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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Darren Ladouceur

Our thoughts are with Darren Ladouceur and his family. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Laddy.

Sam Oliver provides this update.

Darren Ladouceur, the easy going, quietly funny outfielder for the Stittsville 56ers remains in serious condition at a Syracuse hospital after being assaulted outside a Syracuse bar on Saturday, Jan 24th. I’m sure the GOFL will join Darren’s family and the 56ers in putting our thoughts, prayers, and positive energy towards Laddy making a full recovery.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

GOFL winter meeting update - NEW DATE

The GOFL winter meeting scheduled for Jan 28 was postponed due to the weather and traffic conditions.

Tentative new date is February 11 - to be confirmed.

Interested in hosting a Softball clinic in your area?

from Softball Ontario


NORTH YORK, ON- Softball Ontario is pleased to announce its clinic line-up for the 2009 softball season. Our goal is to promote and develop the sport of the Softball for it athletes, umpires, coaches, scorekeepers and volunteers by providing clinics for all levels of competition. Softball Ontario offers clinics and programs to ensure that Ontarians have the skills and knowledge to participant in our great sport. Our line up includes:

National Coaches Certification Program

Learn to Coach (officially called Community Sport- Initiation) - is perfect for all entry-level including T-ball coaches, Coach-Pitch and Learn to Play. This clinic has been designed for the inexperienced volunteer Mom and/or Dad community softball coach who is working with children or youth aged 4 to 8 years old.

Keep Coaching (officially called Community Sport- On-Going Participation) - is ideal for the more experienced house league/recreational and select coaches. This clinic replaces Softball Ontario “Grassroots Clinic” and has been designed for the community softball coach who is working with children or youth aged 9 and up.

Competition-Introduction, Softball- is designed for the competitive and rep level coaches and is mandatory to be able to coach at the provincial level and national. This clinic replaces the old knowledge based NCCP Level 1 and Level 2 Technical/Practical and Theory programs.

Softball Ontario Speciality Coaches Clinics

Softball Ontario Coach Education Clinics are excellent way to expand your Coaches knowledge with these hands-on and interactive clinics. Clinics include:

Hitting for Coaches- this clinic provides detailed instruction to coach of art of hitting a softball.

Drills, Drills, Drills- this clinic provides coaches of all levels helpful tips on creating and implementing drills for their athletes.

Rules for Coaches-For four hours, your association could have your very own person qualified umpire to discuss rule information and interpretation.

Umpire Clinics

Junior Development-is designed to provide youth umpire between the ages of 12-16 with basic introduction to officiating.

Intermediate-was developed for young officials between the ages of 15-18 to be able to officiate at house league games and to prepare them as they advance in their umpiring career.

Level 1-This clinic is considered to be beneficial to all Umpires. It is important to know the proper Mechanics and Rules prior to stepping on the diamond.

Level 2 SP- This clinic is phase 2 of Umpire Certification. Umpires wishing to advance and to start officiating at certain provincial championships are required to attend this clinic.

Level 2 FP- This clinic is phase 2 of Umpire Certification. Umpires wishing to advance and to start officiating at certain provincial championships are required to attend this clinic.

Refresher-This new and improved clinic will include discussion on advanced rule interpretations, new rules and will feature an in depth questions and answer period. This course is best suited for the advanced umpire who has completed their Umpire Certification.

Scorekeeping Clinics

Basic- Accurate scorekeeping is important for naming award winners, applying for scholarships and even in deciding the outcomes of games. This clinic deals with all notations needed to keep score properly.

Advance-Anyone who compiles team or league statistics should attend the Advance Scorekeeping clinic. This clinic recaps the basic scoring notations and teaches how to summarize and balance a score-sheet.

Refresher- This clinic reviews the information in the advanced clinic for those who may have forgotten some notations or who has been away from the game for a while.

Minor Development

Pitcher/Catcher Clinics- There might be a player on your team that may need some polishing on their skills. This hands-on clinic covers: Warm-ups, grip, speed, throwing, windmill pitching, technique, catching and much more!

Softball Skills Clinics- Softball Ontario is committed to providing proper development of novice and advanced players. Participants attending the clinic are taught: batting, catching, base running, throwing, bunting, base strategies and much more!

Associations interested in hosting a Softball Ontario should visit the Softball Ontario website www.softballontario.ca. to download a Softball Ontario Clinic Bid form.


NORTH YORK, ONTARIO- Softball Ontario is pleased to announce that up to ten (10) $150.00 grants are available to qualifying softball associations to host Learn to Coach (officially titled Community Sport-Initiation and Keep Coaching (officially titled Community Sport-On Going Participation). This opportunity offers coaches in Ontario to obtain “trained” Community Coach Context in the National Certification Coaches Program. Please note the Learn to Coach Clinic replaces Softball Ontario’s Grassroots clinic while Keep Coaching replace the National Certification Coaching Program Level 1 Softball Technical clinic.

The Learn to Coach Clinic is for coaches working with players aged 4-8 year of age. Participants learn how to introduce players to softball in a fun, safe and self-esteem building environment regardless of their ability.

The Keep Coaching Clinic is for coaches working with players of all ages who are competing at the House League level. Participants learn how to motivate players to love softball, learn more skills and continue to be involved in our great sport.

In order to qualify for a Softball Ontario grant, softball associations must fill out a Softball Ontario Clinic Bid Form, an application for funding and submit their bid forms and grant application form no later than March 15, 2009. A deposit of $50.00 plus GST must be included with the bid form to apply to host a Learn to Coach or Keep Coaching Clinic. Grants will be issued to successful communities who had a minimum of ten (10) coaches attend a clinic and who have not hosted a Softball Ontario Learn to Coach or Keep Coaching clinic in the last two (2) years that was sponsored by the Trillium Foundation or by “We are Coaches” funding.

Do not pass on the opportunity to improve the quality of your league by providing valuable coach education in your community!

Association interested in hosting a Learn to Coach/Keep Coaching clinic should visit the Softball Ontario website at www.softballontario.ca to download a clinic bid form and grant application form.

If you have any questions about the Softball Ontario Community grants, or would like to apply to host a Coaching Clinic please contact Stephanie Sutton at ssutton@softballontario.ca or 416-426-7150.

Do not pass up on the opportunity to improve the quality of your association by providing valuable training for all members of the team.

If you have any questions about Softball Ontario Coaching, Umpiring and Minor Development clinics, please contact Steph Sutton at ssutton@softballontario.ca or by calling 416-426-7150.

If you have any questions about Softball Ontario Scorekeeping clinics, please contact Wendy Cathcart at wcathcart@softballontario.ca or by calling 416-426-7150.

Quest for Gold Bursary Program for Softball Coaches

from Softball Ontario

NORTH YORK, ON- Softball Ontario is pleased to share an exciting opportunity for Softball Coaches to have their Coach Education funded by the Quest for Gold (Q4G) Enhancement Coaching Program. The Quest for Gold Enhanced Coaching Program recognizes coaches have out-of-pocket expenses for many things. Coaches who wish to continue their training and education, or increase their knowledge and certification, can directly benefit from this bursary program.

The Quest for Gold program provides an education bursary for higher levels of professional development and training. Up to 75% of course registration fees will be reimbursed for Ontario resident coaches who pass and complete coursework.

Q4G Bursaries can be applied by softball Coaches in any of the following:

National Coaching Certification Program- Competition-Introduction, Softball
National Coaching Certification Program- Level 3 Theory (Multi-sport)
National Coaching Certification Program- Level 3 Technical Softball
National Coaching Certification Program- Competition-Development (Multi-Sport)
National Coaching Institute-National Coaching Certification Program Level 4 and Level 5)
Enhanced Coaching Level (3/4/5)
Please note that there are different pre-requisites and application for NCCP courses, the NCI and the Enhanced Coaching.

Softball Coaches are also eligible travel subsidy under the Quest for Gold Enhancement Funding. Softball Coaches can apply up to a maximum of $200.00 and must travel more than 100 km each way to attend the NCCP training.

The total allocation for Coach Bursaries for April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009 ist $150,000. To qualify for this funding opportunity the NCCP clinic you attended must fall between these dates. Applications for course preceing these dates will not be considered.

For more information about each of the above programs or to download the bursary applications, travel subsidy, please visit the Coaching Association of Ontairo website at www.coachesontario.ca.

For general information about Softball Ontario’s Coaches Program, please visit the Softball Ontario website at www.softballontario.ca or contact Stephanie Sutton via email at ssutton@softballontario.ca or 416-426-7150.

Team Canada 2009

Check this Softball Canada presentation for the National Team that will be hosting the ISF Worlds in Saskatoon this July.

(Somewhat cheezie, especially the choice of music.)

Greely Eagles seek coach

As per Fastball Hot Corner, the Greely Eagles are looking for a coach this summer.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Get In The Game 2009 - Let's Make Softball Better Together!

from Softball Ontario

NORTH YORK, ONTARIO - Softball Ontario is proud toannounce the third annual Get In The Game Symposium on Saturday February 28, 2009 at the Sport Alliance Building in North York. The Symposium is hosted by Softball Ontario’s Participation Committee and is a great opportunity for Recreational Softball Associations to come together and work towards improving softball in Ontario. Softball Ontario encourages all Recreational Softball Associations to send representatives to discuss your association and learn how to improve softball in your area!

Over the past two years,the Get In The Game Symposium has seen hundreds of participants representing Softball Associations from all over Ontario gather at the Sports Alliance Building to discuss the success of Softball in the province.

Event attendees for the 2009 Get In The Game Symposium have the opportunity to have a voice in the development of grassroots softball in the province, while at the same time learning how to better their own association. Travel (mileage) and accommodations will be provided by Softball Ontario for those who qualify. Participants in the Symposium must register with Lisa Crompton at Softball Ontario by February 13, 2009.

The Get In The GameSymposium is a great opportunity for Softball Associations to learn from each other and work together to improve our game throughout the province.
Date: Saturday February 28, 2009
Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Registration begins at 8:00 AM)
Location: SportAlliance Building Toronto, ON
Cost: FREE

If you would like to register for the Get In The Game Symposium or you have any questions, contact Lisa Crompton via telephone at (416) 426-7150 or via email at lcrompton@softballontario.ca.

Let’s make Softball better together!

Softball Ontario isthe governing body for the sport of softball in Ontario. Our goal is to promote and develop the sport of softball for its athletes, officials andvolunteers by providing programs and services at all levels of competitions.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Funding opportunity for female softball coaches

from Softball Ontario

NORTH YORK, ON- Attention all Softball Associations who would like to train coaches for the 2009 Softball Season! Today Softball Ontario received a great opportunity for you to obtain funding to help train female coaches, but you must act quickly!

Due to tight timelines set by Softball Canada, Softball Ontario must provide a list of interested Softball Associations for consideration for the Coaching Association of Canada’s “We Are Coaches” Campaign by THURSDAY JANUARY 22, 2009! The “We Are Coaches” Campaign provides financial assistance for coaching clinics at the house league level.

The “We Are Coaches” campaign funding opportunity is for Softball Associations who are interested in hosting a Softball Ontario/National Coaching Certification Program “Lean to Coach” or “Keep Coaching” clinic(s). Softball Ontario delivers the National Coaching Certification Program for Softball in the Province of Ontario.

To be eligible to apply for this special funding you cannot previously participated in Year 1, Year 2 or Year 3 of the “We Are Coaches” campaign.

“We Are Coaches” is a three-year campaign designed to increase the number of trained Women coaches in Canada in order to provide female mentors and role models for young participants. The campaign primarily targets mothers with children involved in community level sport, and strongly communicates the sense of community, reward, and FUN that can be achieved through coaching.

In year one of the campaign, Coaches Association of Canada partnered with Softball Canada to pilot this initiative with the community of Orleans, ON.

In year two of the campaign, the following Softball Communities participated: Windsor, ON, St. Catharines, ON and Orleans, ON.

In year three of the campaign, the following Softball Communities participated: Arthur, ON, Oshawa, ON, Oakville, ON, Orleans, ON and Windsor, ON.

Local communities in Ontario are to recruit Women to participate in the sports’ National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) community sport workshops (Learn to Coach and Keep Coaching). There will be additional training and support offered in open and friendly forums to further encourage and assist these women in becoming successful community coaches. In an effort to continually enhance Canada's community sport programs through coach training and developmental activities, six (6) grants of $1500 each will be awarded to local softball organizations across Canada.

The community coaching grants must be completed by March 31, 2008. Softball Canada is responsible for the financial assistance of “We are Coaches” grant while Softball Ontario the administration of the program. If your local softball association would benefit from “We Are Coaches” program, please contact Stephanie Sutton by Thursday, January 22, 2009 by 4:00 pm via email at ssutton@softballontario.ca or by calling 416-426-7150 with the proposed date of your clinic and the clinic you wish to offer.


Softball Ontario is the governing body for the sport of softball in Ontario. Our goal is to promote and develop the sport of softball for its athletes, officials and volunteers by providing programs and services at all levels of competitions.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

GOFL "Winter Meetings" coming up

The Greater Ottawa Fastball League "winter meetings" are scheduled for Wednesday January 28 at 7pm at the I4C office boardroom at 340 March Road.

All 2008 teams will hopefully be returning and represented, with an additional potential "expansion" team for 2009.

Anyone that is interested in attending the meeting that wasn't on the email distribution list, please let me know at fastball{at}fitzroyharbour.com or my work email if you have it.

Topics to be discussed include scheduling, league rules, playoff structure, and accepting new expansion team.

Off season rumours

It's January and -30C out, so naturally this is the time of year for fastball rumours. Lots of GOFL rumours percolating out there on the inter-web.

If any team would like to send announcements confirming player "signings" please forward to fastball{at}fitzroyharbour.com or to my work email if you have it and I'll put it up here to put some of the rumours to rest.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Little League in trouble with the tax man

Let's hope there aren't any softball organizations in a similar predicament....

Little League Canada strikes out
from the Orleans Star

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has revoked the status of Little League Baseball Canada as a registered Canadian amateur athletic association (RCAAA), according to the federal agency, effective immediately.

The CRA said the revocation was made for issuing more than $82 million in donation receipts "for abusive transactions arising from its role as a participant in a tax shelter arrangement." The agency went on to say that the above transactions did not qualify as "gifts" in the opinion of Minister of National Revenue Jean-Pierre Blackburn, as they must under the Income Tax Act.

RCAAAs are registered under the act and can issue donation receipts for income tax purposes.

"When an RCAAA is found not to comply with its legal obligations, the CRA may revoke its registered status under the Income Tax Act," the CRA said in a release, adding that the Little League Canada decision could signal the beginning of a country-wide review of all similar organizations.

"The CRA is reviewing all tax shelter-related donation arrangements (for example, schemes that typically promise donors tax receipts worth more than the actual amount of the donation), and it plans to audit every participating charity, promoter, and investor."

Requests for interviews with both the CRA and Little League Canada were not immediately returned, but in a press release Little League Canada called the revocation "premature."

Roy Bergerman, president of Little League Baseball Canada, said in the release that all donations were accepted after conducting due diligence, including advice from legal and tax experts.

"Our board and our staff members co-operated fully with the CRA during its investigations," he said. "Despite assurances from earlier audits by the CRA regarding the tax shelter donation programs, a later determination by CRA that the programs were not acceptable, and that we were, in their opinion, in violation of the Income Tax Act, has upset our volunteers across the country."

He added that donors to Little League Baseball Canada's tax-shelter donation programs are currently challenging the ruling.

"The funds received through these tax shelter donation programs were extremely valuable for us, as it allowed us to keep costs borne by the children and their families to the absolute minimum", he noted.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Senators tickets - GOFL discount UPDATE

from Joe Allan

The Senators Online Group Link has been updated to reflect the release, before the general public, of the remaining home games for the Ottawa Senators in February, March and April. Discounts vary from 15 to 50% off.

Visit: www.capitaltickets.ca/promo and enter in your online code. As always, please feel free to share this information with any and all within your friends and family circles.

The Promo Code is: SENGRPGOFL