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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Put keys on home plate and turn out the lights

from the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder, hat tip to Fastpitch West

Put keys on home plate and turn out the lights
By Claude McIntosh

The final program was sold. The uniforms were packed away for the final time. And the keys to the van were placed on home plate before the stadium lights were turned off.

The King and His Court, the world's greatest barnstorming softball team, played its final game Saturday night where it all started 65 years ago . . . in Walla Walla, Washington.

The architect of the four-man team was Eddie Feigner and legend has it that he started it on a bet in a bar in Pendleton, California.

The show outlived the man.

Feigner died in 2007 but his widow and veteran Rich Hoppe kept the show on the road . . . until Saturday night.

Mike Meilicke, the only surviving member of the original team, was on hand to throw out the first pitch.

As Hoppe told a television interviewer prior to the finale, "The time had come."

"It's the last piece of Americana, the landscape has changed," said Hoppe.

There is too much competition for the entertainment dollar. And the cost of travelling thousands of miles each year has become prohibitive.

Invited back for the final game was Mike Branchaud, who honed his softball skills on Cornwall diamonds and was taught by his dad, Ron, one of the best of his era.

Mike Branchaud barnstormed with Feigner and Co. in the 1990s.

It was, he recalled, the experience of a lifetime.

Branchaud got his shot at playing for Feigner in 1993 when Hoppe, the back-up pitcher, hurt his arm while the King and His Court were in the area.

Branchaud threw two games and Feigner, not easily impressed, liked what he saw.

"For his age, Mike's the fastest pitcher I have seen in many years," Feigner told a reporter.

It took a flight from Ottawa to Vancouver and a seven-hour drive to the stadium, but Branchaud, back in his Softball Canada office Monday, said he wouldn't have missed the final act for the world.

When the game ended, the keys to the team van were placed on home plate as a tribute to Feigner.

Said Hoppe: "I just wanted to return the van keys to Walla Walla where it all come out of."

Branchaud calls it a privilege to have been picked by the greatest softball pitcher of all time to play on the greatest softball team on the planet.

Barnstorming with the King and His Court wasn't every softball player's cup of tea, regardless of ability.

The gypsy lifestyle and wear and tear weren't easy.

It required a team member to be physically and mentally tough.

"It wasn't easy . . . on the road all the time, sleeping in different hotels every night and eating in restaurants," said Branchaud.

As Hoppe noted: "If you did one tour with the Court, you've been tested. To do more than one tour, you're certifiable. It was like being on the Rolling Stones, only with a softball."

Feigner had two rules when driving across North America from ball park to ball park: no radio and no cruise control.

And then there was having to live and work with a demanding perfectionist like Eddie Feigner.

Each of the other three team members had a cross to bear . . . and his name was Eddie.

"It was his team and his show," said Branchaud.

But as tough and gruff as Feigner was on the outside, like any good marine drill sergeant, he had the welfare of his men at heart.

Mike Branchaud believes he is better for having known The Man.

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New Brunswick defeats Quebec 3-0

New Brunswick defeated Quebec and the Men's Nationals 3-0 this morning, despite Gregg Garrity throwing a three hitter. Unfortunately, two of those hits were a solo HR and a two run HR for Fredericton.

Justin Schofield, the junior pitcher that led Nova Scotia to the Junior Nationals gold medal was the winning pitcher allowing only three hits in six innings of work. These three hits were from Matt Greer (2) and Joe McCleary. Bryan Newton had the save in the seventh.

Quebec falls to 3-2 while New Brunswick also has the same 3-2 record now. The teams are tied for third behind Newfoundland (4-0) and BC (3-1).

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Greenbush Generals win the North Leeds Men's Fastball League

from Terry McCann

The Greenbush Generals won the deciding game of the North Leeds finals by a 7-1 score in 6 innings over Newboro.

Adam Smith was the WP gave up 1 hit and had 8 K’s. Pat Healey took the loss.
Newboro scored in the top of the first after a lead off triple by Ryan Bruyere which turned out to be their only hit.
Greenbush scored 2 in the 2nd on Kevin Phipps and Shane Foley RBI hits, 2 more in the 3rd on an error and Adam Smith RBI hit, 2 more in the 4th on a Mark Blanchard Solo Hr and another Shane Foley RBI hit, 1 in the 5th on an Adam Smith RBI hit.

Greenbush Hits: Adam Smith 2, Shane Foley 2, 1 each for Todd Brayton, Will Thomson, Kevin Phiilips, Keesje Poldevarrt, Mark Blanchard, Tyler Knapp.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quyon Combat Flyers NFL Suicide Pool

from Kenny Fleck

Again this year the Quyon Combat Flyers will be running a “winner takes all one life suicide pool”. It is $20.00 per entry (you can enter more than once).

The pool is pretty straight forward. With your entry you have to pick one team per week that you think will win. If you team wins, you move on to next week. The team you pick loses and you are eliminated from the pool. You can only pick a team once.

If we still do not have a winner when the playoffs roll around the pool will re-set for those remaining. Meaning, you can now select any team that is in the playoffs, even if you have already selected them in the regular season. However, you can still only select a team once in the playoffs, excluding the Super Bowl.

If we do not have winner come Super Bowl, those remaining will pick who they think will win the game and the total score between the two teams. The total score will be used as the tie-breaker if the winning team is selected more than once.

If you are interested in entering the pool again this year, or for the first time, let me know and I will sign you up and send you an email with further instructions.


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Elkland Labour Day Durk Sherman Tournament

The Elkland Softball Association currently has 15 teams for the 59th annual Durk Sherman Classic held this weekend in Elkland, Pa and we are still taking applications until Thursday the 1st of September at noon. If there are any teams interested please contact Bill Sherman as soon as possible at esabill30@yahoo.com.Below is a list of teams that we have so far.

1- J.A. Transportation Elkland Pa
2- ESA Bellys Elkland Pa
3- Greenbush Generals Addison Ontario
4- Beverage Barn Williamsport Pa
5- First Kings Allentown Pa
6- Pa Power Ephrata Pa
7- Barrhaven Broadway Blues Barrhaven Ontario
8- I4C Victory Carp Ontario
9- Shaggy Dog Erie Pa
10- NY Bombers Cortland NY
11- Hacket and Sons Cubs Elkland Pa
12- West Carleton Electric West Carleton Ontario
13- Jersey Shore Generals Jersey Shore Pa
14- Knoxville/Ontario Knoxville Pa/ Ontario CA
15- Kars Aces Kars Ontario

Bill Sherman
814-258-7096 (HOME)
814-258-5229 (Elkland Softball Association)

UPDATE: The draw will be available on Thursday at around noon.


GOFL across Canada - with an update

So in following the action at the Men's Nationals in Owen Sound (Quebec just lost their first game against Newfoundland to go 3-1), I got thinking about the cross country representation in the GOFL.

Obviously a whole whack of us are from Ontario. And the Quyon guys (plus Chevy) have the Quebec side covered. We have representation from each Atlantic province: PEI (Spud Morrison), New Brunswick (Marcel Mondoux), Nova Scotia (Anil Hayne) and Newfoundland (Trevor Power, Scott Parsons, Bud Hanlon).

Anybody out in the league originally from the four western provinces? Comments are open!.

Update: Manitoba is in the house (Tony Searle and Ron Hryack)


Fall Ball 2011

from Derek Martin

It is that time of year again when the leaves start to change colour and fastball heads to Orleans on Sundays - that's right folks Fall Ball is back for another season. Games are Sunday afternoons at 1pm and 3pm. All games are played at Garneau Highschool on Carrier Dr, just off of Orleans Blvd. The cost is $60 per player. This will be the 4th year for Fall Ball and what a success it has been so far. With players coming from all over Ottawa to play it is quite a league. If you are interested in playing or have any questions please contact Derek Martin by email at: d.martin12@hotmail.com

Hope to see you on the field!

Sincerely, Fall Ball Executive Committee


BMFL Playoff Preview

from Nick Bowman

Here is a preview of the first round of the BMFL playoffs starting tonight:

The first round of the BMFL playoffs is shaping up to be quite exciting as only one of the season series was a sweep. Who knows what will happen when the playoffs start? Here is a preview for the first round.

#4 Exit A's vs #5 Mr. Electric

Tuesday, August 30 at 7:00 PM
Tuesday, September 6 at 9:00 PM

The first game of the Blackburn playoffs will feature the number 4 ranked Exit A’s against the number 5 ranked Mr. Electric. Exit won the regular season series between these two teams by winning the last two games 6-3 and 9-1. Exit lost the first game 9-2. BMFL predictions would be that Al Tomlinson will start for Mr. Electric and Will Lowe will counter for the A’s. Offensively, Exit will be lead by Jordan Adams, Will Mood and newly acquired Derrick Bulley while Mr. Electric will be lead by Matt Bowman, Brenden Holmes and BMFL’s longest serving player, Steve Walman.

#3 Gloucester Heating vs #6 Good Ol' Boys

Tuesday, August 30 at 9:00 PM
Tuesday, September 6 at 7:00 PM

The second game will feature number 3 ranked Gloucester Heating against Good Ol’ Boys. Heating won 2 of the 3 games. They won 6-3 and 8-2 and lost 14-11. The Heating are expected to send Pierre Lalonde to the mound, and the GOB will counter with Andy Dunn. The GOB have a solid offensive line-up and will be looking at Serge Potvin, Norm Gascon, Steve Corry and John Tremblay for some timely hits. Heating will be looking for speedy hitters Marcel Mondoux and Derek Bergeron to get on base and will be looking for some power from Guy Levesque and Stéphane Vinette.

#1 Knights vs #8 Rogues

Thursday, September 1 at 7:00 PM

The first game on Thursday night will feature the number 1 ranked Knights against the Rogues. Knights swept the season series, winning 6-0, 10-2 and 5-4. BMFL predicts that Chuck Musicka will be getting the start with Marv Fletcher and Matt Cox likely to see some innings. The Knights will be lead by the 1-2 punch of Jamie Blakely and Ryan Chatten. The Knights will be looking homerun leader Derek Martin to come up with some timely hits as well as Jamie Blakely and lead-off hitter, Brett “squirrel” Dugan. Rogues will be lead offensively by Steve Hall, their top average hitter, and pitchers Chuck Musicka and Marv Fletcher.

#2 Guzzlers vs #7 Goodfellow Cleaners

Thursday, September 1 at 9:00 PM

The last game of the first round of the 2011 will feature number 2 ranked Guzzlers squaring off against number 7 ranked Goodfellow Cleaners. Guzzlers will be looking for strong performances from the Barber’s offensively and defensively. Jeff and Andy will be sharing the pitching duties. Offensively, Guzzlers will be relying on Derek, Jeff and Andy as well as Kevin Shonfield and Steve Tsonos. Goodfellow Cleaners will be relying on strong pitching and hitter from veterans Mike Goodfellow and Gord Flannery. The Cleaners are also hoping that newly acquired Andrew Fleck, René Roncali and Casey O’Sullivan can help them out offensively. The Guzzlers won the regular season series 2 games to 1, winning 11-1 and 6-1 and losing 7-3.


Andy Barber named MVP of Midget Nationals

from Softball Canada

Softball Canada and the Host Committee of the 2011 Pepsi U19 Men’s Canadian Fast Pitch Championship are pleased to announce the following Award selections based on the players’ performance in the qualifying round:

Top Batter – Brodie McLean – AB2 - .545 Batting avg
Top Pitcher – Justice Keshane – SK2 – 4 Wins – 2.74 ERA
MVP – Andy Barber – ON1 0.93 ERA - .500 Batting avg

All-Star Team
Pitcher Trevor Aime AB2 3.77 ERA 0.900 Fielding avg
Catcher Ryan Kirk NL .389 Batting avg 0.984 Fielding avg
1st Base Wyatt Berube AB2 .364 Batting avg 1.000 Fielding avg
2nd Base Philippe Laflamme QC .526 Batting avg 1.000 Fielding avg
3rd Base Dylan Smith AB2 .316 Batting avg 1.000 Fielding avg
Short Stop Bradley Peck BC2 .389 Batting avg 0.974 Fielding avg
Fielder Mike Turner BC1 .381 Batting avg 0.875 Fielding avg
Fielder Adam Stuck ON4 .350 Batting avg 1.000 Fielding avg
Fielder Jordan Swenson SK1 .368 Batting avg 1.000 Fielding avg
Utility Player Brady Quaite BC1 .316 Batting avg 1.000 Fielding avg

Softball Canada and the Host Committee apologize to the players, coaches, parents and fans for any inconvenience that the delay in making these selections may have caused. Softball Canada and the Host Committee extend congratulations to all the selected players and to all participants at the 2011 Pepsi U19 Men’s Canadian Fast Pitch Championship.

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Quebec still undefeated at Canadian Nationals

From the Softball Canada website.

Game 10 of the 2011 Senior Mens Fastball Championships featured Softball Quebec versus PEI with Softball Quebec winning 8-5.

Francis Leclair started for Quebec going 5 innings giving up 5 hits, 5 runs and struck out 4. Leclair got into trouble in the 6th when Greg Garrity came in and went 2 innings giving up 1 hit and struck out 2 to shut the door for Quebec. Trever Ethier took the loss for PEI going 4 innings giving up 8 hits 7 runs and 7 strike outs. Ward Gosse came in relief going 3 innings 1 hit and 1 run and struck out 1.

Mattiew Lessard hit a two run homerun in the 2nd inning to get Quebec going, but PEI answered with 4 of their own in the 3rd which included a Rowan Lam 2 run homerun. Not to be out done Quebec replied with 4 more in the 4th and never looked back from that point on. Steve Savard and Greg Garrity hit homeruns for Quebec in the victory, with Garrity's being the longest one we have seen in recent memory in Owen Sound. Matt Arsenault added 2 hits in the losing effort for PEI

Quebec is now tied for 1st place at 3-0 and will play the other 3-0 team Newfoundland tomorrow at 4pm. PEI falls to 0-3 and plays again tomorrow at 2pm versus New Brunswick

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Blitz advance to Final Weekend Showdown

The Ottawa Blitz advanced to the final weekend showdown tournament by clinching their Greater Ottawa Fastball League playoff series against West Carleton Electric with a 9-1 win on Monday night in Fitzroy Harbour. The Blitz took the series 3 games to 1.

Shannon Borho had the win while Steve Cavanagh took the loss.

The Blitz scored their runs in bunches, with three in the second, three in the fourth and three in the seventh.

Jon Ferguson lead off the second with a single, followed by an infield single for Shannon Borho. They both advanced on a wild pitch, then after a strikeout Ferguson scored on an Andrew Bruce single. Bruce stole second and following a ground out, Russ Mitchell's RBI double scored two runs to put the Blitz up 3-0.

In the fourth, a walk by Andrew Bruce and a bunt single by Ron Hrcyak put runners on first and third. Hrcyak was out at second on a fielder's choice for Russ Mitchell. When what looked like an inning ending double play ground ball was misplayed, Bruce scored. Back to back RBI singles by Ryan Mitts and Derick Bulley made it 6-0.

WC Electric threatened in the bottom of the sixth. With two out, Neil Murphy and Derek Barber reached on back to back errors. An RBI single by Dave Bahm put WC on the board. Steve Cavanagh walked to load the bases, but a ground out to first ended the inning.

The Blitzos put the game out of reach in the seventh. With one out, Jon Ferguson singled, Shannon Borho singled and Jamie Blakely's ground rule double scored one. After a ground out, Ron Hrycak walked to load the bases and two more runs scored on Russ Mitchell's single.

Blitz pitching
Shannon Borho WIN 7IP 1R 0ER 4H 8K 3BB

Fitzroy pitching
Steve Cavanagh LOSS 7IP 9R 6ER 13H 3K 2BB

Blitz hitting
Ryan Mitts 1-3, RBI
Derick Bulley 2-4, RBI
Jon Ferguson 3-4, 2R
Shannon Borho 2-4, 2R
Jamie Blakely 1-4, 2B, RBI
Andrew Bruce 1-3, BB, RBI, 2R
Ron Hrcyak 1-3, BB
Russ Mitchell 2-4, R, 4RBI, 2B

Fitzroy hitting
Jon Daley 1-3
Neil Murphy BB, R
Derek Barber 1-3
Dave Bahm 1-3, RBI
Mitch Taylor 1-1


GOFL playoff week #4

The fourth week in GOFL action features games in the remaining two best-of-five series.

On Monday, it will be Game 4 of the Ottawa Blitz versus West Carleton Electric. First pitch in 8:30pm in Fitzroy Harbour, with the Blitz leading the series 2-1. Game 5 will be Wednesday in Manotick (time TBD) if necessary.

Wednesday in Stittsville will see Game 4 of the Kars Aces vs Stittsville 56ers series, with the Aces up 2 games to 1.

Barrhaven has already advanced, beating Carp 3 games to 1 in their series. Quyon advanced with the first place bye.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quebec Seniors win 5-2 at Canadian Nationals

The Quebec Seniors came up with a big in win their first game at Senior Nationals with a 5-2 victory over the defending champion Kitchener Hallman Twins. Darren Zack had the win, Gregg Garrity the save. Don Scott took the loss.

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Blitzos finish 3-1 at Fenelon Falls

As per Twitter, the Ottawa Blitz finished with a 3-1 record in Fenelon Falls. They went through the round robin undefeated in three games, only allowing two runs, but lost to the Cobourg Force 11-0 in the semis.


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Senior Men's Canadians start tomorrow

The Senior Men's Canadian championship begins tomorrow in Owen Sound, ON.

Best of luck to GOFLers participating, including Quyon Combat Flyers Joe McCleary and Matt Greer for Team Quebec and Joran Graham for Owen Sound.

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Loughborough League playoff update

from Jeff Hannah

The Loughborough Fastball League finals start on Monday night in North Fredricksburg. The Series is a best 3 of 5 for the Championship.

The North Fred Kings (2nd Overall) will play the Sunbury Merchants (4th Overall) in the Final.

North Fred defeated the Sydenham Midgets in Round 1 and the Sydenham Mens team in Round 2.

Sunbury defeated Newburg in Round 1 and Napanee North Key Juniors in Round 2.

Game 1 is in North Fred on Monday and Game 2 will be in Inverary on Wednesday.


Friday, August 26, 2011

North Leeds League playoff final

from Terry McCann

The North Leeds Men's Fastball League final series between Greenbush and Newboro is going to a deciding game 3 next Tuesday night in Greenbush at 8:30pm. Newboro won last night 9-8 with a 2 out walk off home run by Pete McCarthy to tie the series at 1 game each.


Barrhaven wins in 10 innings, advances to Final Weekend Showdown

info from Trevor Wood & Eric Rosenquist

The Barrhaven Broadway Blues won their GOFL playoff series three games to one on Thursday night in Carp with a 7-6 win in 10 innings over Carp I4C Victory.

The game was tied 2-2 after seven innings.

Paul Ceppi had the win in relief of Trevor Lahey for Barrhaven.

Neil Cooke took the loss in relief of Bill Gerber for Carp.

Tony MacDonald had a home run for I4C.

With the series win, the Blues advance to the GOFL Final Weekend Showdown playoff tournament on Sept 9-10 in Quyon.

more to follow


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kars wins 1-0, takes lead in series - some more details added

txt update from Chevy, Spud

The Kars Aces defeated the Stittsville 56es in a close game in GOFL playoffs on Thursday night in Carp. Corey Costello had the win for Kars while Darren Featherstone took the loss.

Kristian Knapp scored the game's only run in the first. He singled, stole second, went to third on a fielder's choice and scored on a passed ball.

Costello threw a one hitter, walking one and striking out 17.

Featherstone only allowed four hits, walked two and struck out ten.

Kars now leads the best of five series 2 games to 1.

Kars batting
Knapp 1/2 1B BB Run
Milne 1/2 1B BB
Morrison 1/2 1B
Chevrier 1/2 1B

Stittsville batting
Bond 1/2 BB


Cornwall League playoff update

These stories are forwarded on by Jason Woodside.

Cornwall League playoff game gets stopped when lights go out at 11pm in the seventh inning:

Then the game continues 5 days later, with 1 pitch to finish it in dramatic fashion.


2012 Men's Nationals going to Fredericton (now with links)

Al's is reporting that Fredericton, New Brunswick has the 2012 Men's Canadian Nationals.

Owen Sound, Ontario is the host this year. The schedule for the eight team men's nationals is now online.

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Elkland B Weekend tourney

The draw has been announced on Al's Fastball for the "B weekend" tournament in Elkland.

For Labour Day, word is that they have 16 teams confirmed with possibly two more to be added to the draw.

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Blitz take game 3 over WC Electric 6-0

The Ottawa Blitz took game three of their GOFL playoff series by a score of 6-0 to take a two games to one lead.

Shannon Borho had the complete game win, while Steve Cavanagh took the loss with relief from Andy Barber.

The Blitz put their first run on the board in the bottom of the first. Shannon Borho reached a very close play at first, was moved to second on a sac bunt by Jamie Blakely, moved to third on a passed ball and scored on Will Mood's RBI single.

The lead was extended to 2-0 in the third when Tony Searle singled with two out, Borho walked and Searle scored on Blakely's RBI single.

Russ Mitchell's solo HR made it 3-0 in the fourth.

Three runs in the fifth for the Blitz put the game out of reach. Searled walked to lead off the inning, moved to second on Borho's sac bunt and scored on Andrew Bruce's RBI triple. Will Mood then was hit by a pitch. Russ Mitchell reached on an error that scored Bruce and Marcel Mondoux's infield single scored Derek Bergeron who was pinch running for Mood.

West Carleton Electric had eight hits and two walks, but no runner advanced past second base, as Borho was able to get out of the inning every time.

Blitz pitching
Shannon Borho WIN 7IP 0R 8H 3K 2BB

Fitzroy pitching
Steve Cavanagh LOSS 3IP 2R 1ER 4H 1K 2BB
Andy Barber 3IP 4R 2ER 6H 1BB 2K 1HBP

Blitz hitting
Marcle Mondoux 2-4 RBI
Ron Hrycak 1-4
Tony Searle 1-3, BB, 2R
Shannon Borho 1-2, BB, SAC, R
Jamie Blakely 1-3, RBI, SAC
Andrew Bruce 1-3, 3B, RBI
Will Mood 1-2, HBP, RBI
Russ Mitchell 2-3, HR, R, RBI

Fitzroy hitting
Jon Daley 2-4
Neil Murphy 3-4
Derek Barber 2BB
Dave Bahm 2-3
Steve Cavanagh 1-3


Barrhaven wins 8-1, takes 2-1 series lead

Barrhaven Broadway Blues took a 2-1 series lead over Carp I4C Victory, putting up a 8-1 win in 6 innings on Wednesday night in Manotick.

Paul Ceppi had the complete game win while Neil Cooke took the loss and had relief from Ryan Chatten.

more to follow


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Playoff time reminder

Just a reminder, with playoff time upon us in most area leagues, feel free to send in update reports from your league to fastball[at]fitzroyharbour.com if you want to have information posted to the blog.

No league too big or small (we post results from the Caveman's league!), men's or women's, but it has to be fastball. Slowpitch leagues featuring guys with three chains, two gloves, sweatbands and dudes wearing #69 on their shirt need not apply.


The King and his Court - end of an era

The King and his Court are packing it in after an incredible 65 year run. ESPN has an article here about the finale - and our very own Mike "Pudge" Branchaud will be participating in the last game.


Labour Day tourney in Goderich cancelled

The Elkland Labour Day tournament is of course my favourite, but there is another long standing tournament in Goderich, in western Ontario near Lake Huron. Unfornately the town was devastated by a tornado last weekend and their tourney this year has to be cancelled.

Best wishes to the folks in Goderich in cleaning things up and getting back in the tournament circuit for 2012.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stittsville diamonds host Bantam girls Tier 2 provincials

Earlier this month, Stittsville hosted a girl's provincial tournament. Local team Kanata Pirates finished fifth - article in the local media here.

h/t to TC

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Fenelon Falls tournament this weekend - updated

Fenelon Falls will be hosting a tournament this coming weekend, with 12 teams attending, including the Ottawa Taylor's Blitz from the GOFL. Other teams include:

Agincourt 7 Wood Selects
Bramalea Red Sox
Cobourg Force
Meaford Dooleys
Orillia Red Sox
Perkinsfield Bantus
Oshawa Bombers
Toronto Wiseguy Leafs


GOFL Playoff Week #3

With all three series tied at 1-1, this week will feature four games in Greater Ottawa Fastball League action.

Wednesday night in Manotick there will be a doubleheader, with Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric facing Ottawa Taylor's Blitz at 7pm and Carp I4C Victory against Barrhaven Broadway Blues at 9pm.

Game 3 of Stittsville vs. Kars will be on Thursday at 7pm in Carp with Kars the home team. This match will be followed by Game 4 of the Barrhaven - Carp series.

Winners of each of the three series will advance to the Final Weekend Showdown in Quyon on September 9-10 where they will be joined by the Quyon Combat Flyers to playdown for the playoff championship.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

OASA Men's Intermediate B tournament in Toanche

Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric made the five hour trip up to Toanche, near Penetanguishene, for the OASA Men's Intermediate B tournament this past weekend. There were six teams from Fitzroy Harbour, Pickering, Toanche, Wiarton, Bracebridge, and Frankford.

Unfortunately the tournament had to struggle through some rainy weather, but compliments to the organizers on doing what they could to get things going. Toanche Park in "Tiny Township" is a very nice facility. Strangely they didn't have a beer garden at the event. Not so strangely, WC Electric, who had a few reinforcements from Barrhaven, had their own impromptu refreshment area onsite to compensate.

The teams were divided into two pools of three. Saturday games were "seeding" games to determine Sunday's single elimination bracket.

Fitzroy Harbour lost the first game of the tournament to the hosts from Toanche by a score of 12-5. Toanche Eagles put up six runs in the third, but Fitzroy responded with five runs in the fourth and fifth, highlighted by a Trevor Power home run to put WC Electric within one run. However some defensive miscues allowed Toanche to score five in the bottom of the fifth plus another run in the sixth to invoke the mercy rule. Steve Cavanagh had the loss and had relief from Chad Hargrove.

Next up was the Pickering Panthers. This was a closer game as the Panthers won 3-1. Chad Hargrove took the loss on the slab. WC Electric had many chances, but just could not convert on opportunities.

The 0-2 record meant that WC Electric faced the #2 seed from the other pool, Frankford. In a game that went back and forth, Fitzroy pulled out a 4-3 win in 8 innings. Chad Hargrove's solo home run in the seventh tied the game at 2-2. After Frankford scored one in the top of the eighth, Fitzroy had to respond. With Joel Langford on second in the international rule, Kevin Shonfield bunted and reached base on a close play, moving Langford to third. As the Frankford players argued with the ump, he alertly took second base. Neil Murphy's sac fly to right scored Langford to tie the game and Trevor Power's walk off single won the game for Fitzroy Harbour. Steve Cavanagh had the complete game win.

The following game was the semi-final once again against Toanche Eagles who had a bye based on their 2-0 round robin record. In a wild see-saw battle, the host team prevailed 16-15. At one point, the Eagles were up 8-2 in the top of the third, but Fitzroy responded with a nine run bottom of the third to go up 11-8. Going into the seventh, WC Electric was up 15-12, but Toanche put up four runs in the final inning and Fitzroy could not respond in the bottom of seven. Steve Cavanagh had the loss in relief of Chad Hargrove. Hargrove, Kevin Shonfield, Joel Langford, and Jeff Cavanagh all had home runs for Fitzroy in the game.

Toanche advanced to the final against Wiarton who had defeated Bracebridge in the other semi-final, but the game was rained out and will be made up at a later date.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ashland wins ISC II, Big Joe recognized

Ashland, Ohio Stockpack won the ISC II tournament title, defeating Topeka, Kansas Toros 4-0 in the title game.

Congratulations to Joe McCleary on being named to the "All Tournament" team as a catcher and to Mathieu Roy for being named to the "All Tournament" team as an outfield and for the best batting average in ISC II play.


OASA Men's Intermediate B provincials

This weekend is the OASA Men's Intermediate B provincial tournament in Toanche, up near Midland. There will be a local entry this year as Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric is making the trek, along with some help from some members of the Barrhaven Broadway Blues. Play begins on Saturday August 20, with the playoff round on Sunday August 21. There are six teams entered: WC Electric, Toanche, Pickering, Wiarton, Frankford and Bracebridge.


Carp evens series with Barrhaven - UPDATED

from Eric Rosenquist

Carp I4C Victory evened their playoff series against the Barrhaven Broadway Blues at 1 game a piece with a 6-1 victory in Carp on Wednesday night.

Neil Cooke went the distance for Carp for the win, scattering 5 hits, 1 walk, and 2 hit-batsmen over 7 innings.

Trevor Lahey took the loss for Barrhaven, giving up 5 runs in 2⅓ innings on 5 hits and 2 strikeouts. Paul Ceppi pitched 3⅔ innings of relief, giving up just one earned run on 2 hits and striking out 7.

Carp opened up the scoring in the bottom of the second when Bobby-Jack Hart hit a one-out double and then took 3rd on a passed ball. Brooks Paziuk followed Hart with a walk, and pinch runner Neil Drummond promptly stole 2nd base. Lahey got the next batter to ground out to third, holding the runners, but Carp's number 9 hitter Neil Cooke hit the first pitch he saw to left field to drive in both runners.

Barrhaven threatened in the top of the third, getting a leadoff single by Lyndsey Medynski to 3rd via a sac bunt and a passed ball, but Cooke stranded him there with a strikeout and a 6-3 ground-out.

Carp extended their lead in the bottom of the third with three runs to make it 5-0. Kevin McGuire hit a one-out single, then stole second and took third on a passed ball. Tony MacDonald followed that with a walk, then gave way to pinch runner Eric Rosenquist who took second uncontested. Al Read hit an 0-1 pitch to the fence in left centre for a triple, cashing in McGuire and Rosenquist. That was it for Lahey, who turned the Barrhaven pitching duties over to Ceppi with one out and Read on third. Ceppi gave up an RBI single to Bobby-Jack Hart, but then K'd the next two Carp batters to end the threat and strand Read at third.

Barrhaven got on the board in the 4th when Chad Hargrove reached with 2 out as a hit batsman. Hargrove took second on a wild pitch and then came in to score on a Trevor Power double. Power took third on a wild pitch but was stranded when Cooke induced a fly ball to shortstop Kevin McGuire to end the inning.

Carp added some insurance in their half of the 4th when Cooke walked, took second on a wild pitch, and then came home on McGuire's two-out triple.

Trailing 6-1 in the top of the 7th, Barrhaven would not go quietly. Trevor Power and Steve Edgerton started the inning with singles, then after a fielder's choice that erased Edgerton, Jordan Adams walked to load the bases with one out. Calvin Medynski pinch hit for pitcher Paul Ceppi and fouled off a number of pitches before Cooke was able to retire him via a strikeout. Cooke then managed to end the game by getting the next batter to hit a ground ball to second for a routine 4-3 put-out.

The next two games in the series are scheduled for Wednesday Aug 24th at 9PM in Manotick and Thursday Aug 25th at 8:30PM in Carp.

Neil Cooke: 7IP, 1R, 5K, 1/1, 2 RBI, R
Kevin McGuire: 2/3, RBI, R, SB
Bobby-Jack Hart: 2/3, RBI, R
Al Read: 1/3, 2 RBI, 1R

Trevor Power: 2/3, RBI
Lyndsey Medynski: 1/2


GOFL playoff coverage in the EMC

Jeff Maguire's latest article on the GOFL in the EMC weekly newspaper.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

ISC Hall of Fame Class of 2012 announced

The ISC Hall of Fame class of 2012 has been announced. One of the inductees is a familiar face to Elkland Labour Day attendees, Kiwi turned American, Paul "Alfie" Algar.

I've had some info on the blog about Algar before. I've had the privilege of playing against him twice in Elkland - a great competitor and a good guy. Congrats to Alfie.

Quyon loses to Wellington at ISC II Tourney

The Quyon Combat Flyers, who had been moved to the ISC II bracket at the World Tournament, lost this afternoon to the Wellington Sox of Harriston, ON by a score of 10-3. The Flyers led at one point 3-1, but Wellington came back to eliminate Quyon.

Quyon had the lead in each of their games at the tournament, with the exception of the loss to the Bar of Appleton. Quyon also played in three extra inning games. The Flyers finish with a 3-4 record.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stittsville evens series with Kars - details added

txt update from Chevy, info from Johnny Craig

The Stittsville 56ers evened their best of five GOFL series with Kars Aces on Tuesday night with a 11-3 win in North Gower.

Darren Featherstone had the win while Brad Porter took the loss. The game also featured a rarely seen triple play by the 56ers.

The 56ers scored in the top of the first. Scott Herriot reached first on a fielder's choice, and scored on Dan Jessiman's double to put the 56ers up 1-0.

Kars evened the score when Brad Pender hit a lead off single, stole 2nd, reached 3rd on a fielder's choice and scored on Chad Milne's single, 1-1.

Ben Gigglioti walked to lead off the top of the second. After two K's, Tyler Nystedt beat out a dribbler to third and Gigglioti, who had made it over to third previously scored on the play to make the score 2-1 for Stittsville.

In the top of the third back to back singles by John Craig and Scott Herriot followed by a double by Dan Jessiman cashed one run, followed by a three run bomb for Scott Parsons made the tally 6-1 for the 56ers.

Scott Parsons drove in another run in the fifth scoring Scott Jessiman to make it 7-1.

In the bottom of the 5th, Featherstone walked Matt Alkerton and Shawn Forbes to start the inning. Kevin Chevrier hit a line drive to shallow centre and runners were on the move - however Dan Jessiman caught it. He subsequently threw to Scott Herriott at second to easily double off Alkerton followed by a quick flip to Scott Parsons at first for a rarely seen triple play. There was some heated debate about whether the third out at first was in time, but the call stood for the first triple play in modern history of the 56ers.

In the top of the sixth, Stittsville pushed the lead to 11-1. There were three sequential singles by Featherston, Craig and Herriot to set the table for a grand slam by Dan Jessiman.

Kars threatened in the bottom of 6 after a walk to Brad Pender, Danny Powers hit a two run homer to get the Aces within eight runs, but the 56ers got the three outs they needed to end the game 11-3.


Quyon wins first ISC II game

The Quyon Combat Flyers won their first game in the ISC II bracket, beating the Anadarko (Oklahoma) Super Chiefs 4-3 in a nine inning game. Drew Hathway got the win going the distance for Quyon. Steve Savard had the game winning RBI in the ninth.

Quyon now faces the #21 Wellington Sox from Harriston ON at 11am CDT on Wednesday. The Flyers would have to win three more games in a row to make it to the ISC II final game on Thursday. If they lose, they are done.

Quyon now has a 3-3 record.

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Another article on Midget Nationals

Anoter article on Midget Nationals, this one from the Stratford point of view.

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Quyon loses to Alvinston, moves to ISC II bracket

The Quyon Combat Flyers lost 3-1 to the Alvinston, ON Indians at the ISC World Tournament this morning at 11am. Joran Graham had that start and took the loss, while Drew Hathway saw action in relief. Steve Savard had a solo home run for Quyon.

With a 2-3 record, the Flyers move to the ISC II bracket of the tournament. Next game is at 5pm CDT against the Anadarko, OK Super Chiefs.

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Blitz evens series with a 1-0 win over Fitzroy

The Ottawa Blitz evened their best-of-five series with a 1-0 win over West Carleton Electric in Fitzroy Harbour on Monday night.

Jamie Blakely had the win, scattering seven hits, while Steve Cavanagh was the hard luck loser only allowing four hits.

The Blitz scored their first batter of the game and made it hold up. The speedy Marcel Mondoux legged out an infield single to start the game. After a sac bunt that was popped up, Derick Bulley hit a single that put runners on the corners. Tony Searle then hit a grounder to short. WC attempted the double play but came up short, allowing Mondoux to score the game's only run.

Fitzroy had a chance right away in the first. Trevor Barton singled with one out. Neil Murphy then singled to advance Barton to second. Jeff Barber subsequently singled to shallow centre and Barton attempted to score but Ron Hrycak's throw to home was on the money to get the out. A strike out ended the WC threat.

WC had another good chance in the second inning with men on first and third and one out, but a double play ball got Blakely out of the jam.

Mondoux had a triple with one out in the third for the Blitz, but a ground ball and pop fly ended the frame.

The next best chance of the night for Fitzroy to tie the game was in the sixth. Jeff Cavanagh walked with one out. Troy Wilson attempted a sac bunt but Blakely was able to get Cavanagh out at second base. Steve Cavanagh then stroked a ball deep to left that looked like it would score Wilson on the move with two out, but an over the shoulder the catch by Derek Bergeron stopped the inning.

Blitz pitching
Jamie Blakely WIN 7IP 0R 7H 7K 2BB

Fitzroy pitching
Steve Cavanagh LOSS 7IP 1R 1ER 4H 5K 1BB

Blitz hitting
Marcel Mondoux 3-3, R, 2xSB, 3B
Derick Bulley 1-3
Tony Searle RBI

Fitzroy hitting
Trevor Barton 1-3
Neil Murphy 2-3
Jeff Barber 1-3
Steve Cavanagh 2-3
Beef Johnson 1-2, BB


Monday, August 15, 2011

Quyon goes to 2-2

Quyon evened their record at 2-2 with a 4-2 win over the Fox Valley, WI Barflies on Monday afternoon at the ISC World Tournament. Joran Graham got the pitching win allowing only five hits and striking out eight. Joel Langford was 3 for 3 for the Flyers with a triple and two runs scored and Steve Savard was 2 for 3 with a 2RBIs.

Next up for Quyon is a game against the #18 Alvinston Indians at 11am CDT. If they win they will continue in the ISC World Tournament. A loss will relegate them to the ISC II bracket.

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Quyon loses a close one this morning

txt msg from Derek Barber

Quyon lost a close one this morning, falling 6-5 to #31 ranked Topeka (Kansas) Toros in 8 innings in the 9am (CDT) game. Drew Hathway threw his 20th inning in less than 24 hours. Details here.

Next up is a 1pm (CDT) game against the unranked Fox Valley Barflies from Appleton WI.

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Natties articles

Some articles from this weekend's national championships.

The Junior final between Napanee North Key and Nova Scotia.

On the big run to bronze by the Napanee Shoeless Joe's host team.

Details on the Midget final, featuring a quote from Andy Barber.

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Quyon at the ISC

After going 1-1 yesterday in the first day at the ISC World Tournament in Quad Cities, IL, the Quyon Combat Flyers play the Topeka, Kansas Toros at 9am CDT.

Game 1.

Game 2.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quyon wins their first game at the ISC World Tournament, loses second

The Quyon Combat Flyers won their first game of the ISC World Tournament with a 5-4 win over Pala, California Braves. The Flyers were up 3-0, but the Braves came back to tie the game and force extra innings. Joe McCleary hit a two run shot in the top of the 10th inning and Quyon held on for a 5-4 win. Next up is the Bar of Appleton, Wisconsin at 7pm Central (8pm Eastern).

Drew Hathway had the win, going 10 innings, allowing only one earned run on ten hits, striking out 18.

Here are the scoring highlights as per the online play by play.

Quyon Combat Flyers 1st - Greer M walked. Greer M stole second. LaframboiseS tripled, RBI; Greer M scored. McCleary J singled, RBI; LaframboiseS scored. Savard S doubled; McCleary J advanced to third, out at home lf to c. Hathaway D struck out. Morrison C flied out to c. 2 runs, 3 hits, 0 errors, 1 LOB.

Quyon Combat Flyers 5th - Greer M walked. LaframboiseS flied out to ss. Greer M advanced to second on a passed ball. Greer M advanced to third on a wild pitch. McCleary J singled, RBI; Greer M scored, unearned. Savard S lined into double play ss to 1b; McCleary J out on the play. 1 run, 1 hit, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Pala Braves 6th - Maxcy H pinch hit for Villa D. Maxcy H reached on an error by ss. Villa D to cf for Maxcy H. Herrera T flied out to 3b. Perkins P singled, RBI; Villa D scored, unearned. Magginni T singled; Perkins P advanced to second. Molina L reached on a fielder's choice; Magginni T advanced to second; Perkins P out at third 3b unassisted. Devers C doubled, 2 RBI; Molina L scored, unearned; Magginni T scored, unearned. Peterson R struck out. 3 runs, 3 hits, 1 error, 1 LOB.

Quyon Combat Flyers 10th - Greer M walked. LaframboiseS reached on a fielder's choice; Greer M out at second p to ss. McCleary J homered, 2 RBI; LaframboiseS scored. Savard S struck out. Hathaway D flied out to cf. 2 runs, 1 hit, 0 errors, 0 LOB.

Pala Braves 10th - Villa D struck out. Herrera T struck out. Perkins P walked. Magginni T doubled, RBI; Perkins P scored. Molina L grounded out to 3b. 1
run, 1 hit, 0 errors, 1 LOB.

UPDATE. The second game didn't got as well as they lost to the Bar of Appleton in a mercy rule game.

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GOFL Playoff Week #2

Week #2 of the GOFL playoffs has another three games on the schedule.

On Monday night, West Carleton Electric will face the Ottawa Blitz in Fitzroy Harbour at 8:30. The Electric lead the series 1-0.

Tuesday night in North Gower will see the Stittsville 56ers facing the Kars Aces at 8pm. Kars leads that one 1-0.

And on Wednesday night, I4C Victory will host the Barrhaven Broadway Blues at 8:30 in Carp. The Blues lead the series 1-0.


Wiarton wins Midget Nationals

The Wiarton Red Devils won the Canadian U19 Midget Nationals on Sunday with a 8-2 win over Stratford in the gold medal game in Fredericton, NB.

Andy Barber was the winning pitcher, throwing a three hitter.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Article on the Newfoundland program

Some info on the Newf's fastball program from the Kingston Whig.


Natties update Day 6

At the U19 Midget nationals in Fredericton, the Wiarton Red Devils won the 'undefeated' game in the playoffs 7-2 over Calahoo, Alberta and advanced directly to the gold medal game on Sunday. The website is kind of sketchy but it appears the final is at 1pm Atlantic (anyone confirm that?). The game will be livestreamed online.

The Junior U23 nationals wrapped up today in Napanee as the schedule was adjusted to end on Saturday instead of Sunday due to a bad weather forecast. The Napanee host team, despite finishing 2-6 in the round robin made a great playoff run winning three games today against PEI, Saskatoon and Newfoundland before losing to Nova Scotia to end up in third. Kristian Knapp of the Kars Aces was a key contributor to the Shoeless Joes team which won bronze. The Napanee North Key team, the defending champs, won 6-1 against Nova Scotia at noon to advance directly to the final, but ended up losing to the same NS team by a score of 6-3 in the final. I know it's not the result they wanted, but congrats to Joel Langford and Joran Graham of Quyon Combat Flyers and Cory Alkerton of the Kars Aces on winning the silver medal.

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Junior Nationals All Star Team announced

Congrats to the two two local players named to the All-Star team at the Junior Nationals in Napanee.

P: Scott Leiph (Saskatoon)
C: Darren Newson (Owen Sound)
1B: Lee Jacques (Owen Sound)
2B: Joel Langford (Napanee Def Champs)
SS: Brent Thompson (Owen Sound)
3B: Dan Mitchell (Owen Sound)
OF: Dave Pratt (Napanee Def Champs)
OF: Mathieu Roy (Napanee Def Champs)
OF: Myles Coldwell (Nova Scotia)
UT: Liam Myers (Newfoundland)

Top Pitcher: Joran Graham (Napanee Def Champs)
MVP: Devon McCullough (Saskatoon)
Top Hitter: Kalyn Robinson (Saskatoon)

More information on this article from the Kingston Whig.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Natties update from Day 5

At the Midget Nationals, Andy Barber had the win in a 12-9 victory over Newfoundland to put the Wiarton Red Devils into the undefeated game against Calahoo, Alberta on Saturday at 6pm.

At the Junior Nationals, the Napanee North Key defending champs beat the Owen Sound Selects 9-1 to advance to the undefeated game against Nova Scotia at noon on Saturday. Joran Graham had the win, throwing a one hitter, and also went 2 for 3 with a triple, two runs scored and two RBIs. Note that schedule has been revised so the tournament is now scheduled to wrap up on Saturday night instead of Sunday afternoon due to expected bad weather.

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Articles from the U23 Nationals

Here and here.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quyon Combat Flyers getting ready for ISC World Tournament

Ranked #22 going into the 46 team ISC World Tournament in Quad Cities, Iowa, the Quyon Combat Flyers get things started with a game Sunday August 14 at 2pm CDT vs the Pala, CA Braves. If they win that game, they get the #7 Bar of Appleton from Wisconsin next at 7pm on Sunday. A loss and they wait until Monday at 11am to play next.

We'll be posting results as they come in - best of luck to the Flyers. Below is their roster for the tournament.

# Joel Langford IF
#7 Nick Armitage OF/IF
#26 Derek Barber Util
#15 Shawn Laframboise OF
#19 Cory Morrison OF
#9 Kenny Fleck IF
#22 Matt Greer IF
#25 Joe McCleary C
#28 Joran Graham P
#43 Steve Savard IF
#47 Drew Hathway P
#51 Michael Baker OF

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Natties Day 4 update

At the Midget Nationals in Fredericton, Andy Barber's Wiarton Red Devils won today against Nelson, NB to finish the round robin at 6-1. Andy reports that their next game will likely be against Newfoundland at 8:30pm Friday.

At the Junior Nationals in Napanee, the defending champions lost tonight 5-2 to Saskatchewan to finish 4-3. Looks like even though they are tied for fourth with Newfoundland that they will get the double life based on head to head play. Joel Langford finished the round robin with a .400 batting average and led the tournament in RBIs with 10. The Napanee host team finished 2-6. Kristian Knapp finished the round robin event with a perfect 1.000 fielding percentage. The playoff round schedule has not been posted on the website yet.

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Domville Aces win silver at OASA Bantam B tournament

As mentioned earlier this week, the Micksburg Bantam Twins won bronze at the OASA Bantam B provincials in Stratford. Another eastern Ontario team, the Domville Aces from down near Prescott, won silver. John Severson sends this report.

The Domville Aces Bantams won the silver medal at the recent provincial "B" championships. Domville had 3 consecutive shutouts beating Oshawa 5-0, Napanee 4-0 and Highgate 1-0, before heading to the finals against Highgate. Highgate beat Domville twice and claimed gold. Domville settled for silver.

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Info from the Fat Cats

Not fastball, but received the following messages re: Ottawa Fat Cats Intercounty League baseball.


With Ottawa Fat Cats playing in the InterCounty Baseball League semi-finals this Saturday Aug 13 and Sunday Aug 14, if you are interested in your FREE tickets to the game email dballoch@ottawafatcats.com with the following information:

Subject Line: GOFL
Name picking up tickets:
How many tickets needed:

Game times are Sat 7:05pm and Sun 4:05pm.


Kars 9 Stittsville 8 - game 1 details

Put together with info from Cory Morrison, John Craig and a little creative writing

Once again the Grove was home to a shootout as it has been many times this season, as the Kars Aces got out to a 1-0 series lead with a 9-8 win.

Steve Price had the start for Kars and was relieved by Brad Porter who earned the win. Darren Featherstone threw for Stittsville.

The Aces opened the scoring in the top of 1 as Brad Pender led of with a single then stole 2nd, stole 3rd on fake bunt, and come home on a Kevin Chevrier single.

In the second inning, Kurtis Summers hit a 2-run no doubter scoring Chad Costello who had walked to put the Kars lead to three. Later in the inning Chad Milne singled home Matt Alkerton who had reached on error to make the lead 4-0.

Stittville got back a run in the third to close the gap to three runs, but Kars extended the lead to 6-1 in the 5th as Steve Price was hit by a pitch and scored on a Cory Morrison double. Morrison later scored on a Kurtis Summer's single.

Brad Porter came in to relief Steve Price on the slab for Kars in the fifth. Stittsville promptly rallied for four runs taking advantage of some walks and triples by Dan Jessiman and Ben Giggliotti to close the gap to 6-5.

Kars responded in the sixth as Brad Pender led off a moon shot to left center. Then with two out Steve Price (who remained in the game to hit for Porter) walked and scored on a Morrison triple. Chad Costello then hit an rbi single to score Morrison and put Kars up 9-5.

The 56ers weren't about to give up though. They responded in the sixth with two runs. Both Dan Bradley and Dan Jessiman had doubles that just missed being homers in this inning.

After blanking Kars in the top of the final inning, Stittsville came close but could only muster one run. Adam Smith doubled to lead off, and after a pop up and a liner, Dan Jessiman hit another double for an RBI to make it 9-8. Porter induced a ground ball to end the game and end a wild night at the Grove.

Johnny Craig Wacky Stat of the Night (TM): a combined five players were hit by pitches in this game - none intenionally!


Barrahaven 4 Carp 3 in 9 innings - game 1 details

from Trevor Wood

Broadway Blues Take an Early Series Lead Winning 4-3 in Extra Innings

Carp travelled to Manotick for Game 1 of their best of 5 series on Wednesday night and the 5 fans in attendance received more than their money’s worth.

Paul Ceppi with the start for the Blues and the Victory countered with Ryan Chatten.

In the top of the 1st with 2 out, Bobby-Jack Hart singled and was replaced by Dumond via the 2-out catcher rule. Dumond stole second and went to third on a wild pitch. Tony MacDonald walked but Ceppi induced a ground out to end the Carp half of the inning.

In the bottom of the 1st Don Cox led off with a single and reached second on a passed ball. Kevin Schonfeld grounded out to second moving Cox to third. Chatten induced a ground-out and fly-out to right field to strand Cox at third.

The game remained scoreless until the 4th inning thanks to some great pitching and defence by both teams. In the top of the 4th with two out, Kevin McGuire hit a no-doubter over the right field fence to put the Victory up 1-0. Ceppi retired the next batter and ended the inning with one of the great defensive plays made by Jordan Adams at short.

In the bottom of the 4th, Kevin Schonfeld doubled, Chatten retired the next batter with a strikeout. Trevor Power hit into a fielder’s choice when Schonfeld was tagged out by Al Read and with the two-out catcher rule in force, Kevin returned to first. On the first pitch, Schonfeld stole second and scored to tie the game on a Steve Edgerton 60 degree wedge double to left field. With the game tied 1-1, Chatten ended the inning with a pop up to short.

Ryan Chatten helped his own cause in the top of the 5th, singling to start the inning. Paul Ceppi retired the next two batters with a strikeout and a groundout. A Dumond triple scored Chatten to put the Victory up 2-1. Ceppi retired the next batter with a strikeout.

In the bottom of the 5th, Carp continued their strong defensive play. Joe Allen led off with a single. Jordan Adams faked the bunt and hit a hard line drive to right field, Matt Medaglia’s outstretched glove made a great catch in right to keep Allen at first. Calvin Medinski hit into a fielder’s choice and with him on first, Don Cox hit deep to centre and Shawn Simzer made a great catch to keep the Carp lead at 2-1.

In the top of the 6th for Carp, Trevor Lahey took the mound for the Blues after Ceppi threw 5 strong innings. Tony MacDonald led off the inning with a walk and a fielder’s choice by Al Read kept a man on 1st with one out. Al Read took second on a passed ball, and Kevin McGuire walked to put two Carp batters on the bases. Lahey took control striking out the next batter and inducing a pop-out to Lyndsay Medynski at third to end the inning.

In the bottom of the 6th, Chatten continued to throw well. Schonfeld walked and stole second but the next three batters were retired via a nice play by Kevin McGuire on the grass at short, a ground-out to third, and a ground-out to first. Carp maintained their lead over the Blues ending the 6th up 2-1.

In the top of the 7th with one out, Shawn Simzer singled and stole second. After a wild pitch that moved Simzer up to third, Lahey was able to get the next two batters with ground-outs to second and short.

Down by a run in the bottom of the 7th, Lyndsay Medynski and Joe Allen both reached on infield errors and moved up to second and third after a wild pitch with nobody out. Jordan Adams tied the game with a sac fly and Chatten ended the inning with a groundout and strikeout.

In the 8th inning with the international tie-breaker rule in effect Carp scored via a sac bunt by Tony MacDonald and a sacrifice fly by Al Read to take the lead 3-2. The Blues countered with a sac bunt by Kevin Shonfeld and a sacrifice fly by Chad Hargrove tying the game 3-3.

In the top of the 9th, Matt Medaglia’s sac bunt moved McGuire to third but Trevor Lahey struck out the next two Carp batters to end the inning and keep the game tied. In the bottom of the 9th, a Steve Edgerton sac bunt moved the runner to third. With one out, Lyndsay Medynski singled to left field to give the Blues the victory 4-3.

For Carp: Ryan Chatten (LP) went the distance with 3 K’s and 15 ground-outs
For Manotick: Paul Ceppi (ND) went 5 innings with 4 K’s; Trevor Lahey (WP) went 4 innings with 4 K’s

Homerun(s): Kevin McGuire (Carp)


EMC article on the GOFL

Jeff Maguire continues his coverage of the GOFL in the EMC Newspaper.


Junior Nationals articles

A couple of articles on the Junior Nationals, including one on Mathieu Roy, featuring a quote from Joel Langford.

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GOFL first night of playoffs - wrap up

Wednesday night featured three playoffs games in GOFL best-of-five series.

Kars Aces 9 Stittsville 56ers 8
Once again the Grove was home to a shootout as it has been many times this season, as the Kars Aces got out to a 1-0 series lead with a 9-8 win. The Aces had a 6-1 lead at one point only to blow it, but were able to come back against the 56ers for the victory. Steve Price had the start for Kars and was relieved by Brad Porter. Darren Featherstone threw for Stittsville.

Barrhaven Broadway Blues 4 Carp I4C Victory 3 (in 9 innings)
The late game in Manotick was a very tight playoff matchup, with the Blues coming back to win 4-3 in the second extra inning. Carp had a 2-1 lead going into the bottom of the seventh but Chad Hargrove's sacrifice fly tied things up to force extra frames. In the eighth both teams plated one run. After Carp was held off the scoreboard in the top of the ninth, Lindsay Medynski's RBI single scored the game winning run. Paul Ceppi had the start for Barrhaven with Trevor Lahey earning the win in relief. Ryan Chatten went the distance for Carp.

Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric 6 Ottawa Blitz 2
West Carleton Electric prevailed in the early game in Manotick with a 6-2 win over the host Ottawa Blitz.

Steve Cavanagh had the complete game win for Fitzroy, while Jamie Blakely took the loss and had relief from Derick Bulley.

The Blitz opened the scoring the bottom of the first. Marcel Mondoux reached on a bunt single. Derek Bergeron's sac bunt moved Mondoux over. When Mondoux went to third on the same play, the throwing attempt for the double play was offline and allowed him to score to put Ottawa up 1-0.

Fitzroy answered in the top of the second. Derek Barber reached on an error. Neil Murphy attempted a sac bunt but a nice fielding play by Derick Bulley put Barber out at second. Murphy made it to second on a wild pitch and scored on Jeff Cavanagh's RBI single to tie the game at 1-1.

Steve Cavanagh helped his own cause in the third with a triple to lead off the inning. He came around to score on Trevor Barton's sacrifice fly to right field to put the Electric up 2-1.

WC Electric put four runs up on the board in the top of the sixth to extend the lead to 6-1. Jon Daley lead off with a single and a successful hit and run executed by Trevor Barton put men on first and second. A double steal on a wild pitch put both runners in scoring position, and they scored on Jeff Barber's 2RBI double. Jeff was cashed on brother Derek's single. A walk to Neil Murphy and another wild pitch moved the runners over. Jeff Cavanagh's ground out to short cashed D. Barber for the fourth run.

The Blitzos scored a single in the sixth. Tony Searle tripled with one out and scored on Anil Hayne's RBI single. However a double play got the Electric out of the inning without further damage.

Fitzroy pitching
Steve Cavanagh WIN 7IP 2R 1ER 7H 6K 0BB 1HBP

Blitz pitching
Jamie Blakely LOSS 5IP 2R 4ER 4H 5K 1BB (Blakely pitched to two batters in the 6th)
Derick Bulley 2IP 4R 2ER 3H 1K 2BB 1HBP

Fitzroy hitting
Jon Daley 1-2, BB, R
Trevor Barton 1-3, sac fly, RBI, R
Jeff Barber 1-3, 2B, 2RBI, BB
Derek Barber 1-3, RBI, R, HBP
Jeff Cavanagh 1-3, 2RBI
Steve Cavanagh 2-3, 3B, R

Blitz hitting
Marcel Mondoux 3-3, 2SB, R
Tony Searle 1-3, 3B, R
Jamie Blakely 1-2
Anil Hayne 1-1, RBI
Ryan Mitts 1-3


Natties update for Wednesday

At the U19 Midget Nationals in Fredericton, in their only game of the day, the Wiarton Red Devils lost to Irma, Alberta in a battle of undefeated teams to drop to 4-1. Andy Barber started the game and was hurt in the first inning running the bases and was unable to continue. Get some ice on that skinny hamstring of yours Android!

In Napanee at the U23 Junior Nationals, the Napanee North Key Express started off the day with a 5-2 win over PEI. Cory Alkerton had the pitching win. Joel Langford had a single, a triple, scored a run and had two runs batted in. In the marquee game of the night, the defending champs faced Owen Sound in a battle for top spot. Napanee had a 3-1 lead going into the bottom of the seventh but blew it and the Selects won 4-3. Joran Graham went 1-3 with a walk while Joel Langford had a double, a triple and two runs batted in.

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Addendum: Caveman Art

Quick addendum to the story below. Caveman decided to create a nice picture for "Big Bud the Spud" as he calls him; a card, if you will, to wish the big man well on his trip home.

He gave the picture to Bud tonight. Bud says: "so what is the picture about?". Caveman tells him "That's you, driving your car, home to Newfoundland. That's a beer in your hand!"


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goodbye, Gorilla

As many people involved with fastball in our area are by now aware that Bud Hanlon is moving home, back to his home province of Newfoundland.

I've had the pleasure of playing ball with Bud for the last nine years with West Carleton Electric. Big Bud will be missed by many people in Fitzroy Harbour and the area as he has become a bit of a celebrity in the village - he's a hard guy to miss at 6'5" 2?? lbs and with his spectacles.

I have seen Bud pitch some great games over the years, an intimidating presence on the pitching rubber but a pretty quiet guy off the field. While he didn't get a chance to do it too often, the big man can hit the ball as well.

Bud has always been very quick to lend a hand with team fundraisers be it flipping burgers, tending bar and generally helping out.

He's a big man with a big heart, easy to get to know and great with kids. The Caveman and Fitzroy Junior were very sad to hear that Bud was moving away. I've been on many road trips with the big man, hoisted a lot of pints and have a lot of great memories on and off the field with the guy some know as 'the Gorilla'.

When he told me he was moving, he said he "had nothing keeping me here", and he was going home to be closer to his family on the Rock, especially his Mum. Well Bud, your Ottawa Valley 'family' including ball players, co-workers and fans understand why you are moving - but we are going to miss you a lot.

Bud's last GOFL game will be tonight in Manotick as he is hitting the highway this weekend for home.

In other related news, I'd like to announce that I'm looking to put together an area team to head out to Newfoundland for a tournament in 2012 or 2013. I've talked to some of you about it before - if you are interested in being part of this adventure let me know next time I see you at the diamond.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

GOFL playoff schedule update

Here is the current schedule for GOFL playoff games. Cross your fingers for good weather.

Series A: Kars vs. Stittsville
1. Weds Aug 10 8:30pm in Stittsville
2. Tues Aug 16 8:00pm in North Gower
3. Tues Aug 23 8:00pm in North Gower
4 & 5 TBD

Series B: Barrhaven vs. Carp
1. Weds Aug 10 9:00pm in Manotick
2. Weds Aug 17 8:30pm in Carp
3, 4, & 5 TBD

Series C: Ottawa vs. Fitzroy Harbour
1. Weds Aug 10 7:00pm in Manotick
2. Mond Aug 15 8:30pm in Fitzroy Harbour
3. Weds Aug 24 TBD in Manotick
4 & 5 TBD

If there are any delays due to weather, changes will be posted here on the blog and on Twitter as soon as possible.


Article on the Junior Nationals Day 1

Early power surge
There were not any fireworks scheduled in Monday night's opening ceremonies for the Canadian U23 fastball championship at the Napanee Fair-grounds.

But the banging bats of the Napanee North Key Construction Express did provide some fire-power offence.

The Express began their quest to make it two straight junior men's championships (and their first title on home turf) with an explosive display at the plate.

North Key slammed four home runs -- including a pair by Joel Langford in a nine-run second inning -- to dust off the host Napanee Shoeless Joe's Express 13-3 in the first action for both teams.

A good crowd of around 500 was on hand for the noon-time game. Both Napanee teams played later games Monday night but there was no doubt the opener held special status.

"It is nice to get the first game out of the way and get the W," said winning pitcher Joran Graham, who allowed only one hit and one run in his 4 1/3innings of work.

Despite his experience on the national stage -- Graham was the MVP pitcher of the qualifying round last year in Nova Scotia -- the big right-hander admitted he had some pre-game jitters.

"We don't see crowds like this anywhere else. It's definitely a new thing when there are that many people in the stands," Graham said.

"It's a big start. We want to keep it rolling from here and hopefully get the double life (finish in the top four) at the end (of the round-robin) and go from there."

Graham had lots of offence to work with after his teammates sent 12 to the plate and scored nine runs to assume a 9-0 lead.

Second baseman Langford scored a piece of championship history by hitting a solo home run in his first at-bat in the second and a two-run shot to wrap up the inning's scoring.

"It's a first for me, that's for sure. It doesn't happen very often and you're glad when it does," Langford said.

Batting from the left side, Langford belted both home runs to left centre -- the first off Jordan Wrightly and the second off Matt Hanewich -- to the base of the scoreboard beyond the fence in left centre.

"They were pitching me away and I was just going with the pitch. I just tried to put a good swing on it," said Langford, who is from Orleans and played for Fingal last year.

He was a pickup for Napanee to go to the nationals last year and earned championship all-star honours. This time around, he has played for the Express all season.

Langford was modest about his home-run outburst but did say the Express have power throughout the lineup. Cal Mc- Garvey, who was batting ninth, hit the longest blast to straightaway centre. He also had a triple and drove in three runs. Cory Alkerton, pinch hitting, had a two-run homer in the fourth.

"When you are getting home runs out of the nine hole, that's a good sign. That's how we want to start a tournament for sure," Langford said.

More: Full results and schedule Page 19 The Express finished with 13 hits over four innings -- the game ended in the fifth because of the mercy rule -- and coach Joe Lewis was happy to get 16 of his 17 players some time in the lineup. Only pitcher Ian Wallwork, who was slated to throw the late game, didn't play.

"It was great to have the chance to get everybody going and get them one look," said Lewis, who admitted that he along with the players had some jitters over opening the tournament against the host Napanee team.

"The score might not indicate how important that game was to us. The expectations would be that we should win but that's a good ball team too," Lewis said.

"They just didn't have their game and we exploded with some long balls."

Although Graham struck out the side to open the game, Shoeless Joe's responded with their defence in the bottom of the first. Second baseman Kristian Knapp took a hard grounder off the bat of Graham, stepped on second and threw over to first for the double play that got starter Wrightly out of trouble.

It was a different story in the second though. Langford took a 2-1 pitch and hit his first homer. Ryan Mills was hit by a pitch and catcher Chris Brown doubled him home. That was it for Wrightly. He had ice applied to his right hand almost immediately when he came out. That hand welt came from the opening at-bat when Mathieu Roy singled off the pitcher's hand. Most of the damage was to his pinkie finger. Team officials said he still would be able to pitch.

Henewich came on and Kyle Lloyd touched him for a double. First baseman McGarvey then struck his big blow to centre field. That shot made somewhat of a prophet out of coach Lewis.

"I said to Cal he is making me look good," Lewis said. "I was quoted before the tournament saying that any batter one through nine could get it out. Good for Cal. He got it good."


Alkerton's home run, on the first pitch he saw, marked the third time this season he has come off the bench to hit a home run. Alkerton, the team's lone lefthander, did it twice in a tournament earlier...Kingston's Josh Lockridge, hampered by a knee injury this season, came into the game in the fourth for Graham to get some work. Lockridge faced five batters, walking three. He struck out the first batter he faced but the batter reached base on catcher Dan Burnham. The young Prince Edward Island squad, after a 9-3 loss to Owen Sound, scored its first win of the round-robin, beating Linwood 4-3. A two-run homer by Dustan Jones was the key blow in a three-run sixth by the Islanders. ... The teams flip for home-game at-bats throughout the round-robin. Saskatoon won the flip for all seven of its games. At the other end was Newfoundland, which was late for the team meeting (the team didn't arrive in Napanee until around 4 a.m. Monday). Newfoundland didn't take part in the flips and was deemed the visitor in all seven of its games. ... Shoeless Joe's fell to 0-2 with a 6-2 loss against Newfoundland. The visitors scored three in the top of the seventh to break open a close game.

Meanwhile, North Key lost 3-0 to Nova Scotia late Monday night in a rematch of last year's championship.

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Some notes from Natties

At the U19 Nationals in Fredericton, Andy Barber and the Wiarton Red Devils had two wins on day one, beating Surrey, BC and Napanee, ON. Barber had the pitching victory in the 7-2 win over Napanee and had two hits in the game against Surrey.

Meanwhile at the first day of Junior Nationals, the Napanee North Key Express won their first game of the day 13-3 over the Napanee Shoeless Joe's host team. Joran Graham had the pitching win, while Joel Langford had two homeruns - both in the second inning - and three RBIs. Cory Alkerton also had a two run homer for the defending champs. Kristian Knapp walked twice for the host team.

The second game of the day for Napanee North Key was not as successful however as they were beat 3-0 by Nova Scotia, the same team they defeated in last year's final.

The host Napanee team lost their second of the day to Newfoundland 6-2. Kristian Knapp had a solo HR in the losing cause.

This morning of day two, the defending champs got back on track with a 13-6 win over Linwood, ON. Joran Graham got the win in relief and had three RBIs while Joel Langford added 2 RBIs.

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Monday, August 08, 2011

Micksburg Bantam Twins win bronze at Provincials

from Jerry McIntyre

The Micksburg Bantam Twins competed in the provincial bantam B tournament this past weekend in Stratford and came home with a bronze medal. The first game saw the Twins defeat the host Stratford team 12-5. In game two, Highgate beat the Twins 7-1. Game three the Twins mercied Oshawa 17-0 in 5 innings. In game four, the Micksburg boys played the highly ranked Napanee Express, which ended with a Twins win over the Express 5- 3. This win advanced Micksburg to the silver medal game where they once again faced the Highgate team. The Twins were beat by Highgate who moved on and were the tournament champions. This loss left the Twins with a much deserved bronze medal. Great weekend had by all!

I can speak from experience that these young lads are a great group of ball players and I look forward to following them up the ranks.

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Midget Canadians, live streaming

The Midget Canadians are being live streamed - and Andy Barber is leading Wiarton on the slab right now for their game against Napanee.

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Friday, August 05, 2011

GOFL Playoff Week #1

The GOFL playoffs will kick off with three games next week.

Game 1: Kars Aces vs Stittsville 56ers
Wednesday August 10 8:30pm in Stittsville

Game 1: Ottawa Blitz vs Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric
Wednesday August 10 7:00pm in Manotick

Game 1: Barrhaven Broadway Blues vs Carp I4C Victory
Wednesday August 10 9:00pm in Manotick


Softball Canada championships next week

The Softball Canada U19 (Midget) and U23 (Junior) championship tournaments will be played next week and there is GOFL content in both.

The Midget Championship will take place in Fredericton, New Brunswick with 16 teams competing for the national title. Eight provinces are represented: BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. The Wiarton, ON Red Devils have picked up Andy Barber of West Carleton Electric for the week, drafting him from this Sydenham Midget team. Play begins on August 8 with the final on August 14.

Closer to home, the Junior Championship will be played in Napanee. Several local fans will be taking in some of the action from August 8 to 14. There are four teams from Ontario and single teams from Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland and Saskatchewan. GOFL representation includes Joran Graham, Cory Alkerton and Joel Langford with the defending champion Napanee North Key team and Kristian Knapp with the host Napanee Shoeless Joe's team.

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GOFL playoffs to begin next week

The Greater Ottawa Fastball Season is now over with the completion of the 63 game regular season and the playoffs begin next week.

First place bye
The Quyon Combat Flyers earned top spot with a 15-0-3 record. The only blemishes on the record of the Flyers were ties against Barrhaven, Stittsville and Fitzroy Harbour. With the first place finish, the Flyers earn the bye into the GOFL "Final Weekend Showdown" (FWS) double-knockout tournament to determine the league playoff champion. Quyon will be hosting the event, which will feature an interesting addition to the program to be announced soon.

Best-of-five playoff series to advance to the FWS

2nd place Kars Aces (11-7) vs 7th place Stittsville 56ers (5-12-1)
The 56ers might have had an off season and only won five games this year - but two of those wins were against the Aces as Stittsville won the season series 2-1.
May 25: Stittsville 14 Kars 4
June 30: Kars 11 Stittsville 10
July 25: Stittsville 7 Kars 2

3rd place Barrhaven Broadway Blues (7-8-3) vs 6th place Carp I4C Victory (6-12)
Third through sixth in the standings were very close this season with only five points separating the teams. An indication of that is that the Carp, the sixth seed, swept the season series over the Blues with three wins.
June 1: Carp 1 Barrhaven 0
June 15: Carp 11 Barrhaven 9
July 7: Carp 3 Barrhaven 1

4th place Ottawa Blitz (7-9-2) vs 5th place Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric (7-10-1)
Only a point separated these two teams as Fitzroy clinched 5th with a win at the last game of the season. The Blitz had the edge on the season series, taking it 2-1.
June 20: Ottawa 7 Fitzroy 4
June 22: Ottawa 5 Fitzroy 2
June 27: Fitzroy 7 Blitz 2


Quyon finishes the GOFL season undefeated

The Quyon Combat Flyers swept their Thursday night GOFL doubleheader over Kars Aces in west Quebec to finish the regular season undefeated with a 15-0-3 record.

In the first game of the evening, Quyon won 2-0. Drew Hathway had the win, while Cory Alkerton took the loss. Matt Greer had a solo shot for Quyon in the first. The insurance run was scored in the third when Curtis Daley walked, stole second, took third on a wild pitch and scored on a sacrifice fly.

The nightcap saw a 8-1 win for Quyon. Joran Graham earned the win, while Alkerton once again threw for Kars. Joel Langford had a two run homer for Quyon. Daley stayed hot with a triple and a single for the Flyers. Kurtis Summers scored the lone run of the night for the Aces on a solo homerun.

Kars finishes their season in second place with a record of 11-7, while Quyon earned top spot in the league.


Thursday, August 04, 2011

Owen Sound fastball interview

Check out this radio interview about the Junior Nationals and Senior Nationals from an Owen Sound point of view.

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Another article on the Gil Read Tournament

The EMC continues their coverage of the Gil Read Memorial Tournament.


Steve Bedard in the hospital

Steve Bedard, the umpire from the Cobourg area that puts on the Jim Bradford tournament is not well as per Al's Fastball. Best wishes for a speed recovery.


WC Electric beats Carp 3-2, clinches fifth

Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Electric clinched fifth place in the GOFL standings with a 3-2 win over I4C Victory at the Carp Fairgrounds on Wednesday night.

Steve Cavanagh had the win, throwing four innings, while Andy Barber picked up the save in chucking three innings. Bill Gerber had the complete game loss for I4C.

The Electric got a run in the first inning. Andy Barber led off with a single off the leg of the pitcher, was moved to second on a sac bunt by Trevor Barton. Troy Wilson walked. After a strikeout, Neil Murphy drove in Barber with an RBI single.

Carp threatened in the second. Bobby Jack Hart singled to lead off, then Matt McNish reached on a misplayed infield pop up. Matt Medaglia sac bunted the runners to second and third, but Cavanagh got out the jam with two ground outs.

Fitzroy scored in the top of the third to go up 2-0 on Derek Barber's solo "no-doubter" home run.

I4C again had a chance in the fourth. Tony MacDonald led off with a long single and Bobby Jack Hart singled. Three consecutive fly balls got the 'Trics out the inning.

'Trics added what turned out to be a very important insurance run in the top of the seventh. Derek Barber walked with one out. Neil Murphy singled to put runners on first and second. Then Shawn Ryan hit an infield single to load the bases. A wild pitch scored Barber to make it 3-0. Gerber struck out the next two batters to end the threat.

Carp got on the board in the bottom of the frame to make things close. After a pop up, Matt Medaglia doubled. His pinch runner, Neil Drummond was put out on a fielder's choice by Kevin McGuire. McGuire scored on Danny Viel's RBI triple to make it a 3-1 game. The next batter, Eric Colvin hit a blooper to left-centre that dropped in to score Viel, but when Colvin tried to stretch it into a double to get into scoring position, he was thrown out from shallow left by Trevor Barton, who had a very strong defensive game at shortstop.

The GOFL playoff picture is now clear: #1 seed Quyon will get the bye. #2 seed Kars will play #7 seed Stittsville, #3 Barrhaven will play #6 Carp and #4 Blitz face #5 West Carleton Electric. All series are best-of-five. Winners advance to the GOFL playoff championship tournament on September 9-10 in Quyon.

Fitzroy pitching
Steve Cavanagh WIN 4IP 0R 4H 1K 0BB
Andy Barber SAVE 3IP 2R 3H 1K 0BB

Carp pitching
Bill Gerber WIN 7IP 3R 3ER 12H 9K 2BB

Fitzroy hitting
Andy Barber 1-4, R
Trevor Barton 1-3, Sac
Troy Wilson 1-3, BB
Derek Barber 1-3, HR, RBI, 2R
Neil Murphy 3-4, RBI
Jeff Cavanagh 1-2
Shawn Ryan 2-2
Dave Bahm 2-4, 2B
Steve Cavanagh 1-3, 2B

Carp hitting
Eric Colvin 1-4, RBI
Derek Dumond 1-3, SB
Tony MacDonald 1-3
Bobby Jack Hart 2-3
Matt Medaglia 1-2,2B, Sac
Danny Viel 1-3, 3B, R, RBI


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Team Quebec at the Senior Canadians

Team Quebec, winners of the Gil Read are getting ready for the Senior Canadians in Owen Sound, ON from August 28 - September 4. Word is that there are eight teams competing: Quebec, Owen Sound (ON), Waterloo(ON), Port Elgin (ON), B.C., Newfoundland, P.E.I. and New Brunswick.

Quebec will have two GOFL players from the Quyon Flyers: Joe McCleary and Matt Greer. Their pitching line up looks very solid with Francis Leclair, Gregg Garrity and the legend himself, Darren Zack.

Best of the luck to the "PQ" at the Natties.

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Elkland, PA "First Weekend" Tournament line up announced

from Bill Sherman

The Elkland Softball Association has its limit of 16 teams for the 18th annual "first weekend" double elimination tournament held from August 26-28 2011 in Elkland PA. Teams will be competing for the first place trophy and $1,800.00 in prize money.

Teams committed are:

Esa Bellys Elkland PA
Waterdown Hammer Waterdown Ontario
Knoxville / Ontario Knoxville Pa/ Ontario Ca
Keatings fitness Wilkesbarre Pa
NY Bombers Cortland NY
Ohio IWS Ashland Oh
Beverage Barn Williamsport Pa
PA Power Ephrata Pa
Ausable Spirit Ausable NY
CPI Oswego NY
Busters FP Clearfield Pa
Schuylkille Merchants Schuylkille Pa
Big Johns Lackawanna NY
Northern Merchants Poland NY
Dunkirk FP Dunkirk NY
Bedford Rays Bedford Pa

The bracket will be drawn up and released in the near future. Please go to elklandsoftball.com for more information or contact Bill Sherman at esabill30@yahoo.com.

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Cornwall All-stars announced

from yesterday's Cornwall Standard-Freeholder

All-star game tonight

CORNWALL — The rosters for the 5th Navy Club Men's Fastball League All-Star Game have been voted on by the league players.

Each team voted for which teammates they wanted to represent them in tonight's contest.

Bojangles' players will team up with Navy Club to take on a team made up of O'Neill Taping & Painting and Yum Yum Chips.

Scott Guppy, Richard Francis, Mark Massia, Marty St. Denis, Kevin Wells and Jell Wells will represent Bojangles. Their teammates from Navy Club will be Jeff Laframboise, Randy McGillis, Steve McGillis, Matt Sauve, Charles Wert and Jason Woodside.

Representing OTP will be Darryl Beck, Jack Chisholm, Bryan Lamarche, Brian O'Neill, Matt Parisien and Lorne Taillon. Their Yum Yum Chips teammates will be Tom Hutchingame, Henry Looyen, Frank Marceau, Pete Marion, Jim Martell and Herb Seguin.

First pitch is tonight at 7:05 p.m. at King George Park.


UOttawa players update

Scott Searle provides this update on some of the UOttawa fastball players

Elyssa Dobson and the Bramalea Slam finished 3rd at the Junior Provincial Championships. She will be representing Ontario at the National Championships in Windsor in 2 weeks. Her team also picked up Taylor Rogalsky who was killing the ball at the Provincials, so we will have 2 Gee-Gees at the Junior Nationals!

Nadine D’Entremount is with the Quebec Rebelles team and is headed to the Midget Nationals in Winnipeg.

Jenny Allen is playing with the Senior Pickering Heat and they won the Ontario Championships and is competing at the Senior Women's Nationals in Montreal this week.

Finally, our very own Jenna Flannigan represented Quebec at the Baseball National Championships last week and led them to the National Championship. Jenna was also named to Team Canada, and is currently in North Carolina competing against USA and Australia!

In addition, UOttawa recruits Jean Cardona and Grace Lonergan are having excellent seasons of their own. Jean led the Ottawa Valley Attack to a Gold Medal at the Provincial Quaifiers two weeks ago in Napanee and will hope to replicate that feat at the Provincials in St. Catherines. Grace Lonergan played in Mississauga and was picked up by the Brampton Blazers for the Midget Nationals in Winnipeg.

The team will re-convene for the fall schedule at their Evaluation Camp on Labour Day weekend in Ottawa.


Tuesday, August 02, 2011

On the lighter side

To counter the downer of the previously posted article, I just went into the pantry here at Softball Central in Fitzroy and went to grab an Oreo. There was only one rattling around in the bag.

Upon further inspection however, it was not a complete Oreo, but just the top and bottom chocolate wafers of a single Oreo with creamy filling removed. And the distinctive dental imprint of the Caveman giving evidence of what happened.


This article makes me sad....

An article from the Bay City Times.


Monday, August 01, 2011

Caveman goes to Micksburg

Good work by the folks in Micksburg keeping things alive up there for minor fastball. This past weekend there was a fastball "fun day" for Peewees and Mites. Fitzroy Junior's Mites team went and played teams from Orleans and Micksburg, while there were Peewee teams from Micksburg, McNab and Osgoode-Rideau playing some good ball as well.

We ran into some "player personnel" issues with a couple of late calls, so with a short roster, the Caveman got the call to make his debut at the Mites age group. Keep in mind, he is only a year out of T-ball and was a six year old playing with kids as old as ten. He did well for a little fella and was fairly proud when he made a nice stop in centrefield and the parents gave him a nice round of applause (and he gave his coach - me - little nod as if to say "see, I can do it".)

The Micksburg kids have a very strong team and excellent pitching. Jamey Mick's group are entered into the Mites provincials in Port Perry on August 13-14. Best of luck to them that weekend.

Other Micksburg teams in Provincial tournaments include Jerry McIntrye's bantams in Stratford on August 6-7 in Stratford and Barry McIntyre's peewees at the Peewee tournament in North Gower on August 13-14. Other local teams in that event include Osgoode-Rideau, Smiths Falls and Orleans.

And of course Micksburg's Joran Graham will be playing for the defending champs Napanee North Key Express at the Junior Nationals in Napanee from August 8-14.

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