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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dominion Bureau of Statistics team from 1957

Sal Gara shared this photo from the 1957 Dominion Bureau of Statistics team in Ottawa. The "DBS" is now known as Statistics Canada. Between crunching the numbers on the long form census, these guys played some old time fastball in an era before batting helmets, composite bats and fastball blogs. Anyone know any of these men? Leave a comment.


Host CANpitch in your Community!

CANpitch is Softball Canada’s national pitching program created by a team of pitching experts with considerable experience in the game. The program delivers a standardized curriculum compliant with Softball Canada`s Long Term Player Development framework and introduces the the skills of windmill pitching to children, youth or adults in a fun, safe, developmentally appropriate manner.
Throughout the program, pitchers will:
  • learn and develop the fundamental skills of pitching.
  • meet other players and develop friendships.
  • see their progress as they move from one stage of pitching development to the next following a clearly defined pathway.
  • be introduced to the concepts of fair play, fitness, safety, teamwork, and the importance of a positive attitude.
  • have a fun memorable experience.
How does the Program Work?
The CANpitch Program will be delivered by Provincial/Territorial Softball Associations across Canada and facilitated by Master or Regional Pitching Instructors through a weekly pitching clinic using a 6-week curriculum. If you wish to sign up for a clinic or if your local softball association wishes to host a clinic, please contact Softball Ontario at info@softballontario.ca.

All participants will be evaluated at the beginning of the program and will be trained at the level that best suits their developmental needs. To enhance overall long-term athlete development, pitchers are encouraged to participate in multiple 6-week blocks over the course of the year while taking part in other activities and interests.

CANpitch FUNdamentals
The FUNdamental stage is the entry level for young pitchers. At this level, pitchers should learn two basic concepts: proper grip and how to deliver the ball towards the target. Emphasis is also placed on smooth, rhythmic wrist and arm action.

Structured Lessons: 60 minute session once per week.
Additional Practice Time: Participants are encouraged to practice one additional session per week on their own time with parents
Cost: $80.00 + HST per participant, minimum 12 participants per 6-week session

CANpitch Learning To Train
In the Learning To Train stage, pitchers continue to learn fundamental pitching skills. The goal of this stage is to systematically build on the skills learned in the FUNdamentals stage by increasing the speed of the motion and throwing to basic targets while maintaining proper mechanics.

Structured Lessons: 60 minute session once per week.
Additional Practice Time: At least 20 minutes one to two times per week with a coach, catcher or parent.
Cost: $80.00 + HST per participant, minimum 12 participants per 6-week session

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Old time fastball program - Quyon 1975 (improved resolution)

Check out this Quyon Fastball Tournament program from 1975, brought to you by O'Keefe Brewery. Thanks to Peter Ewbank for sending it in. Note that there were eight senior teams playing and 16 intermediate teams. $1000 in prize money for the Senior champ is not bad - that's about the equivalent of $4200 in today's dollars. If anyone else has any gems like this, email them to me at fastball@fitzroyharbour.com.


Caveman earns a prize

Caveman's novice hockey team had a big exhibition game recently at ScotiaBank Place, where the NHL Senators play. They did it up right, with the pre-game national anthem and P.A. announcements. In between whistles, they played music, and we got to see the Caveman dance to "Gangnam Style" at the face-off dot. (I have that on video if I can figure out how to get it off my phone.)

As you can imagine, the novice hockey intensity was ratcheted up for this one. The Caveman played his best game in his short career, displaying some excellent stickhandling skills using his personally designed Combat hockey stick (SHAMELESS PLUG) - also on video, working on getting it off the phone. He played so well that his coach recognized him as "player of the game" for the West Carleton team.

To recognize the game's top performer, the team hands out a Viking helmet for the kids to proudly wear and take home for the next game.
Justfiably proud, Caveman asked if he phone Grandma on the way home to tell her.

He calls Grandma on the cellular and says:

"Grandma, good news! I won the Horny Hat!"

Wish I could have seen Grandma's reaction to that.

(When I heard it, after I stopped laughing, I asked him if I could borrow it for the night, but before he could answer Mrs Fastball gave me a good punch in the arm.)

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

CANPitch seeks instructors

A Letter From The CANpitch Program

NOVEMBER 13, 2012
Softball Ontario's CANpitch Committee has a great opportunity for those of you with a passion for pitching and the desire to help young pitchers develop their skills. The CANpitch Committee is currently recruiting for the following positions within our program:
  • Master Pitching Instructor (2 Positions)
  • Regional Pitching Instructor (Open)

The primary role of the Master Pitching Instructor is to train, evaluate, support and mentor the Regional Pitching Instructor(s) within Ontario. In addition, shall play a key role in assisting Softball Canada with the design of the CANpitch national pitching program. Softball Ontario currently has two (2) Master Pitching Instructors, an is looking to add two more - one with a background in men's fast pitch and one with a background in female fast pitch.

The primary role of the Regional Pitching Instructor is to be the pitching expert in their region in Ontario. To be responsible for delivering the six-week training session for both players and coaches. The Regional Pitching Instructor will also support and mentor pitching coaches within their region in Ontario. They shall play a key role in assisting Softball Ontario with the delivery and implementation of the CANpitch program. Softball Ontario currently has seventeen (17) Regional Pitching Instructors, and is looking to expand our reach even further and ensure that CANpitch Clinics will be available in all regions of Ontario.

If you are interested in applying for one of theses positions, please view the job descriptions online (Regional Pitching Instructor / Master Pitching Instructor) and send your softball pitching resume and cover letter by fax to 416-426-7368 or email to info@softballontario.ca by December 7, 2012.

Alternatively, if you know someone who would be an ideal candidate for one of the available positions, please pass along this email.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Softball Ontario's CANpitch Committee


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Caveman is up to date on US American current events

Caveman to Mrs Fastball, demonstrating his new winter gloves before school today:

"I call this one 'Mitt' and this one 'Romney'."


Monday, November 12, 2012

Movember: Better late that never

Once again this year, I am growing a mustache for Movember to help raise awareness and money for the cause.

I know this is kind of overdone, but it gives me an excuse to grow a nice ol' duster. I'm a little late getting the donation side going but the 'stache is 12 days in.

If you are interested in supporting and/or want to show appreciation for the blog, a good way to do that is to send in a donation at this link: http://mobro.co/fitzroyfastball.


Saturday, November 10, 2012

George gets big assignments

Congrats to GOFL umpire George Findley on being assigned the plate for the big Japan - Argentina semi-final game at the ISF World Juniors in Argentina, and third base for the gold medal game between the same two teams (won by the host team).

It's great to see the ISF recognizing what we know already in eastern Ontario - George does a great job as a fastball official.

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Canada beats USA, loses to Australia

Canada beat the USA 4-2 but lost to Australia in a tight 3-2 game at the ISF World Juniors in Argentina today. Team Canada finishes fourth.

Japan plays Australia for the right to face the hosts in the gold medal game.

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Rick Mercer at the OIWFA provincials

Rick Mercer did a portion of his weekly TV show at the Ontario Women's University provincial tournament.


Thursday, November 08, 2012

Canada finishes 4-2 in round robin at World Juniors

Team Canada finished 4-2 at the World ISF Juniors in Argentina with a 10-6 win over Mexico. (That record includes a default win over the withdrawn British Virgin Islands.)

Next up is a sudden death match against 2-4 Denmark at 3pm local time.

Argentina and defending champs Australia both finished 6-0.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Softball coaching tip - use your glove

Over six years ago, on July 17, 2006 in Carp there was a GOFL regular season game between I4C Victory and West Carleton Electric. It was memorable for a few reasons: Bud Hanlon hit a home run (possibly his only HR in GOFL play); Shawn "Pugger" Williams pinch ran (seriously); and a guy that had recently started a fastball blog destroyed the ring finger on his right hand.

It was a weird reaction play - a line drive hit just to the right of the right fielder (who if you haven't guessed yet was me) and since he was unable to get his glove over in time, he (OK, I) extended the bare hand over to stop the ball.

While the ball was not caught, it was knocked down and the hitter (pretty sure it was Brooks Paziuk) was held to first instead of the ball going to the fence for an extra base hit. So it seemed like a good idea at the time, since the hand hurt, but didn't seem that bad. In fact, since WC Electric only had nine guys that night, the aforementioned right fielder stayed in the game and even hit a double later in the match.

It hurt a bit afterward, but after a few pints it felt fine. A full story was submitted to the blog so typing was not impacted.

But later that night, the ring finger on the right hand started hurting badly. A trip to the ER the next day revealed that the knuckle was totally destroyed with bone fragments everywhere.

The digit healed with a 45 degree angle bend and became known affectionately as the 'trick finger' by the Caveman.

Multiple surgeries ensued. First, one to remove the bone fragments, then a procedure to completely remove the knuckle and insert a prosthetic plastic joint (I prefer the term "bionic") and then a third - and hopefully final - surgery this week to repair tendon damage.

Pro coaching tip for all you kids out there - using your frigging glove! I am going to save this photo to scare Fitzroy Junior and his teammates accordingly (warning: the photo is kind of gross; you have been warned.)


Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Caveman quote of the week; bonus Halloween hijnx

Caveman: Daddy, is there such a thing as Jesuszilla?

Me: [sigh] What are you talking about now, Caveman?

Caveman: Jesuszilla, Daddy, son of Godzilla.


It's after Halloween, the two lads have returned back to the Fitzroy homestead after a successful night of candy extortion around the village with Mrs Fastball.

Fitzroy Junior went out this year as "Where's Waldo", complete with red and white striped shirt, tuque and large fake glasses. The Caveman went out as a penguin (they always have been his favourite flightless bird).

After a quick treat, the boys were told time for a quick bath before bed. As they were getting ready to get in the tub, I notice the Caveman has that particular look on his face that means he is up to something.

Next thing I see is Caveman, nude except for Junior's Waldo tuque and oversized glasses, dancing around gyrating wildly singing "Where's Waldo now, Junior? Where is he now!?"

A brief chase ensued with big brother chasing little brother around the upstairs in a candy-fueled rage ("Daddy, Caveman touch his butt when he was dancing then touched my Waldo tuque!").

One of those parenting moments when you know you shouldn't laugh because it's awfully hard not to.

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Canada loses to Japan in 8 innings

This Japanese guy must be a heck of chucker, striking out 20 over 8 innings to shut out Canada 3-0 at the World Juniors in Argentina.  Canada drops to 2-2 - technically 3-2 as they pick up a default win over the British Virgin Islands which withdrew.

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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Canada wins two at world juniors

Canada has moved to 2-1 at the ISF World Juniors in Argentina with wins over the Czech Republic 10-1 and Croatia 4-0. Ty Sebastian, who played with the Orleans Rebels in Elkland Labour Day tournament played a big role in the victory.

Next up are Japan and Mexico.

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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Canada loses first game at ISF Juniors to host CORRECTED

Canada lost a squeaker 1-0 to Argentina at the world juniors. Al's has the story.

Local umpire George Findley is there representing Canada; he worked the bases for the USA vs Denmark yesterday.

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