of the Pumpkin" contest. Any guesses as to who was the closest, with a guess of 143 lbs for a 147 lbs pumpkin? Yep, Caveman won that too, taking home the $25 gift certificate.

All in all, I'd say a pretty spectacular day for an 8-year old.


Monday, October 28, 2013

BMFL announces award winners

Last weekend the Blackburn Men's Fastball League held their annual banquet and the following players were recognized for their achievements this season.

First Team
Pitcher - Jeff Barber (Guzzlers)
Catcher - Matt Bowman (Mr. Electric)
1st - Derek Martin (Knights)
2nd - Paul Toonders (Gloucester Heating)
SS - Jordan Adams (Goodfellows)
3rd - Derek Barber (Guzzlers)
LF - Andy Barber (Blue Jays)
CF - Jason Naylor (Gloucester Heating)
RF - Ryan Mitts (Gloucester Heating)
Utility - Brett Watt (Good Ol' Boys)

Second Team
Pitcher - Pierre Lalonde (Good Ol' Boys)
Catcher - Serge Potvin (Good Ol' Boys)
1st- Steve Hall (Rogues)
2nd - Brendan Clark (Goodfellows
SS - Kevin Shonfield (Guzzlers)
3rd - Marcel Mondoux (Gloucester Heating)
LF - Brandon Spears (Guzzlers)
CF - Spencer Rodd (Blue Jays)
RF - Gerry Sancartier (Knights)
Utility - Nick Bowman (Mr. Electric)

Regular Season MVP - Jeff Barber (Guzzlers)
Playoff MVP -Jeff Barber (Guzzlers)
Rookie of the Year - Ted Easterman (Blue Jays)
Sportmanship Award - Andrew Crowe (Mr. Electric)

Len Bourdeau for Outstanding Dedication to the BMFL - Nick Bowman (Mr. Electric)

Congrats to all of those selected and to the entire league for another successful season. Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2014!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

GeeGees win silver at Provincials

from Andrea Nelson

The uOttawa GeeGees Women's fastball team headed to St. Catharine's this past weekend to battle against the seven other teams in the OIWFA for Provincial gold.

In their first game they faced Brock, a team they faced only a couple of weekends before where they went 2-0 against them.  In this first game of the provincials Baylie Gigolyk took the mound.  She pitched a great game, but both teams were back and forth on offence from the beginning.  Brock scored first early in the game, with the GeeGees catching up, and eventually taking over with a 3-run in the park homerun by Jacqui Timperio to overtake the Badgers 5-4 for the final.

In their second round-robin game, the GeeGees were up against Waterloo, who they had just faced twice the weekend earlier at Nationals.  It was not the most ideal conditions for a day of ball to say the least, with hard rain coming down just before the game, but they managed to get the game in before the worst of it.  Waterloo generated a lot of offence off of Jean Cardona, but Cardona showed her strength under pressure; with the help of her defence none of the Waterloo baserunners crossed the plate.  In the top of the sixth inning Waterloo had runners on second and third with no out, looking to get back the two runs the GeeGees had scored earlier in the game.  Cardona quickly crushed any chance of that by striking out two in a row, and then getting the third to pop up to Taylor Rogalsky at first base to end the inning.  The GeeGees took this second game 2-0.

Due to the persistent rain on Saturday, the GeeGees third round-robin game against Laurier was postponed until the next morning at 10 am.  A win in this game would secure the GeeGees first place finish in their pool, and allow them to advance directly to the semi finals; Baylie Gigolyk started the game in hopes of seeing that through.  Laurier got two runners on in the top of the first, who both came around to score, giving Laurier an early lead.  The GeeGees answered right back however, as Michelle Miller and Taylor Rogalsky both hit on, and Andrea Nelson doubled up the middle to bring them both in.  As the game progressed Laurier had runners on in almost every single inning, however was only able to score two more to make it 4-3.  In the top of the sixth inning a ball was hit by Ottawa to the Laurier second baseman who flipped it to the shortstop to try for a double play.  Unfortunately for the short stop, the Ottawa runner came in hard at second and there was a collision, causing the Ottawa player to be ejected from the game.  Unfortunately for Ottawa, as they have a very small roster of 11, they had no one to fill the open spot, and after much deliberation about what exactly Ottawa was permitted to do with their lineup, the game was called and Ottawa had to forfeit, sending them to play in a do-or-die game against Queen's.  The score at the time of the forfeit was 6-4 for the GeeGees.  
Jean Cardona pitched in the game against Queen's, totally dominating their lineup.  The GeeGees on the other hand were able to score a couple of runs early in the game before hitting their stride and scoring five more runs.  Key hits came from all over the order, and opportunities to cash runners in were not missed.  The Gees scored one in the fifth to make it 7-0 and the game was called early on a mercy.

For the GeeGees this meant they were to advance into the semi-finals to play Laurier, and to hopefully get the win they had been so close to earlier that morning. Jean Cardona took the mound again for the GeeGees in her third start that weekend.  Laurier was able to get a two runners aboard early, and with a couple of well-placed hits they came around to score.  Unfortunately for them, after those two runs scored their batters had less and less luck against Cardona and stayed scoreless for the rest of the game.  On the GeeGees side however, their bats only gained momentum as the game went on, with multiple multi-run innings that led to a six-run sixth inning, and another early game with the final score at 12-2.  

This win let the GeeGees advance to the finals, where they met Western for a repeat of the weekend before at Nationals as well as last year at the Provincials.  The game remained scoreless for the first three innings, with strong pitching and defence from both sides.  This changed in the third inning when Western, with two runners on hit a homerun for the first runs of the game.  The GeeGees answered with one run in the fourth as Jean Cardona hit a single to get aboard and with two out Michelle Miller also singled to bring her in.  Two innings later the score was 3-1 for Western, when this time with one baserunner they hit another homerun over the right field wall to make it 5-1.  In the top of the seventh the GeeGees were still trying to push for a comeback, Andrea Nelson getting aboard with a single down the right field line.  Brye Corkum came into run for her and with a single from outfielder Elissa Sivel, Corkum was moved around to third base.  Jacqui Timperio then came up and shot a long fly ball out to left center and Corkum came in to score.  Unfortunately that was all the GeeGees had left in them and Western took the game 5-2.

It was an exceptional season for the GeeGees, only having three recorded losses during the regular season and medalling at both the Nationals and Provincials.  Special congratulations go out to Baylie Gigolyk and Jean Cardona who were named team MVPs and to Jean Cardona again who was named MVP of the gold medal game this past weekend.

The GeeGees also say goodbye to five of their athletes who will be graduating at the end of the year. Taylor Rogalsky, Elissa Sivel, Jacqui Timperio, Elyssa Dobson and Andrea Nelson have all played their last games as GeeGees but fortunately they end their time with Ottawa with a strong team and a pair of silver medals.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Catching up with the Caveman

The Caveman has been up to his usual antics entertaining us. Recently.....

Too much info at Thanksgiving: As we gathered at Mrs. Fastball's brother's place (their "cool Uncle") for Thanksgiving dinner, there were about twenty on hand: family, extended family and friends. They have all already seen the Caveman in action, so it wasn't too surprising when he announced to the assembled folks just before dinner: "I am NOT wearing underwear under these jeans!".

Future Caveman Companion: Recently, in the back seat of the car, Fitzroy Junior and Caveman were deep in conversation about their futures.
Fitzroy Junior: "Do you think you will ever get married, Caveman?"
Caveman: "I don't think so."
Fitzroy Junior: "Why not?"
Caveman: "Well, I like to be nude a lot, and I don't know any girl nudists, so I don't think I will be able to find a wife."

Hair care for the Caveman: The Caveman was in the tub, scrubbing up after a hard day of getting dirty in Grade 3. He called out to his brother who was nearby: "Hey Fitzroy Junior! Get me the perv!"
Fitzroy Junior: "The what??!"
Caveman: "The perv!"
Fitzroy Junior (giggling): "What are you talking about?!"
Caveman: "I need to wash my hair so get me the perv!"
(He meant this.)

Caveman fine dining: As mentioned before, the Caveman likes to eat. Despite being two and a half years younger than Fitzroy Junior, he has a much larger appetite. While he does love his junk food (especially hot dogs),  he is pretty good about eating his vegetables. Sometimes he takes his vegetable eating to the next level.

One evening recently, Mrs Fastball was out, so I made supper for the boys. The vegetable that night wasn't too exotic. I opened a can of Green Giant green beans and put them in the microwave in a bowl. After polishing off his plate, the Caveman asked for seconds on the beans. Proud of my little vegetable eater, I said "Sure" and brought him over the bowl with the remaining green beans. He said "Thanks, Daddy!" and starting finishing off the remaining beans. Not much later, I heard him slurping and looked over - he was drinking the water that the beans were warmed up in; the liquid they are packed in the can. He chugged it down, let out a satisfied "ahhhhhh" and said "Yum! Bean juice!".


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Greater Ottawa Fastball League All-Stars for 2013

The results are in and the Greater Ottawa Fastball League All-stars for 2013 have been announced.

Each team representative votes on the players they feel were best at their respective positions for the season. Teams can't vote for their own players. "First team" and "Second team" all-stars are listed below.

Congratulations to all players recognized.

First Team All-Stars
Pitcher: Corey Costello, Micksburg Twins (unanimous selection)
Catcher: Joe McCleary, Quyon Flyers
First Base: Steve McCord, Quyon Flyers
Second Base: Kristian Knapp, Kars Aces (unanimous selection)
Third Base: Kevin McGuire, Carp I4C Victory
Shortstop: Scott Herriott, Stittsville 56ers
Outfield: Dan Jessiman, Stittsville 56ers; Jeff Barber, West Carleton Electric; Dennis McCleary, Quyon Flyers
Designated Hitter: Jeff  Barber, West Carleton Electric

Second Team All-Stars
Pitcher: Andy Barber, West Carleton Electric
Catcher: Derek Barber, West Carleton Electric
First Base: Tony Searle, Manotick Blitz
Second Base: Shawn Laframboise, Quyon Flyers
Third Base: Chad Milne, Kars Aces
Shortstop: Nick Ellis, Kars Aces
Outfield: Dan Loney, Carp I4C Victory; Matt Alkerton, Kars Aces; Ryan Bond, Stittsville 56ers
Designated Hitter: Matt Greer, Quyon Flyers

In addition, this year the new "Tim Craig Memorial Award" was created to recognize the league's top utility player, excelling at multiple positions.

The winner for 2013 is Matt Greer, of the Quyon Flyers, with very close runner-up Joran Graham of the Micksburg Twins.


GeeGees Women's Fastball win silver at Nationals

from Andrea Nelson

Results for the uOttawa GeeGees women's fastball team, from this past weekend at the CCSA Nationals held in London, ON:

In the GeeGees first game of the National Championships this past weekend they faced Waterloo, a team they are no stranger to.  Jean Cardona started the first game, fresh from the previous weekend of three starts and backed by her GeeGees defence.  Cardona was solid as always, however Waterloo came out ready to play and through some timely hitting were able to manufacture a run late in the game. But the GeeGees did not stay silent, throughout the game they were able to lay some bunts down to move the runners around, which was complimented by some key hitting from all over their lineup.  In the end the GeeGees took it 4-1.
Their second game of Saturday was against St. Clair College, a team they had yet to play but who they were prepared for. Cardona started the game again for the GeeGees and the game quickly turned into a pitchers' duel, the bats staying quiet for both sides.  The GeeGees had some chances with runners on, but were unfortunately unable to cash them in.  As for St. Clair, in the 5th inning they got a baserunner, who, after a hit through the infield advanced to third base for a chance to score.  St. Clair put on a squeeze play at home, but Jean Cardona picked up the ball quickly from the mound for a toss to Grace Lonergan at home to get the runner, keeping the game tied at zero.  The game would stay at 0-0 for the final.
The GeeGees played their third round-robin game on Sunday, knowing that a win would bring them closer to a first place finish in their pool.  In this game they were up against Humber College, an opponent they also knew of, but had yet to play themselves.  Jean Cardona was back on the mound again for the GeeGees, getting some help early from her offence as Ottawa scored first in the game to give her some extra confidence.  It was soon clear that it would be a back-and-forth game however, as Humber came back to score three runs and tie it up.  It luckily remained tied for awhile, Humber stranding multiple baserunners as the GeeGees outfielders highlighted the defence with impressive over-the-head catches from Elyssa Dobson and a heads-up play by right fielder Jacqui Timperio.  On an off-target throw to first, Timperio recovered the ball, diving into the base with her glove to get the Humber runner who had taken a hard turn.  This gave the GeeGees two out, and with Cardona retiring the next batter easily, the GeeGees had avoided another potential run from Humber.  In the sixth inning the GeeGees had bases loaded when first baseman Taylor Rogalsky came up and sent a rocket out to left-centre field over the head of the centre-fielder, clearing the bases and allowing the GeeGees to take a 6-3 lead.  In the seventh Cardona struck out all three Humber batters in order for 6-3 win. 

After clinching first place in their pool, Ottawa faced Waterloo Sunday morning for the semi-finals game. The GeeGees came out on top of their game for this one, Cardona completely dominating the Waterloo offence.  As for the GeeGees their offence started early as well, scoring four runs in the first two innings, and having baserunners on in every inning from up and down their order.  Jean Cardona had yet another chance for a perfect game going until a slapper was able to drop in for a hit behind second base.  In the bottom of the sixth, the GeeGees were up 6-0 looking for one more run to mercy when Brye Corkum shot a ball out to the fence in left field for a triple.  Baylie Gigolyk then came up for a basehit into right field, knocking Corkum in from third and securing the early win at 7-0.  Cardona finished with a one-hitter and the GeeGees advanced to the finals to face Western for a repeat of the Provincial Championship one year before.

Jean Cardona started off the game again for the GeeGees, but before she came out to the mound, Ottawa was able to score first, being up on the Mustangs 1-0 in the first.  Unfortunately Western was able to come out and score two against the GeeGees early in the game as well.  The Mustangs continued to chip away at the Ottawa pitching for the next few innings, and with the Ottawa defence not being what it normally is, it allowed for Western to get on top 5-1.  Baylie Gigolyk came in to pitch for the GeeGees in the fifth, hoping to get some ground ball outs against Western.  Coming into a difficult situation, Gigolyk was able to secure some outs, though Western managed to score three more runs against her late in the game.  In the sixth however, the GeeGees did make a run for it, cashing in two more runs after having bases loaded, making it 8-3.  Although they hoped for more, the GeeGees unfortunately stranded three runners after having another chance at bases loaded and in the end Western came out on top 8-3.  The uOttawa GeeGees are silver medalists!

Some other highlights for the GeeGees include having four players recognized for their contributions by the CCSA: Jean Cardona for her pitching, Elyssa Dobson for her outfield play, Michelle Miller for her contributions on offence and Grace Lonergan for her stellar catching.  They also had contributions from up and down the lineup all weekend from timely hitting to error-free games on defence.  The GeeGees anxiously await the Provincials held next weekend in St. Catharines and will be looking for gold!     


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Softball Ontario’s Softball Performance Centres are now accepting registrations for U14 and U16 Softball Players!

What is a Softball Performance Centre?
Softball Ontario’s Softball Performance Centres will provide a clear training pathway to the sport's high performance system of skill development as delivered by:
  • Team Ontario Coaching Staff (Male and Female)
  • Selected Developmental Coaching Staff
  • Strength and Conditioning Experts
  • Nutrition Experts
  • Sport Psychology Experts
  • Video Analysis- Dartfish Specialists
  • CANpitch Regional Pitching Instructors
Ultimately, this training will prepare the identified Train 2 Train stage players with a clear pathway to meet the minimum fitness and skill raising standards to the next level of Softball- Team Ontario and Team Canada.

What are the dates of the Softball Ontario’s Softball Performance Centres?

The Softball Ontario Performance Centres will offer continuous training on four (4) weekends:
November 30-1, 2013- 1st weekend – Open Assessment
January 11-12, 2014- 2nd weekend – By invitation only
January 25-26, 2014- 3rd weekend- By invitation only
February 8-9, 2014- 4th weekend- By invitation only

Where are the locations of Softball Ontario’s Softball Performance Centres?

London, ON – Click here to register if you are interested in attending this Softball Performance Centre

Vaughan, ON - Click here to register if you are interested in attending this Softball Performance Centre

Napanee, ON - Click here to register if you are interested in attending this Softball Performance Centre

How much does it cost to attend a Softball Ontario's Softball Performance Centre?

$50.00 plus HST for the first weekend (open to everyone)
$250.00 plus HST for 2-4 weekends (by invitation only)

Who can attend the Softball Performance Centre?
  • U14 female/male softball players
  • U16 female/male softball players
How does the Softball Ontario Softball Performance Centres work?

1st weekend – is an open registration process.  Each Softball Performance Centre will welcome 250 softball players to have an assessment of their current softball performance skills and overall fitness testing scores according to Team Canada’s Softball National standards.  This provides an opportunity for 750 softball players an opportunity to learn new fundamentals skills, refine their current skill set (hitting, throwing, catching, and fielding).  Also, training players will be introduced to all the technical, tactical, mental and physical/fitness components of the game.
U14 and U16 softball players will be selected based on their scores and will be placed in a regional training pool.

2nd weekend-  Softball players will be selected based on their fitness scores and how they match up to Team Canada’s Softball National standards and will be placed in a regional training pool and will continue training for 48 hours

3rd weekend- Softball players will continue training for 32 hours.

4th weekend- will continue training for 16 hours

What are softball players provided while at the Softball Performance Centre?
  • A report card identifying their strengths and areas of their game which requires improvement based on the benchmarks for an athlete at their given age (U14 or U16)
  • Softball Performance Centre T-shirt
  • U14 or U16 Players Guide
  • Dartfish Video
  • Lunch will be provided both days (Saturday and Sunday)
If you have any questions about Softball Ontario’s Softball Performance Centres, please contact Steph Sutton via email ssutton@softballontario.ca or by phone 416-426-7150.

If you wish to fax/email your application and send payment via first class mail, you are able to do so.
Softball Ontario’s Softball Performance Centres are supported by the Ontario Government.

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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Team TMac wins Fall Ball in Blackburn - with DETAILS

Team TMac won the Blackburn Fall Ball Tournament this past weekend defeating Chisisabi Jays in the final. The winning squad, captained by Tony MacDonald had Trevor Lahey and Brad Porter pitching.

from Tony Macdonald

The Kanata GCMFL squad comprised of 8 current Glen Cairn Men's Fastball League and 3 legacy players won the 2013 Blackburn Fall Ball Tourney.
The roster:
Tony Macdonald
Shawn Simzer
Duane Bromley
Cory Morrison
Kristian Knapp
Brad Porter
Kevin McGuire
Ryan Clare
Trevor Lahey
Lindsay Medynski
Nick Ellis

Game 1 - beat Team Naylor 6-1; winning pitcher Brad Porter, home runs : Knapp & Ellis
Game 2 - beat Trend Arlington 2-0; winning pitcher Trevor Lahey, losing pitcher Fred Stoneyhouse, HR Trevor Lahey.
Game 3 - lost to Chisasibi Jays 1-0 in extra innings; winning pitcher Mitch Hardy, losing pitcher Brad Porter
Game 4 - beat Team Mondoux 3-2; winning pitcher Trevor Lahey, losing pitcher Shannon Borho
Finals:  Beat Chisasibi Jays 3-0; winning pitcher Trevor Lahey, losing pitcher Mitch Hardy, HR: Trevor Lahey 2 run shot.


GeeGees Women's Fastball win five on the weekend, off to Nationals

from Andrea Nelson

In the GeeGees second straight weekend of six games, the first two saw the GeeGees facing the Carleton Ravens. Jean Cardona started the first game for the GeeGees and pitched four perfect innings until a defensive error on the GeeGees allowed the first runner of the game aboard.  With a solid hit from the Ravens into left field, they were able to bring the runner around to score, however that being the only run they would score all game. With some solid hitting and aggressive base-running by the GeeGees they were able to come up with six runs to support Cardona and take the win with the final score of 6-1.

For the second game of the night Baylie Gigolyk took things over from Jean Cardona on the mound.  As always Gigolyk's drop ball was working well for her as she along with her defence were able to secure several ground ball outs to keep the Carleton hitters off the bags.  On offence the Gee-Gees produced early, Jacqui Timperio getting on base twice and being hit in each time by Taylor Rogalsky, who had a triple in the game as well as outfielder Elyssa Dobson.  The GeeGees were making solid contact, however they were only able to generate three runs.  Into the last inning, Carleton got a runner aboard and after a base hit over the left fielder's head, the Raven runner came into score.  Unfortunately for the Ravens their batter was thrown out at third after a textbook relay throw in from left field from the GeeGees to end the game. The GeeGees took the second of two games 3-1.

Onto Saturday, where Ottawa faced the Guelph Gryphons on their home diamond in Orleans.  In the first game, the GeeGees came out swinging, hoping to widen the gap early in the game against the Gryphons.  Once again, girls were getting base hits up and down the order, and with bases loaded early in the game, Michelle Miller hit a shot up the middle that scored Jean Cardona and Grace Lonergan.  What's more, the GeeGees were able to generate all of their runs that game (and as it would turn out, the rest of that day) on two out!  Into the bottom of the sixth, with a runner on third, the GeeGees were only two runs away from a mercy when a controversial call at home plate caused one of the uOttawa girls to be ejected from the game.  Although the GeeGees are a mighty team, they are also a small one, and with no substitutions left to go in, Ottawa was forced to forfeit the game.
Ottawa didn't let their spirits get down however and Baylie Gigolyk came out set on sending those Gryphons home without a win. Early in the game Guelph was able to squeeze a couple of hits off of Gigolyk, with one coming around to score.  However the very next inning the GeeGees bats came out and tied the game up right away.  The Gryphons bats stayed alive, and they had many chances to score with several baserunners throughout the game, however the GeeGees played a solid defence, with the majority of the action to the left side, and kept the Gryphons at only one run.  For the GeeGees part, they were having a similar problem to the Gryphons; making solid contact, but could not seem to bring anyone around to score.  This was until the fifth inning when hits started getting through scoring two runs for the GeeGees, topped off with Grace Lonergan's first homerun of the season.  In the bottom of the seventh, the Gryphons had girls on first and second, when a fielder's choice to second base allowed a run to score.  However the Gryphons dreams of a comeback were crushed when a weak ground ball to Brye Corkum at second base ended the game and the GeeGees took it 4-2.

On the last day of the weekend, the GeeGees faced the University of Toronto.  Jean Cardona started off the game with seven straight strike outs, and her pitching continued to be that strong through five innings of work.  In the top of the fifth inning, a check swing by a UofT batter found its way into left field for a hit, ruining yet another chance at a perfect game for Cardona.  On the side of the offence for Ottawa, they kept finding the gap up the middle, and were able to come around for seven runs, finishing the game off in the fifth inning at 7-0.
In the second game of the day the GeeGees had several solid line-drive hits that unfortunately were hit directly the UofT players, infield and outfield.  However not everyone was having this problem, as outfielder Elyssa Dobson was about a foot shy from a homerun on more than one occasion.  With these shots to the outfield, along with hard hit balls through the infield and strategic baserunning, the GeeGees were able to secure five runs for Baylie Gigolyk.  Once again her down balls proved most effective, allowing her defence to make ground ball outs which lead to UofT stranding all of their baserunners.  In the top of the seventh UofT came out looking for a comeback, with the lead-off batter hitting a shot out to right field.  However the GeeGees quickly shut down any hopes, when a perfectly executed relay from right field to second base to Colleen Thibert at third caught the UofT runner before she reached the base.  This was followed by a quick two outs and the GeeGees had secured their fifth win of the weekend at 5-0.

The GeeGees have two very exciting weekends coming up with Nationals in London this coming weekend and Provincials in St. Catharines the following weekend!


Tuesday, October 01, 2013

East Side Mario's wins Glen Cairn playoff title

from T-Mac

East Side Mario's defeated Mattamy Homes 2-0 in best of 3 final series to be crowned 2013 GCMFL Champs.

Congrats to East Sides!